I had sex with my friend’s boyfriend

I went to visit my friend last Saturday. She was not at home so I decided to go back. Suddenly somebody answers the door and asked me to come in. I thought it was her cousin as she told me her cousin will be visiting her. We sat for like 30 mins and I started to get restless. But I thought of waiting for her as I had something really important to tell her. Then so thought his cousin named Tom offer to play a game as we wait for her. We sat down to play the stripping game. He lose and I take off his shirt. I was not ready to lose because I was only wearing one dress without bra and panties. Then I lose and he had to take off my dress. And boom I was naked. I knew my vagina asking for his dick but I hold on. Then he lose again and I was ever ready to take off his pant. As I pull of his pant, he was also not wearing any undies. I couldn’t control as I saw his dick, big and firm. As I was giving him hell of a ride, the door opened and another guy was standing. I asked “you must be Suzi’s boyfriend” and to my surprise the guy licking my pussy is my friend’s boyfriend and the one on the door is my friend’s cousin. Her cousin blackmailed us saying if I don’t have sex with him, he will tell everything to my friend. I was more than happy. I quickly got off from Suzi’s boyfriend and pull her cousin to Suzi’s room and got my pussy banged.

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