I Had To Be Forced Into Submission For My Honeymoon (Part 4)

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By Rosemarie Jake told me how sex ready Sarah was last night. He got to fuck her little 10 year old pussy 3 times and he made her suck his dick until he cum in her mouth. I was very surprised she was that into sex. But, she said she had been watching porn with her girlfriends so, I don’t guess I should be.

Jake was so pleased with her tight little pussy. He said she had broken her hymen with a dildo. He said she must have put it in pretty deep because, she could take almost all of his dick. But, it was very tight.
Jake said she wanted him to keep fucking her. He told her he was gonna tell me about what happened last night. She said okay, as long as I wouldn’t hate her.

So, this morning I’m gonna be talking about how she liked getting fucked last night. Plus, I wanna watch Jake fuck her little pussy. He was so turned on hearing me tell him about the man that raped me when I was 10. That’s why I thought of my cousin. I wanted to please him with his fantasy of fucking a 10 year old, tight little pussy.

Jake came down and we were having coffee when Sarah walked in the kitchen. She looked a little embarrassed when she looked at me but, I got up and hugged her. I said, “Are you alright after last night?” She said, “Yeah, I’m fine, a little sore.” I said, “Well I heard Jake fucked your pussy half the night.”
She grinned and seemed to relax. She just had a night gown on.

She was standing by Jake and he slipped his hand under her gown to rub her pussy. He said, “Rule #1, you don’t wear panties when you’re here, take ’em off.” She reached down and pulled them off. Then he rubbed her pussy. I could tell Sarah was surprised I let him do this to her, in front of me.” I told her, “I want Jake to be happy and whatever he wants to make him happy, I want to give it to him.”
She said, “You’re amazing Rosemarie.”

Jake turned his chair around and told Sarah to sit on his dick. She straddle his legs and he stuck his dick in her pussy. I was in awe of how little she was compared to Jake and how it looked when he was fucking her. She pulled her knees up and put them on the seat and he was pounding her. She was grunting each time her thrust into her. I think it hurt her but, she just took it.

I ask her, “You like Jake’s big dick?” She said, “Oh my gosh yes.” I said, “Well, I want you to fuck him anytime you want while your here.” She said, “Thank you, her voice shaking from him pounding her.” Jake picked her up and made her get on her knees to suck him. She was between his legs sucking his dick that was so big compared to her little frame.

I was just watching how happy and satisfied Jake was an I was getting turned on. Jake was so hard, I wanted to sit on it myself. I could tell he was gonna cum. He told her, “Suck me hard Sarah, such hard.”
She did and he shot his load in her mouth. He held her mouth on his dick until he finished.

She walked over to the trash can and spit. I smiled and said, “What would you like for breakfast?” Jake yelled, “Pancakes.” So, I made pancakes for us. While I was cooking Jake came up behind me grinding his dick on my ass and undoing my robe. He was rubbing my pussy and squeezing my titties. He said, “I couldn’t love anybody as much as I love you.”

He turned me around and sucked on my titties. I said, “I’m cooking here.” He laughed. As he walked away he said, “Leave that robe open.” I said, “Yes sir.” He told Sarah, “I like it when I can see naked tits, ass and pussies.” “It keeps my dick nice and hard.” He sat down in the chair and his dick was poking out of the hole in his boxers.

Sarah kept looking at it. She said, “You guys must have a great sex life.” He said, “It’s the best, honey.”
Jake was watching me with my open robe and said, “Look at Rosemarie’s titties.” “Did you ever see such beautiful tits?” Sarah said, “I wish mine was big like that.” Jake pulled her over in front of him and pushed up her gown. He said, “But, your titties are the perfect little budding titties, that I love to suck into my mouth.” He started sucking on her titty, covering it completely with his lips.

She leaned her head back, enjoying what he was doing to her. Then, he switched to the other titty engulfing it in his mouth while, he twisted her other nipple with his thumb and finger. She winced a little because, he did it so hard.

Breakfast was ready, we ate and went to the living room talking about what Sarah would like to do today. She said, “I don’t really wanna go anywhere, I just enjoyed being here.” Jake said, ” Sarah, would you mind if I bought you a little girls school outfit for you to wear here?” She said, “I guess, why do you want it to be a school outfit.” “Well, it’s just the look of a little school girl dressed like that on you makes my dick hard.” I said, “It’s so he can fuck you in it, Sarah.”

She said, “Well, okay.” So, I took her shopping and we bought a little short plaid skirt with white panties and a white short sleeve blouse and white knee socks. Jake told her to put it on when we got back.
She came out and she did look very childlike. Jake ask me to shorten the skirt. So, I hemmed the skirt up until it barely covered her butt. That’s what he wanted.

I also tied the sides of her panties up with a ribbon to make them look like the French cut, high on the hips. That showed more of the cheeks of her ass. Jake will love it. I put her long blond hair up in 2 pony tails an she really did look like a little innocent girl. I was getting turned on, knowing what Jake was gonna do to her.

She loved looking like she did. She said, “So, this is what turns Jake on?” I said, “Seems so.” “Go show him how you look and watch his dick stand up.” She walked out and he said, “Wow, come here little girl.” She walked over to him and his dick was sticking out like I said. Jake looked her up an down.
He said, “I love how you look.” He ask her to pick up the newspaper on the floor and hand it to him.

She bent over a her little ass was beautiful. Her butt cheeks were exposed with the little white panties sliding up on the sides. He said, “I wanna stick my dick in her, bad.” She was walking around doing a little modeling for him an he could see her nipples sticking out in the front of her white blouse. She stopped in front of him and he reached up and rubbed his finger across her nipple on the outside of her blouse.

It was sticking out a lot. He reached up and unbuttoned her blouse enough so, he could suck on her titty. She liked it, I heard a little whimper from her. Jake said, “Do little girls like you like to have grown men touch you. She said, “Yes.” He said, “I’m gonna suck your titty so, don’t try to move away from me, understand?” She said, “Yes.”

Jake started sucking on her titty and then, he reached his other hand under her skirt to rub her pussy. She jumped and he said, “Don’t move, just stand still.” Then, he slid his finger inside the crotch of her panties to touch inside her pussy lips. He inserted a finger in her and she gasp. He’s still sucking on her titty. He took his other hand and started caressing her left butt cheek pulling her closer so, he could finger her harder.

He slid another finger in her pussy. She gasp again. He said, “I think I’ll stretch this so, I can put my big dick in here, would you like that?” She nodded her head yes. He starts finger fucking her hard and rubbing her clit. She’s getting excited. It’s getting hard. “You can cum if you want to.” Jake said, “You like it rough don’t you little girl?”
She moaned then, cum on his hand. Jake kept fingering her. He said, “I hope so because, I like to be rough with little cum sluts.” “That’s what you are right, a cum slut for any man.” She nodded her head yes.

I was horny watching him cramming his fingers in her pussy. He was ramming them in her hard. I reached down and slid my fingers on top of my clit. It was swollen and loved my touch. Jake pulled his fingers out of Sarah’s pussy then, sat her on the table. He spread her legs and said, “Rosemarie, come get on your knees and suck my dick while, I lick and suck this little girls pussy.”

So, I did that. He was fucking my mouth as he bent over sucking Sarah’s pussy. She was moaning because, she’d never had anything like that done to her pussy before. He stuck two fingers back in her as he sucked her clit. I was so glad to have his hard dick in my mouth. He was pushing it way down my throat. Jake said “This is unbelievable. Sarah started cumming as she yelled out, ” Oh fuck that feels so good.”

Jake was about ready to cum. I sucked him harder and he said, “Oh Rosemarie you’re too good, I’ve gotta cum, baby.” He shoots his load in my mouth an I clean off his dick with my mouth. I got up and Sarah raised up off of the table. Jake set in the chair and said, “Now, that’s how to start a morning.”
He pulled Sarah off the table and stood her in front of him rubbing her butt with his hands.

He said, “Sarah, I hate to tell you I’m gonna have to punish you.” She said, “What, why?” Jake said, “When I was finger fucking you and sucking your clit you started cumming without asking permission.” She said, “I had no idea I had to ask permission.” He said, “You can’t cum without asking permission unless I tell you to cum.” She stood there not knowing what to say.

Jake said, “Bend over my knee, I have to spank you.” She laid over his lap and he started rubbing her butt. He pushed her skirt up a little farther to show all of her panty. Jake looked at me and said, “Look at this sweet little ass.” I smiled and said, “What are you gonna do to punish her Jake?” He started rubbing inside her panty. Then he pulled them down just enough to see her pussy slit.

He slapped her butt fairly hard. She jumped and he slapped her several more times. Jake spread her butt cheeks apart. Then he stuck his finger in her butt. Sarah jumped and said, “Don’t do that it hurts.” Jake said, “Oh Sarah, you can’t tell me no.” He pushed his finger in more then started sliding it in an out. Jake has long thick fingers an I saw how he stuck his finger in all the way. I’m sure that was a surprise for Sarah.

I was watching a Jake and my pussy was getting wet. Was he gonna fuck her little asshole? I really didn’t know. He ask Sarah, “How do you like this?” She said, “I don’t know, it’s not hurting as bad.” So, Jake added another finger. Sarah yelled out but, Jake kept going. A few minutes later he pulled out and wiped his fingers off. Then, he stuck two fingers in her pussy and two in her ass. She gasped at first but, then I think she liked it.

Jake said, “Your pussy is so wet Sarah.” He fingers her awhile more then said, “Remember, you have to ask to cum unless I tell you to.” Jake pulled her panties off and left them off. He told her, I will be fucking your ass later Sarah, so get ready.” She looked terrified.

Jake took me in the bedroom and said, “I’ve ignored you and I’m sorry.” I said, “I understand you have a new top to play with.” He turned me around, bent me over the bed, stuck his dick in me and fucked me so hard. I cum right away because, I was very horny. Jake laid down on the bed after we finished and fell asleep.

I was talking to Sarah and she was worried about him fucking her ass. She said, “I’ve seen girls getting fucked in the ass before in the porn movies but, that’s different.” I told her to let him try and if you really can’t stand it, I’ll tell him to stop.” She said, “Okay.”

Later, Jake came out of the bedroom and made himself a drink. I looked at his boxers and he was already hard. I knew he was gonna fuck Sarah’s ass after he had a couple of drinks. He called her over to him and ask her, “Are you ready? She said, “I think so.” I got some oil and gave it to him. I just sat an watched as he oiled her and his dick up. He put her on the couch on her back. He had me hold her feet up by her head. He started of with two fingers then three fingers.

Her asshole was relaxing and then, he put his dick in. She screamed out. I covered her mouth and Jake fucked her completely forcing his dick in her. She was looking at me but, I just watched Jake’s big dick fucking her little ass. It turned me on. She had tears rolling down her face but, she stopped yelling so, I uncovered her mouth.

Jake stuck two fingers in her little pussy and played with her clit with his thumb. She was liking it a lot better. She was wanting to cum. I could see her clit was getting big. Jake said, “Your clit is hard an you need to cum Sarah.” When he said that she squirted all over his hand. That made my pussy wet. Jake said, “You need to record this .”So, I got my camera and recorded him fucking her ass while fingering her pussy.

He said, ” I’ve gotta cum, I can’t hold off any longer.” He pushed into her and cum. Sarah look like she liked it after all. Jake pulled out and he ask if she was alright. She nodded yes then, laid over and fell asleep. Jake said he was done. He would have to rest before he could fuck anymore. We sat around talking about it and looked at the video. Sarah slept.

Jake went to bed and I talked to Sarah after she woke up. She said, “I’m surprised but, I did like it especially, when he started fingering me. It hurt so bad at first but then, it felt good. We went to bed and Sunday morning Sarah’s mom stopped by unexpectedly. She said, I had to take a friend home from church and she lives 2 streets over so, I thought I’d save you the trip of bringing her home.

So, Sarah got her things and left. I told her we wanted her to come back soon and stay over. She said, I’ll call you soon.” Jake was still in the bed when she left. We had one amazing weekend. I hope he’s a little satisfied now that he’s fucked a young girls pussy.

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