I Have to Take Dad’s Place Ch. 05

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tagIncest/TabooI Have to Take Dad's Place Ch. 05

After meeting Naznin, Swapna was in good mood. She was telling me about her college life. It was not so fun or exciting but her interest in sharing made me listen to her. From her words I came to know that, Naznin was mom's best friend although Naznin was junior. Mom told me about Naznin's love story. She was in love with a senior named Arpan Saikia. Her parents rejected the idea of their marriage as Arpan is Hindu. At last, they both eloped and married at a local temple. Naznin's family and society disowned her. They both started their family taking love as the main bond but unfortunately, their marriage failed. Naznin's family created havoc in their lives and threatened Arpan's life. After struggling for some time he gave up and returned to his house. Naznin's life never became the same, She remained single and a heart full of hate for Arpan and her family. After listening to mom's words I became sad. Like my Swapna Naznin also faced hardship. Swapna and Naznin seemed like two faces of the same coin, Rejected and betrayed by the love of their life.
Mom said to me
Mom: Hunny, I am fortunate to have you. I thank god every day for giving me you but Naz was not that lucky. She was all alone. Sometimes she cries on phone remembering her past.
Mom's words hit me hard, she was hugging me and I was playing with her hair. Her hair is silky smooth and it smelling of jasmine flower. I was lying on my back and she was putting her head on my chest by wrapping her arms around my shoulder.
Me: she should have remarried, She is young and beautiful……anyone will be happy to marry her.
Mom: Sweetie, Society doesn't work as you like. You respect women therefore you understand the pain of women but everyone is not like you. She tried everything to fall in love again and get married but with every person she met, she was disappointed more. It seems all her dates want to get laid only, they are not for committed relationships. They wanted a night full of crazy fuck. Slowly she stopped dating and gave up on her love life. So you see, everyone is not like me as I am.
Mom's words were emotional and sad. It is a hard reality of Indian society, every man craves sex but they want an untouched girl to marry. No one seems to be interested in widows or divorcees.
Mom: I felt very sorry poor Naz. In her whole life, she was lonely, she had a dream of having a family. A loving husband and two kids, she told me earlier about her dream. Dream of being someone's love of life. To have a man to cuddle, to live for. All her dreams were shattered away by that coward Arpan.
Me: Don't worry Hunny, we will together find her a partner. That will be my gratitude towards her for helping me, get you.
Mom blushed, her cheeks became red. She rubbed her nails on my bare chest. Earlier she used to keep her fingernails short and plain but after we married she started to grow her nails and colour them in Red. With thin and long fingers her Red nails completely look awesome. I grabbed her fingers and kissed them and started to suck them. Mom smiled at me and whispered into my ear.
Mom: Sweetie, do you like my fingers naa.
Me: Yes mom, They are awesome. So beautiful……..It is making me hot. I love your fingers. I love every part of you………. They all are beautiful.
Mom blushed again and hide her face between my chest. In a small hardly audible voice she asked me.
Mom: Which part of me you love most?
Me: Guess it, sweetie.
She looked at me and smiled. Pointing to her boobs she asked me.
Mom: My boobs…………… I am 100% sure. It will be my boobs. You always love to touch them and suck them.
Me: wrong …….By a big margin. I love them but not the most.
Mom was surprised by my answer but a naughty smile came to her lips. She pointed towards her Pussy and asked me.
Mom: It will be my lower lips then…………………. I know you men always find woman pussy beautiful.
I just smiled at her and shake my head for no. She then pointed towards her ass and asked me.
Mom: Don't lie to me, You love my butt……….. you forced me to try anal. It is sure…………..my ass.
I again shake my head for no…………. She said to me.
Mom: Lier, Boobs, Pussy, and Ass………These are the three things men love most in women. If not these then what is it?
Me: You face……. I love your face the most. It reminds me of how wonderful you are. Your face is the most beautiful thing in this world because it reminds me I am looking at the most beautiful lady in this world, my mom. Your deep eyes have an attraction and I can't resist them. Your Lips always ask me to kiss them. When you shy, you look like heaven on earth.
By saying this I kissed her forehead and nose. She closed her eyes and offered me her lips. Her lips were vibrating and dry. It is asking me to kiss it deep. I caught her hair with my left hand and grabbed her back with my right hand. Slowly placed my lips on hers. Taking her lower lips in between my lips and sucked them. Mom placed her arm around me and grabbed me. Then she opened her mouth and welcomed my probing lips.
After some time she broke the kiss and with a sad face informed me.
Mom: Hunny, I don't want to disappoint you but I am bleeding down there. So not today.
I looked at her eyes, she was making a sad face and her eyes are pleading with me.
Me: It is just kissing mom, don't worry I am not disappointed with you. I just want to kiss my sexy lady.
Mom: You always start with a kiss and it is the perfect time to stop. Otherwise, after some time, you will not listen to me.
I just smiled listing her words and nodded my head for yes. Hugged her and pull her towards me.
Me: Good Night, Swapna.
She kissed my forehead and said to me
Mom: Good Night Hubby.
The next morning when I wake up mom was in a towel and she was seated at the front dressing table. She dried her hair as she was combing her hairs, I was looking at her from the bed. When our eyes met she smiled and blew a kiss towards me………and said "Good Morning" I acted like grabbing it and wished her " Good Morning". Then she put on her innerwear and her saree. She placed nearly 10 glass bangles in each hand. She came towards me grabbing her sindoor box. She asked me to put it in between her hairs.
Mom: You always wake up late…….. I always wished to put it by my husband. Today is the chance for me.
I just smiled at her words and taking a pinch of sindoor from the box smeared it in between her head. ( In Hindu custom, married women need to wear a pinch of sindoor in their forehead in between parting of hairs). She kissed me on my lips and ran away towards the kitchen saying " freshen Up sleepyhead………..Your wife is waiting for her morning kiss". I just smiled at her words and thought, marrying mom was my most correct decision ever. Nobody loves a man more than his mom. If a turned wife, she will be the most romantic and caring wife ever known. She never cared about her happiness but always stood first for my happiness. I thanked God for giving me mom and prayed for her happiness.
When I came out of the bathroom, mom was at the dining table waiting for me. She had already kept my clothes and accessories on the bed. After dressing I had my breakfast. While eating she was asking me to come home early as she was feeling a little tired. I asked about the stock of pads and she replied in the affirmative. After breakfast she came towards me and putting hands behind my back she offered me her lips. I kissed her lips lightly and hugging her kissed her earlobe and said to her
Me: take care, my queen, I will return early.
She gave me the most beautiful smile and nodded. At the office, Naznin greeted me with a smile and asked me to meet her at her cabin. Other office staffs were surprised to see her behaviour towards me. A sudden change in her behaviour was a point to be noticed for them.
Naz requested me to take my seat said
Naznin: So Amigo, that was a great evening yesterday. I enjoyed your company and happy to see Swapna Ba (Ba stands for elder sister in Assamese) happy in life. She suffered too much in life, now she is living her dream life. She always wished for a caring and loving husband, who will love her wholeheartedly. I am happy she found him in you. Keep up your good work.
Me: Thanks Naznin, Thanks for your contribution to my life. I appreciate your efforts to bring us together.
She acknowledged my gratitude and nodded her head. She was wearing a white saree with black dots in it. With her black blouse and open shoulder-length hair, she was looking stunning. She always wears kajal somewhat darkly and with that smoky black eyes and red lips, She was looking awesome. She noticed me looking at her eyes, she blushed and smiled.
Naznin: Hey, Stop looking at me. You have a more beautiful lady at your home.
Her words made me embarrassed for my action. I looked at the floor. I was afraid she will be hurt by my action but nothing happened. She just smiled at me and said to me.
Naznin: Don't feel embarrassed, it is natural to look at a beautiful woman and I don't mind you looking at me.
What? What the hell…….she is trying to say. Is she trying to flirt with me?
I just nodded my head and asked her about today's site visit. She asked me to visit the nearest two sites for inspection purposes and submit the report to her. She just smiling when I left her. I was confused the whole time. Her reaction towards me making it hard for me to concentrate on works but my assistant Lovleena Saikia helped me doing it smoothly. She was very efficient with Database analysis, I left the whole work on her relaxed for some time, calculating my situation at home and office.
Evening time Mom texted me and asked me to bring her sanitary pads. She always used Sofy and reminds me to bring it. I remembered her kiss in the morning and smiled.
Lovleena: What is the matter sir, You are smiling alone.
Her words interrupted my thinking and I just said to her.
Me: Nothing, Just remembering some moments.
Lovleena: Sir, you have achieved a near-impossible task.
Me: And what's that?
Lovleena: You made that bitch calm, she was a constant pain in the ass.
She referred to Naznin, everybody knows about her bitchy behaviour towards employees and it seems they were fed up with her. I did not reply to her. It is not safe to discuss the boss with juniors, she may be a boot licker.
As evening approached, I submitted my report to Naznin and returned home. Mom was laying on the sofa and watching some daily serials. She asked me to sit and went to the kitchen for tea. I was watching mom's serial, it's playing "Shakti", a story of a man and a transgender wife love story. I was listing to the dialogues of the drama. Mom came with tea and asked about my day. I gave her pads and some groceries I brought.
Me: Hunny, when you started to watch daily soaps?
Mom: After I left my job, I pass my time watching them. Besides this serial has a strong story. Dialogue and acting were great. So emotional and romantic.
I smiled to her words and teased her
Me: So, it is the source of this much change in you. Your way of dressing is also a gift of this show.
Mom: somewhat, I learned from the soap to express my love for you. How much I love you.
I finished my tea and kissed her fingers, Kissed our wedding ring. I asked her to relax as I will cook dinner tonight. She looked at me lovingly and came to me and kissed my chest and said in a low voice.
Mom: I love you, Hunny. You are the man of my dream. You know how to make me feel special.
I asked her to watch her serial and I will cook dinner after a bath. She smiled and nodded at my words.
During cooking dinner, I asked mom what will she eat and she asked for mutton curry. Mom loves mutton curry especially with a lot of butter in it.
At the dinner table, mom said to me.
Me: Hunny, can you take leave for tomorrow.
I looked at her and she was directly looking at me. I looked at her with a questioning face.
Mom: I have some shopping to do and I need to visit the parlour.
I nodded my head for yes and smiled looking at her. Her eyes glittered revealing her happiness. After completing our dinner I called Naznin and asked for leave, she happily accepted it. Swapna came to me wearing a blood-red nighty. It was made of net material, as nighty was transparent I can see her red inner wears. I was watching a movie sitting on the sofa. She placed her head on my lap and started to watch the movie. She grabbed my right hand and placed it on her breasts and pressed it lightly. I pressed them softly and she was releasing low audible moans. Slowly mom was rubbing my dick and massaging it softly. She lowered my shorts and placed her palm around my dick. She was stroking it slowly and with long strokes. With every stroke, I was arousal increasing, also her moans adding fuel to my arousal. She adjusted her head and placed her beautiful lips around my dick. Her soft and juicy lips were mind-blowing, she was rubbing her tongue on my dick in a circular motion. Then she took the whole dick in her mouth and gagged. Her passion for blowjob and technique of doing it closing me near climax. After some minutes of pleasurable heaven, I erupted my cum in her mouth. She took the last drop of cum in her mouth and swallowed it. She looked into my eyes and licked her lips with her tongue. Some drops of cum, was dripping from her chin, she collected them with her finger and licked them. Her Face was the perfect blend of innocence and lust. Her face was all sticky with my cum, She smiled looking at me closed her eyes. I lowered my face to kiss her but she stopped me from doing so.
Mom: Hunny, My mouth is full of your cum. You can't kiss me now……. It's all my property.
Then pointing towards my dick she said to me…..
Mom: It belongs to me……..
I just nodded my head yes and kissed her…… She got up and went towards the bathroom. She gave me a flying kiss and said to me
Mom: Wait for me Hunny………. I will be back soon.
After that night went without anything special, as mom was on period it is not pleasurable to play. Morning mom came to me and gave me a sweet kiss on my lips. Water drops were dripping from her hair as she had come from a shower. She was holding her bathing towel tightly wrapped around her breast. Mom always prefers a light pink colour bathing towel and for me, her its always looked inviting. She sat on her dressing table and started to dress up. She removed her towel facing me with a naughty smile on her face she teased me. She put on a purple set of inners and her blood-red nighty. In red colour, she looked elegant and her appeal increased to many folds. Then she put on Sindoor and her jewellery, at last, she put on her green coloured glass bangle set. She came to me and placed her palm on my forehead then she placed her wet lips on my lips and kissed me. The whole time, I was looking at her…….Her eyes were glittering. She asked me
Mom: Hunny, Why are you staring at me like this? It is making me shy.
Me: I am looking at your beauty, The beauty at its perfection. You look amazing after the shower.
Mom: I know, you love to watch my body but you don't need to stare at me. I have told you, You owns me………You owns the whole me. If you want to see my body just ask me………I will present myself to you. You are an amazing husband and your wife always appreciates it. I love you, my love.
I grabbed her palm and kissed it and placed it in my chest.
Me: Sweety, Feel my heartbeat. It will tell you……..How much I love you. You are my love……You are my life. I love you, Swapna.
She smiled at my words and placed her head on my chest. After some time, she got up and went towards the kitchen and asked me to get freshen up. As I was on leave, I took my time to freshen up. After breakfast, mom cleaned the dishes and asked me to dress up as we are going shopping. I wore my casual dress, Blue Denim and, white polo. She came out wearing pink Kurti. Her dress made me go blank, Kurti was a tight fit with hip sized and sleeveless style. Her white leggings were clinging to her body. She placed a semi-transparent dupatta around her neck. All this time I was looking at her body then I placed my attention towards her face. Her lips were pink and glossy……It's like inviting to be kissed. As she has placed some extra amount of sindoor………… she can be easily recognized as a married lady from a distance. She came to me and closed my mouth with her hand then grabbed my left hand and said to me.
Mom: Let's go Hunny, I am not new to you. You know every curve of me. You can continue your show later.
I nodded my head and picked my bike keys. She closed and locked the doors and sat on my bike. Then placed her head on my shoulder as a loving wife will do.
Mom: Hunny, Do you like surprises?
Me: Yaa, I like surprises……especially when it's from you.
Mom: You will love my surprise. She asked me to take her to the tata showroom.
I instantly got her……..Mom was so innocent. I acted excited to get to know about my surprise. At the showroom, Mom gifted me a Tata Nexon Xz variant. She asked about my opinion……I was speechless. I thanked her and whispered to her.
Me: At home, I will thank you properly.
She smiled at my words and blushed. Her face became red in shyness.
After formalities, I requested the dealer executive to deliver it at home as we have other shopping to do. We went to a beauty parlour…..not so fancy one but with a positive reputation. Mom did some hairstyling and some……god knows what are the names of these procedures but she returns with a glowing face. Her hair was dyed to burgundy colour with some curls to its end. Her face was glowing like a full moon and noticed a new thing in her. A new pair of piercing in her ear. She already had two piercing each and it making a total of three. She came to me and said to me in a, low audible voice.
Mom: apart from this piercing I have done one more thing……….. I will show you it later.
I got shocked…….What more? She already looked ultra-modern. Deep inside I know she got a new tattoo but the excitement of it killing me.
Then she took me to a garment shop, She asked me to choose outfits for her. I select one black colour net saree, it has some feather-like styling. She liked my choice and thanked me. Playfully I pointed towards denim and a sleeveless top. She asked me…….
Mom: Hunny, Do you want to see me in this dress?
I immediately rejected the idea as mom may get hurt and I said no but she insisted on that and got her two pairs of denim and tops. After some grocery shopping, we had our lunch at a family restaurant and returned home. By that time, our car got delivered. Mom welcomed the car with some rituals known to her and changed to a traditional Assamese dress ( Chador Mekhela) and asked me to go to the temple. We went to the nearby temple, the priest did pooja, and after that welcoming rituals got completed. Mom asked me to take her on a ride. Mom was happy and I enjoyed her happiness. We went towards a nearby tea estate to enjoy the natural beauty and pass some free time. In the evening, I parked the car at the roadside and went to a down to nature restaurant, The whole campus is full of trees and grass. It is looking like a small forest. After eating some Sinpho Tribal foods, we drove towards home. Mom was singing songs and asked me to turn off the car music player………seeing her excitement I too join with her singing. Suddenly, she placed her palm on my hand in the gear lever. She was rubbing it and softly pressing it. With every second my arousal is increasing and my dick is getting erect. As I was not getting physical intimacy for two days……..I was getting aroused faster.

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