I helped a friend by watching his gran who had alzheimers

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She kept showing me her gray haired pussy, her sagging tits. I finally gave in

She was 78, she could get around but needed someone to watch over her. She’d forget to turn off burners on the stove after cooking, walk out of the house and forget how to get back, and her alzheimers was taking her memory. My friend lived with her and was her caretaker full time. Della was his gran. He had to go out of town for a weekend to visit his mom in the hospital after a car accident. I told him I would take care of his gran for the weekend.

Everything was going ok, I was cooking some supper for us both and she came out of her room in only a bathrobe. I’d seen her in a robe before visiting my friend, but this time she would let it fall open . I was seeing her gray haired pussy and her slightly skinny body, her sagging, what must have been DD cup tits too. I’d tie her robe, she’d untie it. When we sat down to eat she took off her robe and sat naked, pulling her plate and chair over to my side of the table and sitting next to me. While talking and eating she’d put her hand on my crotch and rub. I was looking at her tits which weren’t wrinkled up or anything, just sagging some. They were better than some college girls I’d been with. I am 19, in college and have a couple of girls I date. One I’ve gotten BJ’s from twice, the other, nothing yet. I’m thinking about my old girlfriend who had nips just like Dellas, though on B cup tits. I was brought out of my daydream by Della talking “You like my tits?” she said. I told her yes, but was remember my old GF who made me call them breasts, never tits. “I like them sucked, a lot, but no one ever does it for me anymore, I can’t ask Kenny (her grandson)” she said. I responded “We should eat”. She sat naked in silence and we ate.

About an hour after, when I had the dishes done, she was still naked and to be honest had the hottest, most shapely ass I’d seen on anyone. No younger girl or woman I’ve seen had a better ass. I started noticing her tits wobbling as she would walk, they were firm probably still just sagging some. Della said she had to go to the toilet, I knew what that meant. She didn’t do a good job wiping herself, so I’d have to help. She called me in and she was standing, bent over holding onto the sink. I took some paper and spread her cheeks with one hand and wiped her reddish brown pucker. Her rectum wasn’t a round little pucker like some. It was long, over an inch and a half long, I thought I’d take a chance, while wiping her up. “Did you used to have sex back here? You’re pretty big back here” I said. “Oh yes, my Darren loved doing it that way, my first time was on our wedding night, since I wasn’t a virgin in my pussy (yes she called it a pussy) he told me I had to give him my virgin butt, so I did”. I answered “It looks like he used it a lot”. He had used it a lot she said, probably 3 times a week sometimes two and three times a night. I took some wet wipes and wiped her butt up. Then she turned around spreading her legs “I peed too” she said. I took some paper to wipe her pussy and she stopped me “That dry paper hurts” and she pulled my head to her pee smelling pussy. I licked her up and got all the pee taste away. I thought maybe I’d gone too far but she didn’t say anything just went to her room.

I stayed alone in the living room and she came out about 9:30pm and said she wanted to go to bed, she needed help getting into her nightie. She picked out a sheer white one, as I was helping her into it I told her mumbling that I thought her pussy tasted really good. With that, she invited me to have more. She laid down and spread her legs. I ate her for a good 20 minutes, she came twice, begging me to give her more. I told her I needed something too. She lifted up her legs wide, and I got my cock to her pussy. I pushed in and she wrapped her legs around my back. “Oh yeah, Frank do it again, do it like you always do” Frank was her dead husband. I fucked her, and she kept telling me how good I was, or rather telling Frank how good he was. After I was close, I pulled out and put my cock at her mouth, she opened up wide and I shot my big load into her mouth. She was smiling as she was swallowing and running her tongue all around my cock to lick off her pussy batter. I was going to try to get out of the bed and let her sleep, but she pulled me back in and grabbing my cock was playing with it, and my balls, pushing her finger up in my sack but back near my asshole, and I was hard again. “Get the lotion” she said. I grabbed the lotion on her nightstand as she rolled over and spread her ass as she presented it to me. I lubed her up, then pulling her on her side I spooned behind her and stuck my cock into her asshole. She took it well, though long from the outside she was tight inside, and I guess so, her husband had been dead for 20 years. No pulling out this time, I shot deep inside her asshole. She just laid there and took it, occasionally moving into me while I buttfucked her.

The next day she was dressed and acted like the entire day yesterday didn’t happen. I had to remind her who I was and that her Grandson wasn’t there for the weekend. She had breakfast made, no burners left on. Funny, I guess she made breakfast for two thinking kenny was there. All day, at the mall, the grocery, in the house she remained dressed, and dressed very properly and acted like nothing had happened. That afternooon she told me she’d call for me, but she had to use the toilet. She was apologizing for me having to help her, and I told her it wasn’t an issue for me, not to worry. I went in when she called, her pantyhose and panties were pulled down to her knees, her skirt pulled up over her hips and her ass spread open for me to help. I wiped her up, did the wetwipes, and asked if she’d peed. All of a sudden she couldn’t remember. I said that maybe we should clean her in case she did. With that she held up her skirt with one hand, turned around spread her legs as far as she could with her panties at her knees, and just reached for my head. It took just that moment to realize her lucidity was gone. She wanted her pussy licked. I liked her to an orgasm while she stood there, I helped hold her up while she was cumming.

“That was lovely, I haven’t had anyone do that in so many years” she said. “I just did it for you yesterday, don’t you remember?” I asked. “Oh yes, of course dear” but I knew she didn’t remember. She put her clothes back together and I went to the living room and her to her bedroom. I prepared dinner for us, and we had a nice conversation, she was sort of back in the real world again. Then at 9:30 she yelled for Frank. I went to her room, she was naked again, lying on the bed, just a low blue light on and told me she needed me again. I made her suck my cock, then recouped thanks to her finger thing with my cock and balls, then I fucked her pussy. “Do you want to do it your way Frankie baby?” she asked. “Yes, I do Della, I like when you let me do it my way”. She rolled over on her belly and spread her ass cheeks. “get the lotion” she said. I lubed her up, lubed my cock and laid on top of her and slowly penetrated her asshole with 7 inches of thick cock meat. “Oh yeah, my love, that’s where I know you like it” she whispered. “Yes, I like it this way? What are we doing now my love?” I asked. “buttfucking, you love to buttfuck” was her answer. I kept her talking dirty and I busted my third nut in her used asshole.

The next morning, she was put together again, I reminded her Ken was gone but coming back today. She stayed together most of the time. I took her to the pharmacy, and she insisted on getting a pregnancy test. I couldn’t talk her out of it. She knew I’d fucked her, or maybe that her husband fucked her, but she was so old she couldn’t get pregnant, but she didn’t realize it. At home I sat with her and let her pee on the stick. Then she stood up and had me eat her clean again. Obviously; it was negative. “We’d better throw this away somewhere not here at the house, so Frank or Kenny won’t find it” she said. I was baffled, she thought she fucked Frank, knew about Kenny, and yet still knew I’d fucked her. I got a message from Kenny that he was about an hour away. I told Della, and she stood up, pulled off her pantyhose, her panties and laid on the couch with her legs up, ready for fucking. “I don’t think we should, Kenny might see my cum” I said. “So what Frank, we’re married” she said. I fucked her again, and she didn’t want to clean up, so I ate my first creampie. At least it was my own, not someone elses. Of course she thought it was Franks I was eating. “You’re so naughty, cleaning up Franks mess” she said.

Kenny came back, to glowing reports from Della of my care. I left and that night I jacked off thinking of the 78 year old Della and her hairy pussy, her mouth full of cum, and that nice, big, yet tight asshole. To be honest it was the first butt I ever fucked. I’m really ready to try it on a younger girl.

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