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I’m not short of money and the only thing I lacked was confidence around girls or women. I was an only child, and my mother was 38 when she had me and was a hands-off mother. My father was distance I can hardly remember him talking to before my teen years. Being I was raised by the hired help and as long as I fed, bathed and dressed that was it. No caring maid or nanny in my life. I was sent to boarding school as soon as they could and came home to an empty house on the holidays. As my parents were seldom there, if they were I wasn’t top their list or on it I believe. Their only concern was me getting a good education and passing out with honors. I failed at sport and didn’t mix well with people and always lonely, watching movies of loving families or caring house staff was seen as fantasy by me. I’ve seen movies where someone has died, and everybody is very upset, my mother died 2012 and to me she was a total stranger who I only saw rarely and never for more than few minutes. I was 15 and fell no sense of loss, nor did I show any. My father was 7 years older than my mother and he passed away suddenly in early 2020. Not from the virus it hadn’t then started, likewise I went to the funeral and likewise no sense of loss, he was a stranger to me as well. As long as my grades were good, I never heard much at all from him. I was at university and went back to my studies like nothing had happened. Home for the lockdown and after seeing others dealing with the loss of loved ones, was a shock to me. They were very upset, and I had no feeling of loss losing my parents at all. With nobody to talk to, who I could call a friend, never having a friendship. I was distance to people, not heartless as I’d never been around people who felt for others like normal people did. It finally dawned on me after university that I needed to learn empathy. I wasn’t interested in my father’s business interests and sold off everything including the family house, it wasn’t a place of loving memories in my life. I saw a house on a large block of land with animals, I’ve always rode horses and so I bought a 73-acre property and got staff hired by a company. Then I was walking the main street of the town my new home was near and a stray dog was being chased by the shop owners. Someone said the dog catcher will pick the dog and it will be put down, I felt more for the dog than my parents and I called the dog to me and picked him up, just as the dog catcher arrived, telling him would take the dog. After doing all the paperwork required the dog came home with me and was like my shadow from that time onward. I called the dog Lucky, because of his narrow escape. He started sleeping on my bed and going everywhere with me. Then it dawned on me I could love something, and I wondered if I could love a woman. I wasn’t a virgin; I had used women growing up for sex. It was just a get on them and ride till you came. No feelings of love or wanting to please them and of course they were paid to be fucked. I wanted something like in the movies, love or whatever it was seemed to be real in everyone else’s life except mine. I go away on small trips as I like museums and art galleries and I saw a woman living on the streets near a hotel I was staying at. She was as I thought in her fifties or maybe sixties, good looking for her age. Of course, I’m no judge of women’s ages, she was 48 divorced no children, no job and no future. I decided I could help her get a better life and in return she would teach me empathy. With that as my idea, I approached her and asked her if she wanted to improve her life and future. Silly question I know, and she was at first afraid of me. But I bought her a meal and we talked, she didn’t have to be very smart to realize I had a total lack of empathy or any real feelings for other people. But animals were different, she saw that when I got another stray dog off the streets and returned to my home with my empathy coach and another dog. Of course, she had been checked over for health problems and made over and had new clothes and hair do. I’m didn’t want people gossiping about me and her and referred to her as my aunt. Nobody knew anything much about me or what family I had. So, my aunt was just accepted as my aunt, I taught her to ride a horse and she taught me to feel you could say. Sex wasn’t on the menu of training at first, but it started once she thought I was ready for close personal interactions. I found I like having close personal interactions with her. But she also decided I should find a girlfriend as there was only so much, I could learn from her. Aunt or not, but I liked being with her and she travelled everywhere with me. She found the perfect girl for me, in a library on a visit to the city. The girl the same age as me was quiet and seemed timid and worked as a librarian. My aunt found out everything she could about the girl and even hired a private detective to find out everything they could. She investigation showed the girl was orphaned and raised mainly in state care and had no boyfriend, nor much if any relationships with anyone except at her job. With the girl chosen, how to get her to be my girlfriend and a possible wife. A Library was the answer, I had no library at my home, I had several bookshelves. In my den as I called, my family home had a den and I had always thought a house must have a den. Den could be turned into a Library and my aunt would do the hiring and I would get the books of my father out of storage and delivered to my home and had the library started. Acting as my aunt she straight asked the girl if she wanted a job good paying job as librarian on our family estate, noting she liked books with animals. Adding that horse riding was available and when the said she couldn’t ride, added you can be taught, and the girl seemed interested. It wasn’t accepted straight away, but my aunt didn’t give at one try. Finally getting her to accept, the girl was nervous about moving to country and a strange house. My aunt told her if she had any problems come to her and also to stop the locals hitting on her told her she would be called my cousin and treated like her daughter. That would make the local think twice she said. We return all the books had arrived and were still in their boxes and the extra shelving was built. My cousin had the bedroom next to my aunts, but no connect door to my bedroom like my aunt’s had. With everyone thinking she was related to me thru my aunt, who she called aunty as instructed. She set about setting up my library and we started teaching her to ride. It took six months, but I bedded her, and she became my lover and had threesomes with me and as of last month my wife. The staff having been told she was distance cousin to me (third) and her aunt wasn’t as close a blood relative as they thought. We married in June, and she is already pregnant, my aunt still shares my bed with me and my wife and is my aunt and lover as far as I’m concerned.

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