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First a little History.My family were well to do and accepted in the social elite, but things changed my grandfather lost our money. But we had enough to still survive or be it on a lesser scale. I still went to a good school and would’ve connections to get a good career going forward, but the money wouldn’t be there to assist me. Mainly because I had 2 siblings, and it wouldn’t spread wide enough. As the youngest I was last in line and would’ve to rely on my career for most if not all of my future. But there are people who thru one thing and another climb the social ladder, they wanted more than anything to join the elites. They were rich and usually self-made people, who were thought of as social climbers. They joined the clubs of the rich but were looked down on, that where I came in. One of these social climbers had a daughter a year younger than me and she had been to all the right schools and was still seen as an outsider. Her father knew that to be accepted by the social elite there were 2 ways born into their social circle or marry into their social circle. The first being the best way, but that wasn’t available to them second way was the only way. Enter me just finished my education and looking for a job to start my career, the father of the girl mention, saw me as the way for his daughter to enter the social elite. Once she was in then his social standing would increase somewhat. I got a special interview and if I accepted a fast track in my career. I’m not the sports type or very handsome average is the best I can call myself. But I had the family connections so desired by the father of my soon to be wife. I’m not dumb and saw the possibilities of marrying the boss’s daughter straight away. I was agreeable, only the daughter had to agree, lucky for me she also wanted admittance to the social circle so craved by her parents. Also, as we started seeing each other before making a marriage announcement, to get seen together and that type of thing. Getting to know each other was another reason we dated, and I liked her, and she liked me. With the wedding announced and flash wedding put on to celebrate our union. I got the job of assistant to my father-in-law but called vice president of marketing. I was to be his wing man so to speak, of the social elite and able to get him meetings he would struggle to get otherwise. Not an over challenging job, but it allowed me to connect further with my wife and start our family. Our bond grew stronger as time passed, living on the family estate in our own separate home. Now 12 years later we’ve 5 children and my job has changed to vice president of development; her father doesn’t need my help as he is accepted as okay not as an equal, but that’s far better than rated as the upstart. My wife and I are very happy and my future assured.

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