I let my wife fuck my brothers.2

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By Darrius1966 Things did not go back to the ways things were As I had hoped.

Any way sex was out of the question for a couple of weeks. Carol’s body needed time to recover, and we were not ready for her to get pregnant again so soon after giving birth. I was lucky she was willing to suck me off twice a day and once in a while some anal action.
My two brothers were no longer visiting every day.
So, then Carol went on the pill and got back to fucking. But after what had happened while she was pregnant once a night was no longer enough. I was ready and willing to do her two or three times a night and she was not complaining. She was breastfeeding our daughter and I started to enjoy the taste of her milk straight from her breasts.
Then I came home one night and found Robert there he had been visiting Tammy. I felt a little bit suspicious, but I let it pass.
As soon as he left, I was all over my wife she tried to tell dinner was almost ready.
I got behind her as she stood Infront of the stove went to my knees and went rim her arse when I noticed cum was leaking from her pussy.
She admitted Robert fucked her twice while I was at work.
I stood behind her stuck my cock in her pussy and lubed up using Robert’s cum I then fucked her arse. I told her if it ever happened again just tell me. I will only get upset if you try to keep secrets.
The next night I came home, and Robert was there he wanted to know if I was willing to have a threesome.
I lay on the floor Carol sat on my face and sucked Robert’s cock.
I was still eating Carol’s pussy when I felt someone sucking my cock. Not the first time me and Carol 69ed. But what was Robert doing He must have cum in Carol’s mouth. Carol got up off of my face and I saw Robert was sucking my cock.
I started to cum in his mouth and he swallowed it. I knew he ate my cum from Carol’s pussy. But this was the first time he had sucked my cock.
Later he was fucking Carol. Carol said to me let’s make Robert the meat in the sandwich fuck him in the arse. Robert smiled and nodded. Next thing I am covering my cock in lube and slipping it in my brother’s arse. Robert quickly cum in my wife’s pussy and as I fucked his arse Caral moved into a sixty-nine position with my brother. She was sucking her own juices from his cock.
As I thought about what she was doing I shot my load in Robert’s arse. After that we lay on the bed either side of Carol and sucked on her boobs and shared some fresh milk.
From then on about once a week Robert would pop around for a threesome.
Then he brought a date with him. Sarah his best friend’s 14-year-old sister.
After dinner I found the two of them in my spare room fucking on the bed.
Carol soon joined me as we watched them fuck.
Robert dropped his load in Sarah’s cunt and lay beside her. She looked at us and smiled. For Carol that was enough she went straight over there and went down on Sarah.
I walked over and pulled my cock out. Sarah started sucking it. then Robert took a turn. Sarah smiled at me and spoke. I know what he is like he has been fucking my brother John for the last two years.
Robert was getting hard again so Carol got on him and fucked cowgirl position. I got on Sarah and fucked her missionary style. When I got up this morning, I never dreamt that I would be sloppy fucking a 14-year-old. On the other hand, I knew Robert was going to fuck Carol.
I dropped my load in Sarah’s cunt and stayed on top of her kissing her feeling my cock still in her pussy after I had finished cumming in her. We kissed and she told me about when she was 12, she caught Robert and her brother John fucking. They had grabbed her, and John had popped her cherry then John watched as Robert fucked her.
Ever since then Robert and John had her join them for threesomes. John in her pussy and Robert in her arse.
I said to her if you need an excuse for coming here you can tell your parents that you’re babysitting for us. We can give you a few dollars so your parents will believe you.
Arter that Sarah was at my place more than Robert. Some night we even went out for dinner and left Sahar to care for our daughter Tammy.
Carol bought herself a strap-on dildo and I would find Sarah and Carol fucking each other when I got home from work. I would quickly strip and join them. Sometimes Robert would be there with them. I saw Carol fuck Robert up the arse with a strap-on dildo and she told she bought one just for his arse.
The next time we were alone she offered to fuck me up the arse with it.

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By Darrius1966 #Bisexual #Gay #Lesbian #Teen