I like getting screwed by my son | incest story from Janice joe

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“Come here,” I told my son Ethan smiling sexily as we lay on the couch.

“What do you want?” Ethan smiled as he looked down at me as I lightly rubbed his naked body.

“I’m feeling slutty. I think you need to screw me with your big cock.” I told him lustfully as I slipped my hand inside his boxers.

“How slutty?” Ethan teased, smiling at me.

“Start screwing me and we will find out.” I smiled up at him.

I had Ethan before I was able to drive.

I ended up marrying a man I didn’t love.

That was my parents’ decision.

They couldn’t have their little whore daughter raising a child without being married.

Turned out he liked fucking my mother more than me and my father didn’t mind.

I filed for divorce. I didn’t fight anything. My husband never paid a dime in child support and he got to keep almost everything.

I got a cabin on a gentle river with a great view.

Ethan hadn’t been eighteen very long when he put the moves on me.

He had been flirting with me for a couple of weeks.

And truthfully. I enjoyed it and didn’t help things out. I wore things that made my big 32I tits stand out and I would wear shorts that were maybe a little to short that hugged my 36-inch ass a little tight. Plus, I would say things that a mother shouldn’t say to a son.

We had got caught in a rain storm and we’re soaking wet.

I wasn’t wearing a bra and I knew Ethan could see right through the half-shirt I had on.

When Ethan made his move.I didn’t resist. I more than willingly submitted to him and I let him enjoy my body.

That rainstorm ended up lasting three days.

I spent three days of none stop fucking.

By the time the rain quit. I was addicted to my son’s dick.

I wanted it constantly.

It’s nice having a dick that is always hard and ready to fuck.

It’s also true that I’m a slut.

It’s just Ethan and I.

So, we don’t have to worry about someone walking in on us.

We can fuck at our leisure.

I’ve seduced Ethan on the front porch, back porch, down by the river, in the river, in the canoe, in the truck.

I also have very few inhibitions.

I’ll do almost anything.

Ethan knows the answer is always yes.

If it’s that time of the month.

I spend a week swallowing and taking it in the ass.

I do that anyway.

But, I always get more creative and more aggressive.

Ethan and I have talked.

Since I can’t get pregnant.

When the time is right.We will adopt.

But, until then I’m gonna be as slutty as I want to be. I like getting screwed by my son.