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I wasn’t in any relationship and didn’t expect to have one anytime soon. I (34) alone and didn’t interact with my neighbors or any person at all very much. I was quite happy alone by myself, I had no close family to bug me. Having served 2 tours in the army overseas, just wanted to be left alone. Anyway, I was home and got a storm alert on my cellphone and was walking around my yard making sure nothing was unsecured. I heard a woman talking and looked over my back fence to see two women huddling together against the fence. They were homeless and were hoping to keep out of the rain against my fence. I might be a loner, but I’m not heartless. It wouldn’t hurt me to give them shelter till the storm passed. They were at first affair of me as they hadn’t been well treated by the so-called Christians in our community. One of my reasons for not mingling much with anyone locally, the so-called righteous ones. Who think going to church makes them perfect Christians, I don’t go to church as I’m no hypercritic, anyway I had 2 house guests for the duration of the storm. I showed them a room they could sleep in and the bathroom if they wanted to have a bath. The women were a mother 52 and daughter 30 and lost their jobs during pandemic and even those the vaccinations were available, jobs for them weren’t. The mother offered to cook my and their dinners and she was a lot better cook than I was. The storm lasted all night and we had got on fairly well. In the morning the storm had gone, and they were getting ready to move on again. I hadn’t tried for or been offered sex, nor did I expect it would be possible in the future. I decided to tell them if they wanted, they could stay until they found better jobs than spot work and their own place. They thought about it and agreed to give a try, as the weeks passed no good jobs were still available. But we were getting on very well and at Christmas 2021 it got very cold and heavy snow fall made us stay close. The mother cooked our Christmas dinner, and we had a great Christmas together. New year came and early in the morning of New Year’s Day, the mother joined me in my bed, and we had sex. It was a late Christmas present or a mutual satisfaction type thing, of course once you start it hard not to continue. Of course, the mother sleeping with me didn’t go unnoticed by the daughter. Who decided to join us, and we were getting along quite well and now all sharing the same bed. The daughter missed her period, and I thought I should marry her, and I asked she accepted, and we married. But she wasn’t pregnant, but we were married, and I was quite happy with being married to her and she said she was also, and her mother still shared our bed. After missing her period, she nor I took any precautions, and she got pregnant a month later. We had our son in April and he’s a very healthy boy, we still keep to ourselves mostly and fuck regularly, never bother with precautions now and will be happy with any children we have.

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