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“Oh my god!” I exclaimed. He was right. It certainly was the biggest cock I’d ever experienced in my 33 years. It was at least 12inches long, fat and black. I looked at him, my hand around his cock as he sat on the toilet in the cubicle in a set of public toilets. I was leaning over in front of him gently stroking it to its full length. My big, fake, white, 34DD’s hanging out of my vest top as he grabbed and pinched at my tits and nipples.
I crouched down between his legs and licked from the base of his cock all the way up his long shaft to his helmet and gobbled down as much of his cock as I could, normally I could deep throat a cock but this was a challenge. I licked back down to his clean shaven balls and took them in my mouth, licking his balls one at a time, gently wanking his cock as I did. I then eagerly sucked on his cock again, my hands all over his cock and balls, slurping sounds escaping the corners of my mouth. My spit covering his cock and running down it, my hands rubbing it into his shaft as I looked up at him. He wasn’t particularly good looking but I was in a very slutty mood and he was around and up for it.
Just then the door opened to the bathroom area. I took his cock out and looked at him, my eyes open wide and a big smile on my face matched by his as I carried on wanking his cock as we listened to the unknown stranger do his business. I began sucking on his cock again, one hand following my mouth up and down his shaft as the other fondled his balls, massaging them, given them gentle squeezes. Moans of pleasure coming from his mouth spurred me on. He took a handful of my blonde hair and pushed my head down on his cock, pushing it down my throat. I was getting so turned on sucking this black monster of a cock.
He stood up and sat me down on the toilet, his big cock swinging and bouncing around, slapping against my face. I shrugged my vest top and red bra down so they hung around my waist, I pinched and twisted my nipples as I looked up at him and opened my mouth for his cock. His hot cock entered my mouth and he grabbed my hair at the back of my head again and began to fuck my mouth hard and fast, his cock sliding all the way down my throat until his balls bounced off my chin. It became a blur, spit was hanging from his cock and dripping down onto my boobs as I rubbed it in. He then pulled his cock out of my mouth, I kept it open, he took a few strokes of his cock and shot a long stream of hot sticky cum straight into my mouth. And then another, and one over my cheek, and along my nose, on my chin, dripping down onto my boobs. He finally finished cumming and I had a mouthful of cum, I showed it to him before swallowing it down.
“Thank you very much.” I said squeezing the last bit of cum out of his cock onto my waiting tongue. “Stay there a minute.” And I began fishing my mobile out of my hot pants pocket “Just take a picture for me would you please?” I asked and handed him the phone as I took hold of his cock and laid it on my face and smiled at the camera. He took several pictures, I took the phone back from him and stood up and opened the cubicle door, my spit and cum covered tits still hanging out. I stood in front of the sinks and looked in the mirror and took a couple of selfies, happy with my work I grabbed a couple of tissues out of the holder and wiped my face and boobs. Baby wipes were best but I had to make do with what I had.
“Hey baby, when can we meet again?” I heard him saying. “Hey, can I get your number? At least tell me your name!”
I smiled back at him and gave him a wink, “its Tracy.” I gave him a little wave and blew him a kiss and turned to leave. The toilet door opened as I turned to leave and a guy entered, a look of surprise spreading across his face and then realisation as he looked from me to the guy and back again.
I headed up the steps that lead out of the public toilet area to street area, the first drops of a summer rain shower starting to fall as I got to the top if the steps. “Oh great, just what I need a fucking rain shower.” I said looking up at the sky. I was not prepared for it at all. I was in blue hot pants and a white vest!
It wasn’t long before it was absolutely chucking it down. I was soaked through, my red bra clearly visible through my white vest, my blonde hair stuck flat against my head. I eventually ducked into a doorway and waited for the shower to pass.
I’m a very promiscuous woman, I always have been and with having more and more time on my hands and nothing really to do during the day I was finding more and more risqué ways of enjoying myself although today’s encounter had been my most daring so far. I was lucky enough to have the body that causes men to at least look twice. When I was in my mid-twenties and had a bit of cash I’d spent £5000 on getting a boob job. Although I do wish I still had the money now, but my 34DD’s still came in handy, literally. At 33, I was still slim and had natural blonde hair and stunning emerald, green eyes which could pierce a man’s soul.
In my early twenties I was told I could’ve been a model but I just wasn’t tall enough, apparently you need to be taller than 5ft6in to be a model of sorts, but I still took comfort in this and in my own opinion I’d got better with age.
A voice suddenly bringing me out of my daydream. “Excuse me miss.” The gruff voice said. “Can I get you a lift?”
I looked up and saw a black, bald headed cab driver leaning out of his cab window, the rain running down his bald head.
“I’ve got no money to pay.” I replied
He looked back and me and smiled, “Maybe I don’t need money, maybe payment in kind will suffice?”
“And what makes you think I’m that type of girl?”
“Maybe it’s the slutty outfit? Or the red bra, or maybe I’m just an excellent judge of character. Either way, you can take it or leave it.”
I stood and weighed up my options and then saw my toilet encounter man walking in my direction obviously looking for something or more likely, someone. “Ok then.” I said and stepped out into the rain again and towards the black cab. The driver reached out the window and opened the door for me and I jumped inside.
I sat on the back seat and proceeded to try and sort my wet hair out.
“Where to then?” He asked?
“The flats on Stratford Road.”
“Over there, that’s not a pleasant area to be, especially not looking like you!”
“You get used to it.” I replied. He was right though, Stratford road and the flats on Stratford road are an absolute shit hole. It’s unfortunately where the council house their less desirables and those unfortunate enough to have nowhere else to live and the council has to put you somewhere. I was on the top floor of these flats and they were some of the worst flats in the area, on occasion they had been labelled “stab towers”.
“That’s also going to cost you a bit?” He said pulling away from the curb, his wipers still going as he joined the flow of traffic.
“Yes, I’m sure it is.”
“I think for starters I should see your big tits?”
“Wow! You don’t hang around do you?”
I saw him smile in the rear-view mirror back at me. I got settled on the back seat and then grabbed the bottom of my vest top, leant forward and pulled it off over my head. So I was sitting there in my red bra and hot pants.
He swerved a little as he kept looking in the mirror, “Careful there.” I said. I moved forward to the rear facing seat and knelt on it as the cab bounced along the road. I reached behind and unclasped my bra and shrugged my arms out of it and held it in place before letting it drop down.
“They are MASSIVE!” He exclaimed and again swerved across the road, “I’ve got to pull over before I crash.”
I moved back to the other seat and kept gently stroking my boobs, getting my nipples hard and slowly getting excited at the prospect of a bit more fun. I loved feeling slutty and naughty and today was turning into a good day for that.
The cab driver was looking left and right, trying to find somewhere to pull over. Feeling naughty and sensing my next bit of fun was on its way I started to undo my buttons on my hot pants.
“What are you doing?” He asked.
“What does it look like? I’m getting comfy, best you find a spot to pull over soon otherwise I’ll have to do it all on my own!” I kicked off my shoes and wriggled out of my wet hot pants and threw them next to my bra. I sat there on his back seat in just my red thong and put my feet on each of the hold handles by the doors and with one hand rubbed my quickly wettening pussy through the thin material of my thong, my other hand squeezing my hard nipples on my 34DD’s, giving them little twists and pinches. Biting my lower lip as I looked at him in the mirror, he was almost looking frantic. “Hurry up!” I said to him, “I want that big, fucking cock of yours! Just find an alley way or something.”
He did just that in the end, pulling into a narrow alleyway, clipping his wing mirror on an industrial size bin before stopping at the end. He opened his door and banged it against the wall and squeezed out the door. He was a portly guy, not overly tall with a round face but was smartly dressed for a cab driver.
He climbed into the back of the cab and closed the door. He literally pounced on me, his tongue entering my mouth and tangling with my tongue as he grabbed a handful of boob and squeezed hard. I fumbled at his belt and eventually got it undone and went to work on his trouser button and zip. His black hands were all over my body, rubbing my pussy through my thong material, I pulled the thing material to one side. His fingers entering my clean shaven pussy easily and he finger fucked me hard and fast, his fingers curling rapidly inside of me, hitting a good spot. I closed my eyes and arched my back as he did this, the orgasm building fast and I pinched my own nipples, holding my breath encouraging the orgasm and then with a loud moaning scream I came all over his fingers, holding his hand where it was as the orgasm spread through my body.
Every muscle tensing and relaxing and tensing, my breathing slowly coming back to normal. I opened my eyes wide and looked at him and smiled. I pushed him back onto the rear facing seat “My turn!” I said, and pulled at his trousers, he shook them off. His white shirt hanging down low and covering his already hard cock, which was trying to escape his blue boxer shorts. I hooked my fingers inside the waistband of his boxers and began to pull them down, he lifted his bum up to allow them to slide down.
A big black, clean shaven, cock came into view. As I released it from his boxers it sprang up to attention. It was pure muscle, bristling, veiny, strong, his big black balls hanging down low between his legs. I was pretty sure I was going to enjoy this! He put his hands behind his head and looked expectantly at me.
My hand clasped around the base of his cock and then went down and gave his balls a little squeeze before I leant forward and licked his swollen helmet and looked him right in the eyes as I did.
“Mmmmmmmm, oh fuck yes.” He moaned.
I smiled and took his helmet in my mouth and sucked hard on it, looking at him as I did before I took his cock further into my mouth. Sliding it further and further in, my spit making his cock glisten, my nipples rock solid, my boobs brushing against his thighs as my head started to bob up and down. My hand still on the base of his cock as I came up for air, my spit running down the sides of his cock, a string hanging from the tip to my lip.
I licked up from the base to the tip before nuzzling down and starting to lick his balls as I gently stroked his cock, my eyes locked onto his as my tongue looped around his swollen balls. I knelt up in front of him, his cock laying between my boobs, I squeezed them around it and began to tit fuck him. His big black cock looking good between my big white tits.
I moved away from him and turned my back and leant over the rear facing seat, I looked over my shoulder, “Fuck me! Fuck me now.”
He didn’t need asking twice, he shuffled forward and leant over me. His black cock brushing against my pussy. I watched as he took hold of his cock, he put one hand on my bum and started easing his big cock into my waiting and wanting pussy. He slid easily in, right up to the hilt, another moan of pleasure escaping his lips. He put one hand on my hips and the other grabbed a fist full of hair. He started slow but sped up and was fucking me well, slamming into me, pulling on my hair, slapping sounds filling the car as my bum slapped against his thighs, my boobs jolting back and forth as he got going.
An orgasm was building fast. I had one arm bracing me against the seat as the other pinched and twisted a nipple. I closed my eyes and arched my back. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh…oh.” I tensed up and then came hard with a loud scream. My pussy pulsing and grabbing at his cock, trying to milk it, my breathing heavy, my body shuddering as he continued to fuck me hard, his balls swinging and slapping against me.
I pushed him away and he sat down on the other seat his black cock streaked white with my cum. I moved and bent over in front of him and licked his cock clean of my cum, enjoying the taste of me on him. I then straddled him and lowered myself down onto him and took his head in hands and thrust my chest into his face. He was ravenous, licking, biting sucking on my nipples, his hands all over my body as I began to ride his cock, grinding my pussy into him. His cock deep inside me, reaching places never been touched before.
He then spun me over so I was on my back across his back seat, my legs spread wide, and my pussy wider and open for him still. He put his hands on my legs and spread them wider and pushed and pinned them back over my head. His cock bouncing and angled straight towards my pussy, white tide mark at the base, he pushed himself in and began fucking me. His grunts and groans becoming more and more frequent as he thrust got faster and faster, his body starting to tense and I could sense he was going to cum soon.
Right on cue he pulled his cock out and held it with a hand, holding dead still until he thrust forward. A long stream of cum looping out of his cock and firing up my body, landing in the valley between my boobs. Another long stream firing up my body and landing on my boobs, he just kept shooting his cum up my body. I was rubbing it in as he did before he eventually stopped, my body covered in his hot, sticky cum. I used a finger to scoop it up and drop it in my mouth. “Mmmmm yummy.” I said to him as I licked my fingers clean.
“Well that should just about pay for your taxi fare home.” He said shaking the last drops of cum out of his big black sticky cock.

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