I met my son at a swingers party | incest story from Maggie Mae

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I met my son at Swinger’s party.

When my husband and I were married we were swingers.

I loved watching him fuck other women and I’m bi-sexual.

So, mainly we were swingers for the ease of the easy pussy.

After my husband and I divorced I kinda quit going to parties and hanging out with my swinger friends.

I didn’t like being used as the third wheel like I and my husband had done with other women so many times.

“Come on Carrie.
We have a new friend.
He’s young, good-looking with a really nice cock.” Stephine smiled.

“How young?” I asked with a smile thinking how nice it would feel to get a good fucking by a young viral cock.

“I think he is about twenty-five.” Stephine smiled. “And he is single.” She finished.

“Where did you meet him at?” I asked curiously amused.

“Through a friend.
We all went to dinner together and he was there and well. We just kinda hit it off.” Stephanie smiled big.

“I take it you have fucked him.” I laughed.

“No. I did not fuck him.” Stephine smiled big and braggingly.
“I screwed the balls off him.” She finished with a proud smile.

“Why does that not surprise me.” I laughed.

“So. You in?” Stephine asked.

“I don’t know. Who is gonna be at this party?” I asked thinking hard.

“Connie and Mike. Tara. Dave and Christy. Me and Tom. Shelly and Tim.” Stephine smiled big.

“And the young stud?” I smiled.

“God yes. But, I promise. He is all yours.” Stephine smiled.

I thought about it for a moment before I agreed.

“Great. Pick you up at nine.” Stephine smiled.

I liked swinging with these people.
It was always fun.

Sometimes we just thing out and casually fucked whoever wanted to fuck.

Other times we played games.

Then there were times we had an all-out orgy.

Poor Tara was just a girl that took all the abuse.

Tara will do almost anything.

We even got her to fuck a dog once.

I took off work early Friday and went to the spa.

I needed waxed and a haircut.
I also bought some new lingre.

“So what is the young studs name?” I asked Stephine as we drove.

“Luke.” Stephine smiled big. “Your gonna love him.” she finished.

“Young, tall, well-mannered, very well built.” Stephine beamed.

“Grab a chip.” Stephine smiled as we entered.

“Game night?” I smiled.

“Game night.” Stephine smiled confirming.

“So where is this young stud?” I asked Stephine as we sat chatting.

“He is running behind,” Stephanie told me as my curiosity climbed.

I was standing in the kitchen when heard Tara yell “Luke!”

Walking into the living room I stopped dead in my tracks.

There stood my only son.

I almost said something.

But, I didnt.
I was curious to see if he was going to say anything or how he reacted.

“Luke. Meet Carrie.” Stephine smiled at me with a hopeful smile.

“Glad to meet you, Luke,” I said sticking out my hand.

“Pleasure is all mine.” my son smiled obviously liking what he was looking at.

For another hour we all chatted catching up and talking about our daily lives.

“Alright, people. Let’s play a game.” Tara announced standing in the middle of the room with a fish bowl.

“What game?” Shelly yelled.

“Suction.” Tara smiled.
“Let’s see which one of you sluts sucks the best dick.” Tara laughed.

“5” Tara called out.

I had number three.

Shelly and Mike pair up.


Stephine and Tom paired up.


It was me and my son.

I didnt have a problem with this.

It was just a blowjob.

It wasn’t like he was fucking me.

I walked over to where Luke was setting and took my position on my knees in front of him.

After Tara had called out all the numbers.

She told us to get our cocks out.

This was part of the game.

It was the woman’s job to under the man.

But, we were not allowed to touch his dick.

I was very pleasantly surprised when Luke’s cock popped out.
He was definitely bigger than his father.

Long and thick from his large knob dick head to the base.

I knew if he get in my pussy he was going to do some very welcoming damage.

“All right my little cocker sucker’s.” Tara smiled.

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“Winner gets fifty dollars and the loser gets anal right here where I’m standing.” Tara smiled as she stood on the large leather ottoman.

I’m very good at sucking dick.
I can keep a man on the edge forever or I can have him blowing his load in no time.
Just depends on my mood.

I knew I had this won.

When Tara said go.

I went right to work on my son’s thick cock.
I figured he might last five minutes.

“Fuckkkkkk” I heard Mike grunted indicating he had emptied his load.

Then I heard Shelly coughing as I looked over to watch her swallow Tom’s load.

“Let’s see takes it in the ass,” Tara announced.
“Will it be Carrie or will it be Connie.” Tara laughed.

A minute later I heard Connie gag and then slurp indicating she was swallowing her load.

That was another part of the game.

You have to swallow or you were disqualified and placed beside the loser.

Leaning back and catching my breath I looked at my son who was just smiling down at me.

“Come on Carrie. Let’s take a break for a minute and get you cleaned up.” Tara smiled at me.

Meaning she was going to give me an enema to make sure my guts were clean.

When we returned everyone had switched partners and the girls were sitting on a dick riding it casually.

“Condom?” Tara asked.

“Bareback,” I answered before Luke had a chance.

“Bareback it is,” Tara announced.

“Pound that ass,” Stephine yelled.

“Kid. I fuck that asshole like you” stole it.” Tim laughed.

“Don’t make me come over there and show you how it’s done.” Mike chuckled.

Climbing up in the ottoman.
I looked over my shoulder at Luke’s fat cock.

“That asshole is in trouble. She ain’t gonna be able to shit right for a week.” Connie chuckled making everyone laugh.

“Lube me up,” I told Tara.

“Look at that face.” Connie laughed as Luke started pushing his fat cock into my asshole.

“Let her get used to it.
Before you kill her.” Dave laughed.

Every guy there had been in my ass.

But, none of them had as much dick as Luke had.

As soon as my asshole relaxed enough.

Luke started fucking me in earnest.

Pounding me deeper than any man had ever been in.

But, there was also passion and lust.
Want and need.

“Hit it.” Stephine laughed. “She about to cum.” She finished with a laugh.

She was right.

A very powerful orgasm was building and in less than a minute later I squalled, convulsed, and sprayed cum down my thighs to the cheers of my peers, and my son still hadn’t come yet.

“Jesus. You keep fucking her like that and you’re gonna kill her.” Mike laughed.

“Keep going!” I grunted as sweat dripped from my toned body.

Like giving me a continual hard pounding for over thirty minutes before he held me down and emptied his hairless nuts in my guts.

When Luke started pumping my guts full.

The world started spinning and went black.

I came to, to the sound of grunting and something tickling my asshole.

Tara was licking the cum from my asshole.
Luke was behind her feeding her the meat.

I couldn’t believe it.

He had just taken the best head job I’d ever given a man.

Then fucked me into submission.

And still had enough left to fuck.

I wasn’t done fucking.

But, I didnt want any more cock.
I wanted pussy.

Luke fucked girl at the party and even helped gangbang Mike, have, and Tom gangbang Christy.

It was almost two when the party broke up.

“Carrie. Would like a ride home?” Luke asked me.

“You made me a slut tonight,” I told Luke in a hard tone.

“No. I just brought the slut out in you.” Luke countered with the truth.

“And what gave you the right to fuck me?” I asked Luke.

“You. When you went to your knees in front of me.” Luke countered and as much as I hated to hear it.
He was right.

Sitting in the drive I looked at my son.

“Would you like to come in.” I asked my son with a lusty smile.

“I think I would like that.” He smiled.

“Luke. Kiss me.” I said in a lusty voice looking my son in the eye.

“Why don’t we take this inside.
There is still a lot of woman left in this night.” I smiled.

“I would like to see all that woman.” Luke smiled at me.