I Miss You Big Brother

tagIncest/TabooI Miss You Big Brother

My brother Glen had graduated college and had found a job out of state. I was twenty at the time and I would think about my big brother. We were close growing up and after he moved I began to have urges. Yes, I had sexual urges for my brother. Sometimes in my bed at night I would finger myself.
I wondered if Glen was thinking about me. Was he naked and stroking his cock thinking about his little sister. I knew I had to do something to reconnect with my brother. I thought of just the thing. I took some photos of myself with my phone camera. I had stripped out of all my clothes. I got onto my bed and I spread my legs.
Some photos I would play with my nipples. A few I would finger my pussy. One day I texted Glen and sent him a couple of my pics.
"I miss you big brother," I typed next to the photos.
I sent it off and then anxiously waited for a reply. I didn't have long to wait. A few hours later Glen got back to me.
"Sue, I was at work when I got your text. Are you trying to make me crazy? I had to wait until I got home. I stripped out of my clothes and went to my bed. Your photos got me hard. l want you here with me. I want to slide my cock into your pussy and make you mine. I will call you soon, Glen"
My brother also sent a photo back of him. He was on his back in bed. He was holding his erect cock. I nearly creamed myself. My brother had to be nearly nine inches in length. I couldn't imagine taking so much cock inside me. I awaited my brother's phone call. That evening my phone rang.
"Sue, it's Glen," he said.
My brother said it was a total surprise when he opened that text. He said he wanted to arrange for me to visit him soon. I told him I needed him making love to me. I said that I doubted I could take all of his cock. Glen told me he would go slow and ease his long dick into me. My brother was making me so wet right then.
I went into work the next day and asked for some days off. I had a weeks vacation I could use. I got back to my brother. I would be arriving this next Friday. The drive was long but I had my brother on my mind the whole time. I finally pulled up to his apartment complex and I rang his buzzer. My brother answered standing there in the nude.
He pulled me inside and wrapped his arms around me. My bags sat just inside his doorway. Glen began to undress me. In a few minutes I was totally naked. We didn't make it far. My brother moved me over to the kitchen counter. He lifted me up onto the edge. A shiver went through my body as he parted my legs. Glen took hold of his long cock and he entered me.
I remember screaming as he slid his cock into me. I had never felt anything like that before. I was so tight and my brother was stretching my pussy muscles. Glen started to talk to me. He said he was going to use me. No one else could have me but him. I was dripping wet when he said all these things. Somehow Glen was able to fit his fat cock all the way inside me.
First it hurt. My brother went slow feeding me an inch at a time. Soon our pubic mounds were touching. I think I told him to give it to me harder. That is what happened. My brother used my pussy like I was some cheap whore he just picked up. Glen's face was inches from mine. He said he was going to breed me. I nearly went insane when he told me that.
We must have fucked like that for close to an hour. My brother started to grunt. I knew he was close to unloading. A few moments later I felt the rush of his hot seed entering my body. This was what I fantasized about. I wanted my brother's baby seed. Glen flooded me and I was panting rapidly. It took some long minutes before he was done. He pulled out and his batter came spilling out.
His white cum was dripping onto the kitchen floor. I planted my legs on the ground and we held each other. I told my brother that I loved him. Glen just smiled at me. We weren't quite finished. Glen walked me to the shower. We got the shower head flowing and we stepped inside the tub. Glen turned me so that I had my hands on the tub wall.
He had me bend at the waist. Somehow he was still erect. As the water coated us my brother slid his hard member up and down my ass crack. He soon found my gash and his cock entered me once more. I was sore from the first time but it didn't matter. My brother used me again. Glen gave me these hard strokes that made me rise up onto my toes.
I know I screamed as he battered my pussy a second time. I remember begging him to use me. I said my pussy was all his. I don't know how but Glen had more of his seed to give me. It wasn't like the first time but it didn't really matter. He squirted his cream deep into my tunnel. Once we calmed down we got cleaned up from our lovemaking.
There was no more sex that day. I was so sore from my brother's cock. We ended up going out to a restaurant for some food. I couldn't take my eyes from my brother. He had me completely under his spell now. That week we spent together was a big blur to me. We spend so much time in bed. We found out that we liked it best when I was on top.
I would lower myself onto Glen's stiff pole and he would push his hard prick up into my body. My brother loved to fondle my tits. He used his big hands to massage my melons. Once he roughed up my tits he would use his fingers to pull on my nipples. I would scream my fool head off when he did that. Unfortunately the week passed by so quickly.
I asked my brother what we were going to do. It would be so painful to be separated from him. We made some rough plans. Hopefully I could return soon and find a job. I would move in with my brother until we found a bigger place to live. We didn't know how we would tell our parents. Maybe we would say there were more job opportunities where my brother lived.
All I knew was I couldn't bear to be separated long from my loving brother. I am back home now. I can almost feel my brother's cock still in me. I can feel some of his cum that he gave me all those times we had sex. I am just hoping that soon all our plans work out and Glen has his cock buried deep inside me again.

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