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I lost my job in 2020 and going to be on the streets and had savings or anyone who could help me in my family they weren’t in much better shape and in another state. My salvation came from my neighbor in the same building as I lived. I was 28 and worked in a fashion store selling clothes and doing some modelling. Along with the coming pandemic, the sore hadn’t been doing very well and the pandemic was the last nail in its coffin. I used to party and relied on my looks and being in a lockdown wasn’t going to earn me any money. I had a neighbor I call Henry 35 and worked at some big company. He was single and what was called a nerd when I was at high school, and I didn’t mix with nerds. I was a cheerleader and so nerds weren’t on my radar. I tried becoming a fulltime model after high school and ended up at the fashion store and some parttime modelling. Even before the lockdown started, I was unemployed and running out of money quickly. As luck would have it Henry heard me talking on my cellphone in the elevator. Told me he had a spare bedroom if I needed it nothing more, just it was available if I really needed it. As it turned out I did, I sold everything I could and had to accept Henry’ offer. The next week the lockdown started, my old apartment was leased the day I gave it up and 2 men had moved in, and they were gay and freely said so. Living with Henry wasn’t bad he didn’t bother me, he let me do what I wanted which was watch his huge TV mostly, I did clean and cook and offered to his laundry and after several weeks he let me. Everything we needed was ordered online and delivered and as I had no money Henry paid for my things also. He was very kind to me and quiet man mostly, he was working from home. It was about a month after I moved in with him, I found out Henry owned the whole building. Other tenants had trouble with their rent and Henry told not to worry about it, that was before rent support started. Anyway, as time passed, I got to like Henry a great deal and I was also getting a bit horny. With only Henry available I decided why not, it would help me get some satisfaction and repay Henry for all his help. It didn’t take much to bed Henry and I started regularly sleeping with him and by the time lockdown ended it was every night I slept with him. We used condom for our precautions and had an accident or two with them, I wasn’t concerned. I was due to start my period the week after the lockdown ended and I missed it and would miss the next as well. Got tested and was confirmed as pregnant, Henry told me he would support me however I wanted him too. I thought it thru and decided I didn’t want to be a single mother or get rid of the baby inside me. So, I asked Henry would he consider marrying me and that there was rush in him deciding. He put his hand into his pocket and pulled out an engagement ring and a month we married and now have a son and I’m again pregnant and I sometime do some modelling for Henry’s company. All I had to do was sleep with the boss and I’d been doing that for while anyway.

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