I organised a group session

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By Katrin When I was 19 I had organised a group of men to use me

I was 19 year old who loved sex. I had been through alot and I kept getting ideas. Watching porn and reading magazines.
I had been chatting on a free date app. There were so many men messaging me. I was so determined. It was set in my mind. I wanted 3 men to use me as they please. Have there way with me. I was chatting to a man who just wanted fun. He was in his late 30s. He told me he’s very dominant in the bedroom. And we had been sending each other photos. He asked if I had any kinks. I told him yes I want to be used my 3 men as they please. Anything goes. He replied that he will organise that. But only if he could fuck me first. I said yes and so we met up. He invited to to his house. As I walked upto his front door.

He sent me a message. Walk straight in. Take all your clothes off and walk into the bedroom on the right. I paused for a moment. Took a deep breath. And walked in. Took my clothes off. Went into the bedroom. He came up behind me put his arm around my chest and grabbed my boob and his other hand covering my mouth. He said dont say a word tonight. Do as I say. . I nodded. He said good girl. He then pushed me onto the bed. He spread my legs apart and burning his face into my pussy and licked and sucked my pussy lipshe was feeling and rubbing my bum cheeks and giving them a slap here and there. He stick his tongue right in several times. I was so wet and turned on. He then got up and shoved his cock I to my wet pussy and fucked me hard For about a minute and pulled out then told me to suck my pussy juice off his cock. He was also using words like slut and whore.
Do you want to be my slut? Do you want to be treated like the whore you are?

I just kept nodding yes. He fucked my mouth then he bent me over again and fucked me and held my arms behind my back. Just kept slamming my pussy. He pulled out and said suck my cock slut. I sucked his cock and he pulled out and jerked his hard cock and blew all over my face. Warm cum was dripping off my lips and chin and he slid his cock back into my mouth. I sucked him till he went soft. He got me standing up and kissed me. We kissed for a few minutes then he fingered my pussy till I came.

When I left. He message my phone and asked. How was that?
I replied. That was unexpected but that’s what I want. Thank you.

He then messaged me 2 days later. He said come over dont ask questions. Just walk in do the same thing. I got ready and went over.

I walked into the room naked. I was then blindfolded and was told to kneel down. I felt like a little bench I was kneeling over. My hands were stripped down. My legs were spread and strapped down also. So I was in a doggy position. Blind folded and couldn’t move.
Then the blind fold was taken off. 3 men standing in front of me. Dominant man said. She’s the slut I mentioned. Let’s show her how we treat sluts.
Then they came over and felt me up. Squeezed my butt cheeks. Fingered both my holes. Slapped my ass a few times. Then. Something I would have never ever expected happend. They stood around me and peed all over me. I started to cry. I was in shock. It was so warm. Then the first cock entered my mouth and another entered my ass. He fucked me hard while slapping my ass cheeks. And squeezing them. The 3rd man holding my head while the other fucked my mouth. Gagged multiple times. Then the man pulled out while the other man fucked my pussy. They all took turns. All my holes were stretched. And sore. Was starting to get numb. The whole time I was being used I was also being verbally abused. Slut, whore, cock slut, cum whore. Bitch, etc,
They all came into my ass. They filled me with cum. Then I was left there. I had passed out. I remember waking up to a cock inside my ass and another in my mouth. I had then realised. The 2 other guys from the beginning weren’t there. It was the dominant man and someone new. They both took turns and fucked my mouth and my ass. Then both came all over my back. And the other man left. And the dominant man said I have one more guy coming he will fuck you on his own while i watch. He asked me if I would love that. I nodded yes. I was scared. And aroused. Still wet and horny amd turned on by all of this. Then wondered. Who the last guy is. He walked in. Dropped his pants. His cock was way bigger then all the others that fucked me tonight. He walked up and said look at what we have here. He lent down and said to me. Im going to make you mind. Do you want that. I nodded yes. He then put his cock in my mouth. I could only fit the head and an inch in. Was so fat. He then got around the back. And pushed his cock inside my pussy. And started fucking me. I was moaning so loud. He had his thumb inside my anus. Like he was holding a bowling ball. He fucked me in a good speed. Not so hard like the others. I didn’t know I could take the full length of his cock. Then thought after all that fucking and stretching and how wet I was. He fucked me for a while. That I loved. He pulled out and had his knob in my mouth and he jerked his big cock till he came. He said now swallow. So I did. He got up and left. Then I was released from the straps. I was sore. Like I couldn’t walk. I came to myself and put my clothes on and left. The last man that fucked me was waiting out side for me. He offered to take me home. I said yes please. And that I’m in desperate need of a shower. He offered to take me to his house and shower and relax there and have some food.
So we got to his house he showed me the bathroom. We showered together. I got to properly feel his cock. It was atleast as thick as a coke can. Only part I could fit in my mouth is the knob and an inch more of it then it gets thicker. We got out the shower. I told him I don’t feel like eating. I need to sleep. So we went to his bed. We kissed for a while and fell asleep. When I woke up a few hours later I realised I was being spooned. He had his arm around me holding my boob. His cock between my inner thighs. I went back to sleep. We woke up in the morning was about 6am. We started kissing and he pushed me down and got ontop of me and was teasing my pussy with his cock. We continued kissing. Then he entered my pussy and fucked me passionately. Kissing and fucking the whole time. Once he was down he laid on his back and I jerking his cock till he blew his load inside my mouth. And I swallowed it all. We then talked and we swapped phone numbers. He asked me to be his fuck buddy. I gladly accepted. He was 42 years old I was 19. We fuck every chance we get. We still see each other today. I’m 24. I sometimes go to the doms house for those sessions. He told me to give 2 days notice.
There was one night I remember. 17 men had been inside me. I was a cum dump. My ass was overloaded with cum

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By Katrin #BDSM #Group #Teen