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Saturday morning, and I’m awake early, as usual. 5 a.m. or maybe 5:30 is usually the time I rouse. Running my own business means being at my desk at 6 a.m. on weekdays, so sleeping in is no option even on weekends.

I often sit in bed, Lisa still asleep, reading the news or, as on this occasion, MH stories. I’m horny and looking forward to sex. We went off to sleep last night, promising each other we would make time today for some fun. We’re most often a once-a-week couple, maybe a bonus during the week, but that is rare. Lisa was not well last weekend, and so it has been two weeks since we’ve had sex. As I read the story, “Forty-Four and Still Hot,” my cock is hard, and I’m needing some pussy.

A while later, Lisa startsing to, and I lean in to kiss her good morning and stroke her breasts through her top. She “hmm’s” appreciatively, and I pull up the pyjamas to give myself full access to her gorgeous chest, stroking and circling my finger tips round her nipples. I almost give in there and then, but it would have been a quickie only. (We always shower or bathe before having a full session, wanting to be fresh for each other), and I do not wish to rush. I want to indulge.

Saturday morning means a park run for me. In England (and other countries across the world), hundreds of runners in hundreds of towns meet for a weekly 5k run at 9am. I’m there every week, and I don’t want to miss this week, even as horny as I am. Lisa’s still half asleep anyway, and we have all day.

As we kiss, I murmur, “Maybe you could still be in bed when I get back?”

Lisa raises her eyebrows and gives a little nod. “Maybe I could do that. I just might have a shower and make myself ready for you,” she says with a tiny shrug. This brings a grin to my face.

I get into my running gear, and Lisa is standing at the window looking out at the garden, so I press up against her back. My silky latex tight trousers slip easily against her cotton pyjamas, and I rub my growing cock up and down between her bum cheeks. She arches her back, pressing against me. It feels so good. Thirty years married, and she gets me hot more than ever.

Parting, she looks down at my very obvious bulge. “I think you’re gonna need to put some shorts over that!” she laughs.

I kiss her again to say goodbye. “Don’t be good!” I whisper and head out.

It’s raining hard as I leave, but it later eased off somewhat as about 200 people gather for the the run. Splashing through deep puddles, soaked through, I have one thought on my mind: my reward for the foul-weather run is back home in our bed.

I get home and run to our bedroom, where she’s naked now, although under the covers, and a couple of her toys lay on her bedside table. She gives me a sleepy smile as I peel off my wet clothes to head for the shower. My earlier bulging cock has somewhat retreated in the cold and wet. The warm water, shower gel, and a waiting nude wife soon brings him back to life, and I slip under the duvet, clean and fresh, and lie over her.

The story I read earlier talked about how kissing had been a big turn on for the writer. So I linger at her mouth, teasing with lips and tongue, little flicks that I know make her pussy yearn. I take my time, then drift across her cheek to her ear, kissing and licking, taking her little lobe and earring into my mouth. She sighs.

Then down her neck I begin sucking, gently at first, then harder. She groans at the sensation. She loves a lovebite! I don’t often give her one, aware of the mark it will leave for a couple of days. As I suck, we both know the welt that will be there later, low on her neck. But neither of us care, and she holds my head, gasping in pleasure.

I press my thigh up into her groin, putting pressure against her. She lifts her hips. Releasing her neck, I move down to her breasts. Oh, how I love these soft globes of feminine glory. I kiss them all over, switching between them, pressing my face into the valley.

Lisaes to my desk near the bedroom every morning with a cup of tea and gives me a “booby snuggle” like this. I love the feeling of my face enveloped between those boobs.

I move my hand down now, knowing what I will find. She doesn’t disappoint. Her pussy is swollen, and my finger slips easily between the lips to find a very wet, sticky set of labia. She moans, and so do I in appreciation of the lush nectar. I can barely wait to go down on her.

I love, Love, LOVE, giving oral sex. Having her in my mouth is my favourite thing in the world. But I’m not rushing today. I suck harder on her neck and she cries out in pleasure. I bring a sticky finger up to her breast and spread her honey around the nipple, then move down to lick it, enjoying the flavour of her. When I return my hand to her pussy, little squelching noisese from my fingers.

“Oh, I love that sound,” she says, and I look up at her, moving my fingers up just a little. Her orgasm is beginning to ignite. I can feel it. Her hand reaches under me, gently stroking my balls. Then, grasping my hard member, she rolls round the crown. Feeling the sticky pre-juice seeping from the tip, she spreads it over the head.

Just as I’m thinking of moving down on her, she says, “I’m going to suck you now,” and rolls me onto my back. I look up at her, bring my sticky fingers to my mouth, and suck slowly, again savouring the taste. Her eyes are alight, in expectation of what that means in a while.

Then she moves between my legs, kneeling with her hot ass in the air. I love that, too: all exposed and accessible, although out of sight and reach right now. I lick my lips at the thought of being behind her.

She licks my balls, softly, lovingly, and I bring my arms up in surrender above my head. I nearly ask her to put the handcuffs on me, but I don’t want to stop the flow. I do love to be tied up though, and I hold my wrists together to just pretend. Her tongue moves up my shaft, licking over and over, then rolls around the top before taking me into her mouth. I groan in pleasure.

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She whispers, “I love your cock,” and takes me in again, deeper, grasping the base—as deep as she can manage.

I revel in the wet softness enveloping me. She moves back up to the head, sucking a little harder. I can’t take that for too long and pull out to stop from exploding. She stops, briefly, knowing I need a moment. Then she rolls her hand around the top, twisting, stroking, then sucking it back into her mouth. I’m totally mellowed out with the loving attention she’s giving me. She doesn’t hurry; she’s enjoying it too.

Then she moves up towards me, kneeling astride my hips, and brings her pussy down onto the underside of my cock. Sucking me always makes her wet, and I can feel and hear the juice on me. The sensation is wonderful. She rubs up against me, panting, looking at me with lust in her eyes. Reaching down, she touches herself, an enquiring look in her eyes. I know that look.

“Does your pussy want my mouth on her now?” I ask.

She nods, and quickly lies back against a mound of pillows. I slip down the bed between her thighs, her legs wide open, brazenly exposing herself to me. I lie flat, close, gazing at her.

“Oh, look at that gorgeous pussy,” I say, breathing in her aroma.

I give her the first, soft gentle lick, a kiss that says I can’t wait any longer to delve my tongue deep into her. She is sumptuously wet and creamy, tasting delicious, and I lick over and over, scooping her honey into my thirsty mouth. I adore licking her pussy. Licking her from behind as she kneels over is exciting, naughty, erotic, raw. Having her sit over my face is dreamy and submissive. I love her using my whole face to masturbate on, but it’s quick; it makes here fast! But licking her as she lies back, like this time, has to be my favourite position.

I take my time, wanting to savour the feeling of her soft juicy lushness in my mouth. There is nothing more intimate, and it’s what I think about when I’m horny. Always. Licking pussy is just the best! I’m licking her as she rests her hand on the back of my head, and she is heating up fast. I stay away from her clit, licking the area just above her opening. Lick, lick, lick. She’s quivering now, gasping, I still hold off moving up to her clit, knowing that’s what will bring her to the climax …

(As I write this, Lisa is getting dressed and flaunts her sexy ass at me in leopard print panties. I touch my cock in appreciation. Thought you might appreciate the aside!!)

… but Lisa is already passed the point of no return. It’se quick, and I haven’t had enough yet, but she cries out, “Don’t stop that,” and I maintain a rhythmic licking as she begins to wail. Her orgasm overflows, and I love feeling her pussy cum in my mouth. All too soon she is pushing me away, and I desperately try to lick her some more, I want it so much.

“Gently, gently,” she murmurs, both pulling away from me, then lifting her hips up to touch her pussy to my softly lapping tongue.

My mouth is hungry with desire. Her tingling, orgasm-charged, pussy can’t take any more, and she covers herself with her hand. Still I can’t stop, licking the back of her hand now. She giggles as I run up each finger. She’s trying to stop me but wants more. She spreads her fingers, and I push my tongue between them, getting little touches of her sticky lips. I suck on a finger, then the next, before pressing in to taste deep into her again. She withdraws her hand a little.

I reach up and grasp her hips firmly, pulling down. She can’t resist this. It’s too much, but her willpower gives in when I hold her that tight. She’s quivering all over now, her orgasm has fully crested, and I sense that critical moment, just as she’s subsiding, that I can take her back up. It doesn’t always work, but, yes, I’ve got it just right. Her body bucks as the orgasm explodes again, and she screams louder than the first time. I gratefully suck and lick her pussy, savouring the cream, the taste, the feeling, and the elation of her second climax as she trembles and shakes before finally pushing me away forcefully.

I kneel up, stroking my erect todger and leaning over for a kiss, my lips all sticky now. Her eyes are alight, and she bites her lip.

“I want you to fuck me from behind. Get the ‘Wedge‘. I wanna bend over it.” Lisa’s back has been bad recently, so she has been using the large triangular piece of ‘sex furniture’ to lean on in bed. My mum saw it once, and asked what it was. “Oh, that’s for Lisa’s back,” I told her.

“At least what you told your mum is partially true now!” Lisa jokes.

It’s beside the bed; I haul it in front of her, and she bows over it. She’s already really wet but says, “plenty of lube, babe!”

I lean over to my sex drawer, pulling out a handful of ‘sex towels’ and a tube of lube, squeezing a liberal amount on both hands. I spread plenty on myself, then run both hands between her bum cheeks and underneath, to her sweet sex.

“Aaahh!” She sighs, and I rub and massage all of her sexy ass before positioning myself behind her.

Holding my Johnson, I press it against her rosebud.

“Naughty boy,” she says.

“Because you love it,” I reply . She agrees.

Lowering my tip, and guided by her, I thrust deep inside to both our groans. I hold onto her hips with sticky hands, slowly pumping, holding back until, I hope, she is ready.

She grabs her pink vibe toy and slides it under herself to press onto her clit. It’s not long before she begins crying out again, and I give myself the greenlight to let rip. Moaning and groaning together, we both orgasm at the same time. I love that. She alwayses first, but we don’t alwayse together.

“You’re definitely gonna need a towel,” I laugh. “There’s a lot of lube and jizz!”

I collapse out of her and fall on the bed to her side. She pushes herself up off the wedge, looks across, and we grin at each other. She looks wild with her long hair very disheveled.

“I must look a mess!” she says.

“That’s a very sexy look though,” I reply.