I Saw Daddy’s Big Dick And Finally, He Fucked Me (Part 3)

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By Button Bunny Well, thank God I didn’t get pregnant when daddy cum in my pussy. He forgot to put the condom on and cum in me. I was terrified I’d get pregnant. How would I explain that to mom? I’ve been so hot for my dad’s big dick ever since I accidentally saw him naked, coming out of the shower.

That week mom was gone to her conference, daddy fucked me so much my pussy an ass was sore. The thing is, I didn’t care. I loved everything he did to me. I even liked it when he was real rough with me. Daddy said, “I didn’t realize I liked roughing women up during sex.” By that I mean, he spanked my ass, slapped my titties real hard, finger fucked my pussy an ass hard, and fucked my throat until I almost passed out.

I got turned on with all of it and so did daddy. He would get this look in his eyes and his dick would get so hard, I thought it would split the skin open. We had a great time. Mom came home and we had to curb the fucking. But, she went back to work as usual and worked long hours. Daddy said, “We only fuck about once a week” I told him “Don’t worry daddy I’ll fuck you anytime you want pussy or a blow job.”

I would wear a white low v-cut slip without panties or bra when mom was at work. Daddy loved it. I would sachet around wherever he was bending over so, he could see my titties. He would get an immediate hard on. Of course I’d go and start sucking on it or bend over his desk so he could fuck me.

He got to where he would force it in my ass a lot. He loved the tightness plus, he didn’t have to wear a condom. It would hurt until he fucked me a minute or two but, then I loved it. He would play with my clit or finger fuck my pussy with three thick fingers. He always made me cum.

When daddy fucked me from behind he would spank my ass really hard. I got to where I liked it because he would talk dirty trashy talk to me. He’d tell me what an easy slut his little daughter was and how he was gone a punish her for fucking those other two boys. Stuff like that.

That reminds me. I was getting a lot of grief for not dating. Mom was wanting to know why I wasn’t seeing Eric, Steven or anybody anymore. Plus, they kept asking me out and wanted to know why I didn’t wanna go. So, I thought, okay I’ll go to the game so they’d get off my back. I went to the Friday night game and ran into Eric and Steven who were sitting together in the bleachers.

They motioned for me to come sit with them an I did. We were laughing and having a good time. I wondered if they knew I’d fucked both of them. I was a grade ahead in school because,b of my test scores. So, I was a freshman. Eric and Steven were juniors. They both had their licenses. I had walked to the game at school, it’s only 7 or 8 blocks from my house.

After the game, Eric said they would drop me off at my house because, it was dark an it was kinda cold tonight. I said, I appreciate that. I was already cold. I only wore a thin jacket. I got in the car between the guys. We started to head to my house and Eric said, “Let’s grab a burger before you go.” I said, “Okay.” Then, Eric drove down this road that doesn’t go to a burger place.

I said, “Where you going?” He said, “Steven and I wanna talk to you about something so were gonna park out here in the country.” I said, “Eric, take me home right now.” Steven said, “No Bunny, we wanna talk to you.” Eric pulled off the road and stopped the car. They both started grabbing at my clothes and holding my arms down. Eric held me while Steven pulled my pants and panties off. I’m kicking him but, he got them off anyway.

I said, “Why are you guys doing this to me?” Eric said, “Why are you mad, you fucked both of us so there’s nothing knew.” “But, the thing is, we were talking and decided we wanted to fuck you at the same time.” “One in your ass an one in your pussy.” I said, “Absolutely not.” Steven said, “Bunny, you don’t have a say in this.” Eric was taking off my blouse and bra while Steven held my hands as he sat on my legs.

The seats in his car laid down so, they took their pants off and Eric stuck his dick in my ass and Steven fucked my pussy. They were rough and seemed angry. It’s like they wanted to hurt me. Eric is pounding his dick in my ass grunting an asking if I liked it. Steven is sucking on my titties biting my nipples and fucking me hard.

Their dicks were nothing like daddy’s so, I thought, fuck me all you want. Steven pulled out and put a condom on. I was glad for that. I was laying on top of Eric with my back to his front and he’s squeezing me as he’s fucking me. He’s ready to cum. He’s grunting and saying, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” I feel him spewing his load in my ass as he rams it in as deep as he can.

Steven is getting harder and fucking me fast. He said, “You like fucking two dicks, don’t you Bunny?”
I said, I’d give him what he wanted so, I said, “Yeah, I love two dick in me fucking me so hard.” He shot his load in me.” Moaning as he finished pumping into my pussy.They both pulled out and I sat up. I said, “Well, you feel better now?” They both said, “We feel great, and we love fucking your pussy”

I said, “Well, now you can take me home.” Eric said, “Oh no, you’re gonna suck our dicks before we take you home.” You just raped me, suck your own dicks.” I was freezing and reached for my clothes. Eric jerked them away from me and said, “Suck our dicks or you don’t go home.”

I said, “Fine hurry up, I’m cold.” Eric stuck his dick in my mouth and started pumping it into my me. Steven stuck his dick in my ass. I didn’t care because, their dicks were nothing compared to daddy’s. Steven started playing with my clit and made me cum. I thought, well at least I got something outta this.

Eric was pounding my mouth when he squirted his semen to the back of my throat. Steven fucked me longer and made me cum again then, he cum in my ass. I said, “Can we go now?” Eric reached over an squeezed my tit hard then said, “We can go.”

They dropped me home and I went to take a shower. In the morning daddy ask about my night. I said, “It was fine.” Mom had to work but, it was Saturday so, I was home. I was sitting on my bed, in my slip when daddy came in and said, “Did you run into either of those guys last night?” I said, “Boy did I, both of them. They were sitting together when I got there.” He said, “And?” I said, “You ain’t gonna believe this daddy but, they rapped me, together.”

“WHAT!!” I said, “They offered to take me home, took me out down a road, parked and proceeded to fuck my ass and pussy at the same time.” He said, “Tell me what happened” Daddy came, sat by me and tried to comfort me. I told him, “I’m alright daddy, I was more pissed than hurt or scared.” Daddy felt relieved.
I saw he had a hard on. He said, “Tell me honey.”

I started telling him what and how they had started holding me down and taking off my clothes. Daddy pulled me down on the the bed by my ankles, spread my legs, looked at my pussy and pushed down his boxers to expose his hard on. Then, he rammed his big dick in me. I gasp, it was such a difference from Eric and Steven.

Daddy said, “Go on Button.” I told him how they fucked my ass and pussy at the same time and how it felt. He was so hard. I told him how rough they were with me and Eric made me suck his dick while Steven fucked my ass. He said, “So, your ass was fucked twice and filled with cum?” I said, “Yes daddy.”

He ask, “Did you like two dicks at once baby?” I said, “Yes daddy, I did.” Daddy said, “Oh really.” Maybe daddy can get you a few dicks to play with for us.” I said, “Whatever you want daddy, you know I won’t tell you no.” Daddy’s fucking me so hard. His dick is like hot steel. He turns me on talking like this. Daddy reaches down with his hand to my clit. As soon as he touches it, I squirt all over him.

Daddy said, “Did they fuck your ass hard?” I said, “Yes, they acted like they wanted to hurt me.” Daddy pulled out of me, flipped me over on the end of the bed, stood up and rammed his dick in my ass. It hurt but, I let him do what he wanted. Daddy was fucking my ass when he said, “Did their dicks hurt like mine?” I said, “No daddy, nothing like yours.” “I love how your dick can hurt me.” He pounds my ass until he cum.

Daddy said, “That was so fucking hot, Bunny.” “The idea of two dicks in you got to me.” I said, “That’s okay daddy, I love it when you get turned on an rough with me.” “I think you’re making me like pain, daddy.” “It makes me cum so, what’s that say?” “Well, I don’t wanna hurt you too bad but, I like it too.”

I said, “Daddy, we can’t get other people involved because, I don’t want anyone to know we’re fucking.” “Especially, mom.” He said, “Your right baby, I was just fantasizing.” “I sure don’t want your mom to ever find out.”

“I might have to send you out to get fucked by the guys again or maybe somebody new.” “Oh, is that what you want me to do?” He said, “I just love hearing about what they do to you or make you do” “It makes me so horny.” I said, “I’ll think about it, no promises.” Daddy said, “You ought to find one with a big dick the next time.” “That would really get me going if you got one bigger than mine an you came home telling me how much it hurt, when he pounded your pussy with it.”

I said, “Oh daddy.” He laughed at me. Then he said, “Well at least look around and see what’s out there.”
“Okay daddy, I’ll go around and grab their crotches and see what I can find.”
Daddy stood me up in front of him and rubbed his hands up and down my body. He said “Man you’re one hot little cum slut for daddy, as he squeezed my titties.”

I said, “Your making me horny again daddy.” He said, “Well give me a rubber.” I did and he fucked my pussy.” He said, “You like being my little slut don’tcha?” I said, “I most certainly do.”

I was gonna have to find someone with a big dick just to satisfy my daddy.”
I have no clue where.

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