I taught daughter about sex and obedient

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By AmadeusH How whore mother slave awareness own dauther girl. Part 1, 2, and 3 with correction. Last one – 4 part in preparation.

I taught my daughter about sex.

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– Mom, what is sex? My friends at school said something about it, or rather whispered, as if they were ashamed? – this is the question my daughter asked me when she came home from school.
– And what else at school? – I tried to change the subject. I’m only 22 years old and have absolutely no experience in raising awareness for anyone.
– Normally, although Kiks, who, as I told you, called himself my boyfriend, became more insistent. I actually like him and the girls are a bit jealous of me. He also mentioned something about some sex. Will you finally tell me what it is? – I was wondering for a moment how to get out of the situation. Justa turned 10 in just 3 days. Preparations for a large combined birthday party and its initiation were underway. This was the case with me, my mother, my grandmother and so on. This applied to all women in our family and in the country. This was the Law and any deviation was severely punished. A 10-year-old girl was supposed to become a woman, and thus satisfy all the male members of the family and others.
– Honey, you will learn and experience everything on your birthday, do you know that it’s in just 3 days? You will also find out why my grandmother and I walk around almost naked at home, why it is sometimes difficult for us to sit down, or why we kiss men’s hands, and you already kiss Mr. Dad, Mr. Grandpa and Mr. Brother –
– Yes, mom, but you can tell me what awaits me, right?
– Okay, but I’ll tell you this in very general terms. You will be taught the details after your birthday and in a special school. So yes, sex is every woman’s duty to satisfy erotic desire, above all, and all the whims of men –
– What about us, we don’t have to be satisfied? –
– Justa, darling, if Mr. Man allows us to do this, it is a reward, an honor and something extremely pleasant, it’s called an orgasm –
– Mom, is orgasm the tickling in my cunt when I play masturbating with it myself? –
– Almost darling, just now imagine that tickling feeling a thousand times stronger!!! –
– Oh, wonderful! Mom, but if Master Dad or Master Brother fuck my ass hole, this is not sex?
– Almost, it is, but not full. –
Anyway womens must do we have to do what they want us to do? –
– Exactly! This is what women are made for. We are, in a sense, the property of men, and they have the right to demand absolute obedience from us –
– You know, mom, my friend’s parents once took her to school, and when they got out of the car, her dad started hitting her mom in the face, very hard! And you know, I even got a little scared. But when I asked my friend about it, she just shrugged and said “it’s normal” –
– She told you the truth. Yes, honey, it’s normal, a man can punish his wife or another woman as he wants and whenever he wants –
– Hmm, does dad beat you? – the question only seemed troublesome, the answer was simple.
– Yes, dear, very much so. But that means dad loves me very much! And he rarely denies me pleasure, and. orgasm, unless my behavior irritates him very much –
-Mom, don’t be angry with me, but once, when I was coming home early from school, I accidentally saw the door open and I saw dad pushing something into you and hitting you on the back with a whip. I thought he was very angry with you –
– That’s exactly what happened, honey, I upset daddy and he beat me really hard. And then he didn’t let me orgasm anymore. Yesterday he also beat me, he beat me badly. –
– What did you do to him? –
– Oh, my fault and oversight. Mr. Dad had a bad day at work, when he came back he wanted to relax and he just wanted sex, which, as I told you, a woman can never, ever refuse a man. However, it happened that I got my period and my dad got blood all over him. My obvious fault. And these are the consequences – here I turned my back to Justa, pulled up the only clothes a woman can wear, an almost transparent tunic, tied on the shoulders so that I could take it off at any time and stand naked. My daughter looked at my body, “decorated” with blue-violet stripes from the whip, with a rather indifferent face. Then I stood in front and Justa could see my udders and cunt, which were equally bruised.
– Mom, you know, once a friend showed us a very old photo and there was of course naked woman, and you know, with hair on her cunt! My friends laughed that it was impossible and I think he drew them himself! –
-No, Justa, honey, women used to have hair on their cunts, but now the Supreme Law forbids it. My hair grows too, but every woman is obliged to depilate it very thoroughly. Your hair will also start to grow and you will have to remove it if you don’t want additional beating. Sometimes your Mr Father pull out single hair abut my ass hole and I thank him for not reporting me to the Men’s Patrol, womenspubic hair –
– Mom, why are your boob piercings bloody? – she asked naively.
– Your Lord Dad suspended me in our basement playroom while beating me by the piercings in my udders. Even I struggled with such cruel beating, hence the torn earrings –
– Did it hurt a lot? – dear child.
– Justa, honey, believe me, you will see this many times, probably on your birthday and initiation ceremony –
​- Mom, I really want to be a woman, just like you, Grandma Suma, Rita your sister, Master Dad sister, aunt Iva. And I want earrings too! My friend already has one, but she is 4 months older. And besides, Mater Brother Stan already beats me for anything, except with his hand –
– I know, honey, but Mr. Stan, your brother, as a Man, also has the right to do so. He also beats me sometimes and he has the right to do so because Mr. Dad allowed him, and so did Grandma before her senteced. –
– This sex is a bit complicated, mom –
– Justa, only apparently, everything is much more simple than it seems. We have the duty to serve our Masters, satisfy them and be absolutely obedient, and that’s all! –
– Thank you, mommy. Oh, and what was Mr. Dad pushing into you, if I may ask? –
– Of course you can. To satisfy men’s desire, we women have cunts, asses and mouths, sometimes, as in my case or my grandmother’s case, also udders if they are of such a size. Our men have cock, balls and sometimes some people like to have their asses used. Your dad and grandpa sometimes use your brother’s ass, even though he doesn’t like it. –
– i dont have tits ,mom! Anyway it’s good for him! – Whore mom quickly jumped towards own daughter and shot her in the face with all my strength! She was in a lot of pain and started crying.
– Never ever and under no circumstances say that, or even think that about Gentlemen!!! If any man heard this, you would face at least a week of torture and rape in all your holes. They would shave your head too!!! – I shouted at my daughter
– I’m sorry, mommy, I’m very sorry – she came here and started kissing my hand.
– Will you beat me?
– No, but think of it as a conversation about sex. Now go to your room and change. Daddy will be home soon –
Justa took her bag with textbooks and went to her cell-room. Mother had to cool down a bit and muster some enthusiasm when greeting Mr. Husband. Justa didn’t have much to change, she had to take off her skirt that reached 2 centimeters below her buttocks, knee-high socks and a thin silk transparent blouse. Girls were not allowed to wear anything more to school. Besides, they didn’t even know that there was such a thing as “panties” or “bras” long ago. My grandmother Suma told me about it many years before. A standard formal tunic was waiting for her spread out on the bed. They were two rectangular pieces of almost transparent material tied srtings at the shoulders and sides. Moreover, all women had in accordance the Supreme Law to wear high heels, including to school. Justa had these only 4 centimeters long, but she was very proud of them! Mother were 10 centimeters, and shy also saw women wearing 15 centimeter heels, and the straps around their ankles were fastened with padlocks, so they could never take them off without their husband’s permission.
I checked to see if everything was perfectly prepared for dinner. Finally, shy heard a car in the driveway, Shy went to the door, took off tunic and waited naked for Mr. Husband. When he entered, shy knelt down, kissed his hands and looked questioningly into his face.
– Too – he said briefly. Shy knew what to do after 10 years of training. Only with mouth unzipped his fly, took out his huge organ and, inch by inch, plunged the entire 27 centimeters into his mouth and down his throat. This wasn’t the time for a blowjob, after a while shy felt urine flowing straight into stomach. When he finished shy said
– Thank you and hello, Mr. Husband –
– I’m hungry like a wolf! – Shy looked at his face and knew that a light joke would not end in a beating
– Is my Mr. Husband hungry for dinner or me? I joked.
He laughed heartily, and shy felt very warm inside and… wet in cunt. And all night Master Husband fucked shy’s, next it fell asleep on the floor with one break when Mater piss in slave mouth. The next day will be very important in Justa’s life. Since the morning, all the whores, slaves and friends were busy preparing grill, cakes, delicaties and alkohol for the Ceremony. But so as not disturb Hasbend watching the match, otherwise would be whipping.
Justa, come to me – the girl looked away from the computer, she was watching clips of cruelly beaten slave kids, and it was her daily duty. Smoetimes Lord Papa asked her what shy saw. If shy didn’t remember shy was beaten. But Mr. Daddy’s tone did not bode well. She quickly wiped her wet cunt and, despite her four-centimeter heels, ran down the stairs. Mr. Daddy was sitting in front of the TV and watching the match.
– Yes, Mr. Daddy? –
– Come here – I knelt in front of the Father’s knees. Nervous, he waited for some action on the pitch, and then, furious, he punched in the muzzle with all his strength. She fell to the floor and, just in case, and in face pain crawled to her Father’s feet and started kissing his feet.
– Look, fuck, fuck, fuck!!! He missed again!!! Shit!!! Why are you lying there, you lazy cunt – hi said to daughter.
– Bring me a beer, now!
– Of course, Mr. Father. – Justa ran to the kitchen, took a can from the fridge, put it on a stool and, placing her ass hole over the can, sat on it, moaning from pain and cold, but the frosted can slid smoothly into the anus. With her legs slightly apart, she approached your father’s chair, got scared, stuck her ass out, tightened her sphincters and the can half slipped out of her ass.
– Take it out, whore, and wash it – Justa took the can out of her ass and carefully licked it clean. The can only smelled a little like shit, Justa had to shove the entire shower head up her ass every day after showering and rinse her anus for 15 minutes.
– Please, Mr. Daddy –
– You’re fucking up, give me the cane – and then he hit his daughter on the back several times with the bamboo. Shy only whispred from pain.
– Justa, sweet dear daughter, you know that tomorrow your initiation is a great celebration for every whore woman! –
– Yes, I know, Lord Father, and I can’t wait, I already want to be a woman! –
– Let’s see if you’ll be as enthusiastic tomorrow. Go to the Playroom and increase the speed of the fuck machine. Rita, your aunt and mother have their cunts stretched, preparing for tomorrow’s
ceremony – said father
Justa quickly moved away from her father and entered the torture chamber, which Mr. Father teasingly called the Playroom. She saw this sight – her younger naked brother was sitting straddled in his Father’s chair and masturbating. Mom was lying naked, strapped to the bench. Aunt Rita, her sister, had a strapon attached to a monstrously thick artificial cock which she was sticking into her mother’s cunt, and Rita was being fucked with a machine which was in turn sticking an equally thick cock. The effect was that the cock stuck in her aunt’s ass pushed her forward and this meant that Rita was forced to fuck her sister with all her might. Aunt Rita could have of the fuck machine if shy hadn’t her handcufs attached to her septum ring. They were both sweaty and semi-conscious from exhaustion.
– Hey, young whore, sister, look, it’ll hit you soon. You know, I counted, these whores have already had 42 orgasms, can you imagine?! –
– I’m sorry, Mr. Brother, but our father told me to increase the speed of the machine – my mother probably heard it in a flash of consciousness.
– Please don’t! I can’t stand it any longer, it’s been 2 hours, have mercy, Lord Son! –
– Can you do it, dear mommy and you, auntie, exemplary whores like you!? And you, whore, sister, put two points higher –
– But Mr. Father said one step higher, Mr. Brother! –
– Sister, you fucking whore, do you want to fucking join them? I’ll sort this out with Dad soon! – his Mr. Brother shouted
– No, please, I’m sorry, forgive me, Mr. Brother, two degrees, of course – .
Again Justa and her barat heard the moans of pain and the whispered pleas of the two tortured slave sisters.
– Have mercy, Mr. Son – But son didn’t even pay attention to it.
– And what the fuck, sister, do you know that you will also be used tomorrow? –
– I know, Mr. Brother – At this time, Justa heard the machine switch to higher speeds, which forced the two tortured women to make further painful moans, groans and wails. They were both on the verge of complete exhaustion. Much later Mr. Husband released both whores only before midnight. Swaying on her feet, Kara went to the bedroom, obediently opened her mouth so that Mr. Husband could pee, and then, as usual, she lay down to sleep on the floor next to Mr. Husband’s bed. Rita went naked to her owner’s house, her husband died a year ago, and she could not be anyone’s, because the Supreme Law did not allow it and she would be sent to a brothel. And she wasn’t at all convinced that her Master wouldn’t beat her for such a long absence. The fact that she was tortured by her brother-in-law didn’t matter. Of course she was right, her Master was waiting with a whip in his hand, and he was whipping her all the way up the stairs to the bedroom, so she didn’t even try to explain anything. However, she did not sleep in the bedroom, in the bathroom next to the bedroom there was a concrete ring in the floor where her Master attached her by the collar at night and she slept on the floor. She was often woken up at night when Ron, her Master, would get up in the night and pee on her. She had no way to dry herself, so she usually fell asleep wet with urine.
The next morning, guests began to arrive for Justa’s initiation ceremony. Closer and extended family, friends, Justa’s school friends with her parents, and special guests. Standing out from all of them was the Master of Ceremonies, Reverend Lord Master Ken. He was a really real giant, a muscular athlete and probably the most sadistic of the entire commune. His cock was the stuff of legends and only his own whore wives could attest to it. In their statements, they compared it to a horse’s cock. Most of the men were dressed and into a sort of very elegant Arab galabia, but they only used it because of the easy access to their bodies. Most women wore traditional tunics, almost completely transparent, tied with strings on the shoulders and sides, and the length barely covered the buttocks. And they weren’t wearing anything else. Of course, apart from leather or steel collars around their necks, and similar bands on their wrists and arms. Additional “outfit” included high-heeled shoes and a mandatory piercing in accordance with the requirements of the Supreme Law. But among the invitees there were also men with completely naked whore wives. Many women were led on leashes, with handcuffs fastened behind or behind their heads and attached to collars. Many of them also had visible offensive tattoos, burnt marks, and traces of old or recent whippings. Absolutely none of them had pubic hair, the Supreme Law categorically forbade it, in total there were over 60 men with their whores. At exactly 12 noon, a gong sounded in the garden, the giant Master of Ceremonies, Lord Ken, wearing a very richly decorated galabia, entered a specially placed platform and everyone could hear his booming voice.
– Hello, hello, hello!!! I have the obvious honor of welcoming the parents of a new woman in our commune, Justa, the daughter of Mr. Father and my friend Jur, and his whore wife Kara. Justa, I am calling you, sit in the novice’s place. – Two naked girls brought a stool to the platform with a huge artificial cock attached to it. Mr. Father Jur led the slightly scared Justa to the podium, and she obediently approached the stool, untied the strings and took off her tunic. Her naked, young body was already marked with whip marks.
– Lord Master, I give you my whore daughter, make a woman out of her. According to the Supreme Law, today at dawn she received 50 lashes and is ready for the ceremony. –
– Justa, sit down – the girl came to the stool, put the big cock to the hole in her ass and slowly started impaling herself on it. A grimace of great pain contorted her beautiful, youthful face, but she bravely pushed the whole cock inside her. The Master spoke again.
– Now we men will show the novice what a real obedient woman looks like who has been married for 32 years, and that is her own grandmother, Suma. Unfortunately, whore Suma broke the Supreme Law, an officer of the Men’s Patrol inspected her body and found the presence of facial hair near the anus, for which she was sentenced to 1,5 years in a Correctional Labor Camp –
Justa was very surprised to hear his grandmother’s name because he had not seen her for several years. She saw Mr. Grandpa more often, and sometimes he whipped and raped his daughter and Justa’s mother. But when she saw her naked grandmother, the blood drained from her face and she forgot about the terrible pain in her ass. What was brought onto the stage naked was what had once been, must have been, a beautiful woman. The first thing everyone saw was her terribly beaten body. Bloody welts, scars, bruises, swollen and bruised face. The woman had no hair on her entire body, a bald head, no eyebrows or eyelashes. Emaciated, what was left of her once large udders were two empty sacs hanging almost to her navel, with ten-centimeter heavy metal padlocks piercing the nipples. Similar four padlocks pierced and closed thogether the lips of the cunt, which were already so stretched that she was spread apart, and they were swinging at the height of the middle of the emaciated thighs. The ring piercing the tongue was sticking out of the mouth because it was connected to the ring in the septum of the nose. She had to hold her hands and wrists with steel rings behind her bald head because they were attached to rings piercing the auricles of her ears. Suma had a gag in her mouth on a special harness fastened at the back. Her only normal clothes were ten-centimeter high-heeled sandals, worn only for this occasion. However, the more curious could see that she had small but certainly painful nails stuck under her toenails.
– Show yourself to the novice whore – the Lord Master’s loud voice sounded again.
The Suma stopped 2 meters away from the suffering Justa, and slowly began to turn around so that everyone could see her. The grimace of pain did not leave her face, but she was absolutely obedient.
– Bend over – was the next command.
She bent over and everyone could see the horrible huge butt plug in her ass.
– Please ungag her and open the mouth – the same naked girls approached Grandma Suma’s whore, but in order for them to undo her harness she had to bend even more because they couldn’t reach. When they took out her gag, an echo of appreciation could be heard among the guests, the gag was an artificial cock about 30 centimeters long and it must have been stuck somewhere very deep in her throat.
– What do you want to tell your granddaughter? – loudly asked the Master. Suma tried for a long time, but at first she couldn’t find her voice. Finally she croaked
– Dearest granddaughter, Justa, be a real woman, be obedient beore tha Supreme Law, I lpve you darling –
– Take the convict! – Two Men’s Patrol officers again pushed a long cock-gag into the catfish’s throat and led her into a cage on the trailer alone the prisoner’s gait. Tears were rolling down the faces of Justa’s granddaughter whore and her grandmother whore Suma.
– Now I’ll ask the mother of our novice, a whore called Kara – Justy’s Mater Dad led his whore wife onto the stage on a leash attached to a ring in her clitoris.
– Naked – he gave a short order. Kata immediately untied the strings of her tunic and, naked, put her hands behind her head so that her Master Husband could attach them to the collar. All the gathered guests could admire her 23-year-old body, of course with visible traces of torture. The piercings in her septum, in her nipples, in her navel, and in her cunt lips gleamed in the midday sun. The sunlight even more revealed the traces of the whip, scars, burns, and traces of pins which were mainly stuck in her udders, cunt and ass. The marks burned on the buttocks, the letters J and P, an abbreviation for “Jur Property”, were also clearly visible.
-Master of Ceremonies, Lord Ken, this is my whore wife and mother of my whore daughter, novice Justa. –
– Mr. Jur, do you want to thank your whore for your whore daughter? –
-Yes, Master Pastor, Lord Ken.-
– Kara, my dear whore, you became my wife at the age of 12, and yet you were already an obedient bitch trained by your Master Father. One year after you give birth to our firsyborn girl, it’s Justa. I hope that our whore daughter will not disappoint us and will soon become an obedient wife-slave to her Master Husband. I want to thank you for this and let you show everyone present how obedient you are. Lord Ken, let my whore wife receive 5 lashes from each Men’s Guests –
– Mr. Jur, this is a beautiful prize, isn’t it, dear gentlemen? – After a while, there was thunderous applause. – Gentlemen, I allow and invite you to whipping whore Kara. –
Jur walked up to his whore and whispered in her ear
– If you disappoint me, you know what awaits you, Supreme Court and exile to CLC (Correctional Labor Camp)
– Lord Husband, I have never let you down and I will do so now – he then announced loudly
– Gentlemen Masters, you are welcome, my obedient whore wife will not be tied up, anyone in you can whip her with any power, anywhere. However, if any of the gentlemen notices that my whore wife takes her foot off the floor, changes position or dodges in any way, you start counting from the beginning. The consequence of such disobedience will be its referral to the Supreme Court of Law. I invite! –
All the invited gentlemen, men and boys stood in line. Whore Kara stood in the middle of the pedestal, 2 meters in front of the throne of the Master of Ceremonies, whose task was to arbitrate whether the whore had disobeyed her orders. A moment later the whipping began. There were about 50 men in total, so Kara had to endure about 250 lashes. Justa could only watch and admire her mother’s endurance. But even though she screamed, begged, howled and squealed in pain, she didn’t cover herself for a moment, didn’t avoid her or changed her position. After about 80 lashes, the first blood appeared, first on her udders, then on her back, and after 100 lashes she even stopped screaming, only grunting after each kiss of the whip. Finally the ordeal was over. Mr. Jur came on stage.
– Fuck whore wife, I’m very proud of you, you didn’t let me down. Justa, whore daughter, you have a perfect example of how a woman she will soon behave
You’ll stay. –
– I announce the beginning of the initiation of the novice whore Justa. Does anyone have anything to say about this? –
– I! – said Stan, Justa’s brother – I don’t know if this slut should be initiated into a woman. The last one she choked on while sucking my cock, and she didn’t want to lick my ass! –
– Is it true, Justa? – Lord Ken asked
– No, I swear Lord Master!!! – and here Mr. Pastor Lord turned to Stan
– Mr. Stan, did you report your reservations to Mr. Father, or tu other adult men? – and here Stan became clearly confused.
– I don’t remember, Master of Ceremonies, no, I don’t think so. –
– Mr. Jur, did your son report his reservations to you? – when Stan heard this question and saw Mr. Father’s face, he turned pale.
– No, Lord Ken, I don’t know anything about it. Stan, what’s going on? – Stan, pale and shaky, seemed to realize his mistake.
– Mr. Daddy, I got angry with the whore Justa –
– Stan, son, am I to understand that you tried to lie to the Master of Ceremonies, Pastor Lord Ken, me and our guests???
– I’m sorry, Father, but Justa really pissed me off! –
– Stan, do you realize what you did? Stan, I’m outraged and…
-Stop! – then said the Lord Master – I announce my will!. Justa, you will be initiated as a woman. However, you must face the consequences for upsetting your Mr. Brother. 50 lashes after ceremony initiation. Stan, lying cannot be tolerated among men. As a punishment, you’ll give me a blowjob and then you’ll give me fuck your asshole. I said!!! – a
And the guests started applauding again. Stan had heard the legends and rumors about the size of Lord Ken’s cock, and he was seriously scared. It’s true that sometimes Mr. Father or Mr. Grandfather fucked him in the ass, sucked him and swallowed his ejaculation, but he didn’t know anything about it. And shame, public humiliation! Nightmare!
– Justa, you will become a woman! – the Master’s loud voice drowned out the amused company. Several whores stopped sucking cocks or licking their Masters’ asses and balls, for which they were quickly scolded. Some of them got hit in the face, a few felt stick on their backs or a riding crop.
– The first point of ceremony will be piercing your nose, tongue, nipples, clitoris and cunt lips
– Master Olo, please pierce the novice Justa. –
Justa received permission to change the place. Something like a gynecological chair was brought to the podium. Justa got up from the stool with the cock with a characteristic click and took a seat on the chair with still gaping ass hole. The naked girls carefully attached her to special handles. Leather bands on the forehead, around the neck, under the still barely visible breasts, on the thighs and ankles of the widely spread legs. The more curious ones approached the dais itself. Then, despite all the training, suffering, enduring every pain from an early age, each puncture of the most intimate parts of her body caused a grimace and a groan of pain. But soon, despite the terrible pain, she smiled slightly at Mr. Father, and Daddy was proud of how his daughter endured the torture. Released and led by the hand by the Lord Master of Ceremonies, she proudly showed everyone her piercing. Then, with a little lisp, not used to the ring of the tongue, she asked the Master.
-Lord Ken, may I? – The pastor nodded. – Mr. Master Olo, thank you for the honor you have done me. Do you accept my thanks? – Mr. Olo walked up to Justa and, without saying anything, punched her in the face twice.
– I accepted – was the short answer. And once again there was thunderous applause.
– I’m saying!!! – the Master’s voice rose above the tumult again – next point of ceremony!!! Burning away the stigma of the home of origin. You will be branded by Mr. Father and my friend Jura will mark you.
The fireplace with red-hot rods was ready from the beginning of the ceremony. Master Father Jur first tied the whore’s daughter to the table so that her ass could be seen by as many people as possible. He took out the hot rods, stood behind Justa and at the same time placed the iron on the girl’s buttocks. The cruel suffering tore from her little body a terrible scream, a scream, a yelp and a moan at the same time.
When Mr. Jur put down the rods, the burns looked terrible. There was applause again, and Mr. Father untied his daughter and took her all in his arms. Then he looked proudly at his guests.
– I’m saying!!! – Master of Ceremonies Pastor Lord Ken spoke again. – The culmination pint of the ceremony is the deprivation of the vaginal virginity of the novice whore Justa. As everyone knows, Justa has been fucked in the ass for a long time, but she is still a virgin, isn’t it, Mr. Father Jur? –
– Yes Master, she is a virgin, do your duty! –
– Thank you Mater Jur, I do it myself! –
Lord Ken took off his ornate robe and everyone could admire his huge figure, masses of muscles, and athletic build. But what everyone noticed most was his monster cock. It was truly a horse organ! It was a cock 40 centimeters long and about 8 centimeters in diameter, a monster!
– Before I deflower Justa, Stan will be punished, but here, young man, give me a blowjob, but without ejaculating! – Stan went to Master Ken on soft legs, clearly terrified. He also took off his robe, but although he was well endowed for his age, his cock looked pathetic compared to the Master’s. And he had to fit it in his mouth! Master Lord Ken was such a giant that Stan only crouched slightly to get to his monster cock. First he started licking the big bulb of the cock, then along the length of the cock, and then he tried to fit this huge cock head into his mouth. And although he tried very hard for fear that the punishment might be more cruel, his cock’s head could barely fit halfway through. He thought that if Master wanted to fuck him orally, he would break his jaw. In a moment he was wet with sweat, with effort, with fear and with pain in the muscles of his face. At that moment he felt his cock getting an erection and he was even more terrified. And even though his sister was only almost a woman and a whore, he began to feel sorry for her. But halfway through his thoughts he realized that he wouldn’t give a damn about this monster either! At this point he was close to fainting. But despite everything, the master’s cock was getting an erection, growing and getting stronger. Stan tried very hard to stretch and move Master’s foreskin. Meanwhile, Justa was placed in the chair again. Now that she had seen the Lord Master’s organ, she was terrified. She tried to think that her grandmother and mother also went through it and survived, so she had to endure it too. Lord Master Ken slowly approached Justa, spread the newly pierced lips of her cunt wide and it hurt her terribly. Then the Lord master started stuffing his giant into the burlap diuresis. Slowly but steadily he pressed and delved into her cunt. Justa, tensed, writhed, twisted and howled in pain, Lord Ken’s cock was literally tearing her insides and it was happening literally, the first drops of blood quickly appeared, the blood made a little slip, Justa’s terrible howling and begging did not stop, she started beg the Father and the whore mother, even the brother. Three quarters of the Master’s cock was stuck in Just’s cunt and the Lord Master realized he couldn’t get any more inside. So he simply started fucking Justa, and he didn’t stop howling, whining and banging his head against the chair. But Lord Ken was pounding her harder and harder and getting closer to ejaculation. But before he finally ejaculated, Justa lost consciousness. She looked like a rag puppet impaled on a tree branch. Master Father looked on in anger, held his whore wife by the hair in anger, and repeatedly punched her in the face. He didn’t know how Master Ken would react to his daughter’s whore fainting. Finally, the Lord Master pulled his cock out of Justa’s insides and literally flooded her face with a sea of cum. Justa was still unconscious.
– Go there, whore – he said to his wife, lick it right now! it’s Master’s sperm! – Kara almost ran to her unconscious daughter and started licking and swallowing the sperm from her daughter’s whore’s face. Justa moved her head slowly at first, then more and finally whispered to her mother.
– It hurts, mom, it hurts terribly, mom, help me! – The only thing the mother could do was continue to wash the whore’s daughter’s face with her tongue.
– I’m saying!!! – the Lord Master’s voice came again – let’s welcome a new woman to our group! – he declared and there were shouts and applause once again – Nevertheless, Mr. Jur, I expect that you will draw consequences for your whore’s daughter losing consciousness.
To be continued.


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By AmadeusH #Abuse #BDSM #PreTeen #Rape