I think Ivan is just not the right name for a Black guy, man.

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Sometimes I think Ivan is just not the right name for a Black guy, man. I ought to know, especially given that my name is Ivan Chekov. I was born in the City of Alexandrov, deep within the Russian Federation. My father, Andrei Chekov, is a White dude of Russian descent, and my mother Rosalind Adewale was Black, of Nigerian descent. She died giving birth to me, and I was raised by my father and his family. I grew up in the beautiful Fatherland of Russia but would later leave for the City of Boston, Massachusetts. The most historical place in the United States of America. My friends in Boston are always surprised when I tell them that I’m from Russia. You don’t hear too much about the increasing number of Asian, African and Arab immigrants living in Russia but we’re growing in numbers. Changing the face of the Russian Federation. And many are supremely unhappy about that.
After two years at Altai State Technical University, I wanted to experience the world outside the Russian Federation. So I opted to study at Northeastern University in the City of Boston, Massachusetts. Like many people from all over the world, I was fascinated by the United States of America. I would fall in love with this beautiful nation which would come to feel like home to me like no other place ever has. When I came to Boston, I experienced a lot of culture shock. I was in for a world of surprises. For starters, there were Black policemen at the airport, and I soon found out that Deval Patrick, a Black man, was Governor of the entire State of Massachusetts. How about that? I began to feel something deep inside. I was in a beautiful town full of people of various ethnicities. And so many of them looked like me!
Growing up in the City of Saint Petersburg in the Fatherland of Russia, I wasn’t used to seeing too many people who weren’t Caucasian. I mean, there were a few Asians, Blacks and Arabs around because Russia does get quite a few immigrants these days but for the most part they stayed in the City of Moscow, which is more open to ethnic minorities than the rest of Russia because capital cities usually see their fair share of foreigners no matter where you go in the world. Boston fascinated me. My first day over there, I dropped my bags in my new residence at Northeastern University and went walking all over the City of Boston. Mind you, I spoke English with a really heavy Russian accent. Academic English learned in school, quite different from what you hear spoken in the streets of various cities around the United States of America.
I walked through the City of Boston, taking in the sights and sounds of one of the oldest places in America. The town where the American Revolution was born. And now, the home of a Governor who looks a little bit like me. I walked among these ordinary Bostonians, admiring them as much as I admired the architecture. I became fascinated by American women my first week in the country. They were so lively, so sure of themselves. Wow. I simply wasn’t used to it. Now, feminism coursed through Russian society as it did through the rest of Europe and western society in general since the 1960s. I’ve seen women soldiers, female University presidents, female police officers and female politicians in Russia. However, there’s something to be said about the American woman. She’s so sure of herself it’s almost intimidating. I became determined to claim one of them for my own. I was in a nation of superwomen. And I wanted one of these Amazons for myself. Um, it’s a guy thing, yes? Good.
At Northeastern University, I experienced a world vastly different from the one I left behind. Russian schools are much more rigorous than American ones. After barely surviving among the toughest academics at Altai State Technical University I surprised myself by truly excelling at Northeastern University. The differences between Americans and Russians in academic environments became obvious to me during my time at Northeastern. You see, due to its size and diversity, America has a lot of smart people and they produce a great many wonderful things in mathematics, sciences, etc. Russia lacks the sheer population size and racial diversity of America, but we make up for that by being ruthlessly disciplined and almost pathological in our pursuit of perfection. Americans are more relaxed about everything. Russians, we’re, um, not.
As a whole, North American society is also vastly more secular than Russian society. We’re Christians for the most part, with a growing Muslim minority, but Russian society has a love-hate affair with religiosity. We keep religion out of government and lawmaking with good reason. Mixing religion and politics hasn’t worked out too well for the Arabs and the Persians in North Africa and the Middle East. They’re still killing each other over who’s Muslim, who’s Christian and who’s Jewish. And African countries are going through the same mess. Why am I bringing up the subject of religion? We shall get to that soon enough. You see, religion has played a key role in the story of my origins.
I was raised in a Catholic family. My mother, Rosalind Adewale came from the City of Kano, in a predominantly Muslim area of northern Nigeria. She came to Russia as a refugee claimant fleeing war and my father, a recent University graduate and aspiring police officer at the time, fell in love with her. According to my dad, even though my mother cared for him, things were complicated between them because she was a Muslim and he was a Christian. Also, he was White and she was Black. So many barriers to overcome. My mother, a devout Muslim, was shunned by her family when she decided to convert to Christianity to marry my Roman Catholic father. Fortunately for her, the Russian government refused her family asylum so they got sent back to the Republic of Nigeria. That’s Russia for you. We don’t tolerate undesirables in our homeland. And unlike the Americans and Europeans, we’re not shy about asking them to leave, at gunpoint.
Yeah, I was born to live in truly unique circumstances. It made for a lonely existence. At Northeastern University, I met a lovely young woman named Sandra Chang. She was of Chinese descent, born and bred in the City of San Francisco, California. Sandra was five-foot-six, slim but curvy, with black hair, almond-shaped brown eyes and golden skin. My Chinese-American doll. She was studying civil engineering and seemed quite taken with me when we first met. I found Sandra Chang utterly charming and sexy, and she was so open and engaging. We had a whirlwind romance, eventually moving in with each other six months after we first met inside the Northeastern University library. I thought my Asian pixie and I were going to be together forever, and unfortunately we weren’t. Simply because we moved too fast, I guess.
Sandra Chang and I cared for each other, and we definitely had passion. This sultry Asian beauty had a thing for Black men, and being half Russian and half Nigerian, I looked pretty exotic in her eyes. She loved making love to me. Sometimes I would wake up to find her going down on me, sucking on my long and thick brown cock like her life depended on it. I loved that sexy body of hers. How I loved sucking her tits while fingering her perpetually moist pussy. Her favorite sexual position was doggy style. I would put her on all fours and smack her nicely rounded ass while thrusting my cock deep into her cunt. Sandra Chang was a real screamer. Yeah, we had passion and energy to burn. Unfortunately, when we moved in together, we quickly discovered there were things we couldn’t stand about each other.
For starters, Sandra is a slob and I am a neat freak. Also, she has a lot of artistic ( read queer ) friends who like to come over and I’m not okay with that. Yeah, we broke up seventeen days after moving in together. I’m still trying to get her to return my old parka. Hmmm. That was my first taste of a relationship with an American woman. And I wanted more. My next one was Nancy Patenaude. A tall, red-haired and green-eyed Caucasian gal I met at the Club Café in downtown Boston. Nancy was born in the City of Montreal, somewhere in the Quebec province of Canada. Her family moved to Massachusetts eight years ago, and she was loving it here in Boston. Oh, and she was Jewish. A biracial Christian man of African and Russian descent with a French-Canadian-turned-American Jewish woman. How about that?
Nancy Patenaude was something else, ladies and gentlemen. A very smart and sexy lady. Oh, and she was neat, too. She was studying computer science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and she was really into good-looking, intelligent Black guys. I guess that’s why we clicked right away. Nancy and I slept together a week after we met. She invited me to a friend’s birthday party, and we ended up in bed, in her friend’s basement. We were kissing and fondling each other when she told me she wanted me to fuck her. I did just that. Picked her up in my arms, carried her over to the bed, and undressed her. Nancy was tall and athletic, let’s say around five-foot-eleven and one hundred and sixty pounds. Lean, sexy body. Nice tits. Slim waist. Nicely rounded ass. Oh, and all that wrapped up in gorgeous red hair.
That night, I spread Nancy’s thighs and gave her pussy a good licking. The cultured, nerdy Nancy turned into a real slut in bed, cursing loudly and ordering me to do things her way. Well, what else could I do? I ate her pussy real good, then put on a condom and stuffed my hard dick into her cunt. She climbed on top of me, riding me real hard while screaming the kind of obscenities that would make a sailor blush. Oh yeah. It’s always the nerdy chicks who are the biggest freaks. And I love that about them! Nancy and I had a lot of fun that night. We fucked for hours, then basically passed out on that dirty old bed in her friend’s basement. When we came to, around eight the next morning, we quietly let ourselves out. We began seeing each other regularly after that. Going to movies, restaurants and parties together, and fucking passionately every chance we got. It was fun.
Nancy and I had a good thing going on, but I wanted more. I met this tall, fine-looking young Black woman with a gigantic ass named Joanna Etienne. She was born in the island of Haiti and moved to Massachusetts a decade ago. She still had that lovely Caribbean accent I always found so sexy when I heard it in movies featuring foreign-born Black actors and actresses. Joanna was something else, guys. I know I say that a lot. Not my fault. I can’t get enough of them American women. Joanna was studying chemistry at Boston University. I quickly discovered she and I had definite chemistry with each other. We fucked three days after I met her. We’d exchanged numbers and she called me over for a drink…and more. Much more.
I’ve been having lots of hot sex with the local women in Boston, but Joanna definitely took the cake. This sexy Haitian-American lady let me do stuff that none of the other women would. Joanna sucked my dick so good I had tears in my eyes after she made me cum…twice. She loved the way I licked her pussy, taking my sweet time and fingering her just right. Some guys rush during pussy licking and the women don’t like that. I had her squealing in delight by the time I was done with her. I guess that’s why she let me do the other stuff. Imagine my surprise when Joanna got on all fours, spread her big ass cheeks wide open and told me to fuck her in the ass. Yeah, she TOLD me. She didn’t ask. Well, who was I to say no to such a pretty lady?
I applied lubricant all over Joanna’s asshole, then put on a condom. I pressed my dick against her anus and gently pushed it inside. How to describe the way Joanna’s asshole felt around my dick? Hot and tight. Watching Joanna’s big butt bounce under the force of my thrusts was awesome. I smacked her ass, loving the way it jiggled. Yeah, I had a lot of fun with Joanna. I pumped her butt hole and spanked her, and she moaned in pleasure, clearly loving every moment of it. Afterwards, we showered together and promised to keep in touch. And you had better believe I wanted to keep in touch with Joanna, my sexy Afro-Caribbean goddess. This chick is smart, funny and has a booty that just won’t quit. I definitely want to see more of her!
I am loving my new life here in America, ladies and gentlemen. For Christmas 2012, Nancy Patenaude is taking me to spend Christmas with her parents in the City of Montreal, Quebec. During the last dregs of the summer of 2012, I spent three days partying and having non-stop fun with Joanna Etienne in the City of Miami, Florida, for the Caribbean-themed Vibe Festival. I ran into Sandra Chang recently. She was walking through the Copley Mall in downtown Boston with a gay-looking White guy. The moment she saw me, she tried showing him off to me. That’s when I chose to plant a kiss on Nancy’s lips. Just because. Sandra rolled her eyes and walked away with her metro ( or homo ) sexual boyfriend. Hmmm. I always win. I’m a Black Russian in Boston and pretty soon I’m gonna run this town.

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