I Think We’re No Longer Alone

tagIncest/TabooI Think We're No Longer Alone

The following was inspired by a series of GIFs I saw on Tumblr a while back.The story (or a version of it, at least) has been living in my head for a while.Figured I'd put pen to paper, finally.
All characters are at least 18+.
This story is mostly straight fucking and filth so judge accordingly.Hope y'all enjoy.

"Jesus fucking Christ, it feels like you're splitting me in half!" mom grunted as she ground her hips down on me. "Fuck me, baby. Fuck mommy like the god-damned whore that she is." And, yeah, you read that right, I did say that it was my mom that said that to me as we fucked. You see, mom and I have been having sex for months, now.
It all started in a very cliche kind of way when she caught dad with his secretary. Though, to this story's credit it wasn't all cliched when it turned out that his secretary's name was Todd and he has a dick, but nevertheless, cliche. After that, dad came out and they got a divorce. Being separated and no longer having the constraint of keeping up appearances, dad decided to accept a promotion at work that relocated him to Spain, and he decided to take Todd along with him.
That is how my sister and I ended up living with mom. Not that she was some sort of ogre or bitch or anything. You see, mom, for her part, was always fit and sexy. She's a big woman in the sense that she's 5'11' and 140lb. of pure motherly perfection. Her massive 40DDD tits and 42" ass fit her frame perfectly without it appearing ridiculous. But even though you could characterize her as Amazonian, she was always very feminine in her appearance and public behavior. Outwardly she always dressed to the nines in dresses, skirts, and/or frilly blouses. Underneath she never failed to wear lacy bras, panties, pantyhose or stockings. And she always punctuated her attire with impossibly high pairs of heels that made her tower over virtually anyone else she met. Inwardly, however, I quickly learned she was a wanton, lustful fucking slut. Jesus was she a whore; the things that came out of that woman's mouth… good grief, it would make a sailor blush!
The point is, with dad gone and no longer having sex with her via the magic of chemical assistance mom's inner nympho soon took over and it wasn't long before she jumped on the nearest cock, which so happened to be mine. And believe me, I wasn't complaining.
That brings us to now.
"Holy shit, honey. I can feel your cock stab all the way up to my throat! You make mommy so fucking hot and wet. Pound my baby-tunnel with your meat-pole. Turn me into a puddle of useless whore-flesh!" Mom's dirty talk was on point today as she bounced mercilessly on my rock-hard dick. With each bounce it felt like she would pull me into her a little bit more by my cock as she tightened her pussy. "Jesus fuck, baby! I'm cumming again. You make me cum so much I can't fucking believe it!" mom screamed as she began to shake with another orgasm.

Mom panted as she came down from her orgasm high. She had climbed off my 7" cock that still stood at attention, having not yet spit it's love out. My entire field of vision taken up by her gorgeous body encased solely in tan-colored stockings and cherry-red fuck-me pumps. She made her way around to her side of the bed, her heels clicked with each step as she took a long drink of water. "Mommy's got to rehydrate if she's to drain that bad boy of its sweet nectar, baby," she said with a wink.
All I could do in the moment was smile back, taking in the amazing sight of her and licking my lips and flexing my cock in appreciation of her. She giggled at this and took another small sip before walking back around the bed, exaggerating her strut to make sure the click-click of her heels was audible. As she stood before me, I swung my legs over the edge to sit on the bed and she fell to her knees and said, "I'm ready for your cock in my mouth Mr. DeMille."

Mom's mouth bobbed up and down on my shaft, the head of my cock finding resistance against the back of her throat at first but then easily sliding past as her lack of gag-reflex was apparent. Pulling back she slobbered and rubbed the drool covered tool all over her face. "I'm in love with this fucking, thing, baby. You're so good to mommy always making sure your whore is fed," she said before swallowing me whole once more filling the air with the obscene sounds of fellatio.
Blowjobs were good and all, but there was nothing like mom's cunt. So, I took a fistful of her hair as I fucked her mouth for a few more pumps before pulling her off me and growled, "Enough foreplay, mommy-slut. I want you to get on all fours so we can get off."
Mom loved it when I got aggressive and without a single word, she got in position facing the door and began to back up to impale herself on my girthy fuck-pole.
As mom continued to fuck herself back onto me, peppering the air with occasional filth and working on yet another orgasm she managed to breathe out an odd question, "Imagine if your sister ever caught us?"
As the question hung in the air, I stopped meeting her thrusts and squeezed her hips looking down at her as she turned her head to look at me over her shoulder and I asked, "What? Why… would you ask that?"
Pulling off of me once more she turned and had us lie down on the bed, her on top of me; smiling she leaned down and licked the outline of my lips before kissing me and then whispered in my ear, "Come on, baby, just imagine that. Did you see what she was wearing today?" she asked before taking hold of my cock with her hand and lightly and slowly began to stroke me, lubricated with her juices. I couldn't help but jump at the new stimulation as mom let the question linger in the air, she began to cover my lips and face with gentle kisses and licks as she slid her stocking clad legs against my skin. "That 'schoolgirl' skirt she was wearing was so fucking short it barely covered the bottom of her ass," she said as her hand moved up and down my turgid cock. "Who do you think she was wearing that for?"
I had never thought of my sister in that way, surprisingly, considering I'd been fucking my mother for a few months now. She was always so quiet and proper; never raised her voice or did anything controversial. But now, as my mother planted the seed with her words, I thought back to just an hour ago when she was leaving the house and I could feel another rush of blood fill my cock making it grow an additional inch, it felt like.
"Oooooh, honey! I think you liked that idea," mom said as she, too could feel the swell in my dick. She increased the speed of her stroking as I reached up to cup her massive tits and massage the flesh. "Imagine those thigh-high stockings covering her long, slim, sexy legs," she continued, "Just like mommy, don't you think? What would you like to see first, son-of-mine? Those legs wrapped around your back as you pump this fuck-monster into her quivering cunt…" she paused dramatically as she squeezed my throbbing cock, "or would you rather see them crossed over my head as I eat her sweet pussy and you rail me from behind?"
"That… that's just so fucking, hot, mom," I answered, the picture that she painted running through my mind. "But she'd never go for it," I stated as I leaned forward and took a nipple between my teeth to bite down on her hardened bud.
"Why not? You don't think your sister may be housing an inner slut just like her dear whore mother?" she asked as she loosened her grip almost to a feather-like touch. "Fuck, baby, you have the most perfect dick. It's so fucking good and beautiful, I might just need to share it with my friends, too," she said looking down at how she manipulated my pole.
All the talk about bringing others in on our little fuck-fests was making me horny as well as curious, so between pants I asked, "Where… fuck… is all of this, um, coming from?" I asked as I reached my hand between us and began to rub my thumb on her clit.
Mom gasped at this, the pleasure causing her body to shiver. She turned her head to look towards the bedroom door and then quickly back to me, she leaned down, licked my ear, and whispered, "Because I think we're no longer alone, stud."
The phrase froze me in place. Mom had stopped her stroking and got on her feet, her heels clicking on the floor once more. As she swayed towards the bedroom door her big, thick ass jiggled with each step. When she reached it, she swung it open; to my delighted horror, there stood my sister, face twisted in embarrassment. "Hi, honey. Were you enjoying the show?"

What the fuck is going on? was all that I could think of in the moment. My mom had taken my sister by the hand and pulled her into the room. I, in turn, scrambled to pull sheets onto myself to cover my dick up.
As we all stood there (well, me sitting), my sister and I in stunned silence, my mother reveling in the situation, she, my mom, finally spoke up and said, "You didn't answer mommy's question, baby, were you enjoying the show?"
My sister squirmed at the predicament she found herself in. Her hands clung and tugged at the hem of her skirt as she tried to cover her legs fruitlessly. As my sister stood there, nervously swaying I couldn't help but notice the rest of her, my mother's verbal seeds planted in my ear. Besides her impossibly short skirt and sexy thigh-highs she, too, was wearing a pair of 4" fuck-me heels that raised her demure 5'3" frame. Past the swell of her 36" ass and 21" waist a two-sizes-too-small cardigan stretched to contain her perfect 39D tits, the poor sweater didn't stand a chance, especially since it appeared she decided to forgo a bra.
Seriously, who was she wearing this for?
As I took in the visions of perfection that are my mother and sister, I couldn't help but reach down and tug at my still hard cock through the sheets.
Noticing, mom smiled in my direction and piped up again, "Well, young lady? Mommy expects an answer."
My sister shook, her anxiety palpable as my own melted away with each breath. She seemed to speak barely audibly, "y… ys… dd."
"What was that?" I asked forcefully. I didn't expect the words to come out as they did and neither, it seemed, did my mom. But she was very pleased at my joining the conversation. "Speak up, Amber. We can't hear you when you whisper to yourself."
Shaken by the boom in my voice my sister shot her head up and looked at me mortified, but replied, "Yes… yes I did."
With a quick hop of joy mom clapped her hands and yelled, "Yei!" Her naked tits bouncing in elation of her daughter's enjoyment of the incestual show she had witnessed. Taking my sister's hand in hers she pulled her toward the bed close to where I sat and they, too, sat. "Tell me, honey, what was your favorite part?" mom asked as she caressed Amber's shoulder with her hand.
My sister quickly pulled her hands to cover her face in embarrassment, horrified at our mother's question, but mom quickly pulled one of her hands away revealing half of her face. "Oh, please, bitch!" she exclaimed, "You just saw your mother and brother fucking so clearly you're incest-curious. Now," mom continued, "tell mommy what your favorite part was!"
My sister pulled her other hand away from her face and stared straight down onto the bed as I leaned in curious to hear what she said. "I liked… I liked when you were bouncing on Gabriel's penis."
"Cock," mom interrupted. "We use proper words in this house and this," mom said pulling the sheets away from my crotch revealing my engorged dick, "is a cock. Or a dick or a fuck-monster or a pussy-stretcher or a baby-maker or whatever vernacular that you want to use, except 'penis'. Understand?"
My sister had turned her head slightly in our mother's direction, her face flush and bright red, and nodded. "OK, mom."
"Good girl. Is that it?"
Amber shook her head and opened her delightful mouth to speak, "I… also liked watching your, um, breas, I mean, tits(?) bouncing as you rode his… cock(?)." My sister punctuated each of her proper words with question marks.
Mom nodded encouragingly and Amber continued. "And I really liked it when, um, well, um, when you were stroking his cock and, um, telling Gabe how, um, I was watching." My sister's face still flush at her confession and she took her hands to her face once more to cover her shame.
Mom looked at me, endearment in her eyes as she placed a hand on my thigh and another on Amber's thigh. "Oh, baby! That's nothing to be embarrassed about!" she exclaimed as she slid her hands up our legs. "It was super-hot as I jerked your brother off and told him about you and how slutty you dressed up for him today.
"What?!?" I exclaimed.
Dressed up for me?
"For who?"
"Oh, honey," mom said to me as she slid her hand all the way to my crotch and played with my balls. "Today's not the first time your sister has spied on us," she revealed as she squeezed my hanging, full sacks. As she stimulated me, she had reached under Amber's skirt and I could see her wrist swaying and she asked her, "Isn't that right, baby?"
My sister was now shaking, but no longer in embarrassment but in pleasure as her eyes crossed and a little drool pooled around her lips. "Th… that's right, mommy," she said, that same drool dripping onto her upper tits and being soaked up by her ever straining cardigan. "Please don't stop, mommy," she pleaded asking my mom to continue to do whatever it was that she was up to under her skirt.
Mom noticed the questioning look on my face and removed her hand from my nethers as she reached to Amber's skirt and lifted it showing me how she was teasing and flicking her clit. A grin covered my face then as I took hold of my own cock and began to stroke it watching my mother tease and rub on my sister's bald pussy.
Not long after I started stroking, my cock, now dry of my mother's spit and juices, I grabbed mom forcefully by the hair and growled at her as my sister's face contorted in passion and I said, "Make it wet again, mommy-slut." She stopped her ministrations of my sister leaving her on the verge of orgasm and she began to choke herself on my dick once more.
The echoes of my mother making herself gag quickly filled the room as I took hold of each side of her head and began to use her mouth and fuck it.
My sister, in the meantime, had come down from the edge and was now openly staring at how I used our mother's face like some toy to get me off. Looking at her watching us intently I ordered her, "Get your fucking sweater off, Amber. I want to see those fucking tits out in the open."
As though she were in a trance my sister obeyed as she ripped the button that barely held her cardigan together. Her spectacular orbs bounced and glistened with sweat and her own drool. "What are you waiting for?" I asked. "Dinner is served and it's mom's pussy pie!" Again, without thinking she got off the bed and knelt behind our mom, the vacant look on her face persisted as she opened our mom's asscheeks, spreading them wide. Without another moment's thought Amber dove in eating our mother's sloppy pussy and asshole.
Enthralled in being used as some sort of fuck-toy my mother hadn't noticed what was happening around her until she felt my sister's tongue take a long, slow, powerful lick from the tip of her clit all the way to her puckered asshole. In surprise she jumped releasing my cock from her wanton mouth and she yelped. "Holy fuck! Your sister is eating your mother! Holy fucking fuck!"
Sitting there, watching the whole thing, I could not recall another time my cock had been so hard as it hit the back of my mom's throat again and again and again. But, as I'd said before, there's nothing like the feel of pussy wrapped around my throbbing member. That is when I forced my mother's face from my groin letting her face hit the mattress as she writhed in the sweet ecstasy provided by my sister's ministrations. That, too, however, would end soon.
As I stood, I watched for a few more moments how my sister's face disappeared in the giant globes that are my mother's asscheeks before I pulled her off and onto her feet. My sister looked dazed, almost hypnotized, and without warning I grabbed her by her tiny waist and tossed her onto the bed. Her magnificent tits bounced all over the place as she landed on the bed next to our mom who had splayed herself face down mumbling incoherently, without words for the first time. Amber giggled at being manhandled as I climbed onto her lithe body, looking down on her, her 'school-girl' skirt had ridden up to her waist serving more as a belt than anything else, she had lost one of her heels in the toss, I spread her legs with my knees opening up her delicate, bare cunt to me. Without ceremony I lined the head of my cock to her entrance as she looked up into my eyes and she said, "Fuck me, Gabriel. Fuck me like you fuck mommy. Use my pussy and then cover me in your cum."
Mom raised her head at her daughter's words and smiled. She was as big a cock-whore as her mother and she was proud. I plunged my thick member into her waiting twat and Amber opened her mouth as though she were going to scream but nothing came out. I slowly pulled out feeling every fold and crevice of her love-tunnel and then rammed my cock back into her, this time a guttural moan escaped her, "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK MEEEEEEEE!"
I needed no other invitation to thrust in and out of her quivering pussy. I pumped my cock into my sister feeling the tightness of her young cunt gripping my fat cock. "Jesus, Amber," I moaned, "you're so fucking tight!"
Amber giggled and moaned at this, "Or you just have a giant fucking cock, Gabe! You fuck me so fucking good. Nobody's fucked me like this before!" she screamed as she wrapped her legs around my ass to pull me further into her open gash.
"I guess that answers that question, huh, honey?" mom asked, looking at me, "that you'd prefer to have your sister's sexy legs wrapped around you while you pound her pussy first!" Mom laughed at this as I growled my approval.
"Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me," Amber chanted, "Gwaaaagh! I'm cumming, Gabe!" she screamed at the top of her lungs as I could feel the walls of her pussy contract around my shaft trying to milk the cum out of me. As she convulsed in her orgasmic glow, I pulled out of her now gaping pussy as both mom and I saw it pulsing, trying to milk my now ghost cock.
Turning to my giggling mother I said, "Now for the second scenario, whore!"
Without hesitation my mother jumped between my sister's splayed legs and wasted no time in diving into her pussy wrapping her wide mouth around her entire sex while she wiggled her ass in my direction. Who can deny such an invitation?
"With this marathon today, mom, I don't think I'll be lasting much longer," I warned her before plunging into her depths.
"I don't much give a shit, son," my mom screamed as I filled her cunt once again. "I don't think I've cum so much in my life. And I've gotten my babies to finally fuck!"
Just as she had enticed me earlier, I pounded away at my mother's delectably tight pussy as I tried to push her face further and further into my sister's pussy. I could see my sister rocking back and forth as her tits bounced with every one of my thrusts, my mother pulling away in intervals to say things like, "Fuck me! Fuck your whore mother! Pound my box while I eat your sister's juicy pussy!"
Every time I would answer, "Take it, bitch! Take my fucking son-cock up your fucking cunt-hole!" or something along those lines. Until finally I couldn't hold back, and told them, "On the floor, sluts! I can't hold out much longer and I want to see you covered in my cum!"

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