I thought my brother was Gay | straight story from Katherine the bad judge.

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My brother David has always been kind and thoughtful and never played sports and preferred things like chess. He the smart one of the 2 of us I married at 21 and he done well at university and got a great career as a result. It was last year I was divorced and had 2 children and a loser ex-husband who was always late with the alimony. To save money and give my children good place to live. I moved in with David at my mother’s suggestion, David was busy all the time and I assumed he was working and had no love life at all. I heard him talking on the phone and said Billy I’ll see you tonight and I’ll do you all night. That convinced me he was gay as I always thought he was. He hadn’t ever come out as they say, I decided not to say anything as it might cause trouble and I can’t afford trouble living off my brother. I can’t piss him off, I’ll let him tell the family when he is ready to it himself. He was away all night returning around 11am next morning, my brother is quite fit, and I thought him eyeing men in the gym’s showers. A little over a month later our parents had arrived, and I knew they were coming. My mother asked me what’s David big surprise, I said he hasn’t said anything to me. Which was correct and I thought there going to some big fireworks when he comes out to them. Later on, we were having a family dinner mom and I got everything ready, and mom said David is being someone for us to meet. David arrived home and he and Billy came into the house I was in my room with my children and was waiting for the ruckus to start. I had the door open slightly and heard him say to our parent this is Billy whom I’m going to marry. I closed the door so not alarm the children. But I thought would still hear something, no angry shouting, nothing then the door open and my mother said come and David’s fiancée. I walked out with my children and saw a great looking woman. My mother said this Billy Jean David fiancée, the relief that flowed over me was epic. Billy Jean was as smart as David more or less and they worked together. Her mother was a fan of a tennis player and named her daughter after her. Anyway, a week later Billy as she was called by David and now us moved into his house early last month. Billy and I have become very good friends and she asked to be a bridesmaid at their Wedding this Saturday, and she loves playing with my children and she insists they I stay with them, as I said I might in the way after the wedding. Nonsense, I want you to stay as long as you want and longer than you need too was her actual words. I’m a bad judge of people I married a lousy man and judged my brother to be Gay and I made a big mistake each time. The only smart thing I done was keeping my judgement of my brother to myself.

This story from Katherine the bad judge.
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