I thought my brother was Gay update | straight story from Katherine the bad judge

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Last weekend my brother David married Billy Jean and are now honeymooning. I’m getting on very well with my now sister-in-law and she insists me, and my children stay with them now that they’re married. Which is really needed by me as I really need the help my brother gives me. Also, as David and Billy Jean work at the same place, she wants me to run the household and so I don’t need to find a job. The only change other than Billy Jean moving in is her Dog “Happy” a Skye Terrier who is a great hit with my children. Happy keeps me company during the day and hang around with the children and really lives up to his name. He also prefers to sleep in the children’s room at night with them. David is selling the house and on his return we will all move into a large house he and Billy Jean have bought, its closer to their work and the school my children attend. I’m very happy I was wrong about my brother and Billy Jean is now my closest friend.

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