I Want It 7

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By popcorn’s boss After seeing her dad with her friend Alice goes to Dan’s but returns home with a gift for her father

I Want It 7

Alice had come to my house after walking in on her dad, Bill fucking her 10 year old friend on her own bed … and do it while calling Jackie by her name…. “I hate them … I hate them both” she cried as I held her “Alice, your dad loves you … he’s very concerned about explaining what happened” “What Happened!” he fucked Jackie on my bed … and calling her my name.. that should have been me … I rushed home just to do it and I find that!”

I could picture what she described … Jackie a slim preteen with budding tits and a bubble butt on her hands and knees with Bill knelling behind her fucking her hard and loud … She was cute but I thought Alice was cutie, but I am prejudiced … Alice is the 10 year old that gave me her virginity not that long ago.

I spoke with her father and explained that I would be bringing her home in the morning that she was too upset right now. I was surprised that he didn’t ask my address but wasn’t going to offer it. I convinced Alice to have a light dinner then took her to bed …. she stripped to her panties and climbed under the covers … “Dan… are we gonna?” she asked with a sadness. “Not tonight dear you need to rest” “are you gonna sleep with me?” without answering her I stripped to my boxers and cuddled behind her … holding her tiny frame in my arms with her tiny butt pressed to my crotch … as I kissed her on her head I could still hear her lightly crying and thru the night she would toss and whimper both Jackie’s and her dad’s names.

Late in the night I joined her in sleep with my semi hard dick pushed between her cheeks …. Morning came too soon but with a pleasent surprise as I awoke with her little hands and lips around my dick as it stuck from my boxers. I put my hand down and caressed her head … “Honey … you don’t ..” “mmumm … yes” she said without taking my dick from her mouth … when she was satisfied with my hardness she pushed me flat on my back and climbed over my waist … sometime eailer she had shed her panties and I felt her wet lips against me. setteling against my dick pressed to my stomach she rocked back and forth … brushing her lips along my shaft leaning to push her little clit against my dick …. “so nice … just right … ohhh mmm …daddy ..”

When I looked into her eyes they were closed and had tears leaking to her cheeks … without opening her eyes she lifted up … reaching between us she grasped my dick and lifted it up to her tiny opening … she pushed against my head and it slid between her lips. A grimise crossed her lips as I stretched her open and she settled deeper on my shaft. A soft whisper came from her …”daddy …” she kept her eyes shut as she settled completely until I filled her preteen pussy to her womb. “oh daddy ..” her barley used pussy was tight and warm … i could feel every bump and mussel as it caressed my dick …

Her hands … so small … settled on my stomach as she lifted herself up and down my shaft … never opening her eyes … that still leaked and streaked her cheeks with tears … up and down she rode me going deeper and longer on each stroke … almost pulling me out then settling all the way done until I felt the flood of her nectar in my crotch as it seeped around my dick making squishing noises …. with each stroke… I raised my hands and stroked her hips and sides as she rode … then moving to her tiny breasts I twisted and tweaked her nipples …

“Yes … Yes … touch me … feel me … daddy ” she kept repeating again and again … never opening her eyes she began moving faster on my dick as the volume of her voice increased … no longer able to understand her as she babbled at how good her daddy was making her feel … I let her live her fantasy …. “Alice .. your pussy feels so good on daddy’s dick … I should have taken you sooner … god … you feel so .. so .. good”

As she sped up I moved a hand to her stroke her tiny preteen clit … this brought even more nectar from her pussy to soak our joined crotches … she was bringing me close to my peak …. but I wanted her to climax first … I sped up my teasing of her clit and pussy … causing her to push down on my dick and hold me deep as we both rubbed her clit to my probing fingers …. when I felt her legs start to tremble I knew she was on the edge … so i took her clit between my fingers and squeezed …. she screamed pushing down and moving left and right to get more stimulation on her clit and inside her cunt … then another scream … “DADDY … GOD I LOVE YOU DADDY!”

As she came and flooded my lap and sheets with her cream her eyes opened right when my dick swelled and began filling her with my seed …. looking into my eyes in her extacy her face showed surprise and shock … “Daddy? Dan?” and she passed out and collapsed onto my chest as my dick throbbed again and again as I filled her 10 year old pussy until it too leaked out … down my balls and butt crack along with her pussy juice and soaking the bed.

I held her softly in my arms her tears still dripping on my chest as my dick slowly shrank and slipped from the grip of her young pussy. When she began to stir and awaken her slim legs pulled up and she lay prone on me. Whimpering still but not looking up to me she spoke… “Dan … I’m sorry … I love you .. really I do” I stroked her back and settling my hand on her butt I lightly squeezed … “I know you do …. and I know you also love your father” her head buried into my chest she cried as her little arms went around me and held me tight as she could

She lifted her head up and looked at me … “I love my dad too …. I think I need to go home … could you drive me?” “I think that’s a great idea … let’s clean up and we’ll go” as we sat up she didn’t look at me when she said…’No.. I .. I think I should go like this …” she ran her finger between her legs and felt our love leaking from her …”with you a part of me” trying to lighten her mood I kidded her “Well maybe your willing to go like this … but I think I will at least put some cloths on” that got me a jab in the ribs… We both dressed and both brushed our hair and wiped our faces somewhat then left to confront her father.

We didn’t get to Bill’s until after 9 and he was waiting on the front porch with a look that chilled me… “Dan … wait in the truck ” “Honey I think I’d better at least talk to him before I leave you alone with him” He stayed on the porch with his fist clinching and clinching … as we stepped on the porch Alice stayed between us … “So your the son-of-a-bitch that fucked my little girl” he growled … I looked around to be sure no one else might have heard .. “I..ah..I ” I started to respond when Alice stepped to him and took his fist in her hands … “No daddy … Dan is the man I fucked and I love” not looking at his daughter he continued to address me … “My god man .. she’s only 10 years old” “The same age as Jackie I believe” that took the steam out of him .. shock that another adult knew and then sadness when he looked to his daughter “Alice… I … don’t know …”

“Daddy… what I said … I’m sorry … what I said to you and Jackie … I love you … both … come on” she pulled her father to the door then paused and looked back to me “Dan … I’m alright … I’ll be okay ..” she looked to her father … “we have some things to talk about … I will .. ” she dropped her dad’s hand and ran to me and hugged me and pulled me down for a quick kiss … “I’ll call you soon …” she and her father went into the house and closed the door behind them … slowly I made my way to my truck and home wondering just what she was going to “talk about”

Back at Alice’s she and her dad sat in the living room trying to figure out where to start thier “talk” “So… Dan ..” “He’s a wonderful man … a gentle man… it was my idea not his .. he’s kind and … and .. I love him and he loves me” “But .. he’s so …” “Old you mean? …well yes he is older than you but you’ve met him he is in better shape than most men have his age” that hurt her dad as he was one of those men that had let himself go “Now about Jackie..”

“I … I … didn’t mean to” … “To what dad .. fuck her?” he hung his head “but what the hell were you doing calling her by my name … and in my bed?”

“Let me explain … she was here when I came home … in your room watching that video …. I heard it playing and thought maybe the two of you were playing around with each other..” Alice looked up surprised she didn’t know he had been watching … “I .. I ah ..have been watching a few times … I tried not to .. I watched the movie in my office and would beat off thinking of the two you and one night I stood outside your room and watched as you and her had sex…. and yes … I did beat off when I watched … But I thought that that was what was going on. Jackie saw me in the hall while she was playing with herself. She didn’t stop but slowed down and licked her finger clean then motioned me to come in … she said ‘daddy … help me … come in .. help me daddy’ I’m sorry to say that my little head overrode my big head and I went in … she kept up playing and took my hand and put it on her pussy … ‘touch me daddy … I need it .. please daddy’

And I did … “Oh honey … your so hot and wet” “I’m wet for you daddy … I need you .. I need this … and she grabbed my dick and stroked it then she sat up and sucked my dick … my god she took me to her throat in one stroke” Alice introuped “She has had practice … she’s been fucking her dad for a couple years” “I thought so… but she kept calling me daddy and I guess I wanted it to be us … to be me taking you … when she pulled my dick from her mouth she spun around and on her knees asked if daddy would fuck his little girls wet little pussy … and with little blood to my brain I wasn’t thinking straight and pushed my dick into her ten year old pussy it was tight and wet … just like I hoped yours would be. She wanted me to play along and call her by your name and kept begging for daddy to fuck her harder … I closed my eyes and pictured you with me begging for my dick begging for me to give you a baby … it was then that we heard and saw you … I couldn’t fuck her as you when I saw you in to hall … your hand pleasing yourself but calling another mans name”

“So this was the first time with her?” “Yes .. and the only time … I swear” “Don’t be to hasty .. dad .. I was shocked to hear and see you but the main reason … and it was Dan that made me realize this … the main reason I was upset … I .. I wanted you … to be fucking me” not believing what he just heard Bill was shocked… “You .. want ..” Standing up Alice turned and stood in front of her dad … and began taking off her top… “I want you to fuck me … now”

Her top landed on the floor and she stood topless in front of him … her small tits really just mounds not really big enough to be called tits had lovely pink nipples hard and sitting on a small circle of a areola … Bills mouth started watering and his dick began rising … He sat shocked as she contained to take off her cloths … her shorts next … she opened the zipper and parted the top … her small little girl panties now showing …. no hips to hold them up her shorts slid down her slim legs and landed at her feet … she stepped back out of them and her shoes … now only in her panties … the same panties she had pulled on earlier at Dan’s to hold in his cum to her tiny cunt “Well..” she stood with her hands on her hips with a cocky smile on her face …

The damp panties on his daughter had Bill thinking that she was really wet wanting him… he didn’t realize that what he was seeing was the evidence of her love for Dan and her fantasy of having her father…. he stood as in a trance and pulled off his shirt … knowing that even though he was younger than Dan he was not in as good shape .. with small but visible love handles on his waist… He reached for his pants when Alice stepped forward and stopped his hands … pushing them aside she began to unsnap then unzip his pants … taking the sides of her pants in her hands she pushed them down his legs … knelling as she did she came face to face with his swollen dick in his boxers

Bill followed suit and stepped from his pants and shoes now they both were only clad in thier underwear … Alice’s hands came up and held the bulge of his dick … feeling it move in her hands as she lightly fondled its length and weighted his balls …. “Mmmmm daddy … this is mine ..” she moved to quickly pull down his boxers and help take them off his feet … when she looked back up to his dick just inches from her lips … “Oh..” just a small soft acknowledgment of the size of her dad’s dick compared to Dan’s longer and thicker tool … but she didn’t let her father know that she had already had larger but continued to praise his manhood…

“Daddy … I … I .. want this this..” she leaned in and kissed his crown … running her tongue around and gathering his precum … leaking from his dick … she took his dick into her lips and lightly sucked and swallowed what she could … he tasted different than Dan … she surprised her dad when she went down and took his entire dick into her mouth and it nudged her throat … after Dan she had no problem and no gag reflex as she again went up and down sucking his dick… her little hands stroking his shaft each time it exited her lips … her other hand played with his balls coaxing his seed to flow into his 10 year old mouth

Bill’s hands held her head and he watch her push in and out on his shaft … his ex wife had never given him a blow job and his limited sex life had never allowed him to have the pleasure that he was finding from his own young daughter… “God yes … so good .. yes … Alice… I’m gonna cum soon …” he tried to pull her off his dick but she wrapped her hands around his butt and held him in place as her tongue worked hard to coax out his cum …

“Ohhhh … shit ..” Bill felt his dick pulse and began pumping cum into his preteen daughter .. Alice for her part swallowed almost all of his cum with just a bit leaking out her lips and she quickly wiped it up and cleaned it from her finger …. her dad sat back onto the couch in awe… panting to catch his breath he watched his little girl stand and remove her panties … they clung to her skin as she pulled them off … she pushed him to lay on the sofa as she straddled his head … her wet lips dripped above him dropping a creamy substance on his face thinking it was only nectar from his daughter he leaned up as she settled onto his face …

This was her turn to moan … “taste me daddy … lick me ..” knowing that what he was tasting was not just her but the almost fresh cum deposited by Dan “Mmmmmm deeper daddy … lick deeper” she ground her pussy against his face as he pushed his tongue deeper into her young pussy his hands grasping her tight hard ass … as he licked and swallowed as fast as he could. He knew she tasted different than any other woman but he could not recognize just why … closer and closer Alice came to reaching her peak …. yet she wanted to keep giving her dad his treat that she had saved for him …. Dan’s cream pie … the pie that he was lapping eagerly from her bald little cunt

As he buried his tongue into her she reached down and flicked her tiny clit … once … twice … a third time and her body shook as her pussy flooded her father’s face with her cream … she shook and moaned then screamed … “Eat me daddy eat my pussy……. and he did … as quickly as he could he licked and swallowed her gift not knowing the gift was not just from her but also from Dan.

Alice slowed her humping of her dad’s face while he slowed his ministrations to her bald slit … when she got her breath back she moved to lay along her fathers chest rubbing her tiny nipples against his the tip of his dick now hard again rested at the entrance to her young pussy …. she felt it against her and wiggled her hips to tease him …. “Thank you daddy for that” she told him as her little lips met his in a kiss … beyond a father daughter kiss … she licked his face .. tasting herself and Dan’s juices from him. “Mmmmm we taste good” she licked all that she could and pushed her tongue into his mouth and teased his tongue with hers “even you like it” she leaned back and looked into his eyes …

He caught what she said .. “we taste good?” “Oh, I forgot..” her little slit separating around his crown and slowly easing onto her farther dick … Alice sat up on her dads lap and his dick went into her pussy with little effort. Even though he was not a big as Dan his dick still filled her tight pussy and she flexed and held him tight as her hips moved left and right…. “Dan left a present for you …. while you were eating me you were eating Dan’s cum” Her dad froze with a shocked look on his face his hands came to her hips and held her still Alice chuckled and still moved her hips her own hands coming up to pinch and tease her little tits …. “and it was soooo hot ….. Daddy I’m so turned on … fuck me … fuck me harder than you fucked Jackie”

Even the shock of what she had done to him didn’t penetrate the heat and passion he was feeling now … knowing that he was doing just what he had dreamed of … he fucked his own little girl … now holding her hips and pushing her up and down on his dick while she twisted her nipples and tickled her little clit As he got closer to cumming he pulled her down for another kiss and while holding her to him he rolled them over …. now with him on top of her … her thin legs spread around his hips as he drove his dick into her. Her cries of passion blended with the pain she felt from the hard fucking he was giving her

Not even giving herself to Dan had she felt this much pain … his passion was almost a rage as he pushed again and again into her …. her pelvis and pussy were going to be bruised and sore from this …. yet she was loving it … urging him on taunting him with the fact that she had slept with a man better equipped to give her pleasure. Her father had dreamed of being her first … being the one to bring forth her blood of the loss of her virginity … being the one to hear her scream as he took what he felt was a fathers right.

They both pushed hard to each other struggling to reach the peak of thier pleasure. ….. knowing that even with the strength of thier coupling that they both loved each other … both were now crying and tears streamed down both faces …. When both felt them self stiffen in climax … his dick throbbing within her … her body trembling and shaking with pleasure and feeling his seed fill her … they writhed together until collapsing in each others arms.

“Daddy … I love you” “and I Love you”

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By popcorn’s boss #Incest #PreTeen