I Want You to Want Me Ch. 08

tagIncest/TabooI Want You to Want Me Ch. 08

*Hey everyone, I know it's been some time but I'm back (for now at least) and I have new chapters! YAY! It's been interesting during this shit going on so I hope you all are staying safe and healthy! I hope you enjoy reading, as always please vote and comment! Look for the next chapters soon, hopefully! As always I want to thank my editors, Skye, Waa01, and Elmer! I appreciate the help!*
I woke up Tuesday morning with Linda still asleep on me. I rolled her over so I could turn off my alarm and get ready for the day. As I showered I wondered if I would need to get her out before getting ready for work. I dried off and wrapped a towel around my waist and went to my room. Linda was gone and I shrugged and got my clothes ready for today. I came downstairs after getting dressed and Linda was in boyshorts and t-shirt cooking breakfast.
"Morning brother," Linda greeted me in a sing-song voice as she flipped pancakes.
"Morning," I replied as I kissed her on the cheek. "You keep making me breakfast, I'm going to get spoiled," I joked as I sat at the table, seeing orange juice was set out for me.
"Keep fucking me rotten and I'll have no problem making breakfast for you," Linda told me with a sexy grin. I chuckled as she plopped a helping of pancakes on my plate. I started eating when my phone dinged. I looked at it and it was another text from Lena.
Lena-Got your contract ready, bring your A-game with you 😉
Me- I always bring my A-game, be wet and ready when I get there.
Lena texted me a pic of her open legs, she had crotchless panties on and I could see her pussy glisten from the flash of her camera. I showed the pic to Linda who gave me a hungry look.
"Yummy, I want a lick." Linda joked as she licked her lips.
"It's my boss, so I hate to bring you down, but chances are slim of that happening," I told her and Linda made a face.
"Well at least get some video or something for me, at the minimum I can live vicariously through you." She told me before taking a big bite of pancake.
"I'll see what I can do," I shrugged. Lena was becoming my slut but that might be too far. We finished eating and I took our plates to the sink. "Ok I need to get going Sis, you'll be around tonight?" I asked her, washing my hands.
"Yea, do you mind if we go out for dinner tonight? I finish my finals today and I'll want to unwind." Linda asked me with her cute shy face.
"Yes we can, pick the place and we'll go there," I told her before kissing her and heading out the door. I had to calm myself down and not speed to work, although I still ended up there fifteen minutes early. I parked and headed in with the handful of other early birds. Billy was walking in and spotted me, we nodded at each other as the doors opened.
"Hey man, I heard we are going to do work with Silver Tech?" He asked me as security checked us in.
"Yea they are going to help us with supplying the server boxes and we will work on their cybersecurity," I explained to him.
"Damn all that sucking up to Lena has worked huh?" Billy asked with a smirk.
"I just happen to be good at my job," and fucking her doesn't hurt either I thought.
"Well you're like her golden boy around here all of sudden," he stated.
"She's using me to get ahead, just like I'm going to ride that train for as long as I can," I replied and he chuckled and shook his head. We parted ways as he reached his cubicle but mine was still a bit further down. I dropped off my stuff and just headed to Lena's office. I knew I wouldn't be thinking straight till I got my rocks off inside my crazy hot boss.
Sandy was not surprised when I came up to her. "Back again, that means one of two things," she stated with a knowing smirk.
"What's that mean?" I asked her, curious about what she meant.
"Well either you're getting fired, which we both know is simply not true. Or Lena is getting you to do some BS work," Sandy finished with a chuckle.
"The later," I confessed to her. "The server project is probably going to be bigger than I planned, so I need to work out some more details with her."
"Yes so if you don't mind," Lena chided us from her door. She had mocha nylons on, a black pencil skirt, and cream-colored blouse on.
"Sorry boss," I replied, going to her office.
"Same as yesterday Sandy," Lena told her before closing the door and locking it. "You make a terrible master," Lena told me with a pout.
"And why is that?" I asked with a dark smirk on my face, folding my arms.
"Cause I needed some cock yesterday and you denied me." Lena continued to pout, giving me a sad look.
"Well as soon as my signature is on some papers, I'll bend you over this desk," I told her looking over at the desk and seeing the contract. I picked it up and started reading. I went around her desk and sat in her chair, which was rather comfortable actually. Lena came around and kneeled before me. "Take off your blouse," I ordered her without looking up from the contract. I saw her move around but I was busy reading. The contract sounded pretty good, nothing bad was going to happen to me if we couldn't get the evidence and my name would be more or less kept out of the paperwork that would be shown to Super Core. I nodded and looked over at my waiting boss. She was wearing a harness that held up her breasts but pretty much left them uncovered.
I turned the page and grabbed one of her breasts and started to play with it as I continued to read. Lena moaned slightly as I started to pay attention to her, I was starting to understand just how our relationship was going to work. I suddenly had a thought.
"Am I your only lover?" I asked her looking up from the paper.
Lena's face became red and she nodded to me. "I just don't seem to have the time these days…," she said quietly.
"Hhmmm," I thought to myself. She was incredibly attractive, I was wondering if something else was going on. "That can't be the only reason." I gripped her nipple roughly, just enough to catch her attention but not hurt her.
She took a sharp breath and bit her lip. "No one else pleases me like you do sir," Lena confessed and I understood. It would be cruel to deny her so much fun after just starting. I would run this past Becky if we became a thing, but for the moment, I could keep this up.
"Get your gag," I ordered her. I started to sign the papers as Lena made a giggly sound as she reached past me to the desk and opened a drawer. Getting the ball gag out she resumed her position and held it, waiting for orders. This was adorable, I can see why Scarlett likes to be in charge.
"Sir, may I suck your cock while you finish?" She asked me, looking at my crotch and licking her lips.
"You may," I replied, turning to be at the desk but let her close. Lena smiled widely as she set the gag down on the desk and opened my fly. She fished out my half-hard cock and started to work her magic, licking me before sucking me into her mouth. I groaned and took a breath as I finished reading the contract and signed it where it was marked. I turned to watch her suck up and down on my hard shaft. I let her take me again and again for a bit before I grabbed the gag and pulled her head off my cock.
She gave me a lusty look as she opened her mouth widely and put the gag into her mouth. I secured it behind her head and stood her up. I couldn't resist playing with her big tits, rolling them in my hands. Lena's eyes rolled back into her head and she moaned on the gag, but it was so quiet I barely heard it. I moved and put Lena over the desk, I pushed her skirt up and over her ass. I was tempted to smack it but I was worried Sandy might hear it. Instead, I pushed two fingers inside her wet hot pussy. Getting them wet before running the juices over my cock. I moved to mount my boss-pet and heard an audible groan from her as I did.
I easily slid into her dripping cunt as I pushed my hard cock into her. It was no problem slipping in. I grunted as I bottomed out inside her. I leaned over and gripped her breasts roughly, causing Lena to shoot her head up and groan quietly on the gag. As I played with her tits, I began to move my cock in and out of her. I heard her whimper as I slapped my cock into her.
"More slut?" I asked her in a rough whisper and she nodded her head. I squeezed both her breasts harshly causing her body to shake and her head to drop. "I'm in charge, remember slut?" I hissed at her and she nodded her head up and down rapidly. "But I'll give you a hard fuck," I groaned at her. Releasing her breasts and I grabbed her hips and started to pound her. My body banging into hers forcefully. She gripped the edge of the desk as I fucked her hard. Her ass bounced against me with a juicy jiggle each time I slammed into her.
Lena was straining to shout, her whimpers on the gag were louder and louder but still barely above a whisper in the room. The wet sounds of sex were louder along with my grunting but I was too far gone to care. I was getting close to cumming, but still not sure where Lena was in the process. I leaned over and took one full tit in my hand and moved my other to rub her clit. This caused her to shake and shutter against me and I felt her pussy start to milk my cock as she began to cum. It only took a few more thrusts before I reached my tipping point and started to cum hard. I gritted my teeth, trying not to cry out in pleasure, and filled her cunt with my cum.
I dropped Lena on the desk, her breathing harshly through her nose as I took some more animalist thrusts before finishing. I slumped back and fell into Lena's chair and watched my cum leak out of her red, raw pussy. I took out my phone, took a picture of my work, and sent that to Linda. After a few minutes, Lena rose and kneeled before me again. I took off the gag and saw bite marks on it. I chuckled as Lena bent forward and took my cock back into her mouth, sucking our cum off me.
"Good girl," I moaned as she finished cleaning my cock. I moved her head so I could finish putting my cock away.
"Thank you, sir," she mentioned quietly.
"Alright, papers are signed and you got yours, so I need to get some work done," I told her, standing up.
"Yes sir, my pussy is here when you need me," Lena told me with a smirk.
I patted her head and smiled at her. "Good girl," I told her before she stood and got dressed quickly. I opened the door and turned back. "I'll let you know about my progress when I have an update."
"Thank you, Scott, keep me posted," Lena told me with a smile. Sandy waved as I left like nothing happened, so I was pretty sure we got away with it. I made my way back to my cubicle and got back to work. It was another deal of getting everyone on the same page, at least the server cabinets were taken care of.
I skipped over lunch because I was too busy and was actually able to leave early, I had had enough of my day. I headed home and parked in my usual spot, gathered my stuff, I got out of the car and stopped dead in my tracks.
"Oh… damn…" I heard quietly as someone was moaning. I looked around but didn't see anyone. I quietly closed my car door and waited, listening again. "Um… Yes…" The moaning was a quiet hiss. It seemed to be coming from my yard. Who was masturbating in the yard? It didn't sound like Linda. I crept to the gate and after years of practice, I could open that gate quieter than a mouse's whisper. I saw someone within the little garden arch. With a little of a closer look, I saw a pair of fine legs with knee-high socks on.
Cassie? I thought to myself as I quietly closed the gate behind me. I took a few steps and was very surprised to see Cassie sitting on the bench, legs spread, one hand buried under her skirt, the other under her shirt, clearly she was playing with herself.
"Oh, yea… Touch me…" She would moan quietly, her fingers pumping her pussy, as her hand was playing with her tit under her shirt. "Oh Scott," oh shit, "touch me like you touch your sister." OH FUCK?!
I moved quietly back to the gate, out of her view. How the fuck did she know? Did she see us? Did someone tell her? If so, who?
"Oh let me be your little slut too," she moaned to herself. Well, that was interesting to hear. This could be an opportunity….
I walked quietly back into Cassie's field of view, but she still had her eyes closed. Damn, she looked good playing with herself. I smirked as I watched her speed up as her breathing got heavier.
"You know," I started and Cassie's eyes shot open in horror. "All you had to do was ask."
"Oh, Scott… Fuck…" I don't think I've ever heard her swear before.
"You kiss your mother with that mouth?" I asked her, not losing my smirk. "Let's go inside, we can talk." I offered my hand and she looked frightened but took my hand with her wet hand. I looked down and she went bright red. "Naughty girl," I told her before almost dragging her inside. I sat her down at the table and sat opposite her.
I waited for her to speak, just keep my eyes and smirk on her.
"Oh my god! I'm so sorry! You're never home now! I didn't see Linda's car! I can't do it in my house!" She babbled on for another minute before I stopped her.
"Cassie, calm down please," I told her, taking her hands in mine. "It's fine we all do it. I get it, that's not what I'm really worried about," I explained as she was panting heavily. "Take a deep breath with me." I worked her through a couple of breaths with her. "I heard you talk about Linda and myself. That is what has me concerned." I finished and she was finally able to talk to me.
"So it was a couple of weekends ago. I was walking past your laundry room and you were… Um, well fucking her from behind." Cassie confessed, whispering 'fucking'. When she finished she looked down.
"So that turned you on?" I asked curiously.
"Well at first I was terrified, and then disgusted, but I kept watching and it looked so good…" She was blushing so brightly now, it was very cute.
I started to stroke her hands softly. "So you want me to touch you?" I asked her with a smirk.
"Well… I… if you want… I wouldn't mind…" She stumbled through.
"Are you a virgin?" I asked her, this I genuinely wanted to know.
"No…" Cassie admitted. " I honestly don't believe being a virgin is worth it. Besides sex is pretty amazing."
I nodded my head. "Well that is true, that's partly why Linda seduced me. She found out a friend of hers was fucking her brother and decided to take me for a ride." She already knew I was fucking my sister, what harm was it to tell her what happened?
"So… I'm scared to do it just yet, but I kind of want you to play with me. If that's ok?" Cassie asked me, finally looking up at me.
"Sure," I reassured her. I stood up and picked her up and put her on the table.
"Right here? Now?" She asked, looking around and panicking.
"Well my mom is out of town for a while, and Linda shouldn't be home for a while. Besides she wouldn't mind joining in," I replied as I started to undo the buttons of her blouse. "If you ever want me to stop, just say so, understand?" I was halfway down her blouse as she nodded to me. Watching me as I saw her lacy white bra come into view, her breasts had to be about Ds. Just perfect hand holding size, but they looked like they were about to burst out of her bra. I slid the shirt over her shoulders and onto the table behind her. I was surprised to see her bra opened from the front. "This is sexy," I told her, lightly feeling the material under my hands.
"Thanks, my dad is the religious one, mom is one who buys me sexy things and understands that I'm a woman with needs," Cassie confessed some more as I cupped her tits and squeezed them softly. "Oh god," she moaned quietly. I gripped them and felt them before moving to open the clasp and freeing them. Her tits exploded out of the confinement and I was pleasantly surprised to see they were about DDs.
"Why do you wear a smaller bra?" I asked her, cupping the fleshy globes of milky white perfection. My thumb started to roll her nipple softly causing her to shutter.
"My dad again, he hates that I have bigger breasts, so he forces me to hide them," Cassie explained, closing her eyes and moaning slightly.
"Hmmm," I was starting to question some of Frank's choices in life.
"Oh!" Cassie moaned and arched her back as I pinched her nipple a little. "They are very sensitive." She whined as I rolled the hard bud in my fingers. "I only do that when I want to cum." Cassie cried out as I didn't let up.
"Don't you want to cum?" I asked as I released the pressure on her nipple and went back to squeezing her flesh.
"Yes," she cried quickly a bit out of breath. "But I need some play… you know… down there."
"Oh," I stated as my other hand lifted her skirt. I leaned her back on the table, my hand not leaving her breast while my other slides up her leg before I cupped her wet pussy. "Like this?" I asked her darkly as I started to rub those pretty little lips softly.
"OH YES!" She moaned and withered on the table as I played with her. My fingers got increasingly wet and they slipped easily inside her. I wiggled them around in her as I played with her tits. "Oh shit, oh fuck me, Scott!" She moaned as I started to pump fingers in and out of her. Cassie was in pure pleasure and I enjoyed her crying out in rapture. I sped up my fingers and saw her back go into an extreme arch as I pinched her nipple too. "OH I'M CUMMING! FUCK!" Cassie cried out as her orgasm rocked through her.
I admit my cock was rock hard watching her cum hard on the kitchen table. I played with her body until she wiggled away from me. Her body couldn't take anymore and I understood that. Although she did recover quickly, her eyes looked up at me with a pleasant smile. I took my wet fingers and sucked one clean, much to her shock. Cassie had a really sweet taste, with this aftertaste of tang and pungent musk.
"Open your mouth," I ordered her and she just looked at me shocked. "Now," I told her a little forcefully. She opened her pretty mouth and I put the other wet finger into her mouth and she tasted herself on my finger. Cassie closed her eyes and I felt her mouth vibrate on a small moan as she sucked my finger clean. "Good girl," I told her as I pulled my finger out of her mouth. "Now you need to get going, Linda is coming home soon and I have some work to do otherwise."
"Would your sister like me?" She asked suddenly, looking very concerned.
"Of course she would," I assured her. I helped her into a sitting position and I reclipped her bra together. "You have a hot body and an adorable face. Why do you ask?" curious about her sudden interest in my sister.
"I saw her one night, with her friend Angie right?" I nodded my head to her. "I think you and your mom were home because they were kissing behind your garage. But after a few minutes, Linda got on her knees and…"
"Oh, so you saw them together?" I asked her, a little surprised, but this must have been before everything. "The other morning you looked… satisfied, leaning against the window." Cassie got very red all of sudden. "What were you thinking about?"
"I was wondering what would happen if I joined you both…," she confessed and I couldn't help but smile.
"I'm sure we can work something out, but it will take a little time. Can you wait?" I asked her and she nodded. "You know that means Linda will fuck you and expect that you fuck her back right?" Another nod with a little embarrassed smile. "Well alright then, give me your phone."
"My dad checks it," Cassie told me, handing it to me nonetheless.
"Well I'm your new friend Susan," I told her while making the contact. I hate overbearing parents, but that is an argument for another time. I downloaded an app for her. "Here, this is Crystal Mixers, there is a messaging service. To most people, it's just another game. I already added us to the service," I informed Cassie as she got dressed again.

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