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"I thought the best wife was a wife who let me have a threesome, I was wrong." — Russ.
As much as I loved having sex with my co-worker Russ and his wife Rayna, I never worried about if I was a lesbian because I only had sex with her if he was involved. I put that out of my mind. I know that being gay is wrong and acting on it more wrong, but somehow I didn't worry about it when it was to make him happy. When Russ would thank Rayna for our trysts, she'd smile and say, "Why do you think I did it for you?" But still, I compartmentalized.
One day my phone rang in the office. It was Rayna. She had a friend going through a rough divorce and they were going out for a drink and movie, did I want to come along? I jumped at the chance. I'd only been living in the area for a little over a year and didn't really have any local friends outside of work and a few friendly neighbors and no close friends but them.
Drinks were fine. Her friend was a little upset and vented a bit, but we also had some laughs and were getting along. We had a snack with the drinks and then went to the movie theater to watch The Perfect Storm. The name was prescient. You might be reading thinking something hot was going to happen with Rayna's friend; you'd be wrong. You might be thinking she'd get so emotional that there would be some big blow out; you'd be partly wrong. She got seasick watching the movie. Seasick. She threw up a little into her popcorn bucket. Less than halfway into the movie, Rayna and I found ourselves in the theater bathroom outside her stall, listening to her be sick. I don't know how I expected this girls' night to go, but it wasn't this way. Being physically sick led her to have a bit of a breakdown. It became a "I can't do anything right moment" and there she was being held by Rayna and crying in the Ladies room while I went to buy her a Coke to settle her stomach.
After she got herself together a bit, she decided she wasn't going to risk going back to the movie, so she was going to pick up her son from her parents' and call it a night. Rayna and I decided we missed enough of the movie that even if we were in the mood to go back in, it wouldn't be worth it. We decided to head back to Rayna's place. We said our goodbyes to her friend, assured her it was alright and she didn't ruin our night (understatement of the year as it turns out) and got in our respective cars to leave.
I was in my car, driving behind Rayna towards her part of town. Suddenly, Rayna was signaling a turn into a parking lot. I guess I wasn't paying attention, listening to music, and had no idea where we were at the moment. I pulled in behind her and that's when I saw it was a sex shop. I mean, they didn't sell sex. It was mostly lingerie, but also sex toys, novelties, and porn movies for sale or rent. We parked and I asked Rayna what was up.
She smiled a really sexy smile, "Ever since we've started hanging out, our sex life has been insane. Not just when you're over [oddly innocent giggle], but Russ wants me all the time. I thought maybe some new lingerie would be fun and who else can I shop for lingerie with?"
Thirty minutes later, we had a new outfit each picked out and were in the porn area looking at the box covers and laughing at the descriptions. "God," Rayna said at one point, "These guys are unreal. Makes me want to go to a gym and fuck all the guys." We both laughed. Then she lowered her voice, "Are you as wet as I am?"
"Always," and we both giggled enough to draw stares from the few couples looking at movies in the adjacent aisles. "You know, I don't usually masturbate, but after flirting with Russ all day, I've started to touch myself more when I get home. Can we go look at some toys? I can't believe I'm thinking of buying one, but I think I want one." She just grabbed my hand and practically dragged me over.
Picking one out didn't take too long. I have a latex allergy (which limited my sexual choices a bit, Russ used lambskin condoms which was great to not have babies, but not to stop spreading disease; which was fine with him because I knew they were clean, but it meant I couldn't be promiscuous even if I wanted to), so most of the dildos were out of the question and the hard plastic vibrators were the default choice. We laughed a bit at the realistic, except for size, toys and I settled on a simple purple vibrator. When we went to pay, the cashier rang us up and bagged our lingerie sets, but then stopped to take the vibrator out of the box. "What are you doing?" I asked.
"I just need to make sure it works," she answered.
"What? You're going to use it?" I was shocked!
She burst out laughing, "No, just putting batteries in to make sure it turns on." I was mortified. Rayna laughed at me all the way to the cars. She probably laughed the whole drive to her house. I know I was blushing the whole drive.
Russ had turned in early and was asleep in their room. We decided to have a little wine, which became a little more wine. And before I knew it, she was suggesting we change into our purchases and try out my toy. We had never messed around without Russ and frankly as much as she turned me on, and as much fun as we had together, I never considered sex with just her. But I was pulling my blouse off before I realized I had made a decision.
We changed in the living room, where we had been drinking, but Rayna said we should go upstairs. "Time to wake Russ up?" I asked, maybe too hopefully.
"No, l just think we'll be more comfortable in the bonus room." They had a big playroom over their 2-car garage with an easy to open up futon. Definitely more room than the living room couch and more comfortable than the floor. And more room than the twin bed in the guest room I used for overnight stays my first few visits.
So, there we were, decked out in our new lingerie. My ivory white skin covered by a dark blue lace corset and matching garter and fishnets, and her caramel brown skin set off by a simple silky red chemise that hugged her hips and was cut to highlight her cleavage. She pushed me back on the futon and crawled over me. Her hair hung down framing her face and her chemise which was tight and form fitting against most of her body fell open to reveal all her glorious DD cleavage. Our breasts were about the same size, though mine were a bit rounder and hers a bit fuller, but somehow looking up at her breasts and down her top was a huge turn-on.
"Do I need my collar?" I asked, trying to sound sweet and innocent. She just cut me off by lowering her mouth to mine for our first kiss of the night. And what a kiss. She melted into me. Our kisses before had been hot and passionate, often wide-open mouthed with tongues visible for Russ's sake. But this kiss wasn't for show, it was just passion. I felt like we were becoming one. Her body lowered onto mine slowly, with our legs intertwined, our breasts against each other. We naturally shifted so that part of her weight was off to the side on the futon and just enough on me to press us together, but not take my breath away. The feel of her chemise was doing that. I started to regret my corset choice. I looked sexy as Hell, but she felt sexy. I was running my hands over her back and getting lost in the feel of silk while we kissed.
I let my hands find their way down her back and pulled up her chemise over her ass. My hands found her buns and I pulled her in tighter against me. She moaned into my mouth and I'm sure I moaned back into hers. She separated her legs a little and I reached down to find her wetness. I was able to run my fingers over her wet labia a little, but wasn't at an angle where I could do more than that. She purred and started rubbing herself against my stockinged thigh. I could feel the heat coming off of her pussy and I needed to taste her.
I rolled towards her, gently rolling her onto her back. I moved from kissing her mouth, down her cheek to the nape of her neck. I didn't plan on spending much time there, but when I started to kiss her neck, she squirmed and sharply inhaled. I smiled to myself and went from kissing to nibbling her neck. She moaned and squirmed against me. My plan suddenly changed. My mouth wasn't leaving this spot. My hand, however, was free to move. I cupped her breast and her nipple was rock hard. I started to rub it through the silk material. I rubbed, I pinched, and I nibbled and sucked her neck, and she went from squirming to undulating beneath me. Her legs were rubbing together, so I decided to move to the next level. Keeping my mouth locked on her neck, I let my hand glide down her body until I ran out of silk and had reached my goal. Her legs split to give me access and I wasted no time slipping two fingers into her. "Yes," she hissed. I sawed my fingers in and out of her as she bucked against me. I remember thinking about how a few weeks earlier I didn't think I could bring her to orgasm and didn't even know how to try. I guess I learned from Russ's hands on me what she liked, because before long she was crying out and then panting and clearly in post orgasmic blissful exhaustion.
I disentangled from her and laid next to her. I brought my fingers up to my mouth to taste her as I originally planned. If I was hot a minute ago, tasting her was like fuel on the fire. I had to touch myself. Rayna got up and stood over me watching me with one hand in my mouth and one furiously rubbing my clit. "You're so beautiful," she said, turning me on even more. I was so hot, but like so many times before, I couldn't seem to make myself cum. I cum freely during sex, but not so much alone. Rayna seemed to see or sense that and after disappearing from my field of vision for a few moments, she was crawling up between my legs.
She moved my fingers and locked her mouth on my clit. I inhaled sharply as she started sucking my clit like it was a small cock. She alternated between sucking and licking and back to sucking. Every time she backed off from sucking, cold air would rush over my wet clit and I'd shudder. I think she was blowing on it intentionally to get that reaction. I pulled my corset's cups down to free my breasts and started pinching my nipples to match Rayna's sucking on my clit. And then I felt it, she was working my new vibrator between my lips. The few moments she disappeared for earlier were explained now. It wasn't a big toy, but the hard plastic making its way into me was different than a cock for sure. And then she turned it on. Oh god, the vibrations were amazing. She was sliding it in and out of me, the vibrations were like electric shocks going through me, and through it all she was sucking on my clit.
I could barely breath, I was covered in sweat, and it was like my entire body was just a sexual nerve. I was on the edge and in ecstasy, but still I couldn't reach orgasm. After an eternity, Rayna stopped, exhausted. She kissed her way up my body, and after a few licks at my nipples, kissed me. I could taste myself on her. I remember thinking how different than we tasted. She had a tangy taste, while my juices just tasted like salty tears. "Are you okay?" she was asking, "Did I do something wrong?"
"No, I just can't get there. I don't know why." I answered. The last thing I wanted was for her to blame herself, it was just like when I was alone, I just can't get there.
"Well, I can fix this," she said. "Don't move." And with that she gave me one last small kiss and left the bed and the room. I was torn between crying and just getting up to leave when she came back in the room. This time she had my collar with her. She was smiling as she crawled onto the bed and slipped it on me.
"I don't know if this is going to help," I started to say, but then I saw the next part of her plan. Russ was standing in the doorway. He was naked, except for his briefs. I thought about the scene in front of him. Rayna on all fours next to me, her chemise not quite covering her ass, and me in my bustier, my tits flowing out and my legs splayed with sticky thighs above fishnets. A vibrator wet from obvious use beside me.
He approached the bed and asked Rayna, "What do you want me to do?" as he slipped his briefs off. I saw his cock soft for the first time. It just hit me that I'd never seen him soft before, he was always either fully engorged and ready to go or just starting to soften but still semihard after sex.
Rayna crawled back between my legs, grabbing the vibrator, and said, "I want her to cum in my mouth, maybe your cock in her mouth will help that," and with that she was licking me again. Russ knelt on the bed and offered his cock to me. I took it in my hand and lifted the head up, so that I could lick from his balls up the shaft. Feeling Rayna's tongue sliding up and down my labia, darting in and out of me took on a new level of exciting as I copied her on Russ's cock. I could feel myself getting wetter as I could feel Russ getting harder. Soon he was rock hard and then he was pulling my hair back, my mouth away from him. I looked up, trying to look as sweet and confused as I could in this lewd situation, and as I opened my mouth to ask what he wanted, he shoved his cock into it. He started slowly fucking my mouth and grunting. With that, Rayna slipped the vibrator into me.
Russ started grabbing my breast with one hand, pinching my nipples, and fucking my mouth harder and faster with the other hand holding a bunch of hair. I relaxed and let him just use me. It all became a blur. His cock fucking my face while Rayna fucked my pussy with the vibrator. And then she switched it on and I couldn't stop from thrashing. He was holding my head still enough to fuck, she draped her arm across my waist to keep me in place. His cock was thrusting into my throat, the vibrator must have been sunk in to the hilt, my clit was on fire in her mouth, and then he was cumming. He pulled back enough to fill my mouth, not my throat, and as the salty semen filled my mouth, I came. I was clawing at the bed, almost kicking my feet. I sucked the head of Russ's cock as hard as I could and jerked the last few drops into my mouth as I rode my high.
Finally, as he pulled away, I was coming down. Rayna removed the vibrator and was just licking up my cum for a few long licks, then she crawled up to kiss me. We could both taste Russ's cum and mine together. I moaned into her mouth, she moaned into mine. And then we heard Russ talking to us.
"I thought the best wife was a wife who let me have a threesome, I was wrong," he was smiling down at us, "The best wife brings home a woman for a threesome."
I decided then I wasn't gay. I couldn't cum with just a woman, even Rayna. I needed a man. I take some comfort in that now that I've returned to the church. I've sinned. But I didn't go so far that I can't be forgiven. That I can't forgive myself. But how do I forgive myself for wishing I could do it again. (No, I'd never cheat on my husband, it's a guilty fantasy now, that's all.)

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