I was playing with fire on my wedding night and I got burned

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By Britney The day of my wedding went great, my best friend Kim was my maid of honor and my husband to be had his best friend Dave as his best man, and that’s when the problem started. Two months before we were to be married, my finance John told me one night while I was choking on his 7-inch dick, that I was lucky that it wasn’t his best friend Dave’s cock I was sucking as he was hung like a horse.

I didn’t think much about it at the time but over the next 8-weeks that is all I can think about when I see Dave. My John’s dick was the only one that I have seen up close, and I always thought it was big, I have choked on it more than a dozen times when John tried to get me to take it all in my mouth.

One day when we were at the beach with Dave, I noticed the large bulging outline in his swimming trunks, and I couldn’t keep my eyes off his trunks for the whole day there.

Now back to my wedding night, the reception was awesome, I’m not much of a drinker but since it was my wedding night, I kept being asked to raise a glass of wine in a toast to me and Johnny at every table we visited, by the time we got to dancing I was pretty much wasted.

John and I had chosen a nice slow song for our first dance, I was where I love to be in the center of attention, John’s not much of a dancer he just kind of hangs on to me as we sway back and forth.

His friend Dave on the other hand is a great dancer so when I got my chance to dance with him on the second song, I leaped at the chance to strut my stuff. My mom tied up my wedding gown nice and tight that caused my 32-DD tits to spill and hang out just as I wished, causing every guy’s head in the large room to turn and stared at me.

Dave and I were really dancing to the music and we both knew how to show off. John and my maid of honor Kim looked like they were made for each other as they both danced like they had two left feet. Anyway, as the night went on, I tried to hook-up with Dave to dance with as often as I could.

We were out there dancing to a fast song when a really slow love song came up, I looked for John, but he was over talking to his friends, normally I wouldn’t think twice about dancing with Dave but after the comment about his well-endowed cock. I changed my mind, but I was nervous.

It was awkward for about ten seconds as Dave and I just stood there when I said to him ,

“You wanna dance this one with me”!??

Once we got started dancing, I relaxed and laid my head on his shoulder. Dave was a real hunk, he’s three inches taller than John and he is really well built and muscular. As we were dancing, I swear that I could feel his cock poke me in my tummy and it was getting me really wet.

Suddenly Dave excused himself to go to the restroom and I went to find John. After about five minutes looking for John. I opened the door to the small hallway next to our reception hall only to find Dave sitting there in this big soft plush chair all by himself.

I ran over to him and jumped into his lap to tease him a little but when I landed, I was greeted by his stiff cock poking me in my ass and I was getting wetter and hornier by the second. I don’t know what came over me, but I wanted Dave’s cock in the worst way, but yet I have to remain faithful to John.

I started to move and squirm as my gown rode up on me while on Dave’s lap to get more comfortable when his pants covered cock slid right between my white pantyhose covered legs. I started to laugh but I can tell that Dave was very excited, my head was spinning from all the drinking that I was doing plus my lust and emotions that came all at once.

Well my lust one out, I decided I will dry hump Dave, that really wouldn’t be considered cheating and plus I have both my white lace panties and white pantyhose on for protection. As I pulled my gown up and threw it over his lap and spread it out, I changed my mind and ripped a hole in my white bridal pantyhose and lowered my bare virgin pussy onto his pants covered cock again.

Dave looked surprise when he realized that I have a hole in my pantyhose and my panties were moved to the side. I was gyrating and grinding my hips back and forth for about three minutes when he reached under my gown and started for my virgin pussy, when I suddenly jumped up and said ,


I couldn’t let him fuck me, but I would give him a good lap dance if he wanted. He asked me if he could at least undue his pants and leave his briefs on. I said okay, but you can’t fuck me, not only was I a virgin and saving myself for Johnny but I wasn’t on the pill and I’m very fertile.

He agreed and unzipped his pants and repositioned his cock, so it was covered by his briefs as his hand brushed against my pussy lips while he did that.

I quickly jumped as it sent a shiver through me, he laughed and did it again and by now I’m soaking wet. I sat back down on his now brief covered cock, and I started to squirm and grind down on his bulge again, and I don’t recall ever being so turned on as I felt my pussy lip’s part and slide along his cock.

I was so wet, and he had leaked so much precum that his underwear briefs were completely soaked. I can feel my pussy burning with lust and desire that I was totally lost in the moment as I heard Dave moaning , “Ohh !!! god !!!! Britney !!!! Ohh !!!! you naughty girl !!!! Ohhh !!!!!! yeah”!!!

At the same time with my cries of pleasure , “Ohhhhh !!!! yes !! Ohhhh !!!! god yes !!! Ohhhhhh “!!!!!!!

That’s when it happened and my marriage to John got very complicated, I don’t know how whether his underwear briefs slipped down or Dave intentionally uncovered his dick, but suddenly I felt a lot of fullness and pressure and extreme pain like I never felt before, as I started to grind and squirm my hips even harder on his lap as his cock popped my cherry and it sank even deeper and deeper into my fertile pussy as my pain turned into complete pleasure.

Oh my god !!!! I knew what just happened to me and I just couldn’t stop myself. It was then when I heard him let out a very loud moan and yell out, “OH MY GOD !!!! I’M CUMMING !!!! I’M CUMMING”!!!!!

I knew I should’ve leaped off him but I couldn’t as my pussy constricted very tightly around his cock while he drove even deeper into my womb.

Suddenly I can feel a warm and hot sensations, and everything got slippery and gooey as his moaning subsided, then I knew it was over. Then I let out a scream as my own orgasm overtook me ,

“Ohh my god !!! Ohh my !!! Oh my !!! don’t cum in me”!!! Oh fuck !! Dave pull out !! pull out”!!!

“Don’t fucking cum in me Dave !! you’ll get me pregnant”!!!!!!!! “Oh fuck !! Nooooo !!!!!” Ohhhhhh !!!! Nooo !!!!

I had lost control of my body as I convulsed and my pussy spasmed while my pussy continued to squeeze his fully erect cock harder and harder.

Then just as fast as it had came over me it was all gone, and I was left in a panic.

“Oh my god !! What have I just done !!! What’s John gonna do if he finds out that I fucked Dave and he popped my cherry and took my virginity”!!!!!

I quickly looked around the room and it was still empty, I jumped off of Dave and I can feel this wet gush of fluid leaking down my legs. As I lifted up my wedding gown, I saw streams of both his sperm and my pussy cum mixed with my popped cherry, hymen blood seeping down my white pantyhose covered legs. I quickly grabbed a tissue that Dave gave to me and placed it inside my white lace panties so no more reddish cum will leak onto my gown as I tried to clean it off my pantyhose covered legs. I let my gown down and thank God it covered my legs.

I still can’t believe that I just let his best friend Dave fuck me on our wedding day and unprotected on top of it all !!!!!!!!! I looked down at Dave’s cock and it was huge and semi-erect, I can only imagine what it looked like a few minutes ago as it plunged into my bare tight virgin pussy.

I suddenly started crying to the thought that I let another man take my cherry and the great possibility that I am now pregnant because of it. Now I hurried to the lady’s room to wash out as much as I can of Dave’s sperm out of me. Tonight, I will keep the lights off in our hotel room and I’ll make sure he fucks and cums deep into me to cover up my impregnation from Dave.


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By Britney #Cheating #Exhibitionist #Pregnancy #Virgin