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I’m a high school dropout and live off the family compassion, I 23 do actually work low paid jobs. But the family boosts my quality of life, free rent at a family-owned house and assistant when needed. As I wasn’t in meaningful work and my father’s younger brother died in a car accident, I was sent to help my aunt 34 by marriage they had a small flower farm 15 acres and hadn’t any children before his passing. Only been married just under 3years and my uncle was 9 years older than his wife. They had bought land and started a flower farm after their marriage. I arrived and lived with my aunt, she loved gardening, and I was there to help her with the heavy stuff. There was extra staff just me and her and she sold to florists and no farm shop. Anyway, a month after I’d arrived it was my 23rd birthday and it was winter (December) and not that much on at the farm to do and the local social life was dead at the best of times. I was thinking of making a trip to the city for some fun but hadn’t yet mentioned it. My aunt gave me a birthday dinner and we had a few drinks together and one thing led to another as they say and shared her bed and became lovers. No problem with that she was widowed, and I was unattached and so no real harm in us having sex. Except she wasn’t on anything, and we took no precautions and the next when it dawned on her and she told me. We dismissed it as unlikely would get pregnant from one night of sex, except we had fucked at least 3 times and I think it might have been 5 times, counting the fuck on us waking up in the morning. But my memory of how many is clouded, precautions were taken the next night, just in case. But the horse had already bolted as they say, we had started a regular sex life, and she is now the mother of a healthy son named after my late uncle. My family has accepted our relationship and attended the wedding in April. Quite a change in my lifestyle, but for the better.

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