I watched my wife and her friend get fucked at a beach party we went to id fallen asleep

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My wife and her friend were fucked by 8 blokes while she thought I was asleep in our tent

Back around 2012 .e and my wife were invited to go to a beach party the beach was pretty isolated and we were along way from any public eyes when we got there there were only a handful my of people mostly men there was only my wife and her friend who were the females and about ten men including me at first I didn’t think anything of it I thought people were just going to keep turning up so we all started drinking and having a laugh and I got to know a few of the blokes all the boys were just just pulling out there cocks and taking pisses right in front of the girls as if it was ok I’d even did there were a few boys who were hung really well one bloke who I caught my wife watching him piss had the biggest cock id ever saw it was was massive it easierly at least 11 to 12 inches maybe more his cock was massive as well as it was thick it was like my forearm as far as a cock can id watched my wife looking at him on and off over the night when she thought I wasn’t looking but as the night wore on I found my self feeling extra drunk the last thing I remembered was being helped into our tent by a couple of the guys I must have passed out for a while but when I woke I could hear someone having sex and when I peeped out the opening in the tent I could believe what I saw my wife was being fucked in every hole and had a cock in her mouth her friend was in pretty much the same way I watched her befu ked in every known position there is and some of these blokes were pretty hung the one she had been watching had got in front of her and past his cock to her she tried from where I was to put it in her mouth but she was having a hard time getting her mouth over the head every must of been waiting for him to fuck my wife because no one tryed to join in I watch him lay down and she got on top all those other blokes must of just loosened her up for him because when she put the head of his cock in her in started to slid up and down she had only gotton about six or seven inches in and I could C she was having trouble with it are first but it must of made her feel really horny because she start coming in it must of made her wet because she slid further and further down the length of his cock until it was almost all in U know it was my wife and I should have been very mad but I was so turnt on I had pulled out my own cock and was playing with it watch her get fucked the bloke had gotten her off of him and he got behind her and one of the other boys got in front be was more my size when it came to his cock which isn’t bad I have in between eight and nine inches and she was able to put it in her mouth and swallow most of it when the other bloke behind her pushed his prick into her and she gave out a slight sexy moan I could help it I start ed to come and I have come like that since there was so much come all over my hand and the front of the tent where it shot out it hadn’t shot out like that for years and no where near as far as it did U would have thought I was done but my cock didn’t lose any of its hardest by this time my wife was taking nearly all of his cock from behind and he was getting faster and hitting her deeper the bloke in the front called out that he was just about to come and my wife push as much of his cock in her mouth as she could then he started coming and one thing I will say is she can suck cock and almost put all of his cock in her mouth while he was coming that I thought she might choke but no she loved sucking cock and have me come in her mouth she said that she loved the taste of come and the feel when it first shoot out and goes down her throat she just kept suck ing until he was empty by this time she was starting to moa. Really loudly like really really loudly I’d never heard her like that before I’d already had my cock getting jerked so fast it was almost ready to blow again when he said to her I’m fuck U so hard U going to think I’m still inside U for a week then he said U ready and then he just hammered her the first few jabs she screamed and put her hand back to try and stop him but he just pounded her to the point her stomach was on the ground and he was still fucking that made me come again watch ing her scream while he just fucked her so hard he gave no choice but to take every last inches of him then he started to come he must of almost filled her up with all his come because he just layed on top of her and just slowly pushed in and out of her they layed like that for what seemed like awhile before he got up and when got up even thou he was half on a horny his cock seemed to take awhile to completely slid out all the way I’wouldnt of believed it if I didn’t C it U think that would of been enough for her it probably was but I don’t think the other blokes who had been wait for their turn would let her stop thier weather she liked it all not she was almost immediately flipped on her I
back and someone else was balls deep in her they fucked my wife and her friend for what seemed like hours her friend didn’t have the easiest time of trying to fit the same bloke in her he had her screaming and crying to stop when he had it only three quarters of the way in and she begged him to stop but he didn’t he practically raped her her fucked her that hard and forced her to take every inch he had weather she liked it or not I know I shouldn’t of but it made me come watching him fuck her and her screaming he banged so hard and fast until he came it was a real turn on my wife didn’t even stop to C her scream I don’t think she cared she must of been alright because she was getting fucked up against one of the cars later my wife must of wanted one last crack at him because they walk off into his tent which was next to ours and I layed there listening to him fucking her when she finale came back to our tent to lay down she thought I would be asleep but was quiet surprised to C I was awake she asked what I saw and I said almost all of it how he fucked her her mate how they got fucked for most of the night she didn’t know what to say as we had never talked about gangbangs and sharing she asked if I was angery I told her that when we get home U was fucking her friend while she watched and that she had better suck my prick right then and that I was going to have my turn and for a full six months she had to do what ever I wanted her to do but that’s all another story she did say after a week she could still feel him inside her she said she thought that she wouldnr be able to take it all but when she first slipped it even thou it hurt at times he made her even wetter

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