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This was the first time my husband Todd and I were on vacation without our kids in tow. We were staying at a nice beach resort in the Bahamas. It was gorgeous, calm, and relaxing. After two days of doing nothing but swimming and shopping, we met a nice couple about our same age, mid to late forties: Mike and Jen. They were from the west side of Florida, while we were from New York state. Jen was a dark-haired, bronze skinned beauty while Mike was a well-built medium-height hunk. This was their first time to this tropical island paradise as well. I originally started talking with Jen at the bar as we were getting drinks for our husbands. While waiting for our drinks, I found that I couldn't take my eyes off of this woman, she was stunningly beautiful, especially in that tiny red and white bikini she was wearing. I felt like her and I hit it off right away. We sat together all day talking by the pool before the four of us had dinner together that first night. Additionally, we then spent the entire next day together. By the third day, all four of us seemed like old friends enjoying the sunshine, the company, and the conversation.
On our fourth day together, we had a late breakfast at the resort's restaurant when Jen suggested a swim on a secluded beach afterwards. Her and Mike had overheard another couple talking about it on their first day on the island but never got around to checking it out. The name of it was 'Ignite Beach', but the other couple just called it Ignite. Strange name for a beach, I thought out loud. We all chimed in that it was a great idea so there we headed. Jen and I rode in the back, each of us wearing only our bikinis and a see-through cover-all. I felt comfortable around Jen and Mike, so much so that I actually wore the tiny black bikini that Todd had bought for me, thinking it was sexy and hot. But what it really was, was revealing, to say the least. Jen had on a fluorescent yellow bikini, not as tiny as mine, but still small compared to the average bikini size. Both were risqué being thongs.
The temperature was mild, the ocean air was blowing just enough to cool things down, and the news said that low tide would be shortly after we arrived. It all seemed like perfection. I love the beach and I was especially happy to be sharing it with friends and not just my husband. Then, as we pulled into the segregated parking area, I only noticed three other cars parked there. This really was a private beach, I thought. I was immediately disheartened to find out that it was a 'clothing optional' beach. Not that our bathing suits left much to the imagination, being thongs and all, but I immediately got nervous butterflies in my stomach reading the sign.
The sign read "Ignite Beach, where the sun is hot, the sand is hotter and being nude ignites everything. Be forewarned." And underneath that read "Clothing Optional Beach… if you do not like nudity, please stay away."
I stated aloud to everyone in the car that I didn't feel comfortable being nude, especially in public. Jen assured me that nobody would judge anyone else and reminded me that it was "clothing OPTIONAL" so I didn't have to undress if I felt uncomfortable. She also told me to look at the bikini I was wearing, how much more was I hiding anyway? Her conclusion regarding my outfit put my mind into a more level perspective, especially since it equaled my own thoughts a moment before. This bikini was very revealing! It was a t-back thong bikini in the back, a very tiny triangle in the front, and the top was cut so low that it barely covered my areolas. I was ninety percent naked already, was I ready to reveal the other ten percent to our new friends?
We all agreed, albeit hesitantly, that we would give it a try. Todd and I had never been to a naked beach prior, where Mike and Jen admitted to being on one once before. As soon as Mike put the car in park, Jen was the first one out of the car. Before I even exited the back door, she was already standing there pulling off her cover-all and bikini top.
Her breasts were now on display for all of us to see. She wasn't shy at all. And her breasts looked amazing! I don't consider myself Bi in any way, but I found myself ogling them as if I were a sex-starved young man. She had a skinny body along with medium sized breasts. Her body was tanned all over, except for her white tits which had triangle shaped bikini tan lines. I thought to myself that she would probably lose those lines today depending on how long we stayed at this beach.
Her long black hair flowed down her back and over her shoulders. She still had on her bikini bottoms, although the yellow material was all bunched up in her ass crack from sitting in the car. Her ass was one of dreams. Perfectly split in two by her crack, it reminded me of a tantalizing peach; soft, bulbous, and waiting to be eaten. I was waiting impatiently to see the rest unclothed. My mind was begging her to remove that bikini bottom, I wanted to see her sex.
What was wrong with me? Why were these thoughts suddenly coming to me from out of nowhere? I had seen friends naked before; in high school in the showers after sports games, at the gym in the showers after workouts, in changing rooms at the mall trying on clothes, but never have I ever thought or desired to see any one of them naked, nonetheless their sex. Yet here I was almost staring at Jen. I felt wanting of her. A strong longing to touch her. Out of nowhere.
I glanced at Todd's face as he gawked at Jen's striptease. For some reason, I didn't blame him, this woman was gorgeous, and I was actually doing the same thing. Strange thoughts went through my mind as I felt jealous that Todd wanted the same thing that I did, followed by mental images of us sharing her together. Todd was always thoughtful of me before whenever he snuck peeks at other women, but now he was not. Like me, he couldn't take his eyes off her.
Jen knew she was being watched as she next discarded her sole piece of clothing left. Her movements seemed intentional, sexual. She seemed to grab the material and rip it down her legs. Bending over to release the bottoms off her feet, she gave the three of us a show of her open ass with her pink showing in-between. I felt my mouth go dry as I caught myself glaring at her nakedness. At the moment, I didn't care if Todd was looking at her, because I was grabbing every second viewing her that I could, as well.
As Jen turned around towards the car, her entire body became on display for the three of us, Todd, Mike, and me. She flung the fluorescent bottoms our way. It was the car antenna that caught them, displaying their prize like a pirate flag hanging on its flagpole. They stayed there until we arrived back at the resort later that day, when one of us brought them home as a reminder gift. We all laughed at the bottoms hanging there as the three of us started undressing. Meanwhile, Todd and I kept taking glances at Jen and her brazen nudity.
Jen had a shaved pussy with just a little tuft of hair above it. Looking closer, it was in the shape of an arrow pointing downward. Her hips flared out slightly more than usual which was probably a result of her having three children, yet their shape added to, instead of detracting from, her incredible figure. Her boobs were smaller than mine, with small, dark areolas and perky nipples, in contrast to my large, light pink ones with hard thick nipples. I wanted to touch them, to experience them, to molest them. Her beauty overtook all of my senses.
I followed suit next by releasing my own body to the warm sun. Not as perfect as Jen's, but well enough that I had the attention of the other three. I saw a smile on Jen's face as she looked me up and down. Mike and Todd were also mesmerized, Todd because he was shocked at my sudden change of heart and Mike because it was a different female figure from what he was used to. All three looked like hungry wolves wanting to devour me. I was a bit anxious regarding my small amount of bush below, since I had not shaved it all off but kept it tucked inside the bikini bottom. I felt hairy even though it was really only slightly more than Jen had. Jen made me feel confident as she stood there naked admiring me. Admiring Me! She even made a nice comment about my pretty pussy and its sexy hair. This magnificent woman was appreciating me and my body as no woman ever had before. I was grateful and comforted.
Now it was the women's turn to ogle the men as they disrobed. Todd undressed with no hesitancy, which surprised me because he was sporting a near hard cock. I saw he was trying not to look at Jen but was clearly excited but her body. Jen in turn didn't hesitate to look him up and down and smile at his hardness. Mike also disrobed, his cock nearly matching my husband's in size and durability, yet clearly thicker, also clearly excited. I was thrilled to see his nakedness, but more so to return the attention that he had given to me. They were both visibly aroused about seeing our female bodies naked yet neither seemed embarrassed. They both stood proud of what they had and even prouder to display them to Jen and me. I was suddenly delighted we came to this beach and even happier that I had the nerve to join these three people in this nude adventure.
Mike, Todd, and I watched as Jen suddenly took off running towards the water. Mike grabbed the towels out of the car before walking alongside me and my husband. He commenced explaining that Jen loved being nude, she was very spontaneous, and he never held her back. The one caveat in all of that was that he never let her do anything alone. Todd said that this was our first foray into being naked in public but he kind of liked it. With apprehension, I wholeheartedly agreed. The three of us observed as Jen began playing in the crashing waves at the shoreline. She turned back towards us and called out for me to join her. Seeing her having fun while naked in the ocean reminded me that we truly were in paradise.
Todd gave me a slight nod as soon as I turned to him. I had confirmation, so I took off running towards her. I slowed down when I noticed another naked couple walking by. They were holding hands strolling along the shore. She was a long-haired blond with no pubic hair while he was a hairy man with a semi-erect penis. Both were smiling looking at Jen and didn't even notice me until I had passed in front of them on my way to the water. With my entire body on display to them, my feet touched the water and I jumped in. They passed by and kept on their walking trajectory.
The water was a beautiful temperature! My new exhibitionist tendencies were making my nipples hard and my stomach quiver, in a really good way. I had never done anything like this before, but Jen was making it fun and comfortable. I wasn't feeling any embarrassment or shame being naked out here in front of other people, especially since they were as nude as I was. I felt more alive! I caught a glimpse of another man eyeing Jen and I playing in the surf as he sat next to his wife. From what I could tell, they were both naked laying out on the beach. It felt less creepy knowing it was normal to watch people play, even though we had no clothes on. My husband's presence made it easier to be proud of who I was and what I displayed in that moment. Jen's nudity and playfulness encouraged my own self-confidence more than anyone else.
As I joined Jen in the surf and got close to her, she grabbed my hand and pulled me with her further out into the ocean. We stopped when the water was just reaching the bottom of our breasts. We began jumping waves and having a fun time, holding hands the entire time. I don't think either one of us wanted to let go; I know I didn't. I was shockingly happy to be touching her in any way, even if it was just her hand. Unbeknownst to her, I kept sneaking glances at her and her naked breasts the entire time. I couldn't stop admiring how her breasts barely moved and stayed firm with every jump over the waves. Inside my head, I was trying to figure myself out. I'm not gay or even Bi, nor have I ever felt attracted to another female yet for some reason this woman had turned something on in me with her nakedness and her confidence. I was confused but going with it. It didn't bother me as much as puzzle me.
After jumping waves for a few minutes, she asked if I wanted to play a game. Sure, why not? Without warning, she gave me a quick kiss on the lips, let go of my hand, yelled "Tag, your it!" and dove underwater. As she did, her ass came out of the water for a split second allowing me to see her ass cheeks and a small peek at her pussy in between. I heard a voice in my head tell me how much I wanted to touch and kiss what I just saw. I tried to ignore it as I dove underwater after her. With all the waves crashing around us, I lost her. When I came up for air, Jen had still not resurfaced. After another wave passed, I saw her swimming below the surface close by. I reached out my hand and touched the back of one of her legs. She came up for air as I called out "Tag!" and moved away, jumping over another wave as she got smacked by it. She dove underwater again and chased me down. Looking back to see where she was, an incoming wave knocked me silly. Simultaneously, as I regaining my composure, Jen grabbed my ass before resurfacing claiming, "your it." I smiled her way and continued our play.
In time, I looked back and saw the guys just entering the water. Jen and I had been so preoccupied with each other and our game that we forgot about the men. I noticed Todd's cock swinging, less hard than before but still visibly excited. He dove under the water coming out towards us. Mike, taking his time walking out through the waves, seemed to be much less excited than Todd. If my sight was correct, his dick looked to be no more than two inches small. Wasn't it bigger before, I thought? I lost sight of Jen again while I was viewing the guys. It was when I saw Todd jump up with Jen coming out of the water right next to him that I knew Jen had found him first. She cried aloud "Tag, your it!" I wondered if she tagged him where I think she did. By the smile on Todd's face, I would say she did.
We all played that game of tag for a while, touching each other in different places. It was a very sexually charged game of tag, probably the first time ever. Eventually, it withered out as we girls gravitated to our husbands for some relaxation time. Todd took me in his arms and held me in a floating position. I wasn't feeling any apprehension as my breasts and crotch were exposed to the sun as well as to our friends. Mike did the same with Jen. It felt like our guys were putting each of us on display for the opposite spouse.
I felt my pussy get excited when I felt Mike's eyes on me. He was seeing all of me, especially since the guys each kept their woman's feet pointed towards the opposite spouse, giving free viewings of our slits. I was glad we were in the ocean where my wetness couldn't be noticed. We all swam around some more, just having a fun time in the water. Mike and Jen were very playful together in the water, splashing and teasing each other and then included Todd and me. It all seemed so natural. We didn't even act like we were all nude until we decided to get out.
Walking out of the water was slightly awkward. I felt 'naked' and exposed even though we had been swimming nude for 20 minutes already. Jen must have sensed my awkwardness as she grabbed my hand for moral support. I looked for the other couple on the beach and they had left sometime while we were in the water. We were all alone now, just the four of us. No other couples or singles anywhere in sight. This really was a secluded beach. I loved it!
As I walked alongside Jen, I suspected that the guys were walking behind us staring at our asses. If they were, let them enjoy every inch of my exhibitionism. Myself, I couldn't stop taking peeks at Jen and Mike whenever I could. Both of them had sexy bodies that I had this insane desire to touch and explore. Where were these thoughts coming from? The heat of the day, the sun, being next to this beautiful nude woman or all of the above? I looked back and, instead of looking at my husband, I caught Mike looking directly at me. He wasn't even trying to be discreet, like he was savoring every inch of my body. Any other day, that might bother me, but today, on this beach, it made me hotter and friskier. I glanced down to really look at his penis, and yes, it was a short two inches. I had this insane desire to stuff it all in my mouth at once. I turned back forward and was sure my face was red with embarrassment from that thought.
Reaching the towels that the men had laid out before they came into the water, I thought we would just go back to the car, get dressed and leave. Instead, Jen, still holding my hand, pulled me down next to her. I landed on my side next to her, facing her, so close to that gorgeous body of hers. This was closer than I had ever been to another naked woman in my whole life. I was feeling self-conscious and sexy at the same time. My mind was racing. The guys were standing in front of us, no way for Jen and I not to look directly at their flaccid cocks. Todd was unshaven yet groomed, while Mike was entirely hairless. Todd was five inches soft, which I knew grew close to eight inches when excited, while Mike was close to two inches which I suspected grew bigger but I didn't know for sure, yet. Both were adding to my growing desire, our growing desires.
Jen leaned into me and whispered, "I don't know about you, but being naked on this beach with these two cocks in my face is making me so fucking horny," I grinned in agreement as she continued, "and if we don't get back to the hotel soon, I might just have to fuck the three of you right here on the beach." My mind suddenly flooded with pictures; desires and lusts for this woman, and our two men. I surprised myself when I whispered back to her, "Don't let me hold you back." I had never been that bold and daring in my entire life. I had never wanted anything so sexual, so risky, so deviant. Without warning, Jen grabbed me, pulled me into her, and began kissing me, right there in front of the guys, in the middle of the beach. I was so taken aback by what was happening that I didn't react, I just went with it.
She was aggressive and tender all at the same time. I felt her hungry desire through her soft lips. She held me tight in her arms: as if I would even try to stop what she was doing. I found that I craved this is much as she did right now. I wanted this! More than anything, I needed to be kissing this woman. I had never, ever, been attracted to another woman before, but right here, right now, I craved this woman. This mysterious feeling overtook me as I kissed her back with all the passion that she was kissing me with. I knew what we were probably doing to our husbands, but I didn't want to open my eyes to see. I wanted nothing else than to be enveloped by this woman, to enjoy her for myself. Our passions kept fueling one another for more.
She pushed me onto my back as she crawled on top of me, never breaking our kiss. I felt the full weight of her nakedness on me, holding me down against the towel covered sand. Our wet bodies rubbed and slid together as we jockeyed for control of the kiss. My own desires were leading me in a direction I had never gone down before. Jen was bringing out a new me, a me that I had never known before, never imagined was inside before. At that moment, I liked this new me. By the surprised look on Todd's face, when I snuck a peek at the guys, he was as shocked as I was by my actions. Nevertheless, I had no intention of stopping this, whatever "this" was. The passion between her and I was gaining speed with every moment our lips and bodies were connected.
Jen's hands were gliding all over my wet, slick body. I reciprocated by following her lead, but also by learning to follow my own desires. After a few minutes, she slid off me and again to my side. The kissing stopped but our touching got more intense. As we moved our hands and fingers around, our eyes met in an amazing stare of seduction. We were playing "Chicken" to where neither of us wanted to be the first to break the stare. Her fingers were gliding over my breasts and across my belly making my stomach twitch with excitement. I tried mimicking her every move since I figured she knew what she was doing, and I didn't. That is until her hand ran down my thigh and over my leg, gently pulling my leg open in order to move toward my soft center. I saw the deep excitement and lust for me in her eyes and I'm quite sure mine shown the same. Jen seemed unaware, or uncaring, that she was exposing my pussy to both our husbands. My self-consciousness was going crazy inside me, yet I continued to play along. Not that my own lust would allow me to stop now anyway.

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