I’m a bad catholic girl that uncle john and aunt courtney punished me for having my own sex site

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By Britney Uncle John and aunt Courtney taught me a lesson for having my own sex site in my room as I danced and fucked my pussy in front of my live webcam .

My name is Britney and I’m 15 years old and 5’2 tall with 32-DD plump large tits and I’m currently living with my uncle Johnny and my aunt Courtney who is currently 1 month pregnant .I am enrolled at ST. Marks Catholic high school that’s near their house .

It’s 2:30 pm and class ended for the day so I went home to my aunt and uncle’s home and when I went upstairs to my room ,I heard loud moaning and squealing sounds from my aunt and uncle’s bedroom .Now being the nosey niece I slowly went up to their bedroom door and opened it slowly , and saw my sexy and very pretty aunt Courtney, all dressed up wearing her sexy red with black ruffled lace corset with black opaque stockings that are attached to her corset with 6 garter straps on each side and she’s wearing her 4 inch spiked heels ,getting drilled and fucked by my uncle John .

My uncle John has her legs pinned all the way back on the headboard while he’s piledriving his 8 inch dick straight into her pregnant pussy as she’s yelping and squealing out, and their whole bed is rocking and banging against the bedroom wall .As I’m watching them my pussy is getting very wet so I started fingerbanging my pussy through my navy blue school tights, and with every thrust uncle Johnny gives aunt Courtney. I shove my two fingers hard through my tights right into my drenched pussy ,suddenly I started cumming and orgasming hard .

I quickly had to put my hand over my mouth to muzzle my screams before they heard me ,

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmgh”!!!!!!! “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”!!!!!!! “Ohh mmy god”!!!!

I slowly shut the door after I orgasmed and let them go back to baby making. I went to my room with my tights filled with my whitish pussy cum seeping through and into my red lace panties .

I quickly turned my computer on and went to my private sex performance and chat site named :
(Wild & Wet Schoolgirls) .

So I put my earbuds in and activated my webcam and started performing with my catholic school uniform on ,one customer wanted me to flash him, so I bent over in front of the webcam so he can see real close as I lifted up the back of my dress and showed him my huge whitish pussy cum stain seeping through my dark blue tights, and he deposited $25.00 into my direct deposit account , I blew him a kiss as a thank-you .

Many of the guys were ogling me while I was dancing and squeezing my huge tits, as I wildly threw my long black hair backwards and forwards ,while pushing a 8 inch life like black dildo through my dark blue tights and into my pussy . I was about to cum live in front of the webcam for these guys when my bedroom door opened up suddenly .

I forgot to lock my door ,and my uncle Johnny came in and saw what I was doing and he turned bright red .He grabbed my computer and saw what I was looking at and doing ,then he did something to me that he never done before .

He reached over to my dresser and grabbed my leather belt and he grabbed me and put me over his lap ,then he lifting up the back of my school dress ,completely exposing both of my wet cum drenched red lace panties and dark blue tights as I cried out ,”PLEASE NO UNCLE JOHNNY”!!! “I’M SORRY”!!


Not only was I crying out for him not to spank me but I was also kicking my dark nylon blue legs with my 3 inch heel pumps up and down as uncle John was squeezing and feeling up my dark nylon blue tights covered ass cheeks, selecting the area that he’s going to whip and spank as I moaned out from his fondling of my pouty and sexy ass , “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”!!!!!!!!! “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh”!!!!!!!!!!

Uncle John started spanking me so hard that I started crying ,then I started to get turned on while he was spanking my pouty ass and my bare pussy through the nylon fabric of my school tights ,suddenly I was cumming like crazy .

I was cumming so much that I was making uncle Johnny’s lap so wet that he felt it ,and I can now feel his dick harden up .Now that made me cum even more ,uncle John finally threw the belt on the floor and began to squeeze and caress my red ass cheeks that you can see the redness through my blue tights and he also caressing my bare tingling pussy .

Uncle Johnny then ripped my dark blue tights at the seam and my pouty ass and pussy blew out of the constricting nylon fabric ,then he shoved his finger’s into my wet pussy and he found my sensitive area of my G-Spot and fingerbanged so hard, that I came again and moaned and squealed out continuously , “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uucnncle J….Johnny”!!!!!!!!!!

He kept doing this to me as I came 11 times and my aunt Courtney has no idea what uncle John is doing to me one bedroom down from her .

Now I can feel uncle John’s very hard dick pressing through the blue nylon fabric of my tights into my wet pussy ,as I’m drooling thinking about his dick fucking my school girl pussy .

He laid me face down on my bed and spread my dark blue nylon covered legs apart. while he took his pants off and telling me that I need to be taught a lesson because I was such a bad and naughty catholic schoolgirl .I looked around my shoulder and saw he has a huge 8 inch raging hard-on for me with huge balls hanging down ,I saw uncle take a tube of K.Y.Jelly out of his shirt pocket and lubed up his 8 inch dick and I was getting scared and concerned what his intentions are .
He grabbed onto my dark blue nylon covered waistband of my tights and stuck his dick through the ripped hole that he made into my tights, and right into my ass entrance and he pushed it through with the help of k.y. jelly, his dick slid right into my ass ,popping and ripping my sphincter, pink bud ass cherry, while I screamed out ,.”OHH MY GOD !! IT HURTS !! IT HURTS !! IT HURTS UNCE JOHN”!!


Uncle Johnny was fucking my ass so hard that my screams of pain turned to pleasure, as he pulled my ponytail back and rode me like his unbroken horse as I bucked and squirmed with every one of his thrusting fucks, and what also turned me on was the loud sound of his big balls slapping very loud against my ass covered dark blue tights, while I’m now squealing and yelping out ,”Ohhhhh”!!! “Ohhhhh”!!!

“Ohhhhhhh uncle John”!!!!!! “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh uncle”!!!!!!!!!!!! “Ohhhhhh uncle Johnny”!!!!!!!!!!!

He kept telling me over and over as he fucked my tushy really hard, that I was a very naughty girl for doing that sexy stuff in front of grown men on the sex site and I need to be taught a lesson .

He continued ramming my ass over and over, asking if I learned my lesson. then finally my sexy ,pouty ass couldn’t take anymore of uncle Johns pounding thrust fucks into my ass and I screamed out .



Suddenly while he’s still ramming me with no signs of stopping yet, my big tits are swinging and bouncing wildly underneath me, then finally I heard uncle Johnny grunt out like an animal ,and his dick blew his very hot load of sperm deep into my bowels while he held my waist tight against him, and I shrieked out from the burning cum, exploding out of his dick ,.”Ohhhhhh Owwe”!!! “Ohhhhhh it burns”!!

He finally pulled out of my tushy and all his hot sperm leaked into my blue tights ,I was afraid to look but thank god , there was no blood or poop from his extreme ass fucking he gave me , and I just laid there on my bed panting heavily .

Then I was shocked to see aunt Courtey at the doorway watching us then saying ,

“Was she a naughty girl ! John”? she asked .

“Oh yes she was honey !!! and I gave her the lesson that all naughty schoolgirls needed”!!!!!!!

“Now it’s my turn to teach our niece Britney a lesson”!!!!! aunt Courtney said .

I watched aunt Courtney walk over to uncle Johnny and caressed uncle John’s dick . What did aunt Courtney want to teach me ?

She got into my bed with me, and still with her red corset and black stockings still on. she sat on my face with her pregnant sperm filled pussy, placed right on my plump red lips ,aunty began fucking my face and telling me to lick and suck out all of uncle John’s sperm and her pussy cum and make sure I suck it clean .

While I ate and sucked aunty Courtney’s pregnant pussy, uncle John was eating and sucking my pussy through my blue school tights ,he actually sucked out all of my and his cum from my pussy .

Then he sat on my tummy so I could hold his dick, while he and aunt Courtney started making out as I sucked her cumming pregnant pussy ,she tasted like sweet honey .Uncle John’s sperm tasted salty and musky .

I really learned my lesson that day, and when I returned to school, uncle Johnny gave me a present ,he licked and fucked my ass again .Then for the first time he got me inside his car, and put my nylon blue encased legs up onto his shoulders and plunged his 8 inch dick straight through the ripped hole he made into my pussy and fucked me hard for over for an hour. while the whole car rocked back and fourth with me squealing and yelping out, as he blew his sperm into my fertile pussy and impregnated me .

When he was done rutting and mating me, we looked out the car window and a huge crowd of my school friends watched my uncle fuck and breed me .

Now I’m pregnant with aunt Courtney and the both of us will soon deliver uncle John’s baby’s !!!


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By Britney #Abuse #Incest #Pregnancy #Teen #Virgin