I’m Going to Be Your New Mommy Pt. 02

tagIncest/TabooI'm Going to Be Your New Mommy Pt. 02

Over the next week, Lisa found herself becoming more frustrated and irritated with the situation. She needed Kyle's cock inside her, and she was starting to climb the walls. Clive's attempts at sex only made matters worse. The last time they had sex, he fucked her from behind, as he squeezed her tits. Lisa didn't like this position, because Clive couldn't penetrate her fully. Her big asscheeks limited his depth to 3 inches. She feigned her usual orgasmic moans as he came.
It was 8 days later when Lisa managed to get Kyle alone for an hour. Clive had to make a trip to the office to pick something up. Lisa knew there was no time to waste, as she dragged Kyle into her bathroom. She had his pants down, as she said,
"I'm going to shave all your pubic hair off, balls too."
He wasn't expecting anything like this, but he went with it, assuming she knew what she was doing. She applied shaving cream all around his big balls and the bottom of his shaft.
She wrapped her lips around his hard cock, as she ran a razor over his pubic hair. It was a strange sensation for Kyle, having his cock sucked and his genitals shaved. It wasn't long before Lisa had removed all the pubic hair on and around his shaft. She was satisfied with her handywork. Kyle's cock looked even bigger than ever. He stared in disbelief, as she deepthroated his whole cock. She pulled back and gleefully said,
"I can do that so easily. I don't even come close to gagging. Watch this."
She swallowed his cock again, her lips sliding over the now smooth base of his shaft. She grabbed Kyle's hand, and placed it on her throat. He could feel his cockhead, bulging out like a pool ball. Her throat squeezed around his cock, making him throb hard. She moved back and pulled on his ballsack. She gently ran the razor around his balls, and then slow strokes up his sack. Kyle didn't dare move. A guillotine suddenly came to mind.
When Lisa was done, she cleaned him off with a damp cloth. She caressed his balls, and said,
"Wow, look at that, Kyle. It looks so sexy. And your cock looks humongous."
She sat on her heels, and licked all over his ballsack, before sucking on one of his balls. After a thorough tongue bath, she switched to the other ball. They were too big to both fit in her mouth. Her hand pumped the massive cock above her face, as she and Kyle stared at each other.
Kyle gripped the sink behind him, as he grimaced,
"I'm gonna fucking cum, mom."
Lisa popped his cock into her mouth, and sucked hard on his swelling, mushroom head. As he started twitching, she said,
"Come on, Kyle, cum in my mouth…I need a big helping of your delicious, young spunk."
She held his cock a couple of inches away from her open mouth, as Kyle groaned and came hard.
Cum literally blasted out like a geyser, splashing onto her tongue and filling her mouth. She swallowed a mouthful, savoring the taste. She gulped down more thick cum, as Kyle kept spewing spunk. Lisa thought the flood would never end, as she swallowed again and again. It finally slowed to a flow, then a trickle. When she was sure he was drained, she said,
"You better go, Kyle. Your father will be back any minute."
After he left, Lisa fingered herself to orgasm in under 2 minutes.
Lisa's opportunities with Kyle were few and far between while Clive was home. She managed an occasional blowjob, when Clive was home late, or in his office. Otherwise, she was still horny and frustrated. It took a lot of self control to keep her irritation in check. She was hoping Clive would be taking another work trip soon. He'd been overseeing a case being handled by a couple of the younger lawyers. It was just a question of whether there would be an out of court settlement.
Clive arrived home on Friday with a few files from work. He saw Lisa in the bedroom and said,
"Bad news, honey. Biggs and Dix wouldn't settle. I'm going to have to be in court. I'll be leaving on Monday. I don't know how long the case will last, but I'll try and come back for the weekend, whatever happens."
Lisa put on a sad face, feigning dejection. She skipped downstairs, suddenly in a great mood. She and Kyle would have at least a week of hardcore fucking and sucking.
Clive had an early night on Sunday. He wanted to be well rested for his early flight. Tim was in the living room when his stepmom walked in and sat on the sofa. She was wearing a sexy, lace babydoll, which accentuated her big tits perfectly. 2 minutes later, Tim was on his knees, massaging her feet. Her toes were rubbing his dick as he leered at her thighs and crotch. Tims excitement was curtailed when Kyle walked in and casually sat beside Lisa.
Tim was furious. He wanted to tell Kyle to fuck off, but Lisa was already cheerfully greeting him. As she felt up Kyle's bicep, she suddenly gushed,
"Wow, your muscles are so big and hard."
Her words felt like a body blow to Tim. He stared jealously, as her hands moved around Kyle's stomach. She purred,
"Look at this sixpack, Timmy. It's so sexy and manly. You're lucky you have such a gorgeous brother."
Tim stared dumbly back at her. Her toes were still rubbing his hard dick. It started feeling surreal to him, kneeling on the floor as his stepmom rubbed his dick, and felt up Kyle. Then, Tim saw something horrific as his eyes lowered. Kyle's shorts had a huge tent, and Tim could clearly see the massive cock making it. This close, it looked monstrous. His eyes were bulging out as he stared, hypnotized. The sound of a kiss was deafening to him. He looked up and saw Lisa kissing Kyle's shoulder.
"Your body is magnificent, Kyle. You're the only real man in this house. Isn't this a beautiful cock, Timmy?" She sultrily said, as she exposed over half of his thick shaft. Tim's only response was a high pitched whimper. Lisa continued kissing Kyle's shoulder and neck as her feet pushed down on Tim's erection. He looked up again and saw them kissing passionately, their tongues snaking together. Tim's eyes darted between their mouths and Kyle's genital monstrosity.
Tim could almost feel the passion and desire of their kiss. Lisa briefly stopped to glance at the staircase, checking for interruptions. Satisfied, she resumed their kiss, holding Kyle's face. Tim couldn't stifle a moan as he ejaculated. Lisa could feel his dick jumping against her feet. She gleefully cooed,
"Timmy just came in his pants. His little dick just blew."
Tim's face turned a deep shade of crimson, as he saw Kyle smirking…mocking him.
5 minutes later, they were still kissing intimately. Kyle's shorts had been pulled back, as Lisa's hand pumped and twisted his throbbing cock. Tim was already erect again, rubbing up against her feet. It occurred to him that his position resembled that of an obedient dog. He pushed that thought from his head as he rubbed her calves. Kyle was squeezing her tits, as they furiously tongued each other.
"Fuck, yeah, mom," Gasped Kyle. Lisa stared at Tim, as her feet grinded into his dick.
Tim thrust his hips forward as he came again. His eyes bugged out as he grimaced and groaned. He wasn't paying attention to Lisa's hand stroking Kyle's cock. Suddenly, a stream of cum splattered Tim's face, followed by more powerful bursts. He sputtered and tried to turn away, but Lisa followed him, aiming Kyle's cock at his head. When he was spent, Kyle started laughing hysterically. Tim was covered in cum. Some had even got into his mouth. He got up and quickly left the room.
The last thing he heard was Lisa say,
"You better get back early, tomorrow, Kyle. And be ready for a marathon session. I'm so fucking horny right now. I feel like a nymphomaniac in heat."
Tim went straight to the bathroom to shower and brush his teeth. He couldn't believe what had happened downstairs. He got into bed and tried to sleep, but he kept seeing Lisa's hand around Kyle's huge cock. He grabbed his own hard dick, and began jerking off.
The next day, Tim rushed home after college. He knew he couldn't stop what was going to happen, but he had to be there. When Kyle got home, he was still wearing his football gear. Lisa came downstairs in a tiny robe, and said,
"It's about time, Kyle. Let's go upstairs, and…I'll help you out of your kit."
"Let me shower first, mom, it's nearly 90 degrees out there," He replied.
"No need for that, baby. I love your sweaty body, it smells so manly," She grinned, grabbing his hand.
Tim watched from the living room, as Lisa led Kyle upstairs. He waited a couple of minutes, then followed them up. Outside his stepmom's bedroom, he couldn't hear anything through the door. He placed his ear against the door and listened closely. He heard a soft feminine moan, then another. The moans continued, rising in frequency and intensity. Male grunts joined the moaning, getting louder. He heard his stepmom cry,
Tim knew she was having an orgasm, as she let out a long, high pitched wail. He had to get his cum sock from his bedroom, as he jerked off while listening. The fucking went on for nearly an hour, as he heard his stepmom have one orgasm after another. There was a crescendo of moans, groans and screams, as they both came within seconds of each other. Afterwards, they both gulped in air, as if they'd been deprived of oxygen. Even Tim had cum 3 times as he listened.
That was just the beginning of their session. They didn't come out of the bedroom until 7.30pm. For nearly all of the 3 hours, it sounded like hardcore fucking, interspersed with an occasional 10 or 15 minute break. Tim scurried downstairs when he heard them approaching the door. They came downstairs, looking like they'd just run a marathon. Lisa rummaged around the kitchen, as she said,
"I need to get my energy levels up after that workout. That was some vigorous and vicious fucking."
She cooked them up some chicken stir fry and noodles, and they ate at the kitchen table. Tim was in the living room, hoping their session was over. He soon realized it was a forlorn hope when their talking abruptly stopped. He crept towards the doorway and looked in. He leaned on the wall for support when he saw his stepmom on her knees, sucking Kyle's cock. He stared in disbelief and jealousy when she deepthroated his entire length. 20 minutes later, she was guzzling down his spunk with relish.
They went upstairs to continue their session. It carried on, almost non stop, as Tim jerked off outside. Even when he went to his bedroom, the sounds seemed to get louder and wilder. He was woken twice during the night by Lisa's moans and cries. He heard her literally scream,
A little later, she cried,
Tim jerked off, then finally managed to fall into a deep sleep.
Tim felt groggy as he sat up and turned off the alarm. He headed towards the bathroom, stopping outside his stepmom's room. He heard sounds that sounded distant. He was pretty sure they were coming from her bathroom. He took a chance and opened the door. The room was a mess. The sheets were half off and covered in pussy juice and cum. The bed had moved, and even a bedside cabinet had half its contents on the floor. The noises were a lot clearer now, and it was obvious they were having sex.
Tim approached the bathroom, and tentatively opened the door an inch. The sounds were now crystal clear. There was a lot of steam in the room, but he could just make out their bodies in the shower cubicle. Lisa had her arms and legs wrapped around Kyle, as he lifted her up and down his cock. Her back banged against the glass every time she was dropped onto his cock, balls deep. It wasn't long before she let out a long guttural groan as she came hard, hollering,
Later, that afternoon, Tim was driving home from college. He couldn't believe what was happening. Yesterday's events had left him stunned. He didn't think it was possible for 2 people to have almost non stop sex, and for nearly half a day. His jealousy was boiling over again. If Kyle wasn't there, she'd have to turn to him to fulfil her needs. He banged the steering wheel in frustration. What the fuck was going to happen today? When he got home, he heard his stepmom in her bedroom. He was relieved there was no sign of Kyle or his car.
20 minutes later, he heard his stepmom go downstairs. The sound of heels clicking in the garden made him rush to the window. His eyes widened when he saw Lisa in a one piece, white bikini that had to be at least a size too small. Tim put on a pair of shorts, and ran downstairs. He went out to the garden and watched his stepmom swimming laps in the pool. When she climbed the ladder to get out, Tim got an instant erection. She looked like a model doing a risque shoot. Water ran down her body, making her bikini virtually transparent.
Tim stared, mouth agape, at his stepmom. Up close, her bikini looked more like it was 2 sizes too small. Her big breasts looked like they could pop out any minute. Her bikini was high cut and left her ass completely bare. The thing was so small, it couldn't even cover all of her pussy. As she slipped her heeled sandals on, Tim's face screwed up, as he ejaculated in his shorts. Lisa glanced at his crotch and cooed,
"Hi, Timmy. Did mommy make you cum in your shorts again?"
Tim was embarrassed, but it would've been worse, a week ago. He nodded, unable to take his eyes off of her bulging tits. Her bikini had a shred effect at the sides, and there was plenty of side breast on view. She sat on a lounger and said,
"If you keep cumming in your pants you'll never get a girlfriend, Timmy."
He shrugged. He wasn't too bothered about that. The girls he knew seemed silly and immature compared to his gorgeous, sexy stepmom. In fact, the word sexy didn't do her justice. She was way beyond that.
Lisa crossed her legs slowly and said,
"I think Kyle's going to be a little late. Tell you what, Timmy, kiss my feet, and I'll let you put some sunblock on my body."
Tim was erect in seconds, as he excitedly replied,
"Ok, mom, I can do that."
He got on his knees and began kissing her feet. He removed her sandals, and licked all over her feet, before he sucked on her toes. After 10 minutes, Lisa held the sunblock and said,
"Ok, Timmy, good job. Now, oil me up. You've earned it."
Tim took the lotion, and watched her lay down on her front. His eyes fixated on her big, asscheeks, as he squeezed lotion onto his hand. His dick was throbbing, as he worked his way up her calves, then her thighs. He couldn't believe it when his hands began rubbing and kneading her ass. He managed to straddle her thighs, as his excitement got the better of him. He pulled up his shorts over his dick, and pushed his rock hard erection between her cheeks as his hands squeezed her ass.
Tim wanted to hold out and enjoy this incredible experience, but Lisa had other ideas. She began gently rolling her ass, up and forward. Tim couldn't suppress a groan as he came. A teaspoon's worth of slimy cum squirted into her ass crack. For a moment, he nearly collapsed, as he felt drained of energy. He rubbed the cum into her ass, then worked the lotion into her arms and shoulders. Lisa turned over and said,
"Thanks, Timmy, I hope your cum stops my ass from burning."
Tim's dick was erect again, as he stared at her massive tits. Her long nipples poked through, and her areolas were clearly visible.
"I love you, mom," He suddenly blurted. Lisa found his adoration endearing. She didn't want to hurt his feelings, but he was the total opposite of 'her type'. However, teasing him was something that really got her off.
"I love you too, Timmy. You're my little pervert stepson. You'll get your treats, but you have to obey mommy…ok?" She replied.
Tim vigorously nodded. He'd always loved her. It had begun as infatuation, then obsession, and now love. Lisa adjusted her lounger and laid back, inclined slightly. She beckoned him with a seductive smile and crooked finger. Tim quickly walked round to her right. With one hand, she skilfully undid his shorts, and pulled down his boxers. They dropped around his ankles, leaving him naked. He stared in disbelief as her hand grabbed his dick. His entire body spasmed in shock and pleasure.
He felt euphoric as he watched Lisa slowly pump his dick with 3 fingers. She looked up at him and purred,
"Does mommy turn you on, Timmy? What do you like about mommy's body?"
Tim's breathing was rasping and erratic, as he replied,
"Jesus Christ, mom, you're a goddess. You're so beautiful and sexy. Your tits are just awesome. Every inch of your body is perfect. You are magnificent, mom."
"Mmm, you get an A for that, Tiny Timmy," She drawled. She never tired of compliments. She'd been genetically gifted by nature and loved being reminded of it. And like a fine wine, she improved with age.
She looked at the penis in her hand. Compared to Kyle's mammoth cock, Tim really was tiny. It wasn't until she saw Kyle's mega cock that morning that she realized she had a thing for big cocks. Now that she'd experienced it, she knew that average, was a word she didn't like. Average cocks were for average women, who couldn't handle superior manmeat. The orgasms Kyle gave her were earth shattering, and they were getting bigger and more explosive. Anything less than an orgasm induced by a big cock seemed pointless.
She speeded her pace, and jerked Tim off harder. In just a few seconds, his body stiffened and he squealed like an animal as he came. He tripped over his shorts as he collapsed onto the floor. He was gasping and whimpering as he slowly recovered. He looked up at Lisa and almost sobbed,
"I love you so much, mom. I love you more than Kyle. He's just a pretty boy, bred from some degenerate male."
"Awww, you're such a little cutie pervert, Timmy. I bet your little balls are cooking up more of that weak cum," She replied, grinning.
Kyle came home just after 5pm. He heard activity in the garden, and went upstairs to change. 10 minutes later, he came back downstairs in just a pair of tight shorts. When he saw the scene by the pool, he decided to stay quiet. Lisa was sat in a chair, with a naked Tim lying on the floor in front of her. Her feet were rubbing and sliding against his dick. She lowered her sunglasses and winked at Kyle. He walked behind her chair, and reached down to squeeze and heft her big jugs. She ran her hands along his arms and caressed his big biceps.
Tim opened his eyes when he heard Lisa moan. He suddenly felt crushed when he saw Kyle playing with Lisa's big tits that were jutting out. Tim felt humiliated, lying naked on the floor at the feet of his stepmom and Kyle. She stood up and led Kyle to the pool. They dived in together, sending water splashing over Tim. He sat in the chair, watching them frolic in the pool. He stared in amazement when Lisa's tits finally burst free. They bobbed on the surface, just before Kyle's hands and mouth attacked them.
Lisa's head jerked back as she held onto his shoulders and moaned. Tim stood up and stared in stunned silence. He wished that was him sucking his stepmom's big tits. Wished that was his body she was salivating over. They got out of the pool and sat on a towel they'd spread on the grass. Tim quickly found his shorts and put them on when he saw Kyle's big cock bulging his shorts. Lisa had pulled her bikini back over her breasts, as she and Kyle passionately made out.
She pushed him onto his back and ran her hands up and down his chest. She sat on his crotch and said,
"This incredible body is wasted on girls your age, Kyle. I'll be taking care of your needs from now on."
"Hell yeah, mom. You're in a different league," He replied, stroking her thighs. She leaned forward and gave him a tongue swapping kiss, as he pushed her bikini aside, uncovering her glistening pussy. Lisa was busily pushing his shorts down his thighs, revealing more and more cock.

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