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One time, I was traveling and spent a night at a hotel.  There was an outdoor pool, so that evening, I went to swim for a little while and then just sit and enjoy the sunset.  Across the parking lot was another hotel.  I looked up and saw movement at one of the windows.  The curtains were open and it looked like a guy was fidgeting around.  I think there was someone else with him.  From that distance, I couldn’t tell what the twosome were doing, but from the silhouettes, I really think he was receiving a blowjob.  It hit me that I was in the position of voyeur, and the thought heated me right up.  Then the guy and his partner (I’m assuming it was a woman) moved to the bed.  I detected him bobbing up and down, as if he was thrusting into her.  I’ve never in my life witnessed anyone having sex in real life.  Maybe it’s just due to the kind of places I frequent or pass through.  So this apparently sexual scene aroused me and suggested all kinds of hot scenarios to my active brain.  I at once imagined that it was me up in that room with my future husband, making love in a risky place with the chance of being spotted.  This definitely was something to add to my marriage to-do list.  I love the idea of taking a vacation (especially to the beach) and having lots of sexy time with my man.

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That same evening, I happened to glance up at one of the windows of my hotel, and on it I noticed a splatter of something white.  I’m assuming it was bird droppings (I know, not romantic!).  But my turned-on mind wondered if it could be a blatant shot of cum, not yet cleaned up by whoever was occupying that room.  And I got my second sexy idea of the evening.  If I ever get married, I’m going to suggest hotel sex to my husband and then have him erupt all over the window.  Of course we’ll clean up afterwards (I’d be embarrassed to leave that job to the maids), but it would be a bold, erotic act and I would enjoy viewing it.

You all are probably reading this and thinking, “This girl sure has a lot of wild plans!”  Well, I do—though I will certainly have grace if my husband doesn’t feel the same way about some of these plans.  But my prayer is that we’ll be of one mind and enjoy each other everywhere we go, even daring to be a little dangerous in hotels!