Immigration Camp

Residents who lived in the small quiet costal town in England we were not very happy, they were up in arms because a detention camp for illegal immigrants was being constructed just out side of their town. Since the deep sea fishing boats had left the area fifty years ago the town had become cleaner and healthier, there were now fears that with the immigration camp the peaceful lives of the residents would be disturbed by the arrival of the immigrants, the residents held many meetings and protest marches but the local council ignored the residents and granted permission for the camp to be built, it took little than a month to construct the wooden huts that would house up to five hundred illegal immigrants and this was despite residents sabotaging the huts on three occassions. On the day that the first immigrants arrived at the camp there were a large group of residents outside the camp shouting their objections to their new neighbours. After the camp had been open a week sixteen year old Cindy and her best mate Karen were creeping round the camp late at night trying to find a way that they could mess up things and get the camp closed, there was suddenly a shout and Cindy realised that they had been spotted and with Karen right behind her made a run towards the low fence round the edge of the camp, the girls were not quick enough and were soon caught and rugby tackled to the ground, the girls were pulled to their feet and frog marched to a small hut, inside the hut where it was lighter Cindy saw that it was six black youths all who looked to about her age that had captured her and Karen, a black youth stood in front of Cindy while two others held her arms tight so that she could not get free, the youth in front of Cindy pulled the zip on the front of her hoody down then whistled and said ” look at these nice white naked tits” the other boys all looked and smiled at the sight of Cindy’s naked boobs, Cindy saw Karen getting taken outside then the remaining boys crowded round Cindy and with in a short period of time Cindy had been stripped naked and her body was being explored by the youths, Cindy was lifted and placed on a table with her legs over hanging the edge, Cindy saw one of the boys undo his trousers and gasped when she saw his ten inch solid black dick appear and when it slid into her love tube she cried out the youth started to thrust in and out of Cindy’s love tube while the other youths stripped naked, after being pounded for a few minutes Cindy climaxed as she did she felt a dick slide into her mouth and start to push in and out making her gag, the boy thrusting in and out of Cindy’s love tube pulled his dick out and squirted his cum over Cindy’s stomach and seconds after he had moved away another boy slid his dick up the white girls love tube while the dick in her mouth spewed it’s load of cum down her throat after two hours all six black boys had had a go on the white girls love tube or mouth and Cindy was laying tired and naked in the ditch outside the camp with her clothes dumped near by, after dressing Cindy slowly made her way home meeting Karen half way, Karen told Cindy that she had managed to escape and was going for help. A few nights later three of the local girls were near the camp, none of the girls knew that Karen had been following them and was now making a phone call and saying into her phone there is three, when the three girls crept into the camp the black youths were waiting for them and with in a few minutes all three girls were naked and their bodies being explored by the youths, Cindy was just cumming for the third time as the youth with the ten inch dick thrust in and out of her willing love tube, Karen was walking back towards the town counting the money she had just been paid for her latest delivery and knowing there would be more to come.

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