In ambika aunty’s paradise – 2

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Hi everybody,

Hope you have enjoyed the first part, were I screwed my aunt at her place, which was like paradise in Kerala (Kochi). My aunt’s name is Ambika.

After the first fuck aunt slept like a log, she was drained of all her juices and had a satisfied fuck. I woke up and looked at the clock it was 1 pm, almost 3 hrs of sleep, Aunt was in my arms my sleeping cock was on her naked thigh, I ran my hands on aunts cunt lips, no movement from her, I let her sleep and got up, had a good shower and stepped out of the bathroom wrapped in the towel. The maid comes in with a glass of mango shake, she smiles and hands the glass to me, I caught her hand pulled her to me and kissed her on the neck, I ran my hands on her erect boobs and arse and said, I will take you and satisfy you afterwards, right now I am hungry for some food. Geetha said she will get it ready on the table and moved out of the room. Aunt stirred slightly, I went and opened my suitcase, pulled out a Bermuda shorts and a thin T shirt and put them on. By then aunt woke up, she was surprised that it was already 1 pm, She said it was a nice fuck that I gave her and she needs more in the next few days, She went into the bathroom and didn’t close the door, she opened the shower and started cleaning herself. I went to the door and said that she looks great and promised her that she will never leave me from here, I will screw her as much as she likes. She dried and wrapped herself with a swimming towel. We went to the dinning table, geetha had arranged a wonderful course of lunch, we were quite hungry and started to eat, Geetha pulled the curtains of the window to give us more light, What a sight indeed, The complete sea in front of us, Our personal beach and the lagoon. It looked like a horse shoe. Now I knew how aunty maintained a figure like this. She used to swim for long periods. We decided to do that after lunch and some rest.

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By about 4 pm, we strolled into the beach, it was totally private as nobody could see any part of the house or the beach, and the opening of the horse shoe was built like a bund to control the tides. But the water used to get replaced each time the waves came in from the sea. From the first floor of the house they had a fiber slide into the lagoon. As we walked close to the water aunt removed her towel and ran naked into the water, I removed my T shirt and Shorts and ran after her, and we started to swim naked in the lagoon. I held aunty and pulled her close to me, we were in neck deep water. I kissed her on the lips and our bodies came close to each other. Her hands were holding my behind the neck and my arms were around her pulling her bums towards me, My cock was no erect and I lifted her in the water, she wrapped her legs around me as my cock entered her cunt, It was the greatest experience that I ever got. It went in smooth and I started to fuck her slowly and steadily, She was biting my earlobes than my neck as she reached the orgasm, I went on at a good speed, we could see some of her love juice floating up in the water. I removed my cock and told her to suck me as I did back strokes. My cock was standing like a shaft outside the water as she started to suck me, we did it for about 10 mts, Now we swam right up the bund and saw that open sea. I lifted aunt on the bund and lay on my back as aunt straddled me, I lifted my cock and it vanished into her cunt and I started to pump from below as she moved her cunt in rhythm. After some time I came into her cunt and it was a great deed indeed. At the bund the water is about 15 feet deep. I told aunt to be ready as I am going to rill into the bund with my cock inside her cunt. She was excited and boom we went into the sea. And the separated and swam back to the beach.

We lay there on the beach under the shade of the coconut trees. Aunt was very happy. We spent a lot of time like this during the stay. We fucked more that 7 to 8 times a day, aunt used to cum at least 4 times during each fuck. By the time my vacations were over most of her love juice would have been over.

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