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A moment of appreciation to all the readers, thanks for taking time to read my story. I am Amit, and this is my first story here in So please bear with me :).
The incident that i’m going to tell you happened last year. Yes, i can clearly remember the date, as it was a new year (1-1-2011). I had Christmas vacations and i was at home. This was the first time i was at home after 3 long years celebrating Christmas and new year at hostel, in fact i missed all the alcohol and fun, but then home was something totally different. And new year at home sucked. And everyone of my friends had gone to Goa and i was stuck at my home, that made me drool even more.
I was reading the morning newspapers when one of my old friends called me and asked me if i was free. I replied positively, and she told me to come over her place as they are having a party. I said her ok, and just as i was going to end the call she asked me whether i knew her address, i told her address when she burst out laughing. Actually she had moved to a new place and that was about 3 hours journey from my place, now that made me sick. Now i had promised her i would go, so i hesitantly had a shower and put on some clothes. But i again had a setback, my bike wouldnt start. The battery was very weak and the self-start wouldnt work. And this was a bajaj pulsar 220, so there wasn’t any kicker to start it manually. I tried about for 10 minutes when i saw a group of girls running through our pocket road and one girl screaming to the other “the bus might have already gone”. And thats when the thought of travelling in the bus happened in my head.
Damn, its 9’o clock already, if i go now i’d reach at her home right at about 12-12:30 and people would think i had gone just to eat lunch. But its better to be somewhere other than just drooling at home. So i walked fast and caught an autorickshaw and went to the nearby bus stand. Just as i stopped by i saw a KSRTC bus and i boarded it, and there wasnt much people in it. I couldnt sit on the back seats of a bus, i dont know why but it gives me a very bad feeling. So i was searching for a suitable seat in the front, and i sat in the 4th row seat with nobody to share it with. I checked the front seat just to make sure if there were any pretty ladies (the 1st 3 rows were ladies seat). But i was disappointed again. The conductor soon came and i bought the ticket from him. I asked him when i would reach my destination, and he told me that we would be there by 12:15pm. Bored as i was, i sat there and soon dozed off.
I woke up soon, somebody had poked my arms. I looked and saw a cute little girl maybe about 5 or 6 years old was smiling at me. The little girl and her mother had occupied the seat beside me. The girl asked me whether she can have the window seat. I immediately stood up and gave her way, and looked up at the face of her mother, and she was a bit confused. So i asked the lady to sit beside the little girl and i told i’d sit at the edge seat. The lady thanked with a hearty smile, and thats all i could ask for. Anyway i sat at the edge seat, and sat in such a way that my arms could touch her arms. She didnt mind me sitting like that. So i started pushing my arms into hers, and she didnt seem to like this as she was moving her hand as i pushed mine each time. But it was a good feeling for me because i felt as if i was sitting besides a cotton pillow. Anyway i soon dozed off because she wasnt responding.
I woke up again to see my mobile ringing. It was shruthi (the friend who’s house i’m going to). I told her about my situation and glanced at my watch, it was about 10’o clock, so i told her i would be there in 2 hours and cut the call after hearing some “stupid” and “idiot” from her. I was feeling so hot and that is when i looked around and saw that the bus was now packed. The lady who was sitting besides me was now sleeping on my shoulders. A devilish smile came on my face (you guys know why ;)). I locked up my arms so that my left hand had come in contact with her arms now, and just to make sure i closed my eyes so that anyone who sees would think that i’m in deep sleep. I opened my hand locks so that i can have more access to her hands, it was so soft that i had opened my eyes and was admiring the softness with my hands and my eyes too. The lady was in deep sleep, and she adjusted her hands now. But in the process i could see the side-view of her (she was wearing a saree). Damn i looked at the boobs that was trapped inside her blouse, they were standing like rockets. And after sometime i could see a little bit of her stomach too. I was on cloud 9 and i had to adjust myself because now i was having a pretty big boner.
I looked at the little girl, she was lying on the lap of her mother. And the mother was lying on my shoulder. I had a very serious plan in my head now. I closed my eyes again, and let a small sound as if i’m dreaming something, and let my hands a little further. DAMN, and i was too nervous, because now my left hand was now touching her stomach, and let me tell you how it was like. It was like touching the softest of the softest thing. I kept my hand there for a while, and nothing happened. So i concluded that the lady was in deep sleep itself. So i let my fingers open and kept them on her stomach. I cant tell you how fast my heart was beating. I let my fingers slide through the little bit of flesh that was available, and all of a sudden i could feel the lady wriggle on my shoulder. I was so scared that i immediately pulled my hand off. The lady had woke up, because now i didnt feel the weight of her head on my shoulders now. Out of curiosity i too opened my eyes and looked at her as if i had woken up from deep sleep. She smiled at me, and all i could do was smile back at her. She ran her fingers through the little girls hair, and gave a kiss on her forehead and then laid her head back on the head-rest. I got a little taken aback because of the little girl. But a moment later she again lay her head on my shoulder and for a second looked at me and gave me a smile again (here at this moment, i didnt know what was going on). I became more excited now, i knew the lady was awake when i was feeling her stomach with my fingers. I thought that i should be a little bit more bold now, and i dont know why, but i kepy my head on hers; i knew she was awake, but she did not take her head from my shoulders. I became more bold now. I moved a little closer now and raised my right hand and kept it over her shoulders. I could feel her smile as i did so.
This was my moment, i knew that. Now all i had to do is resume my finger exercise. I took my left hand and placed it at her side. She left out a deep breath of ecstasy (now i had the smile on my face ;)). Very slowly i let my fingers out again, and felt her stomach, she was breathing very heavily now. I knew she was horny now. She arched herself a little so that i could feel more of her soft stomach. This was uncontrollable for me, i grabbed her stomach and pulled very hard at it, she left out a little moan (aahhhhh). I was very excited by now, and could see my dick making a big tent in my jeans. I adjusted my sitting again and was in the meantime i was feeling her stomach too. I pushed her saree which was on her abdomen a little down, and i sensed that her navel was somewhere near. I pushed her saree a little more down, and could feel the opening of her navel, in an effort to feel the whole of the navel, i tried to push down harder, but she suddenly kept her left hand on her stomach, and moved a little to my ear and whispered “please, my saree will open up if you do so”. My god she had a cuter voice than her daughter. I whispered back to her “that is just what i want madam”. She laughed remaining on my shoulder and told “please”, i said ok. and then she arched more to the front. In a way to make her feel more intimate, i looked around to see if anyone was watching, and kissed her on the forehead. She lifted her head, and looked at me with a happy and a sad face, i didnt know what she meant, and so i smiled at her, she smiled back and lay her head back on my shoulders.
I felt like i was back with my girlfriend now. And I smiled to myself thinking about that. All this time my fingers were busy feeling her stomach, i thought then she was ok with this why not feel her boobs!! I ran my fingers over the silk material of her blouse, and she let out again a moan “aaaahhhhhh”. I held her boobs over her blouse and pressed a little. She was moaning again. I whispered into her ear “please dont make sounds, somebody will watch us”. She quickly took her head away, and looked around, and then after a few seconds she kept back her head where it was. Then she whispered “please lookout for the lady standing beside you, she seems to be looking at you”. I looked slowly to my left and saw that there was a lady probably in her 30’s standing besides me. She was wearing a very sexy churidar with a short top which barely covered her ass, because she was holding on the railing on the top with her right hand. She wore pants which were so tight that every curve of her legs could be seen just like that. I was admiring the beauty of her legs in my mind when i heard the lady sitting besides me coughing. I looked at her and she was smiling and whispered “first finish what you started and then look at others”. I laughed a little and with my right hand which was on her shoulder made her lay back on my shoulder and let my left hand inside her saree again. This time i was not at all scared, I was feeling and pinching and pressing her everywhere. i felt her boobs and massaged them like fingerballs. They were soft but after a few minutes of pressing they became quite firm. I couldnt hold on any more. I slowly moved my hand on top and felt the opening of her blouse. Slowly i opened 2 of the blouse buttons when she whispered “please that would do” to which i replied “sorry, i have to finish what i started”. And then i glided my hands on the cleavage of her boobs. My god !! They felt soooo goood. I didnt wait anymore, i could feel her breathing right on my neck, she was so turned on that she was kissing on my neck now, and that made me more horny too. My dick was exploding in my pants. I let my hands into the cleavage and felt her inside the blouse, slowly i moved my fingers inside her bra, it was too hard for me to do it sitting in such a position. I leaned a little forward, and then again continued with my finger journey. Now she was totally out of control and was continuously kissing on my neck. I told her to remain calm, and that is when she let out another moan. This 1 was too loud, she knew it, so she closed her eyes and sat like sleeping. I too did the same. After about a minute or so I resumed my job. I let my fingers even deeper into her blouse, and i felt her nipple. She now kept her mouth on my shoulder and bit on me. I grabbed her nipple with my index and middle fingers and gave it a tight squeeze. I felt a little wet on my fingers and knew it was the milk that came from her nipples. All this while she kept on biting on my shoulders. I was still pressing my fingers on her nipple and milking her again and again, and each time i pressed her nipples she bit me harder and harder. After a while i stopped doing it and simply massaged her boobs over her blouse. I tried very hard to button up her blouse again, but it was too tight and i couldnt do it with just 1 hand, she laughed at this and got up and did it herself. I whispered in her ear “i dont think i can complete it fully here in this situation”. She replied “its ok”, and then made a very fast move and kept her hand right on my dick. And then she whispered “i’m very sorry that i cant do anything about this”. Suddenly her mobile phone rang, she took her hands away and replied to her call. After she cut the call, i grabbed her mobile from her hands and looked at her, she didnt say anything. I called to my mobile phone and saved my name as amit and i showed it to her. And then i took my mobile and gave it to her, she saved the no. with her name Anjali. “Cute”, thats all i could say at that time. And then she again laid her head on my shoulders.
I was going to resume my job of feeling her when out of curiosity i looked at the lady in my left, and i saw her staring at me. I was holding anjali’s boobs and this lady was looking at me, my facial expressions went all like a robber who has been caught red-handed. But then as i lowered my head, i saw that this lady had kept her leg touching my leg. I got confused, and looked at the lady again. She was still staring at me. I looked at anjali and slowly moved my leg away from the other lady, and the lady began laughing at me when she saw that. Anjali was fast asleep now, so she didnt know what was happening around. I left out a sigh of relief as i saw the lady laugh, but was still not sure if she saw anything that happened. Suddenly i felt something on my feet, then i felt like something was on them. I looked on my feet and saw that the lady had kept her feet on top of mine, and that too without her sandals. She had that same smirkish smile on her face when i looked at her again. Slowly she she was playing with her feet, and was rubbing it on my calf. Now the devilish smile had come back on my face again. I looked at her, not sure what to do, raised my eyebrows. She blinked at me, and leaned more close to me. Wow, this was getting hotter by the minute. I looked up at the watch, it was about 11:30 and there was more than half an hour to get to my destination. I got up a little in a manner so as to adjust my pants which were very tight due to the constant hard on and while sitting, i sat a little more to my left, so now i was sitting in between her legs. I could feel her thighs with my arms now. I was thinking of ways to touch more parts of this lady when the bus stopped at another station and more people got in. She moved about to let in the people who came from the front, and in the process, she rotated herself, now i could touch the back of her legs with my shoulders, and my head was near her ass. I never waited, i kept my head on her ass and let them lay there for a few seconds, and then I looked to see if anyone was watching, then i smelt the pleasant smell on her backside, and slowly i ran my cheeks all over her ass-cheeks, and bit at her right ass-cheek. She gave a small hump with her ass, which got me laughing, and then i was exploring her ass with my head again. And unlike anjali, this lady was was very much firmly built, and the ass were so firm that i knew if i took off those cloths, they would look just like the ass of a porn actress.
This head massage of mine continued for a while, and then i thought why not touch her, she doesnt mind anyway. I took my left hand and kept it on the hand-rest. This way i could feel her thighs with the back of my hand. Slowly i started rubbing my hands, the pants that she wore was so delicate, that i could almost feel her skin itself. Slowly i moved my fingers upwards, this way my left hand was between her thighs. She was shivering now, and everytime i moved my fingers, she squeezed my hands between those massive thighs. I was loving the situation. I stopped my venture just to see how she would react, and she humped me again on my head with my ass. I laughed and again started my hand journey. Slowly i had reached the place where both her thighs met and her ass began. I grabbed the ass and pressed them, she was leaning with her ass on me now. I knew she was horny, so i thought to play with her more, so i pinched her ass everywhere, and each time i pinched she would wriggle her ass which made my head bounce because i was lying on them. Anyway after a few minutes of playing with those massive melon-like ass, i became much bold now, i knew she would also want me to touch her womanhood. So slowly i started making way towards the thighs again. But as i told you she started squeezing my hands between them so i couldnt move forward. So i had to force my way inside the thighs, now she understood what i was upto. She spread her legs wide enough for my hands to get through.
I wriggled my fingers inside and then i reached the place where her tummy bulges, and right below the bulge i knew was her womanhood. I moved my hands to feel her vagina, but i couldnt feel anything for sometime, but i could feel the lady wriggling over me, but the bus was also going through very bad road, so it wasnt a big deal. Anyway i pressed her womanhood for sometime, and a few seconds later i felt a little wetness on my fingers. Kaboom !! I knew the place now, as she was secreting her love juices. I pressed on the exact location of the wet spot and olaa, my finger went about an inch inside. I was so excited and looked at the lady. She was biting her lips and still trying very hard to contain her excitement. The bus had stopped again now, and a lot of people more got inside, and with her left hand touched my hand over her dress, and was trying to remove my hand. I immediately removed my hands from her and brought my hands to myself. I looked at her, she was rotating herself so as to let another girl pass to the back, I was smiling because she didnt move from her spot. Now she was standing again such that her pussy was on my shoulders. I didnt know how to make a move, and as soon as the bus started, she started grinding her pussy on to my shoulder. I was taken aback by this, but then again i thought she must be terribly wanting some sex, so i let her do it.
A few minutes later she took her handbag and looked with a confused look on her face, placed it on my lap, I told her “its ok, i’ll take care of it”. She smiled at me, and then with her left hand opened the zip of her handbag and was searching for something. She leaned forward and was still searching, now i could feel her boobs just over my head. She leaned a little more, I knew she was teasing me. So i stood up a little, and now those round globes were over my mouth. I took her right tit in my mouth and gave a small bite. She moaned and was smiling, and i knew she was all onto me, if there were no people around, she would definitely have let me bite them for some more time. But she controlled herself, and took out her mobile. She dialled a number and was speaking on the phone, “ah, amma i reached xxx, i will be there by 15 minutes”. As she was speaking, i let my hands do the usual thing. I went inside her legs again, she was shocked to feel my legs but didnt resist. I went directly to her pussy area, and damn i was surprised, it was very wet now. All that grinding on my shoulder must have made her secrete more of her love juices. I started rubbing on her pussy, and i could make out that she was having a hard time to talk in the phone. I teased her even more by moving my hands a little further up and found her navel and started playing with it, she lost control now, and she disconnected her call soon. I knew she wanted more, so i grabbed her pants and pulled them a little down, and this made her whole face go red. She became scared i think, she moved a little back, but i looked at her face and gestured her to calm down. She did, and i slowly got up, and while sitting, i inserted my fingers inside her panty. Now i sat down, and moved my fingers a little more, she helped me by leaning a little more towards me. Now i could feel her pussy in my hands, and damn, it was too good. They were clean shaved and i could feel her juices all over it. I inserted my index finger in her pussy and remained in that position for some time. She had closed her eyes and was enjoying the situation. Her mobile phone rang, but she looked up at me helplessly. I knew what she meant. With my right hand i took the mobile and disconnected the call. And with her looking, i dialled to my mobile, and saved my number as amit. She smiled, and i kept her phone back in her handbag. My left hand was still at the sacred place. My index finger was full of her love juices, and i let my finger out and then started rubbing her pussy sideways. She moaned now, letting out a slight “shhhhhhh”. I stared at her and gestured at her not to make sounds, but she looked at me helplessly. I was rubbing her pussy so hard now that she closed her eyes and was enjoying it and i found her biting her lips so as not to make any sounds. The rubbing hadnt been for more than 1 minute, suddenly i felt her whole pussy contracting and then a burst of juices in my hand. I caught them with my hand. I looked at the lady, she was shivering, it must have been the first time she masturbated in a standing position. She was too weak to stand, yet she held on to the seat on my front and my seat and controlled herself. After a few seconds, she looked at me, and i knew what she wanted. I stood up again, and in the process i took my hand from her pussy and sat down again. She rearranged her churidhar, and i took my handkerchief to wipe away her juices. But as she looked, i licked one of my fingers. She let out a big smile, and i was laughing at the notion too. Anyway i looked at anjali and she was wide awake and was staring at me. I knew she must have seen everything. I gave her a smirky smile. Anjali looked at me, then at the lady, and then again lay her head on my shoulder. I thought wow, this was my lucky day.
Anyway i told anjali that she should let her small girl sit on her lap so that we can accommodate the lady in our seat too. Anjali looked at me like she was going to kill me, but she did as i said. I made way for the lady to sit. So here i was sitting in between two hot ladies. I played with both of them for a while. Anjali was a little reluctant at first, but as i said sorry in her ear and without any1 noticing i kissed her again on her forehead, she gave up resisting. Now i locked my hands again, and let my fingers wander. My left hand was on anjali’s left boob and my right hand was on the other lady’s right boob. Unlike her ass, the lady had small boobs, so petite but soft that i could hold the whole of her boob in my hand. Anjali was again breathing hard on me. This continued for a little while more and my destination arrived.
Everyone was getting out, so i waited till the rush was finished, and then no one was looking i kissed anjali on the lips, and told her that i would call her. She was taken aback at me for that but smiled. Then i looked at the other lady and smiled and got up when she too got up and made her way through. She too was getting down at my stop. Getting to the door was one hell of a job, the bus was still crowded, and i was keeping up with the lady who had made it a point to move only when i moved along with her. I placed my right hand on her waist and slowly guided her to the door. We both got down, and we smiled at each other for the last time, or that is what i thought. But then i remembered that i didnt know the exact location of shruti’s place. I took my mobile, 10 missed calls from shruti. I called her and told sorry i was sleeping. She told me she’d come within 10 minutes there and pick me up with her car. I looked around, the lady was going towards the auto stand. I ran to her and asked her if she knew the address where i had to go, she smiled and told me that she was going that way itself. I asked her if it was a long distance, she told it was only about 5 minutes by auto, and told me that we could go by the same auto rickshaw. But i asked her whether we could walk, as i had to stretch my legs for sometime. She said ok, so i called shruti and told her not to come by as i know a friend who knows the way, and we walked all the way long. She showed me her home which was just 2 houses after shruti’s. We bid farewell, and as i opened up the gate she called me by my name telling me to call her soon, and gave me a flying kiss.
Its been a year now, but i still have contact with both of these beautiful ladies. I have been to both of their homes a couple of times, and yes had a little fun too. And sorry i never told you the name of the other lady, her name is jyosna. Anjali has asked me to bring jyosna to her home someday, and i dont know whether such a day would come. But if such a thing happens, i promise you guys i’d write about it soon after that. Anyway if you people like the story please rate it, and yeah please do send me your valuable comments/criticism