In the Library (full story)

In the Library

Kitty had been seeing him come into the university library for the past week now. The

first time was when he asked her where some research volumes were and she directed

him to the third floor. She was attracted to him immediately. Forty something, trim, a

little gray but he seemed the athletic type. He had a soft, sexy voice and blue eyes that

seemed to be saying, “I want you”. He made an excuse to talk to her every time he came

in and she flirted with him shamelessly. Today she had planned a little encounter with

him but it turned out to be a little more than she had hoped.

She wore a tight, short skirt and a clingy, button-up sweater, black lace bra and panties

and she brought perfume with her. She arranged some work for herself on the third floor

and a few minutes after he came in she set off with her cart of books to the third floor

stacks. She splashed a little of her perfume on in the elevator and unbuttoned the top 2

buttons of her sweater.

The stacks on the third floor were older reference books which people rarely used. She

knew he would be the only one up there and the thought that she would be alone with him

made her a little nervous from excitement. Her hands were almost shaking as she pushed

the cart out of the elevator. A wicked tempting thought came to her and she quickly ducked

into the restroom next to the elevator. “Wouldn’t it drive him crazy if I didn’t have a bra

or panties on,” she thought to herself. She wasn’t thinking any further than trying to get

this guy’s attention. “You must be completely crazy girl,” she said to herself as she

slipped off her panties and put them in her bag. She quickly took off her sweater and

then her bra. Her breasts were heaving and her nipples stiff and erect as she put her

sweater back on and this time, left the top 3 buttons unbuttoned. This left it unbuttoned

down to the middle of her chest. She left the restroom with her heart pounding. She had

never done anything as crazy as this before.

She didn’t see him at first so she started busying herself shelving books. She pushed the

cart to where the tables were, near the back of the room, and he was sitting at one of them

taking some notes.

“Well hello. This is a pleasant surprise,” he said, looking up. Her breath caught in her

throat and she blushed, smiling. She noticed that his eyes lingered on her chest, and that

made her blush more and she started to feel herself getting wet.

“Oh, are you working on something, sir? Are you finding everything you need?” she

asked, pushing the book cart opposite him on the other side of the table.

His eyes once again briefly found her breasts and then, looking up with a smile said, “It’s

Tom. And yes but I need a book that is referenced by this author. Do you know if you

have it?” He pushed the book over to her.

She had the naughty thought to give him a little show so she leaned over, looking down at

the book, her breasts almost dangling out of her sweater. She knew her areolas were

visible and her erect nipples were just on the edges of the sweater. She could feel his

eyes drinking in the sight and the moisture between her legs was almost dripping. She

stayed bent over, examining the reference that he was pointing to for several seconds and

then straightened up.

“I, umm, I think that volume is over here on these shelves,” she said with a slight quaver

in her voice. She turned toward the shelves and was looking for the book when he came

over, standing close behind her.

He put his hand on her arm and it sent a thrill up her spine. His warm touch melted her

and she froze in her tracks, catching her breath. Sensing the effect, he slowly ran his

hand up her arm. She felt him step up closer behind her and put his other hand on her left

arm and slowly caress her again. He bent down and breathed into her ear, ‘your skin

feels so soft and smooth. Do you like my touch?’

She let out a strained, ‘Yes. It’s very nice.’ He then moved the hair away and kissed her

neck softly. His warm lips sent another electric charge through her body and she felt

herself getting wetter and not wanting him to stop. Sensing her pleasure, he ran his

fingers over her ears and then down her neck, down the front of her chest and boldly cupped

her breasts in his hands. His fingers unbuttoned the sweater the rest of the way and she didn’t

have the will power to stop him. The sweater fell to the floor leaving her topless. He

quickly undid her skirt and in one movement pulled the skirt down leaving her standing

there totally naked. He ran his hands lovingly along her body, up her thighs and played

briefly with her pussy running his finger up and down her wet slit.

She shivered with fear and delight. He pushed her back to the table, sitting her down,

spreading her legs in front of him. Kneeling down he buried his face in her pussy, tongue

fucking her and licking and sucking her clit. She grabbed his head and moaned and

before she realized it she was in the throes of an orgasm. He continued punishing her

clitoris with his tongue and lips, finger fucking her at the same time while she shuddered

and moaned through her orgasm. Then he got up, gently pulled her off the table, and had

her kneel in front of him. She eagerly undid his shorts and pulled them off. His hard

cock jumped out to her and she took the wet tip into her mouth. She decided she

wouldn’t let go until she had sucked him dry. When he felt her warm, wet lips close over

his cock and then suck slowly up and down his shaft he started to moan himself. He put

his hands on the back of her head and started fucking her mouth gently. She loved the

taste of his cock and it wasn’t long before he was telling her to stop, he was about to cum.

He wanted to drop his load in her pussy but she wanted to taste every drop of his sex

nectar. So she kept sucking on his tip and shaft until he exploded into her mouth. She

relished the first splash of cum, swallowing it eagerly and then continued sucking him

until every drop was gone.

But he was still hard and erect even after his orgasm. He lay down on the carpeted floor

and pulled her down onto his cock, sliding it into her pussy in one easy thrust. He wasn’t

able to come again so quickly but didn’t want to leave until he had actually fucked this

sex kitten who had thrown herself at him. Erotic passion gripped her completely along

with the thought of this wanton sex in the back of the library where they could be caught

at any minute. He arched his cock up deeply into her and she rode up and down on him.

She leaned forward supporting herself, arms stretched down to the floor next to him and

he grabbed her ass with his hands and started sucking her breasts as he thrust into her as

deeply as he could. She quickly had two or three more orgasms until he finally had to

stop, too tired to continue.

“You didn’t have another orgasm, did you?” she whispered in his ear. He smiled and

laughed a little.

“It takes a little time to reload sweetheart. But maybe a little later …” His voice trailed

off suggestively.

“We better not push our luck Tom. Maybe, “

He cut her off before she could say anything more and said, “I’ll pick you up after work.”

Just then they heard the ding of the elevator opening and they quickly threw on their

clothes. As she was pushing her cart away, he asked quietly with a big grin, “By the way,

what’s your name?”


“Nice,” he thought to himself. “It really fits.”