In the Men’s Restroom at a Local Bar Downtown

Mel Gomez is a 5-6 tall girl in her early 20s, and possesses beautifully luscious, dark brown hair, thin black glasses, and is a D-cup who possesses a blend of peach and tan skin. 

She’s a college student who works part time at a local pizza company, and just finished her shift, and over the previous weekend, made a bet with one of her male friends that she would beat him in poker.  But she lost, and so she has to finish the dare on Halloween.

Meanwhile, Ashley Pemberton is a 5-8 tall, skinny blonde androgyne who is 22 years old, has rather luscious curly hair, identifies as a bisexual, queer male, and finished up classes to hit the bar.

At the bar, Melissa checks in at the club, and after a long pause from the bouncer she gets in.  Mel tries to find her friend that she lost the bet to in poker, but couldn’t find him.  

Instead, she eyes a pretty, androgynous blonde man at the bar.  She saw the prettiest, most beautiful guy at the bar.  He looked almost too pretty to be a man, yet he is managing to pull this off. 

The young man also had a smooth looking chest, and appeared to have a little bit of facial hair, as he seemed to have a dark brown goatee gleaning off his face.

Simultaneously, Ashley was neatly dressed, as he is wearing a dark blue shirt, a gray blazer, a light brown hat, black horn-rimmed glasses, light brown men’s pants, and black sneakers to finish off his attire.  In addition, he is also has a hand bag, as it came with a strap that is worn across the middle of his chest.

Melissa asks the young gentleman, “Hello, sir?   What’s your name? I’ll buy you a drink.”

As the young man goes to greet beautiful young person next to him, he becomes aroused and increasingly horny as he gives a bossy, yet incredulous stare at the androgynous person in front of him.

Ashley considers whipping out his junk, and masturbating himself inside his light brown jeans right in front of the androgyne, but resists the urge to do so.

Ashley replies coolly, “Damn, dude. You’ve got me all hot and bothered.  Name’s Ashley.  And I want a Bailey’s.  What’s yours?”

As Ashley eyes Melissa, Melissa is wearing rather androgynous clothing.  Melissa is wearing a wig that appears to be in a form of a crew cut, is wearing a polo shirt, and is wearing a prosthetic penis inside her dark brown pants.

Melissa replies shyly, “The name’s Mel.  Mel Gomez.  I’m a guy, too.”

Ashley holds out his hand, as he exposes his skinny little wrist to shake Melissa’s hand.  Melissa’s hand is actually larger, but Melissa doesn’t notice this.  Ashley notices Melissa’s painted red fingernails, as Melissa does not notice Ashley’s pink and black painted fingernails.

Hiding his excitement, Ashley says sheepishly, “Nice to meet you, Mel.  I don’t normally go for fellas, but you’re lookin’ mighty cute for fellow.  I’d bet you’d make a cute girl, though, if you were one.”

Melissa thinks to herself, that the gentleman spoke with a smooth, soft tone, as he seemed to speak almost too softly.  Ashley’s voice was at a pleasant tenor, and seemed almost too feminine to be from a guy.  But Melissa was not one to judge.

Melissa says hotly, “Well, you’re a mighty fine gentleman yourself, Ashley.”

Ashley replies sweetly to his love interest, “Thank you kindly, my boy.”

Melissa asks the young man, “I just have a quick question.  Can I smell you?”

Ashley gives her an odd glance, before laughing nervously, as he says in an almost calm demeanor with false bravado, “Why would you want to do that?”

Aroused, Melissa responds excitedly, “Because I think you would smell nice, sir.  What kind of cologne do you wear?”

Ashley downs the beer, and says to Melissa, “Damn, that was a good beer.  I’ll be right back.  Gotta use the bathroom.  To use the wiz palace, my friend.  Promise me you’ll stay here.”

Smiling, Melissa lied as she said to him, “Okay.”

As she says this, Melissa stares into Ashley’s eyes, and then at his crotch dreamily, as she holds his hand.  Melissa was happy, and yet her eyes were pleading to blow him in the restroom.

Smiling, Ashley said coolly as he was about to leave to go the restroom, “I’ll be back.”

Desperate for a cock sucking, Melissa decides to follow her new boyfriend into the restroom, so she sneaks up behind him. 

Ashley heads for the restroom.  He ponders which bathroom to use, as his gut instinct is to head to the women’s bathroom.  But at the last second, he switches and decides against doing so, and decides bravely to head in to the men’s room.

He sees an almost empty room, as it is filled with sinks, urinals, and stalls, with no one in any of the stalls, and a couple of dudes minding their own business using urinals.  Thinking he’s secure by himself, he proceeds to head for a stall.  The interesting thing he noted, was that the walls of the stall were bolted to the ground on all sides, so that the only visible view from the outside of a stall was from the top.

But it was just then, when somebody walks in behind him.  It was Melissa.

Melissa pops open the door, as she asks Ashley, “How was the drink?”

Ashley smiles, and says meekly, “It was nice.  Thank you for the drink.”

Melissa says unabashedly, “You’re welcome.  I want to suck your cock.”
Ashley laughs, as he says, “Hahahaha!  Are you serious or you joking about that?”

Melissa smiles, as she licks her lips, “Oh, I’m dead serious.  I want your penis.  Suck the cum out of you.  And have your semen drip upon my breasts.”

Ashley stammers, as he was about to talk, but Melissa walks over to him, grips his belt, and gives it a powerful tug, bringing her boyfriend to her.

Ashley decides to drop his trousers a little bit, but not enough to show anything more than his cock.  Meanwhile, Melissa stares blissfully at him, and licks her lips, as she tosses her hat and proceeds to go down on him.

Melissa gives him head, as she bobs up and down upon his shaft, as he’s licking his shaft and balls using her mouth, lips, and tongue.  She sucks harder and harder, as she bobs her head to go faster upon the young man’s cock, as the cock bounces back and forth, nestling upon her boyfriend’s loins. 

She can tell he’s growing slightly aroused, as Melissa briefly pops her head up to talk.

Melissa says to him, “I want you to cum for me.”

Wincing perhaps, Ashley asks in an uncertain manner, “Are you sure about that?

Melissa replies demandingly while masturbating her boyfriend’s dick, “Do it, my boy.”

Ashley tries to cum on her face and fails the first couple of times, and then barely manages to do so as he managed to cum lightly through his cock upon Melissa’s face.

Melissa tastes it, though she doesn’t receive a sticky, gooey liquid upon her face.  It is clear, and she tastes it, as it tastes like salt water.

Melissa tells her boyfriend, “That was good.  But I wanted to covered in your cum.  Still good, though.”

She slaps her boyfriend on the butt, and then proceeds to try to get up.

But she trips and grabs onto his chest for support.

As she grabs him, she feels a fairly dense cotton fabric covering upon the young man’s chest. 

The young man’s breasts don’t feel muscular at all, but soft, and mushy like a girl’s. As they both freeze, Melissa briefly lifts up Ashley’s shirt, and sees his binder.  Startled, Ashley immediately pulls his shirt back down, as he leaves his bound chest out of Mel’s view.

Ashley looks at Mel, and immediately pulls himself out of her grasp.

Looking perhaps peeved, Melissa asks, “Wait, are you really a guy or girl?”

Ashley says meekly, “I’m transgender.”

Confused and briefly taken aback, Mel asks, “So that means you’re biologically male, I’m assuming?  Because I just gave you some damn good head.”

She then reaches for the brim of Ashley’s hat, and slowly takes it off.  She expects him to have short hair, and he does. Melissa reaches for the back of Ashley’s head, and he gently tries to slap it away, but Melissa finds out that Ashley’s hair is synthetic, and is a realistic looking wig, but the young man does have blonde hair.

Melissa says calmly with conviction, “I feel like you’re hiding something from me.”

Biting his lip nervously, Ashley whispers, “I’m biologically female, but I’m whatever gender you want me to be, baby.  Personally, I feel like I’m a guy.   So… I guess I’m a transman.”

Melissa responds calmly, “Well, that’s okay.  There’s something you need to know about me, too.”

Ashley asks, “What is it?”
Melissa whispers, “I’m not really a man.”

She lifts up her shirt to reveal a similar cotton fabric, as she shows her binder to Ashley.   She also shows her pants to reveal a strapon, though she has no actual plans to use it.

Melissa replies softly, “You know, I made a bet with a friend of mine, and I lost, so I’m dressed as a boy for Halloween.”

Ashley smiles and kisses her, and says, “Cool.”

Melissa says, “Well, I guess that no longer makes us two gay guys.”
Ashley replies smoothly, “Well, you can be for me.  We’re whoever we want to be.”

With that, he grabs Melissa’s face to kiss her on the lips.

They kiss, and they touch upon each other, as they proceed to make their way to the stall to avoid being potentially seen by perverts.  There were men around them, but none were privy to the conversations or stared directly at them, so they didn’t really know what was going on.

Ashley proceeds to kiss Melissa hard, as he uses his tongue, and gently French kisses Mel tenderly.  He then kisses her so hard, that her whole head snaps back a bit, as Mel feels the rush of ecstatic sensation.   Ashley proceeds to reach for Melissa’s vagina, and feels up her strapon.

Melissa kisses Ashley right back sweetly as well.  Meanwhile, Ashley puts his hands around Mel’s neck, just at the bottom of the collar bone.

Melissa manages to sit down on the toilet, and Ashley’s tongue is still jammed passionately down Mel’s throat, and gently bites her bottom lip, just enough to feel but not enough to hurt.  Then, Ashley proceeds to kiss Mel’s chin and neck as passionately as possible.

Ashley then grabs Mel’s wrists, and put them behind her head, as he uses his hands to work down all the way down to his lover’s sides.  As Melissa fingers her vagina, Ashley reaches for Mel’s shirt to pull it up until its over her tits.

Ashley kisses all around them, and pulls her up to a sitting position to unhook Mel’s bra.  He then proceeds to do the motorboat, burying his face upon Mel’s breasts, all while gently masturbating his moistening wet clitoris inside his prosthetic dick.

He then takes his hands to put them over Mel’s boobs.  Remembering they’re in the men’s bathroom, he asks Mel if it’s okay if he refers to him as a man, to which Mel says yes.

He commands, “Rub and play with your boobs, my sweet man.”

Mel rubs his boobs, as he says back, “Okay, sir.”

Ashley then unbuttons Mel’s jeans and pulls them down, and positions himself in between Mel’s legs.  He kisses Mel’s stomach, hips, and thighs.

Then, he plays with Mel’s pussy before going down on his lover, spreading it a little bit, to where Mel slowly ventures into the spread eagled position.  Ashley gives one big lick that sends tingly sensations causing Mel to tremble.

Ashley then picks up Mel, so that his legs are over his shoulders, all while Mel is being eaten out and is laying against the back wall, screaming in pure, utter joy and is feeling relentless waves of pleasure from being getting her vagina sucked.

As he puts Mel back down, Ashley rips Mel’s legs open, as Mel plays with her boobs and squeezes her hard nipples. 

Ashley goes crazy on Melissa’s pussy, as he as two fingers in there, and sucks hard on his lover’s clit, bobbing up and down back and forth, all while using his other hand to jerk himself underneath his penis packer.

Meanwhile, he uses his tongue to flick Mel’s bean a few times, and pushes his fingers in farther, and wiggles them so deep inside her.  Melissa is moaning softly, trying to hide her orgasms, but is loving this greatly.  She grabs her strapon and rubs her hand up and down upon it, and uses her other hand to pinch her nipples.

Ashley continues to eat his lover out, as his mouth is so deep inside Melissa’s pussy that she can’t even see his mouth.


Melissa wiggles her strapon upon the top of Ashley’s head, and pinches her nipples in pure utter ecstasy.  She can feel her vagina being swollen, moist, and reddening, and she is loving the feeling of being eaten out.  Juices are dripping down her vagina, as she can feel it, and is really craving for more.


Ashley then tells Melissa to flip on her tummy, as she gets off the toilet to lay facing down in the really huge and wide stall.  Melissa lifts her ass up in the air a little bit, as Ashley spreads Mel’s cheeks to take his tongue across Mel’s entire pussy.


Ashley says, “You’re so wet, my boy.”


Panting, Melissa smiles as she says breathily, “I am, sir.”


Ashley says hotly, “I want you to sit on my face.  That’d be so hot.”


Melissa gets up to sit down on Ashley’s face, as Ashley lays down underneath her, and pulls her down on him.  They lay down with their asses facing in the opposite direction, as if to perform a 69 on each other. 


Ashley peers at Melissa’s swollen clit, and proceeds to suck on that clit.  He sucks on it hard and fast, as his tongue wiggles around it, so fast and swiftly that Melissa doesn’t even know what’s going on down there, but she’s already feeling that continuous, hot buzzing sensation in her pussy.


Ashley puts two of his fingers inside Melissa, and fucks her fast.  Melissa is purring and moaning, but not so loud as to send waves of emotion to tell the other guys in the room that she’s a girl.  The sensation is incredible, as she can feel Ashley bobbing his tongue up and down her clitoris and is going buckwild to cause tons of pleasurable sensation.


As he’s eating her out, Ashley rubs his clitoris inside his pecker.


Going back to grab Mel’s legs to eat her out, Ashley says demandingly, “I want you to cum for me”


Melissa yelps, “Ooh….aah….whoa…I think I’m going to cum!”


Ashley starts furiously masturbating his beaver that is hidden beneath his dick, as he says, “Me too!  Me too!  I’m about to cum too, my boy!”


Ashley is desperately trying to hold in his cum inside his wet vagina inside his penis packer, and pushes Melissa forward to open up her legs.  With this, Melissa squirms and screams with joy.  He proceeds to finger fuck her faster and faster while Melissa puts her mouth on Ashley’s penis packer to suck him off again, and uses one hand to hold it down.    


Ashley then reaches a hand up for Melissa’s tit, and feels Mel’s muscles contracting as his lover is drenched in hot sweat.  He then digs his face into his pussy, and grinds upon that clit with no mercy.


Melissa says as a matter of factly as she’s thrusting her vag down upon her lover’s face, “I’m starting to become dripping wet.  Are you going to ease up on me?”


Ashley tells Melissa, “Not at all, Mel.  You’re going to fucking cum, and you’re going to love it.”


Pleased, Mel smiles briefly as she winces, loving the fucking and says, “Ooh…Just the way I like it, my boy.”


Melissa screams orgasmically in a high pitched voice, “Oh my god!  It feels so good!  I’m about to do it!  I’m gonna cum!”


Ashley proceeds to put his fingers inside Mel, as he pushes them as far as they’ll go.


Melissa humps down upon it, nearly crushing his fingers. 


She says to him orgasmically, “Just like that!!!! Just like that!!!!”


Ashley bristles with pleasure, and is brimming with delight, as he continues to eat her out hard.


Melissa yells, “Whoa!   This is so fucking good!!!!!!!”


She screamed as she ground her pussy continuously up and down Ashley until she couldn’t hold back any longer, and came right upon his lips, letting out a clear liquid onto his face.


Happy, the two get up to kiss.


Melissa then grabs Ashley’s waist.  She says to him, “I want you to fuck me.  With your penis.”


Nervous, Ashley obliges, and proceeds to get up to do so.  He proceeds to remove his shirt and takes off his binder, as he can now breathe more easily. Ashley bares his breasts to Mel inside the stall, as he possesses a fairly large chest, but still appears to be a cismale a few feet away, but one with manboobs.  Still, Mel finds her boyfriend to be quite attractive.

Ashley says really nervously, “I don’t know how good I’ll be at this.  And this is a male chest, by the way.”

Mel responds, “Oh trust me, my boy, you’re going to do just fine.  No worries.”

Melissa sees Ashley’s prosthetic penis, and senses it may be a high tech, double dildo.

She whispers, “Is it a feeldoe?”

Ashley responds, winking, “Not telling.”

As she sees his penis, the front end looks just like a male penis, but the back end is a tube, which is a pump for Ashley to feel pleasure inside his swollen clitoris.  Then, there are hidden  peachy straps to hold his penis in place.

Melissa whispers, “How do you pee out of that thing?”

Ashley replies slyly, “I’ve mastered some techniques.”

He strokes Mel’s face, and asks her to lick it for moisture.  Melissa bends down, and licks on it to get it wet.

Ashley stands up, and starts pinching his nipples, before proceeding to kiss lover on her lips, neck, and boobs.

Ashley lays Melissa out on the toilet, and spreads Mel’s legs spread-eagled, so that she is facing him, with her pussy in full view of his face.  Meanwhile, Ashley is starting to get wet inside his strapon.

Melissa then faces the other way with her ass facing towards her lover.  She proceeds to get fucked from behind, as the two start fucking doggystyle.  Ashley starts thrusting his hips powerfully back and forth, as he fucks Melissa from behind while grabbing her hair.

Ashley starts slapping Mel’s butt while going really fast, as he’s fucking her as hard as he can, and does so with each powerful thrust, while feeling tingly vibrating sensations inside him as he continues to fuck his lover.

Melissa starts spreading her legs further, showing her dripoing wet pussy.  As Ashley goes faster and harder, he thrusts back and forth with his hips to get more velocity to fuck Melissa as hard as he can, while simultaneously pinching his nipples.

Ashley tells Melissa, “You’re being naughty….boy.”  He says this as he proceeds to give a hard slap on his lover’s ass.
Loving the tease, Melissa says back, “Ooh….I am a naughty boy.  Give it to me harder, sir.”

Ashley tells her, “Get ready to cum for me.”

As he goes harder and deeper into her, he can feel it the sensations upon himself, as he is starting to get really wet beneath the strapon.

As Ashley is fucking Melissa, he starts to grab his own ass hard, and starts to become overwhelmed by the sensation.

Growing to be a tad exhausted, Ashley says commandingly, “Let’s cum together, shall we?”

Melissa lets out a moan, and cums as she says, “Yes!”

Melissa gets up, and starts shaking on the end of the dildo as she moans loudly.

She asks, “Can I clean you up, sir?  You’re soaking wet, my boy.”

Ashley starts to moan loudly too, but is trying desperately to hide it in a desperate attempt to keep up with the domination act.

He says sweetly, “Yes you can, my dear.  I’m soaking wet inside my penis.”

But he whispers as he points to his prosthetic penis, “But this, is staying attached to me, alright honey?”

Melissa kisses him, as she says, “Got it.”

Melissa licks up the cum inside Ashley, as he lays back.  She kisses his cute lips, and they hug.

They proceed to put on their clothes, as they help each other get dressed.

One guy proceeds to wash his hands, as he asks, “’Sup dudes.  Do you know the score of that game?”

Smiling, Mel puts her arm around Ashley’s shoulders, as she said, “I don’t know the score of the ball game out there, but I know the score of my game with him, and we won.”

The slender man tells the couple as he finishes washing his hands, “That’s cool.  Glad you guys won. It was good to meet you.  Anyways, I’ll be at the bar.  See ya later, gents.”

The two of them said sheepishly, “Thanks.”

Meanwhile, Ashley and Mel made out one more time with a passionate kiss upon each other, and then proceeded to leave the men’s restroom.