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It is Monday evening as I write this. We are on vacation at a resort in Latin America. Our room has a patio opening up to a beautiful tropical view. But the most beautiful sight tomorrow morning will be my lovely wife in a translucent teddy, standing on our room’s deck and looking out over the greenery to a majestic volcano.

Our balcony/deck is very private, as far as we know. Yet we are planning on going out with her in her teddy and me in a very thin swimsuit that does little to hide my growing erection.

The previous day was spent in the resort’s extensive hot springs. We even had dinner at a swim-up bar. I took some beautiful photos of my wife by one of the small waterfalls, and we had some taken of us together, too.

When we were getting dressed yesterday morning, Melody hadplimented me on how nice my new “Expedition Pants” looked on me.

“You just want what’s inside ‘em!” I quipped, grinning.

She returned her beautiful shy smile. She can be an absolute vixen when it cums to our sexual expression. So it’s cute that she sometimes is embarrassed about how much she loves us to suck each other’s nipples, play with each other’s parts, have her pussy pounded by my cock, etc.

I’m planning on taking some nude photos of her tomorrow in the tropical greenery so that she can see how beautiful she is.


Now it is Tuesday evening. Well, we had our lovemaking session this morning. And first we DID step outside onto our hotel room’s deck. Melody had the sexy teddy on but we decided Adam & Eve photos would be more fun.

So Melody and I removed her sexy teddy, and I dropped my swimsuit. Then we took some nude photos of each other. Melody had the same idea I did. The view of the rainforest and volcano off our deck appeared to bepletely private. She struck some incredibly sexy poses with one leg on the raised edge of the deck.

By the time it was my turn to pose, “Fred” was pumping full. It really was a freeing, sexy feeling to be nude together surrounded by beautiful Nature!

We also took some sexy selfies! Then before we went back into the room, I leaned over to nibble on my beautiful Melody’s big, bare boobies. She cupped the underside of each as I turned her soft pink nipples to hard red raspberries! She also sucked on and titillated my man-nips as I pumped my rod.

We then went inside but left open the curtains to the enormous window that looked out through the jungle to the magnificent volcano. It was as if we were still outside as we made love on the king-sized bed.

We started with some tongue-tangling kisses. Her kisses still drive me wild! I applied some AloeCadabra lube inside and on her pussy and lingered, letting my finger having some fun.

Next, I orally pounced on her luscious nipples in turn. She began buzzing her clitty with her vibe as I sucked on each titty! Then she wanted HER turn to orally love my man-nips. But she didn’t stop the oral play there. She slid down and took hold of my cock, and as she pumped it, she ran her lips and tongue all over the underside and topside of my sensitive glans.

“Ooohhh, Melody,” I said, “That feels soooo good!” She didn’t respond verbally, but she certainly responded ORALLY! She kept loving my tip but added running her tongue and lips on the underside the full length of my long cock. She also took me deeply into her mouth.

She was willing to finish me off orally, but I suggested we do the other half of our oral loving tomorrow in our room’s big jetted tub. It has a huge mirror by it, and I was looking forward to watching her deep throat my long rod.

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Side Note: Melody only fairly recently figured out how to get my entire erect shaft into her small mouth to “deep throat” me. In our first try at fellatio 30 years ago, at first she couldn’t even get my dick’s head into her tiny mouth. But being a determined woman, she had flexed her jaw wide and got me inside her cute lips!

Now she is an absolute artiste at blowing me! We do it once or sometimes twice a month, usually on holidays. She clearly has upped her game! Not that it’s the most important thing by any means, but I do have a large—not huge—erection. And she knows how to please and pleasure it, even though getting me into her mouth can be a challenge.

When I reminded Melody that we had a scheduled river boat tour and suggested we do the other half of the BJ tomorrow, she lay back, looked at my rod, and said, “If you can, you should!” I was obviously good and hard. Then I got harder when she said, “Fuck my puuuussy now!” And she said it in her sultry sex voice that made my heart skip a beat!

Truth in story note… I fell yesterday evening and hurt my shoulder. So although I was wanting to lick my wife’s now very wet pussy, I couldn’t get in any position to do that due to pain.

Melody again said, “If you can, you should!” So we went into our “X-position” with her buzzing her clit as she lay on her back and I on my side, lining my cock up at a right angle to her waiting pussy.

I really can’t describe how much joy and pleasure it is for us every time we get to make love. She likes a good pussy pounding, so of course, I obliged. But I started slow with long deep strokes as my cock sought her deepest depths. Still, before long I was pounding her. Yes, you could call it incredible fucking, and you’d be right. But a pounding fuck is still beautiful lovemaking!

I came and filled her pussy with my cream, then I carefully slid up beside her to orally titillate her tits. She didn’t last 20 seconds. She arched her back and made abination of loud sighs, soft grunts, and jerking spasms of pleasure. Normally we’d probably have cuddled a while then done round two, but we didn’t want to miss our ride to the river for our boat tour.

After the tour, we spent the afternoon and into the evening in various hot springs here at the resort. We took more photos and, when alone, had some fun making out. Her kisses still amaze me. Although we took more photos, it was with our swimming suits on. Later in the evening, we WERE tempted though. Not many people were around at 8:00 p.m.

We saw lots of beautiful young people today and became friendly with them. We rejoiced in the love other couples have for each other and pray for those singles who are still searching. With all the beautiful people around us, many in skimpy swimming attire, we could enjoy their beauty and yet still rejoice in what we have.

Tomorrow is an excursion-free day, so we are planning on taking our time in the jacuzzi and making love in front of that big picture window again. I would bet those younger couples would be surprised at how erotic our 30-year marriage is.

I know I’ve said this before, but I read research that says people look younger and more vibrant for many hours after sex. To me, my Melody looks like my newlywed bride every time we make love. AND she looks amazing all day after we’ve had one of our morning romps! Today was no exception. I kept marveling at how beautiful she is to me and how grateful I am to God for getting us together!

By the way, although we weren’t outside the whole time, we were part of the time, and we kept that window open.  So we still were in the rainforest.