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This is going to be a fun part! It's a slow burn compared to previous ones, so you might consider saving it for when you're in the mood for something a bit lengthier. The sex happens in the last third, with a lot of build-up before that. I hope you'll enjoy, and I look forward to your feedback!
All sex is between characters 18 and older. Any resemblance to real persons or events is purely coincidental.
— — — — —
Chapter Nineteen
My little sister could be a little possessive at times, so it was a relief to see her welcome Penny with open arms. They shared a little hug as the teen wished my sister a happy birthday. Then, our new guest gravitated to the kitchen, particularly the drinks cabinet.
"Aren't you underage?" the judge asked. The teen bloomed before Blake added a wink. "Don't worry, it'll be our little secret."
Penny made killer cocktails; a skill she learnt working at the hotel. I didn't want to get drunk though, so I only sipped on my manhattan while keeping one eye on the ambiance.
Emily seemed remarkably calm for someone angling to start an orgy. Meanwhile, Blake had an inner-teen boy that turned her jelly around pretty girls. It was a feeling I shared, but was somewhat better at managing.
Riley started off confident. After all, she was the one who offered to 'initiate' our guest. They were two outsiders, and Riley found out about our incest when she was Penny's age. It was interesting to watch. The blondes seemed comfortable, and the teen was definitely picking up on flirtation. I imagined she might think it was Em and Riley angling for a threesome. Little did she know that everyone in the room wanted to add her to an orgy we'd been waiting for the whole week, or more.
When you start sleeping with family, things get a little crazy. You don't have to think about kids, and the bonds between you are stronger than in any other relationship. In our experience, it's led to a little nymphomania — especially in our mother.
As the oldest and wisest, our mom made Penny feel adored with her maternal tenderness. Everyone delighted in watching the two of them as the teen warmed to our mother. The idea of our Milfy mom tempting a teen into her kids' bed was exhilarating. Still, I worried that they might stumble onto the fact that Terry was at the hotel until that morning. It seemed like Penelope had already picked up on it being a taboo topic, 'cause she hadn't brought it up yet.
We learnt a little more about our visitor. Her family used to own all the land that now made up the town. Her parents passed away in a tragic climbing accident when she was still a kid. Since then, her grandparents have raised her, and she hasn't spent much time in the 'outside world.'
"So, have you met any cute boys, or girls?" Mom asked, like mothers tend to.
Penny blushed, "Well, I've never had a boyfriend… Or a girlfriend, or anything like that."
I couldn't help but think that her adding 'or a girlfriend' was responding to the sapphic couples interest in her.
"Nobody?" my mother pressed. "It's not a bad thing, Dear. My daughters had no interest in dating. When she was 22 or 23, Blake came crying to me about how she's not felt a connection with anyone. Mind you, all her friends were boys, but she never had eyes for any of them."
The little tit-bit from Mom intrigued me. I knew that Blake was relationship-averse, but never knew she confided in Mom. They didn't have the best relationship back then… Ultimately, when I left home, Blake started missing me a lot until one night we kicked things off. After that, it seemed like the only right choice — the natural thing to do. It's like all the love we felt was transformed in a split-second. We went from siblings to sibling-lovers; both fulfilling relationships, but one more complete. We found fulfilment, and built on that with Mom and Emily.
My brain lingered on pleasant memories until a tipsy teen interrupted. Penny was getting very talkative, "You know, I should meet more guys! Like, it's super sad that my first time was… Eh…"
A grin crossed my little sister's face, "Your first time was with… Your cousin or something?"
Penny drooped her head; her secret revealed. Then Blake chimed in, "Nothing wrong with that, as long as you had fun, and it's what both of you wanted."
Blake was a model for the modern woman with her status, confidence and competence. I think she was a role-model. Her words definitely comforted the teen, and they shared a moment of levity between them.
Meanwhile, I was planning a way forward. "I'm wondering if the siblings can sneak away for a bit. Is that okay with you guys?"
There was agreement around the table, and I hurried into the main bedroom. I grabbed a little jewellery box, and soon I was with my sisters on the beach.
Blake and I had scouted out a spot where the coastal foliage meets some rocks. It was a serene, spotless, bit of nature that combined a marvellous view with fresh natural aromas. Our plan had been to take our little sister there much later, but plans change. On the way, we talked about Penny and Mom and Riley… You could sense intrigue, anticipation, and arousal in all three of us, and all three of them.
When we reached the rocks, we sat down with Emily in the middle. Then I turned to her; our eyes met and so did our twinkling eyes. A second passed, then another, and a third. I put my hand on the back of her head, pulling her closer until our lips touched. Then I felt a shiver as the splash from a wave hit us and our tongues rolled together like the currents. We kissed: One… Two… Three… Four… Ten dozen seconds passed as the softness of her cheeks touched my soul. A tongue met mine, and we enjoyed a gentle union that was slow and graceful.
Emily gave me an affectionate — adoring — expression, before turning to our sister. I loved watching them; their sisterly bond made every touch seem mindful. Their kisses were a form of meditation and always brimmed with a special kind of affection. When this one ended, Em gave a big sigh and turned to watch the sea. I took her hand and Blake took her other, and for a moment, we were at peace. We languished, watching the waves and smooching once a minute for a dozen or more.
A sense of harmony descended on us, and I reached into my pocket. I produced the little jewellery box I'd retrieved earlier. It's solid dark-blue form was hiding a delicate gift; one that came straight from my heart. As I revealed it, tears were already welling up in the corners of Emily's eyes.
"Sis…" I found myself having to pause before I could continue. It was an emotional moment, "We've made no secret of the fact that we want you to always be with us. I've made no secret of how much I love you; how much I've always loved you. Each day, I feel like we get closer and closer, and I know it's the same for Blake."
My older sister picked up where I left off, her voice breaking as she did. "This life we've chosen is full of difficulties. We have to keep our secret, and there are things we might never do. Yet, there are so many things that we'd never be able to do with anyone else."
I took over again, "This ring is a symbol of our commitment to a lifelong partnership with you. It's our little way of getting married, even though we technically can't."
"To have and to hold, for better or for worse…"
As the ring was revealed, the floodgates in Emily's eyes opened. She was completely overwhelmed; reaching out to touch and hold us. Soon, the simple gold loop was around her finger as she inspected it from every angle. She was beyond happy — overjoyed if not overwhelmed. A round of sloppy kisses and tight hugs followed until we simply ended up holding one another. Hand-in-hand, us three siblings let the world pass as our hearts sang.
The burden of my secret was becoming too heavy. It would be wrong to start of the next phase of our relationship, without being open. I had to turn to my sisters and tell them about Terry's presence in town. Over the course of ten minutes, I explained the story she'd told me, and assured them that I'd banished her.
The mere mention of our aunt's name usually incited anger in my sisters, but this time it was more severe. They didn't care much for me keeping it quiet, agreeing that Mom must never find out.
Blake was especially angry. The story about 'John' struck a chord with her. "How can you do that to someone? How can you use your sister like she's spare parts, and why would she go along with it?"
Emily seemed to have some sympathy for the situation. She made a half-hearted defence of the twins, "When you're in love, you sometimes do stupid things."
I couldn't help but shrug in agreement. That morning, Terry seemed sad and almost repentant. Yet, I couldn't easily forgive her for what she'd done to us or to that guy I never met.
For a moment, us three siblings sat and processed all the new information in our heads. We were trying to make sense out of senselessness. At some point, we'd have to accept that you can only rationalise so much, before having to act on intuition.
We agreed that we'd been away from the house for long enough and got to our feet. On the walk back, Blake got an important work call, and she fell behind as Em and I walked hand in hand. The feeling of the new ring on her finger filled me with joy — a warmth that's beyond description. We banished thoughts of Terry as we anticipated the adventures of the day to come. Penny was definitely intrigued by our whole deal, even though she didn't have all the facts yet. And of course, there was also Riley…
Being her girlfriend for more than three years, I decided to ask Em about her long-term lover. "What do you think about me and Riley?"
"I like the both of you," Emily teased, holding on to my arm. "You're cute together, and actually have a lot in common."
"She's considerate, like you. She cares a lot about family, and she can get swept up in events when she puts her heart first."
"I don't want to cross any boundaries, with you or with her," I said.
"Oh, please! You know that I want Riley to be with us, and that means with you. If you're worried about her sexuality… Remember that stuff ain't set in stone. Go with the flow, Big Bro."
I nodded, "So, what's the next step?"
Emily sighed, "Go. With. The. Flow."
Blake caught up as we walked the last little bit to the house. We were all hand-in-hand for the last few feet; feeling content with life. We'd done well to get where we were, and the future seemed hopeful.
At the threshold of our lot, Em squeezed our hands and a devilish grin crossed her face. "The two of you need to worry less. Once Riley gets into the bedroom, the shyness fades, and she turns into a real devil."
My eyes stretched wide, and I caught a glimpse of Blake's. We were both reduced to that horny teenage boy that lives in the back of our heads. Of course, Emily enjoyed getting us all wound up, and we each got a little wink and a kiss.
It was about 4 PM. The night was approaching, and the possibilities were endless.
: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :
When we got home, we found Mom and the two blondes dipping their feet in the pool. They were still sipping on the cocktails from earlier. My feeling was that we all wanted to stay pretty sober for the memories we planned on making.
The ladies greeted us with smiles. Then went back to talking about whatever it was they'd been talking about.
I popped off to the bathroom and when I got back, all five women now had their feet in the water. Emily had — brazenly — decided to wear her new ring in front of our teen guest. Penny couldn't help but notice the gold band, "Wow! It's so beautiful. What an awesome birthday present, and it's cute that you're wearing it like a wedding ring."
Our mother interrupted, "We showed Penny around the house. She thinks it's sweet that we have that big bed upstairs."
At this point, it was impossible that Penny thought we were simply 'cute' or 'adorable.' Those were either words to stand in the place of 'weird', or they were an expression of curiosity. The way she looked at us told me it was the latter. She definitely wasn't naive, so I can't imagine she hadn't realised the true nature of our family. With Riley's hand glued to the small of her back, she must also be realising that we had 'plans' for her.
"Penny's been telling us that she's looking for a place of her own," Mom drove the conversation.
"Well, I wish we could offer the apartment we've renovated," I shrugged. "Unfortunately, we're only looking for buyers, not tenants."
Penny smirked, "Oh, that's good then; I'm actually looking to buy. I've got too much cash and not enough investments. Real estate is always a winner, right?"
The teen's offer shocked me a little, but then it began to make sense. Her family used to own a massive swathe of land, which they sold off. Then her parents passed away, which means she must've inherited at least part of their fortune. Money that probably vested in her when she turned eighteen.
Blake didn't want to waste a chance at shifting our project. She spoke with a sultriness, "Josh will go show you the place, tomorrow. It's charming and cozy, and catches the light at all the right angles. I'm sure you'll love it."
"Fantastic!" Penny cheered before downing the rest of her drink. "Now, it's getting a little late, and I should get back to the hotel."
A little wave of disappointment crossed everyone's faces. Still, we weren't going to try and stop her; not now that she had a good idea of our special situation.
"Aww, that's a shame," I said. "I'll go grab my keys and drive you back."
Everyone greeted our visitor with a hug, and she joined me in the car. Our drive was quiet; she kept busy on her phone, only glancing at me occasionally. Her eyes told me she wanted to say something, and when we stopped at her hotel, neither of us moved.
We sat still for a minute or two, then I turned to face her. "We'd like to have you over more often."
"I'm sure you would," Penny giggled.
All I could do was exhale and smile, "I'm guessing you've figured us out?"
"I think I get the idea," the platinum-blonde twirled a strand of hair. "First, I thought your sister and her girlfriend were angling for a threesome."
"I figured you would."
"The thought intrigued me. I've wondered about girls before, but not as much as I've wondered about…"
I grinned, "What?"
"Nothing," Penny faced away from me. "You're an interesting bunch. I was tempted to stay and see where things go, but I'm not that easy."
"But… You're open to exploring," I cocked an eyebrow. "We have a lot to offer, you know."
"Hmm. I wouldn't mind feeling what it's like on that big bed of yours."
"I'm sure we have space for one more," I teased.
"Or… You could make me sleep on the floor."
We were flirting, sure, but that one still caught me by surprise. It was a real deadpan line, delivered with utter conviction.
Penny blushed, and suddenly, her voice went all ditsy. "Sorry. Look at me getting all worked up."
I reached out to put my hand on hers, "No worries. You must have all sorts of crazy ideas, living here, away from guys and girls your age."
Penny's sparkling eyes met mine as her lips curled to a corner. She slipped her hand away and reached for the car door. As she opened it, she looked back at me with teenage cockiness. "Thanks for the lift, and the party. I'll see you tomorrow to look at that apartment, and we can continue talking about our crazy ideas."
I nodded with more suave than I'd mustered a whole lifetime before that moment, and she was off.
With Riley and Mom in the kitchen, the two sisters had a little moment of privacy. Emily took the chance to sidle up next to Blake, putting her mouth an inch away from her sibling's ear. "Hey," she whispered.
"Hey?" Blake swallowed hard. Her palms were already sweaty as her brain tried to process the possibilities of the night ahead.
Emily enjoyed seeing her tough-as-nails big sister squirm a little. "I have a little plan for you. A little payback for spanking me in front of everyone, yesterday."
"A plan? Well, I wish you luck, 'cause I ain't going down without a fight," Blake smirked.
"Yeah. Good."
A moment passed — filled with nervous gulps and shivering fingers. Two toned bodies that shared some of the same lines, locked onto each other. Blake shuddered as her little sister's delicate hand grasped either side of her neck. It's something the eldest sister let their brother do once or twice. Now, it was the birthday girl claiming a gift she'd been promised.
Blake was making sounds she didn't know she could, begging, as Emily straddled her leg. Her neck craned back as her sister's leaned forward. They became entangled in a mess of hair as their mouths froze half-open and half-an-inch apart.
The birthday girls ass felt good — oh, so good — in Blake's hands. The feeling of fingers squeezing her throat made her heart pump, then came the slow grind of her little sister against her thigh… It took everything ounce of self-control to resist pinning the birthday girl to the floor. Blake had to fight with every fibre of her being to stop herself from laying her Baby Girl down… Sliding up along Emily's tight little body until she was straddling the cheeky teen's face. Fuck, Blake, you're hopelessly horny!
A kiss was inevitable, and that kiss came. Tongues followed lips as Emily reached down to hold her sister's hand. Blake had a lot on her mind, but it all faded as Em's warm body rested snug against her. For the first time, she had a desire to submit to the whims of her junior sibling; her darling. Maybe the desire was always there. Perhaps every woman in her family was a sucker for punishment: a secret submissive. Yet, she knew Emily would want a bit of a struggle, and who was she to deny the birthday girl?
With all her strength, Blake managed to turn the tables on Emily, ending up on top. Their kiss continued as they began to feel four eyes — Riley and their mother — sip in the sapphic sight. Their lip-lock paused as they took a much-needed breath. The smell of perfume was overwhelming as their burning bodies activated the fragrances. It made their skin tingle and their noses flair.
Blake could sense the sexual tension from the other women in the room. It was driving her crazy; making her want to rip off everyone's clothes and just go wild. Yet, she wanted 'her man' to have Riley first.
The sisters had to put the brakes on what was happening until their brother arrived. They kept panting, their chests swelling, and little puppy-dog growls punctuating their moment. With an almost supernatural effort, they disengaged, and Emily got to her feet.
"I want to go put on the lingerie Mom bought me," the little sister sauntered to her closet. "Put on a dirty movie, make yourselves comfortable, 'cause once Josh gets back, all bets are off."
Chapter Twenty
My jaw dropped the second I walked through the door.
Emily was in this beautiful lingerie — deep black and delicate. It was firm in places and transparent in others; it gave shape to her already shapely figure. The expensive fabric framed her lines like a painting. It complemented her tan skin, brown eyes and brunette hair.
On the big-screen, a half-dozen girls were engaged in an orgy. A scene from Blake's little stash, captivating all the women of the house.
Each of the ladies had a different relationship with pornography. Mom saw it as a curiosity; it intrigued her, but she didn't really get off on it. For Emily, it was the fact that Blake enjoyed it that got her going. She liked to close her eyes and imagine all the times Blake had sat alone on a bed with a little screen in front of her… Hand between her legs.

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