Incest fun

Hi all, this is an incest lover from India. In my view incest is done in secret all over India. Incest is considered a taboo in our society. But considering a thing as bad doesn’t prevent people from doing it. Even the guys and the girls too consider it a nice experience to taste the fruit of incest. I had incest relations with 2 of my relatives.

Well I a young guy of 26.i live in Delhi (wrong place).but we originally don’t belong to Delhi, we from Madhya Pradesh (wrong place).so in a year or so we go to our village so as to spend the summer holidays. We have relatives all over India and they too join us there in summer heat. The story which I am going to relate is a bit old incident. It happened some 6 years ago or so. So it may be 1999 or so. It was the month of May or June when the summer was on its high. Our family mom, dad, I and 2 of my sisters joined us in our old house in the village. Dad’s sisters and their daughters, mom’s sisters’ brothers and their kids, almost all our relatives who live cities joined us there. This time almost all our relatives were there because it was the occasion of marriage of a cus of mine.

Now let me tell about the girl with whom I had incest relation. Well she was 17 or 18 at that time and I was 20. She was matured fully grown girl. She was short height, slim and having a great figure. I have seen her in the coming years but she was not so grown up. But this time she was hot. She was 5 ft or so. She was whitish in color (body color doesn’t matter; it’s the incest heat that matters.).She was ok in beauty. Little brownish hairs. Black eyes. And ya her name was mitali (name changed). The day we arrived their family was already there from kolkata. well I had not yet told the relation of the girl with me, should I tell now or I can tell it in the end also, as it will be bit more surprising. Well let me tell me about me. Me amit (name changed).me 6 ft in height. Not so slim body can say bit fat. Black hairs. Black eyes. And a long dick (that’s imp).

Well the story begins in a hot summer day. Electricity is a problem in summers in almost ever village in India. So due to erratic electricity supply all the members used to sleep on the roof top of the village. So it’s an interesting event to clean and wash the roof top daily and place the sleeping beds on the roof directly. As there were lots of members in the house bed s were not placed and all used to sleep on the mats placed on the terrace. Ya I was telling about the interesting event of cleaning the terrace. Some female members used to clean it and wash it. So the male genders like me used to enjoy the cleavage view of the girls who used to wash it. White, black, pink red, violet; bras of all colures were visible from the neckline, and parts of boobs too. So it was the trailer I used to enjoy everyday. And shag my penis in the bathroom after seeing it.

The penis used to get tired everyday as it was used everyday. And one more thing I have bra fetish and lingerie fetish. My penis used to stand up as soon as it sees a bra or any under garment. The girl with whom I had incest relation is a very decent girl. In the terrace cleaning process I was never able to see her inners as she was always totally covered .so u people must be knowing, that the thing which is hidden is the thing which need to be seen or explored. So I was searching for the right situation when I can explore it. And one day I got to see something hot.

As usual I was on the terrace. Some part of the terrace is thatched and there were 2 roped beds, which we can see in the villages of India, the beds which the dhaba wala have. So I was sleeping one of it. I was reading a book when I heard some sound from near the well. It was a sound of ornaments coming from downstairs. I stood up and came to saw whose there. I was surprised to see a girl was preparing to take bath. Wow I was lucky. Near our well there are some trees which form a shade for ladies to take bath when the water from the overhead tanks gets finished. The girl was the elder sister of mitali. Her name was pooja. She was of my age of 20 or so. They are 3 sisters and 1 bro. They alive in kolkata. I was searching for a moment to see mitali when I was forced to see her elder sis pooja. But u knows she is also not bad. She doesn’t have beauty be she has breast. I guess it must be 34 or 36.she had huge at that age. I have seen her bending and washing the floor but I had never seen her bathing so it was a nice situation to see.

So I hide myself in a proper position to see her. She first started to fetch water from the well. While doing so she bends herself to give me a nice view of her cleavage. Inside it was pink. I could know whether it was a bra or a camisole as it was a bit distant. But what ever it was it was sexy and it was holding the boobs tightly. The sight of it made my penis hard. After seeing it I came to the stairs to check no one is coming to the terrace or not. Then came back to the same spot to see the open air bath. After filling the big bath tub with water she threw her eyes in all direction to see whether anybody is around or not. After confirming she started to remove her salwar. After removing it she unzipped her kameez back and removed it. Oh my god she was hot, in a camisole and panty. It was a pink camisole. And a pink bra too inside. My god these girls wear so much in summers too.

Then without removing anymore thing she started to pour water on her body. The water made the camisole more transparent, and I was able to see her cami getting struck to her body. Her back portion was facing me so I was not able to see the boobs. Then she started to apply soap. She inserted her hands inside the camisole to apply soap. I was dreaming why she doesn’t call me for applying it. I would have removed her cami and would have applied it in a nice manner. Anyway this process took 5-10 min and now her bath is over. Now it’s the time to see anything if possible, I was dreaming. And my dream came true. She again moved her eyes here and there and removed her wet camisole and threw it in the tub. Then came the turn of bra. She unhooks the hooks and removed it and kept it in the tub. While doing so she bends her body to expose one of her melons. Wow, it’s big and juicy. She then again stood up straight and the lovely scene was over. She then applied towel and soaked the excess water present on her skin. Then brought a bra kept near her and wore it. Then again a cami and then kameez. Then she removed her panties. These girls are cleaver. Nothing of her bottom was seen, but what ever seen is god’s gift.

After wearing all she washed it and went inside the house. In the mean time I shagged inside my pants. And again slept on the charpai (bed) and was preying god for a sleep .as soon my eyes was bit asleep I heard some sound on the roof, like somebody coming. I peeped with one of my eyes to saw pooja with the washed clothes .she came to hang them for drying. She kept them and went away.

Seeing bras my penis was a bit hot again .I went to the rope and saw her undergarment .touched them, smelled them .searched for the tag to see which brand and size. Bra was of some Indian brand and the size was 34c. It was a cotton simple bra. And a cotton panties. I love to see sexy bras and panties. But to my surprise none wears in my family or in my relatives as far as I have seen. Maybe some has started wearing but that I have to find out.

Some days later, I was again sleeping there on the terrace in the noon. Then I heard some sound in the stairs .I got up and started to read a book. I saw mitali on the terrace. She asked me “bahiya aap kya kar rahe hain”. I said”kuch nehi bas book padh raha hoon”. wow mitali was looking sexy in her lovely salwar kameez outfit. I was of maroon co lour I still remember. She came towards me and sat on the other charpai (bed).and started to talking with me. She was telling all about her college and about kolkata city. I was also interested to listen. While taking she slowly started to lie down and after some time she was in a position which I was in. And we both continued chatting looking at each other face and sleeping on our respective charpai. slowly I was much more comfortable with her. But there was no sign of any exposure .nor can I see any cleavage from any directions. But I can notice the huge bulge under her dupatta.

Then after some time I took my hands and placed my finger on a particular place on her face and told “yeh kya laga hai yaha”.mitali told “kaha” I told”kahi nahi,aise hi tang kar raha tha” miltali told”tang karoge to ungli kat lungi bhaiya” I told “kat ke dikhao”. and I started to tease her more, by placing my fingers in different places on her face. Sometimes on her chin sometimes on her forehead. And she was limping forward to bite it. This thing turned into a game of biting. My intention was to touch her boobs in any manner and hr was to bite my finger. Then I placed my finger near her mouth, and told”kat ke dikhao” she was trying to bite it but I was withdrawing it and again placing it. Till then my hands had not touched her body. But I could notice that her behavior was changing in a fast manner. Like she was now trying hard to bite it and in this event she was lifting herself to some extent. At one time she caught my hands and tried to bite. I told”yeh cheating hai, aise nehi” .she left my hands. I was enjoying as well as nervous as someone else may come. So this thing continued. My penis was becoming little hard as time was passing by.

After much time playing with her face. I allowed my finger to be bitten by her. As she bites she caught hold of my hand and kept it close to her body and sucked the finger and bites it for a moment. It was a sexy moment to describe. My hand was touching her maroon kameez and dupatta. and she was sucking and biting my finger like a penis in her mouth.

The atmosphere was getting hotter and hotter as time was passing by. I took out my finger from her mouth and placed on her wet lips. She again tried to bite it, but couldn’t. By this time she was bit hot, and she was making some sexy sound .I thought that it’s the right time to take the plunge into her .then I slowly kept my hands on her body and my fingers were exploring her face. She didn’t resist for keeping my hands on her. This gave me a boost. My hands were in the middle of both the huge mountains she had. Now suddenly she moved her body towards me and in this movement my hands were trapped beneath one of her big boobs. Wow I was feeling the soft flesh touching my hands. I kept my hands as usual and was enjoying the touch.

She must be thinking that I must take the move now, but I never took the first move. instead I waited for her. Then after some time she finally took the move and pulled my hands and kept it on one of her boobs. sexy, it was huge soft ball of fire. As she kept it she closed her eyes. It was signals for me that, I am closing my eyes u do what ever u can do to me. I gently squeeze it. It was so soft and fleshy that I got the biggest erection of my life. For the first time I was holding a boobs. I pressed it for sometime .she was moaning with fun. But for me the real fun was still not visible .ya u guessed it right, it’s her bras. So to see it I gently inserted my hands near her neck area and slipped the kameez so that I can see her bra straps. I saw it was a white color but above it there was another cloth it’s was a camisole. I thought to my self all her sister wear the camisole.

This is the end of part one in order to get the part 2 of it. Pls send me comments to me so that I can know how good the first part is. Send your mails to [email protected].