Incest Story | Chubby Elder Sister

The first woman who made me hard and still does till date is my elder sis. I loved her very much as my only sister but my lust for her made me think and do things which resulted in a blissful sexual life between us which we enjoy till today. But this lust which got created for her inside me was helped or initiated by her in many ways, like, she will always dress in skimpiest of dresses whenever our parents were not around.
She will ask me to message her or shave her, will change clothes in front of me, encouraged me to do same, would stare and laugh at the size of my thing whenever I will be in my briefs in front of her. I want to tell about our first sex and how it all started. I sniffed her panties which she just took off before going to take a wash. The smell was so enticing that instantly I had a hard-on. I took out my john and started to jerk off but then suddenly I heard her come out of bathroom. 
I went out of her room asap and got behind the window of her room which was just beside my room. She was only in skimpy towel which barely covered her body. She is a bit chubby with very fair skin, boobs of 32D and big round ass with a bit of tummy out. I have lost count of how many times I have jerked off thinking about licking her whole body. She closed her door and threw the towel away and stood in front of her mirror looking at herself. 
She took her body lotion and started rubbing herself all over but when her hand reached near her cunt she stopped and sat in her bed after a while I realized she was fingering herself. I was so happy I took off my clothes instantly and started jerking off looking at her. I came within a few moments after that I came to my senses but my john was getting hard again because she was still at it then I decided that I had to go for it today or I will never get to fuck her ever. 
I went directly in front of her window and started to rub myself so that she can see me. It took a while before she saw me in her mirror. She was surprised and embarrassed at the same time but did not try to hide her body. She was staring at my hard cock. She asked me what the fuck I am doing but I told her to continue what she was doing. I said I want to watch her finger herself. She said I was crazy but I told her there is no harm if no one knows and it stays between us. 
I asked her to open her door so I can see her closely but she was reluctant. I went and stared knocking on her door after a while she opened but now she wrapped herself in her towel while I was still buff naked with my John staring hard at her. She refused to finger herself in-front of me so I told her it’s ok if she does not want but I need to get my release so she can help me by jerking me off with her hands at first she did nothing then when I pulled her hands and put it on my john she did not let go of it.
I knew my trick succeeded now in a short while I can get her to do anything I want. I told her let’s sit in the bed where we can be comfortable. She sat beside me and I wrapped my right arm around her naked shoulder while she slowly jerked me off with her soft hand. Till that time she did not said anything her eyes were fixed on my cock while I was exploring my right hand over towel clad body trying to feel her huge boobs. She was getting turned on as her breath got heavier by the moment.
I was feeling her smooth milky thighs after a while she asked me how I am lasting so long I told her I need her to suck me in order to get cum fast. It was like she was waiting to hear those words and she took it completely inside her warm mouth. It felt like heaven I was sucked before but it was total out of the world when she did it. I was smiling cause I knew I would last for a quite a while as I had just jerked of few moments back. I grabbed her hair and started to pull her head up and down in my cock. 
She chocked but did not complained guess she was enjoying it very much. I pack a very handy size but she was like an expert taking it in all like a porn star. I pulled her up and pulled her face close to me and kissed her. I took her tongue into my mouth and started to suck on it. Her whole body was trembling with lust. I took towel off her body and made her stand in front of me and then I pulled her closed to me and started to suck on her beautiful big boobies while I grabbed and squeezed her big ass cheeks with my both hands. 
She started to moan as I started to slap her ass cheeks hard while I bit, licked and sucked her both boobs simultaneously. I slowly entered one finger into her cunt she moaned again then I pulled it out and tasted it tasted great. I licked my finger again and inserted into her ass and at the same time one finger in her cunt while I started to suck on her big nipples at that moment she moaning loudly in both pain and pleasure and pain. What happened next in my next upload
At first I fingered her both holes slowly but increased my pace after a while. She was enjoying it to the maximum because she was grabbing my hairs and pulling my mouth to her tits like she wanted me to suck it all. She also started to kiss me very passionately taking my whole tongue and sucking it like her life depended on it. I told her that I want to lick every inch of her body and threw her into the bed. I started with her toes than legs thighs but skipped her cunt as I wanted to make her wait. 
I licked her tummy, her armpits, her neck, her face than I turned downwards and started to lick her back till her ass. I bit her ass cheeks hard and she groaned in pain but I was too horny to listen to her cries after I had my fill with her big plump ass cheeks I spread her cheeks to open up her anus. It was dark in color compared to her white skin. I sniffed it first it was pungent but I liked it instantly and kissed it. I started to lick it with my tongue and she started to moan again which made me lick her harder and spank her big ass cheeks ferociously. 
I eat her ass for a while before turning her upwards to sniff her hairless pussy. It was pink in color and smelled very nice. She was very wet from my finger fuck. Without wasting any time I put my whole mouth into it and licked and sucked on her clit while I fingered her anus. She making a lot of noise and moaning like a slut. Suddenly she started to squirt a lot of cum in my face which I lapped up like a hungry dog after about 15 minutes of eating her pussy I moved to lie beside her. 
She was totally spent after Cumming so much but I was not done with her yet I kissed her and said in her ears that I want her to suck me again then I will fuck her pussy and ass. I sat above her face and pushed my semi-erect cock in her warm mouth and started to face fuck her till I got hard enough. I spread her legs with my both hands and shoved it hard in one push inside her which made her scream in pleasure. I always knew she was not a virgin as I saw her once fucking one of her boyfriend in her room.