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I 56 was always well off and widowed and living alone as my children look after themselves and have started their own families. A good friend of mine also a widower got really ill, and he would die in late 2021 (cancer) asked to see me. He wanted me to be guardian of his younger sister 54, I knew her well and she is slow and can be easily distracted. She was always protected by the family and he and her were the last. He asked me as a good friend to take over, looking after her when he died. At first, I was hesitant, but decided why not as I knew her, and she knew me. It would be better than going in a care facility, she was quite capable of looking after herself cooking and anything else she needed to do, except shopping, financial matters and going to appointments as she got destressed without someone with her. That’s why I was appointed to help her, and I had children who also knew her, and she knew them. Having no children of his own I was the next best option. She would be well off and wouldn’t need my financial support. My friend died and his sister was very upset, and it took several months for her to come to terms with his passing. Visiting my children and their families also helped her recover as she loved playing with their children. I remember thinking she would’ve made a great mother. Then late last year we were home together, with only my dog with us. I had been working in my garage and had gone to shower, as I showered there was a thunderclap right overhead and at first, I didn’t think much about it. Shortly after the bathroom door opened and she came in terrified of the thunder and the dog came in also. I realized she didn’t like thunder and said it’s okay it’s only a thunderstorm, trying to reassure her. She wanted to be close to me and I decided to let her stay but seeing me showering wasn’t close enough for her and she undressed and joined me in the shower. I was shocked at first, but soon got over it and she isn’t half bad looking and my mind started to wander. I had her wash my back, but still got a hard-on and when she saw it she touched it. Well one thing led to another, and I fucked her and took her virginity. She was happy having sex with me and I had crossed the line so to speak and didn’t want to stop sleeping with her. But I had misgivings and decided to marry her and that way it would better for my conscience. As she would be my wife not my ward, but I asked my children’s advice and didn’t tell of having sex with her. They said it was a good idea to marry her and so I did in December, now my conscience is eased, and I have her in my bed every night. My youngest got a promotion and a transfer closer to us and he and his family are staying with us while their new home is being built across the street. My wife is overjoyed, my daughter-in-law is happy as she has child minder close by, so she can pursue her career as well. My dog is run ragged by the children, but always enjoys their visits and they love him very much. One benefit of my son returning home is my daughter-in-law takes her mother-in-law shopping. I don’t have to sit in a women clothing store while my wife buys clothes. I just feel awkward.

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