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Innocent Devil's Harem Ch. 21 — Kai decides he wants a hot MILF in his harem.
Submitted: December 31, 2020 to Literotica (Copyright Kaizer Wolf)
Tags: harem, incest (brother/sister), supernatural, shifter, big tits, redhead, blonde, MILF
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Thanks for checking out this story! This series is written like a novel, so be sure to start at Chapter 1 if you want to avoid major spoilers or confusion.
– CHAPTER 21 –
The trip to the hospital was really quiet, and not because I didn't have much to say to my older sister. No, it was quiet because I was alone in the car.
Just as we were getting ready to leave, the sun bright in the sky since it was only about 3:40 PM, we considered driving separate vehicles so that Gabriella would have access to some transportation. Objectively, it was a smart idea in my opinion, just to make sure my girlfriend could leave if she needed to get Avery out of the hospital in a rush, so my sister was currently in her own blue car, not far behind me.
Of course, that just meant I was left to my own thoughts, now having time alone to process everything.
And it was definitely a lot to process.
My biological father was an incubus, and my mother was an unknown.
At first, I hadn't put too much thought into that latter aspect, but now that I really had time to think about it, I realized just how irregular she must be. After all, my biological father couldn't compel her, which was a big red flag right there, in the sense that she wasn't normal. Not to mention, she left me some kind of magical stone that would allow me to experience a message of some kind when it came into contact with my blood.
Like, what the actual fuck?
A magical catalyst that activated with my blood?
Shit, exactly just how much was there to the world that I was oblivious to? Because apparently magic was a thing.
And was it because my blood was special compared to a human's blood? Or was it somehow tailored to my blood specifically, like a unique key?
I mean, I assumed my father wouldn't be able to view the message, but I might be wrong about that. Maybe anyone with incubus blood could view it, and my father was just respecting her wish to leave it for me. Granted, that was assuming that the message could only be seen or heard once, which could be completely incorrect.
For all I knew, my biological father already knew what the message contained.
Still, no matter how I looked at it, the whole situation just seemed bizarre.
Like, my father's words seemed to indicate he found it peculiar that his influence didn't work on her, and yet he didn't seem overly concerned by that. So then, maybe she was human, but also a witch or something? Was it possible he had come across other women who couldn't be compelled?
So many questions, and basically no answers.
All I could do was speculate and wonder.
I just hoped that the message didn't leave me with more questions. Honestly, I kind of wondered if she wanted to meet me, and that was the reason for the black stone — to explain how I could find her. After all, the original letter seemed to indicate that my incubus father didn't give her the choice of raising me. Instead, he came to take me as soon as I was born and had a different concubine provide for me until he could place me with a family who owed him eternal servitude, or something crazy like that.
I mean, no other woman was ever going to replace the one who actually raised me, but at the same time, if my biological mom didn't have a choice in giving me up…
I sighed heavily, uncertain of what to really think.
Like, did I want this person in my life? Did she even want to be in my life?
And would bringing her into my life also result in my father ending up paying me a visit too?
Because while my biological dad seemed like an alright guy, it was still kind of scary knowing what he was capable of. I mean, all it would take was for me to get on his bad side, to offend him somehow, and he could literally destroy my entire life.
Fuck, just thinking about making my sister do pushups back in her room, I realized I kind of liked the sensation of absolute power, which meant my father probably liked the sensation too. Watching my sister just obediently do whatever I wanted was almost intoxicating, and there was no guilt associated with it, since she claimed that it wasn't a bad feeling for her.
The only reason she felt afraid was because of how I told her to stop, which resulted in her feeling like she disappointed me. However, as far as wanting to obey me, she had no problem with my compulsion…which I knew was probably a result of the compulsion itself.
She was charmed and okay with being charmed.
But I also knew I had to be careful with that feeling, because I felt like it was really dangerous.
I didn't want to become someone I didn't recognize — someone who had zero problems with making women do whatever he wanted, without concern for their own wellbeing. Someone who might steal women from other men, just because he could, or who might make a straight woman fuck another woman, just because he wanted to see it happen.
Meaning, I didn't want to abuse this power, because I knew that one day it might get used against me if I wasn't careful. Like, I didn't exactly believe karma was a real thing, but I didn't want to take that chance either.
So yeah, I really didn't want my biological father to ever come around. Which meant, by extension, I would probably be hesitant to meet the woman who gave birth to me, even if it turned out she was trustworthy.
Unfortunately, I also knew that she might be the best person to talk to, aside from my bio-father, in order to discover the whole story about everything that went on, leading up to my birth. However, that was mostly a 'curiosity' thing at this point, and I didn't want to be the 'cat' in this situation, even if I did kind of want to know more about who I really was.
It was definitely going to be a tough decision, but one for another time, since I needed to focus on the present moment for now, and then worry about the rest after I saw or heard, or whatever, my biological mother's message.
And right now, the task at hand was saving Michelle's life, so that Avery didn't lose her mom and end up hating me due to my refusal to help her when I could. Granted, I was aware that my busty blonde classmate might not be capable of hating me due to my charming influence, but I didn't want her to be depressed either.
I didn't want her to go through what I went through when I lost my adoptive parents.
I also realized there was a small part of me that kind of liked the idea of having Michelle indebted to me. Normally, I wouldn't have such thoughts about someone like her for a variety of reasons, including the fact that she was married and the mother of a girl who had a crush on me.
But just thinking about how my biological father viewed the world seemed to open up the possibilities that I previously wouldn't have dared consider. Like, fuck, the idea that my own adoptive mother was a potential 'gift,' just as much as my sister was, went a long way to making my head spin with possibilities.
One of which included a reality where Michelle was more than just Avery's mom to me.
Because, objectively, Michelle was hot as hell, looking like a slightly more mature version of Avery, being a little bustier, having slightly wider hips, and overall being just a tad bit thicker in all the right places while still being very skinny. She also had that motherly look to her, even though most people assumed she was in her mid-thirties, instead of her mid-forties. At the very least, there was a certain look to her bright blue eyes that only an experienced, perceptive, and knowledgeable woman would have, along with a certain sexuality to her mature figure and blonde hair.
A sexuality that had its foundation in her being both hot and motherly.
Like, I could easily imagine viewing Michelle as a loving and caring mother-in-law, filling a maternal role in my life that was completely vacant right now…
However, I could also imagine an extremely sensual version of reality where she was one of my women, my own personal MILF to love and cherish me in the most perverted ways possible.
But I knew I was really letting everything go to my head at this point.
Even if I could have that reality, it didn't mean I should, and I still needed to consider that Michelle was happily married to Avery's dad, and that sleeping with her would not only be a betrayal to my classmate, but also a major offense to the bastard lucky enough to have scored Michelle in the first place.
No need to tempt karma, even if I didn't believe in the bitch.
Still, as I got closer and closer to the hospital, I realized I was growing more eager to inject her with my blood, realizing I wanted the hot MILF to be indebted to me, even if nothing ever came of it.
Of course, that also made me feel bad when I considered how Avery would feel, not to mention what my sister and girlfriend would think too. But at the same time, I couldn't stop the anticipation and excitement from rising up inside of me.
I was about to put this hot mature woman in my pocket, and it sincerely gave me a bizarre thrill.
By the time I was pulling into one of the hospital's parking garages, I was no longer making this decision solely for Avery's sake.
I was now making the decision for my sake too, because it was what I wanted.
The parking garage was still pretty full of vehicles, which wasn't surprising since it was about 4:00 PM on a Saturday, but I was lucky enough to find a space close to the elevators. My goal was to make it easy for Gabriella to find my car if she needed to use it, which meant my sister had to go up another level before she could find a space.
I took the stairs and met up with her before she barely had time to get out and lock her vehicle.
She gave me a surprisingly warm smile when she met my gaze, almost as if she felt content and reassured to be by my side again. It made me wonder what she'd been thinking about while she was left to her own thoughts, but I knew now wasn't the best time to ask.
Because we had a mission to accomplish.
As we began walking through the parking garage to the main entrance of the building, she leaned in close to speak.
"So I still have that other needle in my purse," she whispered. "If they don't have any laying out like last time, then we can use it."
I frowned as I considered that.
She seemed to anticipate my thoughts. "Obviously, we still need it for me, since that seems to be the easiest way to get your blood in me, so just save it after you use it on her."
I looked at her in surprise. "You sure?" I whispered seriously.
She nodded. "That's just worst case," she clarified. "If they have more laying out, then just grab one of those. But yes, I'm sure. Obviously sharing needles is a horrible idea under normal circumstances, but I'm not worried about getting anything from Avery's mom."
I nodded in acknowledgment, with us now walking down the hallway from the garage to the main lobby.
"Oh, and Gabriella did call me on the way," she added. "I've got Michelle's room number, so we can head straight there and get this done."
"Sure," I agreed. "And then, after that?" I wondered.
She frowned as she became pensive, lowering her voice so that people passing us didn't overhear. "Well, I guess we'll have to try to stay with her. Hopefully giving her more blood will cause her to transform faster, but between Michelle and Avery, we at least know Avery was given a blood transfusion. She's the least likely to need a slap in the face when her eyes open."
"Which means," I replied. "If it gets to be too late, then you'll probably need to stay with Avery, and Gabriella will have to stay with her mom."
Serenity sighed. "Yeah, I guess so," she agreed.
Personally, I didn't really like the idea of leaving my sister alone with Avery, due to the risk she posed when she woke up. But I doubted the hospital staff would let me stay overnight with either woman, and the alternative was to wait and risk Avery's mom dying.
Part of me wanted to dwell on all the possible ways this could go wrong, especially since none of this was happening in complete privacy, but again the risk of Avery's mom dying was sort of out-weighing everything else.
Because if I didn't do anything, or waited for a better opportunity, then it felt like Michelle dying was a guarantee, whereas everything that could go wrong was simply a 'risk' and nothing more.
No way in hell was I going to accept a guaranteed 'worst case outcome' just to avoid other potential issues that might come up. Not to mention, if we got lucky and had all female staff, there was always the chance I might be able to compel them to keep quiet if they happened to see anything strange.
My sister and I walked in silence the rest of the way, getting on an elevator with a couple of people and then getting off on the third floor.
Unfortunately, I knew this was going to be harder than I was expecting the moment we stepped off.
The entire setup of this unit was completely different than the floor Avery was on.
For one, it wasn't so much a hallway as it was a massive square area, with the rooms on the outside of the square while the nurse's station was in the middle of the massive space, as if it was the hub to a wheel. This made it so that the nursing staff could sit outside a particular room and have direct line of sight into it, if so desired.
And if that wasn't bad enough, the walls to the rooms were made of glass!
Like, several rooms had curtains pulled to conceal the people inside, with these areas having a staff member in the room with the injured individual, but most of the patients were in plain sight, even from the makeshift hallway. Not to mention, even in the rooms with curtains pulled, it was still possible to make out shadows of the medical staff within.
There was virtually no privacy at all.
I could look into each of the rooms and plainly see other patients, and even guess at the reason why they were here based on what I saw and even smelled, with some seeming as if they recently had surgery, while others looked like they were on ventilators or hooked up to other machines.
Spotting Michelle wasn't difficult, looking like a magazine model even despite her now unkempt blonde hair and hospital gown, tangled up in an endless number of wires and tubing. The sight made my heart sink, having sincerely grown attached on the way here to this woman who I barely knew.
Not that I would be necessarily devastated if she passed away, but thinking about her in the many ways I did on the drive to the hospital, it was now affecting me seeing her in this vulnerable situation. Of course, that was also a huge part of it — seeing her so vulnerable, completely helpless and fully relying on others to keep her alive right now…
Why did I like seeing women vulnerable so much?
And why was I so in love with the idea of being the one to save her? To be the one to make her indebted to me?
I knew I needed to be careful with these feelings coursing through me, but I couldn't help how these ideas were making me feel now, in this moment. The combination of emotions was actually making me kind of somber, honestly.
Rather than head directly into the room, which was labeled 309, my sister seemed to have formulated a plan, instead grabbing my arm loosely and leading us toward a nurse sitting at a computer in the nurses station so that she was facing Michelle's room.
"Hello," my sister greeted to get her attention. "Are you Michelle Copeland's nurse?"
The brunette looked up at her in surprise. "Oh, hello. Yes, I am. My name is Tracey. Are you family?"
I decided to interject. "I'm best friends with her daughter, who is also here," I explained. "She's like a second mom to me," I added somberly, not at all faking the emotion, even if what I was saying was a lie.
The nurse gave me a sympathetic look. "Well, I'm glad you're here to see her. We've struggled to get in contact with her family, and it might help if she knows people she cares about are here for her." She sighed. "We also really need to designate a power of attorney. Do either of you have any contact information for us to try?"
"Wait," my sister said in surprise, glancing over her shoulder into Michelle's room, before looking back at the nurse. "She's in a medical coma, right? How would she even know we're here?"
The nurse nodded, understanding the confusion. "Yes, she is unconscious, but there have been lots of cases of people remembering things after they wake up. And I'm a strong believer that they often hear even if they don't remember. I know it sounds silly, but even just talking with her and letting her know you're there might make a difference in the outcome."
I frowned at that, my sister responding. "I see," she said simply. "And then what's this about a power of attorney?" she wondered, only to pause. "I'm afraid we don't have any contact information for other family members, so we wouldn't be able to help with that. Would be different if her daughter wasn't in the hospital too, since we have her information," she lied.
The nurse sighed with a nod. "I understand, and what we do have came from her daughter, but just no one is picking up the phone. And we've left messages, but no one has called back." She sighed again, glancing at her computer screen. "As far as the power of attorney goes, it's to make medical decisions while she's unable to." She frowned then, giving us another sympathetic look. "I know it's not something anyone wants to think about, but a big decision that needs to be made is if she'll be made DNR or not, which means Do Not Resuscitate."
My sister looked especially alarmed. "And why would you want someone to choose that?" she asked seriously.
The nurse looked equally as surprised. "Oh, no, don't misunderstand. We aren't going to suggest that directly, but if Mrs. Copeland ends up coding from the inflammation on her brain, then resuscitating her might mean she's alive only in the most literal sense."
"You're saying she might end up a vegetable," my sister assumed. "That she'll never truly wake up, even if her heart stops and you get it going again."
The nurse grimaced. "Unfortunately, yes. And while we value all our patients and want them to get better, the long-lasting financial impact on the family could be devastating if we try to keep her alive when there's no hope of her waking up again." She sighed heavily. "Of course, the burden of that decision doesn't fall on your shoulders, but if you do happen to get a hold of anyone, please let us know."
Disgusted by the whole conversation, knowing the nurse was just speaking the harsh reality, but still hating what she was saying, I abruptly turned away and began walking to Michelle's room. It prompted a confused look from my sister, and a scent of guilt to emanate from the nurse.
"I'm sorry," she whispered to Serenity. "It's a really horrible and tough situation, but not something for you two to worry about. Just please spend some time talking to her."
"We will," Serenity responded as I reached the glass door and opened it. "And do you mind if we pull the curtains?" she added. "Feels kind of weird knowing random strangers can just look in and see us."
"Certainly," Tracey agreed. "Just let me know if you need anything."
Glancing over my shoulder, I saw my sister nod, before following after me, with me holding the door open for her, angled away from the nurse's station behind me. However, despite the short conversation we just had, I could see in Serenity's chocolate brown eyes that she was determined now, remembering that we had a plan to execute.

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