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tagIncest/TabooInnocent Devil’s Harem Ch. 23

Innocent Devil's Harem Ch. 23 — Kai spends some time getting to know his new MILF.
Submitted: January 14, 2021 to Literotica (Copyright Kaizer Wolf)
Tags: harem, incest (brother/sister), supernatural, shifter, big tits, redhead, blonde, MILF
Hi there!
Thanks for checking out this story! This series is written like a novel, so be sure to start at Chapter 1 if you want to avoid major spoilers or confusion.

– CHAPTER 23 –
Meeting Michelle's somber gaze was all it took to know that I wouldn't be capable of being a hardass with her, like I initially thought. Partially, because she didn't strike me as being someone who was going to be disobedient to my simple requests, but also because she really did feel like a mom, even if she looked so young, making it difficult for me to treat her like I initially did Avery.
Due to how I was raised, I couldn't help but feel as if I should respect this woman, and know my place around her, just like how I'd feel around my own mom.
She looked normal now, disheveled blonde hair and blue eyes, instead of whatever color she'd been when she woke up, still dressed in the hospital gown without a bra. Although, she actually looked healthier than when I first saw her back at the bank.
Not that she'd seemed unhealthy before — far from it — but there was definitely something different now. Was her pale smooth skin more supple? Or maybe it was just because I'd only recently noticed her freckles running across her nose and upper cheeks, which kind of gave her an even more youthful appearance.
When she didn't say anything, I decided to speak up. "You wanted to see me?" I said quietly.
She nodded hesitantly, glancing at my sister. "Could we speak alone a moment, sweetie?" she wondered.
Serenity nodded in the corner of my eye. "Sure, I'll close the curtain and wait outside the door."
I gave my sister another quick side hug, and then moved over to the chair more toward the foot of Michelle's bed, sitting down and taking a deep breath as I focused on her knees. I waited until I heard the door close before speaking.
"How are you feeling?" I whispered, uncertain of how this situation was going to turn out and feeling a little anxious about it.
Michelle took a deep breath and turned her head away, seeming to really think about her response. "You know, my daughter has talked about you almost every day for the past two years."
I looked up at her in surprise, wondering why she was bringing that up.
She met my gaze then, her expression still sad. "As horrible as this day has been, I wouldn't be surprised if she ends up viewing it as the best day of her life."
I frowned, feeling uncertain about her point. "Why do you think that?" I prompted after a few seconds.
She gave me a weak smile. "Because she's finally a part of your world now, isn't she? Although, I doubt she had any idea what being a part of your world might look like. I certainly never would have imagined."
I nodded slowly, realizing she must fully grasp the situation she'd found herself in. She must truly remember what I told her while unconscious, and understood that I was supernatural, and that I'd similarly made both her and her daughter supernatural.
But that also meant she was aware I had some level of control over her, and knew that I could outright control her completely if I really wanted.
I sighed. "And how are you going to view this day?" I wondered. "The worst?"
She grimaced at that and looked away. "I don't know," she finally admitted after a second. "I suppose it depends on what you'll expect of me."
I sighed heavily and leaned back more in my seat, garnering her attention from the motion, with me assuming that my potential control was her underlying concern.
"Honestly? Not much. I just need you to keep all this to yourself, and probably the biggest way that'll impact you is your relationship with your husband." When she grimaced again, I quickly continued. "Not that I'm saying you can't do normal married stuff. But…" I paused and lowered my voice. "There are certain situations where you'll end up transforming, and that'll mean your husband will end up knowing."
Michelle sighed then. "Sweetie, you can just say sex. I know I'm Avery's mother, and it probably seems awkward to talk about that subject with me, but I've been around a while. It's not as if I'm going to faint in shock that a young man such as yourself is well versed in the subject."
Stunned by her brazenness, I had to look away from her, a weird combination of surprise and embarrassment hitting me all at once. However, she must have noticed the gray creeping up my neck a little, because she quickly shifted gears.
"Oh honey, I'm sorry," she whispered. "I didn't realize you might be avoiding the subject for your own sake. Please forgive me, dear."
I took a deep breath, trying to shake the feeling off as I felt my skin shifting back to normal. I was too stressed right now by the situation, and really needed to chill out.
"Umm, it's fine," I said after a moment. I then cleared my throat, deciding to be blunt. "Anyway, I'm just trying to say that I don't plan on making you do anything you don't want to do, and that we just might need to get creative about ensuring your husband stays silent about it too."
She nodded with a frown. "I appreciate what you're saying, dear. But it won't be necessary. Avery's father and I haven't been intimate in quite some time, and I certainly have no intentions on being intimate with him ever again."
My eyes widened in surprise.
Holy fuck, was she serious?
Did that mean my sister guessed right? Was that why he wasn't around?
Yet, at the same time, I couldn't imagine him not at least coming to see his daughter!
What kind of bastard abandons his family like that?
"W-Why is that?" I wondered hesitantly, glancing away, unable to meet her gaze now.
She sighed. "He's found someone else, and has decided that his new hussy is more important than his wife and daughter." She scoffed. "Not too surprising, considering the child of a woman is barely older than you are." She unexpectedly gave me an apologetic expression. "Not that I'm calling you a child, honey. But she really is barely older than my daughter."
"I-I see," I replied, feeling awkward to be hearing about their family drama.
She sighed. "But anyway, yes, I understand what you're saying. We aren't divorced yet, but if I do get involved with someone, then this new aspect of my life is something to consider." She paused, her volume dropping. "Or, would you prefer I not…" Her voice trailed off.
But I knew what she was implying — would I prefer she not get in another relationship. And I didn't really know how to answer her. I did my best to try to respond anyway. "I mean, I feel like I can't exactly ask you not to, but this really does need to stay a secret." I sighed then, meeting her gaze. "I wasn't going to do it at first," I admitted. "Change you, that is. But I also couldn't let Avery go through what my sister and I went through." I then sighed. "I know I've mostly ignored her for the last two years, but I guess I do kind of care about her."
Michelle nodded somberly. "I do appreciate it, honey. Even if you did it for her, I'm glad I get to see another day."
I frowned at that, uncertain if I should try clarifying, instead of letting her assume that was entirely the case.
However, she picked up on the undertones of my expression. "Or is that wrong?" she wondered hesitantly.
"I don't know," I replied honestly. "I mean, not wanting her to go through losing you was what prompted me to make the decision, but ultimately I tried so hard for you. Like, maybe it's because you remind me of my mom, or something," I hedged, not about to admit my actual perverted thoughts. "But I ended up deciding that I really didn't want you to die."
She nodded, her voice sounding a little strained. "Well, either way, I sincerely appreciate it. And while it seems I might not be able to refuse your directions, even if I wanted to, I can promise you that I'll do my best to do as you wish."
I gave her a confused look, due to her tone, wondering if she was referring to the fact that she remembered what I told her while she was in the medical coma. Because it kind of sounded like she was implying something else entirely, as if she knew she couldn't refuse my instructions because she'd already had a related experience.
She responded to my look with a grimace. "I, umm, seem to be very thirsty at the moment," she admitted quietly.
Oh fuck.
Why hadn't I thought of that?
I supposed because she seemed fine.
My tone was urgent now. "You're saying that my demand earlier is helping you stay under control?" I hissed in a rush. "Does that mean you feel like you might lose control?" I added.
She cleared her throat, appearing ashamed now. "Yes and no, dear. I'm alright at the moment. But my mind felt foggy when I first woke up, and I remember it initially feeling as if the only thing that existed in the world was a really strong smell that was making me so thirsty that it made my body hurt." She slowly reached up and wrapped her arms around herself at the memory, only having the one IV in her upper arm, which was no longer hooked up to anything. "But I found myself quickly seeing your beautiful gold eyes, remembering your words, and it helped me deny the sensation as I woke up. All of it kind of feels like a dream almost, but I know it's not."
I nodded, thankful that speaking to her when she was unconscious actually worked and prevented her from attacking anyone, like Gabriella initially did when she first woke up after receiving my blood. But now that meant we needed to get her out of the hospital as fast as possible, so I could take her hunting.
When I didn't respond right away, she continued in a whisper. "Honey, if you don't mind me asking, your sister still seems to be normal, right? She doesn't smell the same as you."
"Umm, yeah. She's normal right now, but not for long," I admitted, surprised she could already notice a difference in smell. Michelle's bright blue eyes widened at my response, prompting me to elaborate. "I only found out recently that I can change people," I explained. "It was an accident with my girlfriend, and my sister would probably just now be waking up herself, if all this stuff hadn't happened."
"Oh, I'm sorry, honey," she said sincerely.
"Why are you sorry?" I wondered in surprise.
She sighed, holding my gaze. "Well, I'd imagine that making your sister like you is very important, isn't it?"
I nodded, realizing she must be apologizing for inconveniencing me. "Umm, yeah, but it's alright. However, I do want to make that a priority now. Like, after we leave, we'll likely stop at my house so I can take care of that, and then my girlfriend and Avery can watch over her while I get you something to eat." I paused when she grimaced. "Animals will help the craving you have, if you're okay with that. And the only reason why you even want it is because you were injured."
Michelle looked at me in surprise. "You mean, you don't normally drink…" Her voice trailed off.
I shook my head. "I haven't my entire life, and the reason why I have recently is because I've gotten severely injured a couple of times." I paused. "But I can explain more about that later, if you want. Probably shouldn't talk about it here, even if no one can hear us."
She nodded in agreement, both of us falling silent for a few seconds as I began wondering how we might best get her out of here. I supposed I could try compelling the doctor, since she was female, but I had no way of knowing if my compulsion was permanent — meaning, if it wore off, then the woman might be able to tell people about me, assuming that I transformed to do it.
Alternatively, I might be able to try charming her while I still looked normal, which would be less potent, but also less risky long-term.
Michelle cleared her throat to get my attention. "Umm, sweetie, if you don't mind me asking…" She hesitated. "And don't answer this, if now is a bad time to ask. But I'm just wondering what your plans are for my daughter." When I frowned, she continued quietly. "It's just, she really likes you, and while I've only met your girlfriend once briefly, I sort of got the impression she would be alright with you dating two girls."
I tried not to gawk at her bluntness, feeling a little confused for a number of reasons. Granted, it was obvious Michelle realized at this point that I could probably be with them at the same time, and have them both be alright with it due to my influence, but it was almost as if she was giving me the benefit of the doubt and assuming I wouldn't do that — assuming that I wouldn't make them.
She was correct, of course, but it was also strange to have her sound as if she was almost hoping that I would be with her daughter too. Was it because Avery was so obsessed with me and Michelle just wanted her to be happy?
I also wondered if Gabriella was sincerely lusting after Avery at the bank earlier, to the point that it was obvious enough for Michelle to notice. I mean, this woman wasn't stupid, and that was basically what she was saying, but it was strange that I hadn't noticed it myself. Then again, I'd been more focused on trying to ignore them, as well as keeping my attention on the nicely dressed guy that showed up shortly after they all began talking.
The asshole who was visually undressing them the whole time.
Taking a deep breath, I realized that I should probably just tell Michelle how it was, which included letting her know about my sister as well. However, while I knew the mature woman might not be thrilled to discover that I was involved with more women than she even realized, I wasn't going to apologize for it.
"Yeah, you're correct," I admitted bluntly, regarding Gabriella being interested. "Assuming Avery is okay with it, I'll probably start a relationship with her as well. However, she won't be the second person I'm with, she'll be the third."
Michelle's eyes widened in sincere surprise, her gaze darting toward the door, which was currently hidden by the pulled curtain.
"Yeah, I'm with her too," I said simply, assuming she'd figured it out. "We aren't related biologically," I added. "And I've tried to deny the feelings I have for her, but I love my sister more than anything."
Michelle shifted her weight slightly in the bed, seeming as if she was trying to compose herself. "I see," she finally said after a few seconds. "Well, then I'm especially sorry that you had to delay making her like you."
"It's alright," I repeated, wondering if she was truly handling that news as well as she seemed. "But I hope you won't think badly of us for our relationship. I know that our situation is a bit untraditional, but I really do care about my sister and girlfriend both, and I'll be good to Avery too, assuming that's what she wants."
Michelle nodded, seeming uncomfortable now, her tone hesitant as she continued. "A-And where do I fit into all this?" she whispered.
I looked at her in surprise, realizing she must really be nervous about me potentially taking advantage of the situation. After all, from her perspective, she'd found herself indebted to a young guy who already had multiple women he intended on being with, and who could clearly make her do anything he wanted.
Fuck, I wondered if this was more stressful for her than she was letting on.
I cleared my throat. "Oh, umm, nowhere you don't want to fit," I hedged.
She nodded, glancing away, her bright blue eyes tight.
I sighed knowing that, despite what I secretly wanted, it would be highly unrealistic to expect Avery and her mom to be alright with sharing me. And while I could certainly make them be okay with it, I was afraid I'd feel guilty about it later, especially if the influence I had was irreversible. Which meant, I needed to reassure her that I wasn't like that.
"I really mean that, Mrs. Copeland. I just want you to keep my secret. And yeah, if you want to get involved with someone else after you divorce your husband, then we'll probably have to figure out how that's going to work." I grimaced, feeling torn between what I wanted and what I felt like was ethical, based on how I'd been raised. "Like, you probably won't be able to do stuff with a guy unless you're really serious, and I'll probably need a way to blackmail him into keeping it a secret, but…" My voice trailed off, growing more and more depressed by the idea of having to deal with that.
Fuck, I really wanted her for myself.
Michelle's tone was gentle. "We'll figure it out, dear," she said reassuringly. "And Michelle is fine. No need to call me Mrs. Copeland. Unfortunately, my last name just reminds me of my husband's betrayal at this point." She grimaced. "Nearly twenty years we've been together, and now it's like it meant nothing to him."
I grimaced as well, giving her an apologetic look, sincerely feeling bad for her. "Sorry. I can't imagine what he was thinking. I mean, even if he likes younger women, you look much younger than you are, and in many ways you're even more attractive than Avery."
Michelle didn't react at all to my compliment, her expression pained. "Yes, well, you know there's a saying regarding this subject. Something like, show me the most beautiful woman in the world, and I'll show you the man who is tired of being with her." She sighed. "The original phrase is a bit more vulgar than that, but you get the idea."
I frowned, knowing it was more like, 'and I'll show you the man who is tired of fucking her.'
She continued with another sigh. "Of course, not all relationships are like that, and such a saying is only more true for relationships that are primarily based on physical appearance. There are plenty of married couples who grow to love each other even more as time progresses." Her expression pained again. "Unfortunately, it seems my husband was more interested in my appearance than me."
"I'm sorry," I repeated, kind of feeling bad about my compliment now, regarding her being more attractive than her daughter in certain ways. No wonder she wasn't flattered by it. If anything, being called 'pretty' was a sore spot for her right now.
She gave me a confused look. "Why are you sorry, dear?"
I shrugged. "It just sucks," I replied, only to pause. "And I'm not like that," I added. "In case you were worried about Avery. The only reason why I'm in this situation is because they are all okay with it."
Michelle nodded, seeming shocked. "Of course, dear. I wasn't trying to say anything about you. And honestly, if my husband had approached things differently, then I might have been open to sharing him as well."
Fuck, was she serious?
She quickly continued. "Of course, I'd never consider such a thing now," she clarified. "It would be one thing if he only wanted the younger woman in addition to me, but he made his choice."
I honestly didn't know what to say to that, sincerely surprised she was suddenly sharing this information with me. But then again, I supposed I'd been the one to bring the subject up.
"Does that surprise you?" she wondered, seeming almost curious now.
I cleared my throat, trying not to think about it too deeply. "Umm, yeah, a little."
"Mothers and fathers are still people," she said, sounding amused. "I know we often do as much as we can to shield our children from the things that go on in the world, but just because a couple is married, and has kids, doesn't mean they don't necessarily have deviant lifestyles that they conceal."
No joke about that.

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