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tagIncest/TabooInnocent Devil’s Harem Ch. 25

Innocent Devil's Harem Ch. 25 — Kai takes his MILF out.
Submitted: January 31, 2021 to Literotica (Copyright Kaizer Wolf)
Tags: harem, incest (brother/sister), supernatural, shifter, big tits, redhead, blonde, MILF
Hey everyone,
In case you didn't see it last time, I just wanted to again take the time to thank you for all your support (in the form of positive comments, quite a few positive emails, and of course votes/ratings). I'm glad that so many of you love this story, and I hope all of you are looking forward to where it's heading.
Just wanted to let you guys know that more erotic scenes will be coming up in a few chapters, though the story is probably going to take a direction you guys might not have expected (it'll be a positive thing).
In the meantime, I hope you continue to enjoy, and I'd love to hear thoughts about what you'd like to see happen (I have my own ideas, but sometimes I add things when enough people are interested in seeing something happen, such as adding Michelle to the harem — that wasn't initially my plan, but I'm glad enough of you spoke up earlier in the series, because it enriches the story).
Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy this chapter!
– CHAPTER 25 –
Serenity turned her head away just before I stuck the needle into her vein, only to sigh heavily as I gently began pushing the blood in. She then quickly spoke up.
"Oh, I probably should have laid down fir–"
I grabbed her just as her eyes fluttered closed, leaving the needle hanging out of her arm as I gently laid her down on the bed. I then pulled the syringe out, climbed out of bed to set it on her bedside table, and focused on tucking her in.
When I looked up at my other two girls, Avery had her icy and black eyes averted, looking embarrassed as hell from my intimate kiss with my sister, while Gabriella had a warm grin on her face.
"We'll take care of her," my girlfriend promised when I met her gaze, looking completely normal.
"I know you will," I agreed, focusing on my classmate, who was still very much transformed, her skin a light tan. "Umm, Avery, I guess do you want to go say hi to your mom? She's waiting out in the car. And then afterward, you can help watch over my sister while I take Michelle hunting."
Avery nodded, taking a deep breath, her hair beginning to turn blonde again, the frosted aspects of her appearance regaining their normal color.
Wow, was she already learning how to control her transformation after all?
Gabriella answered my stunned look. "We've been practicing together," she explained. "Not a ton yet, but I told her it helps me to think of something dumb when I need to look normal."
"Like your 'fuzzy pickles' thing?" I said playfully.
She grinned. "Hey, how did you know?" she teased, only to shake her head. "No, I actually have this really embarrassing memory from when I was in middle school when I was eleven. I spilt cranberry juice on my white jeans, and everyone thought I'd started my period. I think of that whenever I want to be serious."
I gave her a confused look. "Wait, the embarrassment doesn't make you transform?"
"Oh, no." She shook her head again. "See, it was embarrassing back then, but now it's just painful to think about. Like, it almost physically hurts to remember that memory. And that sensation actually kind of sobers me up. It's different than feeling embarrassed."
I nodded, looking at Avery when she nodded in agreement, only to chime in. "Yeah, and for me what I've been thinking of is the day I first met you, Kai," she admitted. "I remember fumbling with my words when I tried to tell you my name, and it pains me whenever I think of it. I felt so stupid."
"Oh. I actually kind of thought it was adorable," I admitted.
She looked at me in complete shock. "R-Really?"
"Yeah, kind of," I reaffirmed. "But hey, if that memory helps you look normal, then by all means," I added, gesturing vaguely in her direction.
She nodded slowly. "Umm, yeah. But wait, does that mean you did like me?" she asked seriously.
I sighed, glancing away. "I honestly didn't have an opinion. Or at least, I couldn't have an opinion," I replied honestly. "I was afraid to let anyone know my secret, and so I just tried to ignore most everyone."
"Oh," she said quietly. "I understand."
"Please don't take it personal," I continued, focusing on her again. "You are really pretty and sweet. And now that I'm thinking about it, yeah, I did kind of like you. And deep down I appreciated that you kind of stuck by my side even though I mostly ignored you. I mean, what's not to like?"
She blushed, her skin becoming a little tan.
"Okay," Gabriella interjected. "Go talk to your mom, Avery, so they can leave. And then we can talk some more while we keep an eye on Serenity."
"Just keep the kissing under control," I said seriously, prompting Avery to fully shift in an instant, her hair bright white, her eyes icy blue and pitch-black. "You really need to talk to your mom, Gabriella, before you do anything too physical with anyone else. Including her."
My fiancé nodded, seeming surprised. "Of course, Kai. And I was never planning on doing anything else anyway. Like, I wouldn't have let things go beyond a little kissing. And even the kissing was kind of spur of the moment."
I nodded, deciding to turn back toward my sister's unconscious form so Avery could make an effort to try to look normal again. When I sat back down on the edge of the bed, my classmate cleared her throat.
"Umm, okay," Avery whispered. "Well, I guess I'll be back in a few minutes."
"You can bring her in the house," I added, glancing at her. "I don't want her to feel unwelcome. I just wanted a chance to talk things over without her overhearing, and based on how fast Gabriella's senses got stronger, I'd imagine this was our only chance to talk about stuff without her accidentally eavesdropping."
Avery nodded, some of her confidence returning, her coloring looking mostly normal again. "Of course, Kai. I was really hungry when I woke up, so I might try to get her something to eat too, if that's okay."
My eyes widened. "Oh, of course. You're more than welcome to raid the kitchen and get whatever you need."
Avery nodded, giving me a warm smile. "Thanks, Kai," she said, turning to head out the door.
I glanced at my sister's peaceful expression as I listened to her go down the stairs, only to focus on Gabriella when she walked over to stand in front of me.
"You really aren't mad, or anything, right?" she asked quietly.
"No, of course not," I reassured her. "Just feeling a little anxious now," I admitted. "I know this worked on everyone else, but I can't help feeling worried that something will go wrong with Serenity."
"It'll be fine," Gabriella said gently. "And hey, if you want, I could always take Michelle hunting, so you can stay with your sister."
I gave her a warm smile at the sentiment, but was sure she hadn't thought that through. "You're going to catch a deer, huh?" I said playfully.
She grimaced. "Oh. Umm, I guess I might not be fast enough yet."
"Although, your hearing seems to have gotten a lot better," I commented. "Even better than this morning."
She nodded. "Yeah, except now I kind of feel stupid for not realizing that if I could hear you guys coming down the road, then that probably meant you could hear us talking."
I shook my head, reaching out to grab her hips and gently pull her into my lap. She twisted her butt sideways and plopped down without hesitation, wrapping her arms around my head and pulling my face against her huge tits. "It's really alright," I repeated, my voice slightly muffled against her shirt. "Honestly, hearing you two kiss was kind of hot."
She made an amused noise. "Hopefully you'll think it's really hot when you get to watch then."
"I can't wait."
She giggled. "I bet you can't. And I really am sorry for not making sure you were okay with it beforehand."
I sighed. "Well, let's just touch base in the future, okay?"
She hesitated, only to pull away slightly to look down at me. "But isn't that just what we did? Define the rules for how this was going to work?"
"Oh, I guess you're right," I agreed. "But I'm still going to keep you in the loop, and want you to do the same."
"Of course. Definitely," she replied warmly, giving me a small smile as she held my gaze. "I really love you, Kai," she added affectionately. "I'm so glad we're together, and so happy your sister and Avery are involved too. I can't wait to just live life with all of you."
"Me too," I agreed warmly, hearing Avery and her mom coming into the house. I was surprised when Michelle declined to eat, saying her stomach felt a little upset, but didn't focus too much on it. Instead, I was much more focused on Gabriella leaning down, squishing her huge tits against my upper chest as her lips gently rested on mine.
However, the moment didn't last long, before we were both pulling away, with me being surprised by what I just heard. And it was obvious that Gabriella heard what Michelle said too, because she was climbing off my lap to go get the door as Avery began heading back up the stairs.
I stood up just in time for my classmate to appear in the doorway.
"Mom thinks she needs to go hunting sooner than later," she said seriously.
I nodded, moving closer to give Gabriella a quick hug and then slip past Avery. "Yeah, I'm starting to wonder if she's struggling more than she has let on," I agreed, having heard the desperation in her tone when she said she really needed some blood after declining to eat. "Please take care of my sister," I added.
"We will," Avery and Gabriella said in sync.
I didn't respond as I headed down the stairs, seeing that Michelle was standing right next to the door now, leaning her back against the wall as if she was being physically pulled outside by a magnetic force. Or as if she wanted to melt into the wall in order to get outside.
And then there was the slightly disturbed look in her blue eyes, almost to the point of panic.
Fuck, it really was worse than she was letting on.
She needed blood now.
"Here, let's head out the back door," I said gently.
Unexpectedly, she shook her head, instead opening the front and stepping right outside.
Confused, I followed after her, only to see she was waiting on me now, ready to follow my lead. "Are you alright?" I asked seriously, knowing I shouldn't be wasting time by asking, but still feeling concerned.
She nodded, visibly relaxing a little. "I think it actually helps when you're close to me," she admitted, averting her gaze as she reached up to tuck some of her blonde hair behind her ear. "But I think I really do need blood soon. My body kind of hurts."
"Oh," I replied, my eyes wide. "I'm sorry. Okay, let's go then."
She nodded and quickly followed after me as I began walking around the house toward the woods. However, as we began moving on the side, she actually put some distance between us briefly, walking further away from the house, waiting until we were at the edge of the trees before moving closer again.
Of course, I was confused by her behavior, but knew she'd probably feel a lot better once she had blood, and I didn't want to make her wait simply to have her explain every little bizarre action she did.
Focusing more on our surroundings, I decided to shift fully so I could listen better to the sounds all around us. Michelle gasped behind me, likely at the abrupt change of my appearance, with my white hair being the most noticeable thing she'd see, but I ignored it, feeling concerned about something else now.
I didn't hear or smell any deer in the area, with my capacity for smell being my most potent sense.
Which meant, it was going to take me longer than a handful of minutes to track something down.
I then unexpectedly glanced to my left when I caught a whiff of a coyote's den, realizing I could hear the collective soft breathing of two sleeping adults.
I slowed down my pace and turned to face Michelle. "You don't have a problem with drinking coyote blood, do you?" I wondered seriously, knowing they looked more like dogs up close than most people even seemed to realize.
She held my gaze in surprise. "Oh, umm, yeah that's fine. But won't it try to hurt me?"
I shook my head. "No, I'll catch it and knock it out. The only issue is that you might have a problem with it if you're a big dog lover."
She grimaced. "Umm, well at this point I think I'd drink from just about anything."
I nodded. "Okay, then I'll be back. Can you wait here?"
She looked around, glancing over her shoulder back toward the house, which wasn't visible anymore, before focusing on me and nodding. "Umm, yeah, I'll be fine, honey."
I nodded, deciding to hurry up and get this over with. Turning around, I took off in a sprint in the direction I sensed the coyotes, knowing I'd be running for a few minutes before I reached the den. However, thankfully, running actually helped me feel more alert, since I was really starting to feel sleepy, definitely not wanting to take a nap until after my sister woke up.
Unexpectedly, as I got closer, I picked up the scent of a deer even further away, now more toward my right. I debated briefly if I should go for the closer coyotes or not, but realized that more blood was going to be better and doubted a couple of lanky coyotes was even worth it in comparison. Honestly, I wasn't sure, but just went ahead and made the decision to get the deer instead.
By the time I was carrying an unconscious buck, knowing it would be faster to just shoulder it instead of trying to drag it, a good ten minutes had past, and I could sense that Michelle was even more desperate than before. At least, I could assume as much when it seemed she heard me running about a mile away and began jogging to head in my direction.
Granted, she didn't make it very far before I reached her, but her physical appearance only confirmed what I suspected.
Like I'd seen in the hospital, after her heart started beating on its own again, her skin was a supple light gray. However, what I hadn't seen yet was the rest of her coloring. Similar to both her daughter and me, she had nearly-glowing white hair.
However, she also had the same frosted look as her daughter, her lips and eyelids an extremely sexy pale hue that made it look as if she was wearing white makeup. But then there were her eyes.
They weren't icy blue like her daughters.
Instead, they were a vibrant sapphire blue, with a unique feature that no one else had.
A glowing white ring around her pupil.
It almost looked like an eclipsed star existed in the middle of her eyes. In fact, that's exactly what it looked like, similar to a perfect eclipse set in a deep blue sky — a pitch-black void with a pure white halo.
It was so bizarre to look at, that I couldn't help but stare at her eyes in shock, feeling almost mesmerized by the sharp contrast of the glowing white ring around her black pupil, framed by a vibrant blue iris and a pitch-black sclera. It wasn't until she gave me a pleading look that I snapped out of it and set the deer partially down for her, holding it by the antlers so she could go straight for its neck.
She didn't even hesitate as she turned her head and sank her teeth in, biting down aggressively only to take her first big gulp of blood with her eyes closed.
Instantly, her face contorted in grief as she wrapped her arms around its body, using her hand behind its neck to hold it more firmly in place as tears appeared in her eyes. She then unexpectedly sobbed as she readjusted her teeth and bit down even harder, gulping urgently like her life depended on it.
It wasn't until she finally pulled away, after its heart stopped, that I realized she was barely keeping it together.
She unexpectedly fell to her knees, the blood on her face actively being absorbed into her skin as she began crying violently, wrapping her arms around her chest and bending over fully, almost pressing her forehead against the ground.
I let go of the deer, and dropped to the side, resting my hand in the middle of her back as she sobbed.
"It hurt so much," she whimpered, barely sounding coherent. "Oh God, it hurt so much."
"You're in pain?" I asked seriously, really concerned now.
She shook her head, another sob wracking her entire frame. "N-No, I finally have relief," she explained.
"Michelle," I whispered. "If you were hurting so much, why didn't you tell me?"
"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," she whimpered again. "I was trying to be strong. I didn't want to be a burden. But…" She sobbed again.
I reached for her shoulder and gently tugged her against my stomach, forcing her head and arms into my lap as I held her upper body. She continued to cry, leaning even more into me when I gently rubbed my hand across her back.
"You're not a burden," I whispered. "And I didn't save your life so you could be in pain. Please don't keep something like that from me next time, okay?"
She nodded, sobbing again. "I'm so sorry. I didn't even realize how much it hurt until I finally felt relief."
I sighed, knowing that this was really my fault, since she'd told me that she woke up with a thirst so strong that it was hurting her entire body. It's just that I didn't realize that might mean it still hurt, especially since she didn't seem like she was in pain. Ignorantly, I had assumed that my compulsion allowed her to get control and that it solved the problem for now, but there was really no reason to think that my ability would make her physical pain go away.
"I'm sorry," I said sincerely out loud, beginning to echo my thoughts. "You told me your body hurt when you first woke up. I should have known better than to just think that pain would magically go away."
She shook her head, but didn't respond, continuing to cry in my lap.
"Do you need more?" I wondered after another minute. "I have no problem finding another animal for you."
She nodded, sniffling as she responded. "Y-Yes, but…" Her voice trailed off.
When she pressed even more into me, I assumed what she wanted to say might be that she needed this — needed to be held right now. It probably didn't even matter who held her either. She just needed the comfort of physical touch after suffering for the last hour or so that she'd been awake.
Honestly, I was kind of used to parents being tough, or at least having that facade, but what she said earlier was very true. Mothers and fathers were still people, and she'd been through a lot recently. Not only did she lose her own parents eighteen years ago, like me and my sister, but she also just recently was betrayed by the man she'd loved for nearly two decades, only to almost die not long after.
And then physical pain was added on top of that, her body hurting after healing itself from so many injuries, including her head trauma and broken ribs.
Deciding not to make her admit what she needed out loud, I held her more closely with one arm, continuing to rub her back firmly up and down while she slowly began collecting herself. We were still close enough to the house that I could hear Gabriella and Avery talking just fine, kind of surprised that there hadn't been any more kissing. Instead, they were sincerely just chatting, both of them seeming really happy as they socialized and shared stories.
Gabriella was especially very interested in hearing what it was like to sit next to me every day from Avery's perspective, and I had to admit that hearing things from her point of view kind of surprised me.
It also kind of made me feel bad.
Because she knew from that first day that we had that group project together that she wanted me, and she felt confident that she was someone who I'd be interested in too. She was initially really sad when I stopped talking to her afterward, but she easily picked up that I didn't socialize much with anyone, assuming that I must just struggle opening myself up to others.

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