Innocent Mommy Turned Bitch

Hello everyone! I m regular reader of n8story and today I dare to share my personal experience with n8story readers. This happened 4 years ago when I was in 11th standard pursuing non-medical studies. I am Karan, now doing B Tech and I live with my mom and younger sister on rented apartment. I belong to lower middle class family and my father is a Truck Driver and comes home after months. 

He is illiterate and don’t pay much attention towards our studies but me and my sister were very intelligent in our studies and my mom always supported us. She is housewife but also stitch women clothes to support house economy and her name is Parvati and our family is not so strong financially and pursuing further studies in non-medical were not easy for me and but my mom asked me to go ahead. 
She asked our land lord for help and he responded positively. I was feeling so thankful to him. He even sent me to his friend’s academy for tuition classes for entrance exams which was run by black south Indian professor.  Now let me introduce you with the characters, my mom’s name is Parvati and she is now 41 years old and at that time she was 37. 
She has fair colour but very good assets, she is 5.6 tall with figure of 36 30 38. My sister Shweta very beautiful girl of 18 now and our landlord Darshan, a strong man in his early 40’s, my professor Mr. Murugan of nearly 35 and another young professor Mr. Satish of 28 days passed and I was doing well in my studies when Mr. Murugan asked me to deposit first instalment of fee. I asked mom n she went to our landlord. 
Who behaved very differently and said that he can’t help us as we haven’t paid rent also since last two months and my mom came back and called dad who was away on his route on truck, even he said that he can’t afford, then Ramu came landlord’s maid and informed that he was calling my mom, it was 9pm at night and I thought to accompany mom and when we went there. 
I saw that even my professors were sitting there and all three having drinks. I was shocked to see that and our landlord asked my mom to sit with them, mom was little hesitant but then sat. My mom was wearing sari with deep neck blouse and her cleavage was visible. I noticed that Mr. Satish was just staring at her cleavage only. I was feeling uncomfortable, when my landlord asked me to go back home. 
I followed his orders but got suspicious and went to backyard to see what happens.  My landlord told her that it will be very tough for him to continue my studies as it costs so much, mom was very sad to hear this and she went on her knees in front of our landlord for help and her pallu fell in process, making her beautiful pair of boobs visible to all of them and while she was crying her tears fallen on her boobs and went between cleavage making our landlord go weak. 

He looked towards professors and they all smiled. I was feeling pity for mom as was watching everything from window at backyard. He withdrew his legs behind and said that he can’t help as he doesn’t have enough money and they all made another peg. I noticed that Satish was constantly looking at mom’s boobs and got hard on. Mom was still sitting there and pleading then our landlord said that he can’t help as he   don’t see any source of getting his money back then while looking at my mom’s boobs.

He asked my mom that he can only help if she is ready to cooperate with them and they all smiled. Mom said how she can? and he replied, touching on dick that by staying here tonight, she was shocked to hear this and got up and turned away when landlord caught her wrist and said that tomorrow we should vacant the house as we have not paid the rent. Mom looked at him and pleaded for mercy but he stood up and took her in his arms.
She was helpless and had no other option than cooperating with them. He made her sit with him and removed her pallu mom was feeling shy, den land lord made another round of peg and for my mom also, she hesitated in drinking but he forced, they all drank and soon another peg was made and they all gulped it soon and mom started behaving differently as she never drank before Satish came and sat with her and started exploring her body.
He unhooked my mom’s bra and big round boobs of my mom were out in red bra, in no time he started licking the cleavage of my mom as Murugan and landlord were watching happily then Murugan also came near and opened the petticoat and the beautiful legs of my mom were in front of their eyes. My mom was only in bra panty and this view made my manhood grow hard. Our landlord made another round of drink and they all had it together. 
My both professors were exploring my mom’s body when our landlord played music and asked my mom to dance who was now completely out of senses. The song was ‘ kanta lagga mom started dancing as they all removed their clothes. Mom was dancing so well that she can even give Madhuri dixit a run for her money and they all started dancing with my mom pouring wine over her and they all had hard on and brushing them over my mom’s body at last they tore my mom’s bra and panty.
I started kissing all over her body and licking the wine. I was astonished to see my mom’s hairy pussy. Satish was most horny among them and in no time his tongue was exploring the place from where I entered this world by this time even mom turned horny and she was moaning with pleasure. Murugan sir and landlord were sucking her nipples and turned them red. 
Now they all removed there undies and landlord’s dick was huge and thick about 9 inches even Murugan sir got good size of 7 inches and I guess, but his dick was very thick and black and Satish’s dick was only 6 inch and thin. I was now worried for my mom seeing their dicks but was helpless in fact by now I also started enjoying watching my mom this way and was curious to see what happens further and then they picked my mom and took her on adjacent bed. 
Landlord made her lie on bed and placed his dick near her mouth, Murugen started licking her cunt while Satish was playing with her boobs cum was dropping from my mom’s pussy and Murugan sir was licking it and then they interchanged while landlord started licking her pussy and my mom was sucking dicks of both professors then suddenly landlord placed his monster between my mom’s legs and starts caressing her.
I kept my mom’s legs on his shoulders and gave one hard push which was unbearable for my mom and she screamed ouuuchhhh by hearing this sound I cum in my undies. He tried again and gave another push and half of his cock was inside and then he started stroking slowly while sucking her boobs, while both professors were mouth fucking my mom then he increased his speed and after near about 20 minutes ejaculated in my mom’s pussy. 
Mom was also exhausted by now, but Satish sir was very horny by now, he sat on sofa and asked mom to sit in his lap on his dick and mom followed instructions and helped him to enter her pussy and he cot her butts and slapped them hardly turning them red. By now mom started jumping over his cock while he was sucking her nipples. Mr Murugan can’t wait longer after watching my mom’s ass jumping over 
Satish dick and he had other idea in his dirty mind. He went near them and started slaping my mom’s soft and huge ass cheeks then he placed his dick over my mom’s asshole and cot her strongly from her hips by both hands. Mom pleaded not to fuck her ass as she never done this before but he did not listen and entered her as Satish cot her tightly to help Murugan enter his huge black dick in my mom’s virgin.
Beautiful asshole then they both started giving double penetration, mom was in pain but after some time she started enjoying with moans of yeah! By now landlord also got in the mood and cot my mom’s hairs tightly to give her mouth fuck. All three were fucking in my mom’s three holes and watching all this I ejaculated again they sandwiched my mom between them. 
Sweat was flowing all over her body then both professors ejaculated in my mom’s ass and pussy but landlord who was again horny wanted more. 
He was not satisfied yet, my mom was pleading to leave but he said once more this time he made my mom bent on her knees and started slapping her soft ass while mom was shouting ouuchhhh maar dala then he placed his dick on her tight ass and cot her hairs from behind and gave strong push this time he entered in one go only and started riding my mom.
Mom was crying with pain but he was merciless. He spanked her ass several times while fucking and filled her asshole with loads of cum by now all were exhausted they drank remaining bottle and went to sleep over my nude mom even I ejaculated several times before going back home and thinking about my poor mom. Friends if you like my story and want to know more about my beautiful mom.