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Hi friends I am from Chennai 19 yrs old and work in a pvt company. This is a true story happened in Chennai. One of my brother’s friend has got an offer in Chennai and my brother requested me to help them in getting a house. So have I have arranged an house for them and become close to them. I used to go to their house frequently and mostly on Sundays. I call them as brother and bhabi. They have one kid of one year old and his wife is beauty queen with great shaped boobs and very good butt. I used to fantasies abt her many times and I used to touch her boobs while taking her baby from her. She used to feed her baby even in front of me, and during this period I will be having a full view of her boobs.

Real story happened when her husband had on tour for week days and they requested me to stay in thier house for during his absence I had accepted with happiness. I never thought of having sex with her but I was enjoying the sexual touches and feeling which I am getting from her. During these days I used to help her in shopping and caring her baby and house hold works etc. Once she was washing her clothes and she become totally wet and everything was revealing as she wore a night rose colored which is little transparent. She never minds for these. I stared her boobs and butt continuously, she understood my feeling and immediately she changed her nighty to a saree whis is also quite transparent with matching colored blouse. I even could see her upper parts with great nipples. After sometime her baby started crying as she is hungry. It is around 12. 30 in afternoon. She just lifted her blouse and started feeding her, I again starred to her boobs after 5 mints she is changing her baby to feed right side boob, while doing this she removed her pallu from her shoulder and lied on her thigh and trying to open the other boob, and I still starring at her, then she asked with a sexy smile and husky voice why are you staring a t me , didn’t your mom feed you with breast milk like this , I said sorry and I left from there to other room, after 10 mins I came to hall, she is still feeding her baby. I again said sorry bhabi. She said why?? What for?? I said I was looking when u r feeding u r baby. She replied, don’t worry this is normal and don’t worry. After that she made her baby to sleep and she prepared lunch, during luch my shoulders touching her boobs and her boobs were really great.

Once she was serving food and I just turned left, my mouth was touching her booob, it is really a great feeling. After serving me she sat opposite to me for lunch and whenever she served her pallu becomes slipping and I m getting a full view of her boobs because of low cut blouse. After taking lunch we both were sitting on sofa and watching TV, there was a movie telugu movie in the TV and there is a sexy rainy song in the movie which is common In telugu movie and the hero is brushing naval and blouse of heroin and kissing to her lips. By seeing this my leg moves on to bhabis’ and she didn’t say anything. After that both hand become closer. I have seen her eyes which were filled with lust and I asked can I kiss u, she said I am waiting for that. Then I gave a kiss on her cheek and our lips came to closer and both of them kissing French kiss and my hand is working on her boobs and her hand working on my back. I removed her saree and squeezing her boobs for about 10 to 15 mints. I asked her for sucking her milk and she removed her blouse and asked me to suck her boobs, I was sucking like a baby.

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She asked me my cock for sucking as her husband never allow to suck his and she removed all my cloths and started sucking my cock and I was squeezing her boobs. After some time I removed her panty and put my fingers and we were hugged each other for 15 minutes by kissing each others lips and squeezing the boobs, butt etc. After all these I took one ice cube and inserted in her pussy and she was shouting like anything mmmm mmmm mmmm hhhhhohhhhohohoohhhhhhhh, then I said I want to play with ur boobs and fuck u, we played some more time naked with boobs and other parts and at last I inserted my cock in hers pussy and rammed her for about fifteen mins and filled her pussy with my warm semen . I hadn’t fucked much time, as I am very much interested in fore playing than fucking and she is also enjoying the same. This playing is continued whenever her hubby is on tour etc.

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