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Hi readers, this is rajveer from kphb, hyderabad. I am big follower of HD, and today I decided to share one of my wonderful experience with u. This is a real story of mine. The names in this story are real. Rather than calling this a sex story, I would call it a love making story.
I am fair, 5’9” height and a fit luking body. I am a jovial kind of person wid frank behaviour. I work for an MNC firm. Itz been two years that I have joined this company. Initially I got trained in bangalore and due to some family reasons I shifted my location to hyderabad, after my training. I got my first project in wich I was successful in whatever tasks I was assigned with.
But the girls in my team were not so attractive, so, I used to work as much as I can so that I can complete my work before end of the week. I got released from the project as the tenure of it was done and I was waiting for a new one. In the meantime, I got a mail from the management team that there is a communications skills training session for a day and the interested candidates could register for it.
I thought of attending the training, as it was only for a day. So, I registered myself for the training. The day came and I reached the training room at 9am, and the training session started at 9.30. In the meantime I had my breakfast and came back. To my surprise, I saw a girl whom I found very cute. She wasnt that hot, but she luked damn cute.
I didnt have any kind of evil intentions towards her but found her cute. As the class started, our instructor asked everyone one of us to introduce ourselves. Her name is moumita. She is milky white in color, height 5’5”. She is neither thin nor plumpy, but she has a nice, admirable figure. I was staring at her whenever I get a chance, not at her body, but her cute face.
Her smile n eyes is the reason which made me admire her. Finally, the training session ended up. I tried talking to her, but she rushed out so fast that I cudnt get to talk to her. I cursed my luck that day, and left. After two weeks, I saw her near d library and gave her a smile. She reverted back with the same. I went to her and introduced myself but she dint recognize me.
I told her that I was in the training session in wich she was a part of. I talkd to her for abt 15min and her frns arrived and I bid bye to her. I go to the library daily and I find her reading some book or the other all the time. I keep talking to her whenever I got a chance to do so. Finally, I asked for her mail id, and we used to talk to each other through mails. (it took a week to ask for her mail id, even for wich she was hesitant, as me being a stranger)
We kept on talking through mails, got to know abt each other formally for some days. And finally, she gave me her number. She told me that she was scared that I am a regular kind of guy who is after girls and thatz the reason she was reluctant in giving her mail id as well. But after multiple mails she came to know that I am not that kind of guy and I respect girls.
I dint have any kind of evil intensions towards her, but I admire her as person and her soft-spoken quality. We used to text each other, talk over fone till late, daily. I enjoy her company a lot. One day she asked me, what made me talk to her and ask her mail id. I told her what I felt when I saw her on d first day.
I gave her a frank answer that I dint look at her body, but admired her cute face, her smile and her eyes. I told her that she was looking beautiful in black dress on d training day. This made her trust me more as a friend and she told that she liked my frank behaviour. (she is from kolkata, so, she is not so fluent in english, tatz d reason I am narrating everything in english).
She stays in a room alongwith her frns. I came to know more about her, her family, her college life, her likes n dislikes. And similarly, I told her everything abt me. We used to have lunch together in office, hangout on weekends, go for a movie, as her frns were busy with their respective boyfriends, and I am moumita’s only friend.
We never sleep before 2 at night and keep talking over fone. I remember she told me that likes biriyani a lot. She has got nice collection of bangles. Whenever I meet her, I see nice colored bangles. When I asked her abt it, she told that she likes them a lot. One saturday, it so happend, that her frns were out with their boyfriends being it a weekend, and she was alone in her flat.
I got a call from her saying that she was getting bored and not feeling like coming out of her place and she asked me to come to her place. I got ready, had breakfast and left to her place. I reached there and it was my first time that I saw her place. It was such a neat flat that I could not believe, it was very neatly embellished, for wich I complimented her.
She thanked me for that, and we spent our day chitchating, watching tv. She asked me to stay back as she would get bored of being alone. I agreed and stayed back. We kept chatting till 2am and dozed off. I slept in d hall, watching tv and she slept in her room. Next day being sunday, I wanted to plan a surprise for her.
Being it a weekend, I knew that she wouldnt wake up before 1pm, so I thot of cooking food myself for her.(i was a bit interested in cooking and am gud at it). So, I woke up at 9am, got some chicken and reqyired ingredients nearby market, to make a delicious biriyani for her. I got freshen up by 10am, started cooking food and it was ready by 12pm.
I wanted to create a good ambience, so, I got some scented candles, and created a good ambience in d hall. I dint want her to know abt all this. So, I prepared a hot coffee for her and gave it to her as she woke up. She was shocked to see that I made her coffee and she complimented me for d same. I asked her to get ready, as I have planned a gud surprise for her.
She was curious to know abt it. As soon as she got ready n came out, she was surprised to see the ambience. I was acting like a proffessional waiter and pulled a chair to sit at the dining table. I got two plates, kept it on the table, and said, ”today’s special item is, hyderabadi dum biriyani, from rajveer’s kitchen” and served her the food. She complimented for my cooking skills.
After lunch, she asked abt d setup, I told her tat I planned dis last nite for her, as she likes biriyani a lot n moreover, she would get to know that I like cooking as well, but in a symbolic manner. We chit chatted for a while n then she got a call from her frn saying that they r heading back home.
As she told me that, when I was about to leave, she held my hand from behind, near the door,and said, ”i am lucky to have u as my friend and thank you for wonderful day”. I went near her and said, ”idiot, just shut up n take ur thank you back. U r my best frn, got it?” I reached my place by 5pm n dozed off as I dint have enuf sleep tat nite.
By the time I woke up, it was around 8 and when I saw my mobile, moumita called me eight times. I called her back n as soon as she answered, she blasted me for not answering her call. As I told her that I was sleeping, she cooled down n was talking to me as usual. Days passed on, our frnship grew stronger. She would hangout wid none but me.
Let it b movies, shopping or dinner. V loved each other’s company a lot. On our next weekend, saturday, I planned sumthing nice for her. I wanted to take her to charminar, as we get some nice bangles over there. So, as it was a weekend, I gave her a call so that she can get ready a bit early, as there is a lot of traffic problem in hyderabad.
She was asking abt my plan for today, but I said nothing abt it, saying that v shall go for lunch n thn for a movie. We started of at around 11 and reached charminar by 12.30pm. She asked me what kind of place is this. Then I told her that I have got a surprise for her and took her to a bangle shop. Then I revealed that I wanted to buy her some bangles as she loves them so much.
There was a feeling of happiness in her eyes alongwith mild tears. I held her hand n askd her why was she crying. To that, she held my hand n thanked me. For that I replied, ”just shut up n select d bangles”. To that, she said, ”u select the color”. I never thot that I would get to select d color. As she is very fair luking, I thought, green n red would suit her a lot. So, I got her two sets of them.
We went to see charminar and spent some time there. We started off by 2pm from there and had our lunch in fishland restaurant, wich is in ameerpet. There was a mild rush, as it was weekend n we waited for our turn. Finally, we got a table n we settled down. I told her to order d food of her choice and I would b back within 10min. I was out and returned in 20min.
She called me twice in between and was blasting me to come soon. As soon as I reached there, I apologized her for my delay. As we had a corner table, none cared abt us in such dim light. I bent down on my knees, and gave her a yellow flower n a greeting card, and I asked her, ”moumita, I value ur frnship a lot, I love ur company, I love hanging out wid u.
Would u like to b my frn, FOREVER?”. To that, tears rolled down her eyes with a feeling of joy. I asked, ”are d flowers stinking?”, to wich she smiled n hit me on my shoulder. I told, ”my knee is hurting moumita, please answer”. She accepted the flower and greeting card and told yes, with a cute smile, wich I liked d most in her. As soon as we finished our lunch, we heading back to her place.
While going back, she hugged me from behind and rested her head on my right shoulder, while I was driving. I have a pure feeling of frnship towards her, and that was d reason I have no ill intensions. We reached her place by 5pm. She went to fresh up, and I thought that I will leave as she comes out, and was watching tv. I got up to leave when she came out.
She asked me to stay back n wanted to talk to me regarding sumthing. I thought fine n sat down. She came and sat beside me, held my hand and rested her head on my right shoulder n tears rolled down from her eyes. I held her hand tightly, to make her feel that I am there for her and askd her the reason.
For that she told, ”Veer(as she calls me so), initially, I was reluctant to keep in touch wid u through emails, but the way u behave, ur frankness, made me talk to u more. And when I understood that u were not like some other regular guy who always longs for a girl with lusty eyes, I gave u my mobile number. U told me everything abt u, ur past, ur life and I trusted u much more n valued ur frnship.
And when u cooked food for me that day, I was really moved by ur caring behaviour. And I felt like talking to u more that day, thats why I called u in d evening. I would have asked u to stay back, but my frns were there, so, I dint. And when u surprised me with ur today’s plan, buying me bangles, I felt, u are aware of every minute thing of what I like n dislike, and thought of not letting ur frnship fade away ever, but wanted to tell u later.
Again, u surprised me by telling me what I felt, in d restaurant, alongwith a rose n a card, I felt like hugging u then n thr n never let u go, but being it a public place, I stopped myself, and hugged u from behind on the bike. I never ever will let go ur frnship n will always be with u. I want u to make love to me dear, as I found u to be the genuine guy whom I ever met and I want to lose my virginity, with none but u”.
Saying all this, she kissed me on my forehead n then lip-locked for abt 5min. For d first time, my body was reacting towards her kiss and it was like a current. Her juicy strawberry lips were tasting really nice. After we broke our kiss, I asked her, ”R u sure abt dis dear? To b frank, even I want to make love to u, but wanted to confirm it from u”.
She told, ”just shut up n kiss me dear”. I started kissing her for about 10min and carressed her boobs, with her tshirt on. She was wearing a grey tshirt and track pant. I put my hands inside her tshirt and noticed her black bra wich turned me on like hell. We removed each others tshirt and were playing with each others body.
I kissed her on d neck, then on her chest and starting biting her boobs wid her bra on. Slowly, I removed my jeans and then her track pant, I can see her red panty, oozing out liquids. I bent down there and kissed her passionately. Her fleshy thighs were milky white n making me go crazy. My brother was struggling in my underwear and she noticed my status.
She removed my black underwear, and my brother sprang out. My dick attained a maximum length of 5inches. She bent down and kissed me on d tip. I was on cloud nine. I bent down as well and started kissing her again and I felt d taste of my manhood wid her saliva. She tasted awesome wid rosy lips. I took her in my arms and we headed to her room.
While heading towards her room, we kept kissing each other. I made her lie on d bed. I was completely nude and she was in her red panty. It aroused me much more, I leaned towards her pussy and kissed her wid her panty on. I removed her panty and found her pussy to be clean shaven. She told, ”i shaved it just now, as we reached, thats why I took more time baby”.
I was happy and started kissing her pussy wich was oozing out liquids and it tasted awesome. She had an orgasm and kissed me again. I told, ”now, itz ur turn now baby”. She took my dick and started licking it. I was feeling great as hot air from her mouth was hitting my dick amd I was enjoying it to the maximum. She kept licking and sucking it wildly.
After abt 10min of sucking I told her that I was abt to cum. She wanted it all in her mouth so I loaded it everything into her. I wanted to kiss her again and taste her saliva wid my sperm mixed, and she tasted awesome. We laid beside each other and hugged so close, that we dint allow any kind of air to pass through. And now, we started with the real love making scene. But before I continue, I want your feedback on this friends. So please post generously in the comments.