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During college I did an internship, teaching math to students at a junior college. It was a study headed up by a PhD doing some crazy research. She was in her fifties. At that time she an older woman in my mind. She had a husband who was a renowned medical doctor. They had a huge home in the country while I lived in a really nice studio brownstone in the city. We seemed to be from two ends of the spectrum.

I was a six feet plus, fit, good looking testosterone driven male that enjoyed pretty girls my age, and I must confess I was a flirt. She was my first mature woman. Gail was five-two red hair slightly overweight lady. She had large breasts, dressed conservative with nothing provocative about her easily seen. She did however have a personality, was smart, and a scent of a woman that got my attention.

One summer evening after discussing my students, a requirement for my internship, we went for dinner. After a few drinks, her scent broke my barrier. We explored each other mouth with some heavy petting in her car. She went home, as did I. I lay in bed after stripping nude and stroked my penis. I masturbated for more then and hour wetting my cock with my own saliva deep in fantasy of girls. I did however have her scent on me and thought of how her large breasts might feel. Wondering if she would know how to satisfy me orally, and wonder how her woman would feel as I filled her with cum. At that moment I felt cum splash across my face. I felt my whole body pump everything I had across my nude stomach, chest, and face. Her scent filled my head and taste of my semen on my lips. I learned the lure of a woman stays with you that night formed a mixture of sexual stimulation in smell and taste.

Our coming meetings were professional but we had developed a level of openness I had not experienced before with my girlfriends. There was another woman on the team, a rather plain Jane, when we were closed in an office we all talked freely of our sex and desires. The environment turned into a place that anything way ok to share and fantasize about with another person. It was a sexual haven. We did not act out our desires there but discussed in detail. I will say I did have many masturbation sessions as a result brought to new heights from or conversations. I did release myself one to three times a day. With their unknowing help I could ejaculate a liter at a time.

I joined Gail for dinner at her beautiful home. Her husband was gone and it was just the two of us. We had a little wine to start and she had prepared a very nice dinner. I only remember one dish, which was artichoke leaves dipped in butter. As she showed my how to eat I watch as she slid her teeth across the leaf to get the tender meat at the root. I could picture her teeth sliding down my cock with her tongue licking my semen butter from the tip. I am sure my rigid organ clearly outline in my pants. This was confirmed when she placed he hand on my member and gave me a kiss.

She told me about her needs and deepest thoughts about men. I tried to share with her my needs, but soon found I really did not know that much. As the night progressed she filled my head with desire and she changed into something a little more sexually provocative. We were in the dinning area I was sitting on a short stool. She came to me spreading my legs to get close. I could feel her heat against my genitals. My cock was hard and ready to explode as she press her body against it. I could see her pussy clearly as she stood there. Her nude body was overwhelming, she knew how to build mans desire, and I loved it.

We started to kiss as I felt her tongue split my lips. Her scent was now deep in my head. Our tongues entwined in sex while I pulled her close. For the first time I could feel her full breast. They were soft and provided a motherly comfort. I let her gown fall from her shoulders letting me see her full.

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She stepped back and unbuckled my pants as I stood there in awe. I was set free as she lowered my slacks to the floor. I felt as if I was being treated like a knight readied for a bath by my maidservant. She was skilled to have me bare without that awkward strip practiced in my inexperience. She stepped back letting my man press into her without a hint she remove my shirt. I was completely her boy toy ready to follow her command.

She looked me over and wrapped her hand around my erection and gave me a kiss. She them led me to her bed while she keep me in a trance. She lay nude, with just white garter. I was with a real woman. Her form was beautiful with curves and shape. She had a little tummy, as a mother, that added to my attraction. I looked at her womanhood where there were a few strawberry strand seemly combed to a slit. She did not have a tan and was a pure white tone with a few redheaded freckles. I had a rush of lust at the same time felt like a young boy watching his elder taking a bath. She smiled, as she knew I liked as I played with myself. She moved to me with my thigh now between her legs. That is when I felt my pre-cum wetness drip onto her in lust.

I then lay with her on her back. I was on my side kissing her as I felt her body by mine. I slid one finger inside of her opening gliding up and down. Then added a second and she told me where to pressure her. Thumb pressed her clitoris so she felt some pressure. Her gasp told me this was special and I learn how to touch.

I lick my fingers to enjoy her nectar; she pulled them to her for some too. I learned to share the tastes from her and the smells of our lust.

She them had me move on my back talking control. Mounting me she faced away, sitting with my cock pressed against her slit. She played with my cock using it ad a horn on a saddle enjoying her ride. I was ready to loose it when her ass came to my face. Her lips engulfed my penis when I first licked her ass. The scents, taste, and textures are still in my head today. My faced was voluntary buried in her with my tongue lapping at her juices. I really do not know but she came several times and I think she let me some golden liquid. Her pee was something I liked for my very first time.

Then it happened for me with my balls tighten up. I was at her control as my seminal fluid started pumping, stream after stream after stream. Each time was complete, but she could make it repeat. She drank quite a bit but I am sure she could not swallow it all. When she subsided, still holding my meat, she repositioned, with her cunt on my knee facing me. I could see cum was in her hair, on face, dripping from her mouth, and all over her chest and she had a smile from ear to ear.

She then lay on me; I could feel my warm liquid drip from her. She was looking in my eyes with a naughty look, giving me a long cum kiss. She broke to tell me she needed to taste her golden from my lips and smell our combined liquids. I soon found myself with her positioned with her white thighs pressed to my ears, and her pussy in my face. My hands supported her ass as I was drinking from a golden bowl. He golden pee soon flowed into my mouth and she positioned perfectly to fill my mouth as I enjoyed her golden beverage. Once stated it was all mine, except for what she reclaimed in a passionate kiss.

She said she had a confession, which I was in no position to refuse or complain. She told me she had a camera, which was automatically timed snapping pictures of the sex. She had taken pictures of our meeting. She asked if she could share the pictures with her husband, she wanted him to see her treat. I said no problem as long as I got more of her, which she readily agreed.

With Gail I never had a three some with her husband, but she did take many pictures, mostly her getting my juice and her sucking my meat. She said her husband liked looking and would masturbate on her.

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