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“”Damn it! This is soo not my night,” The shapely brunette sighed, pressing her knees together she squatted low to the ground and retrieved the spilled contents of her purse. The wind picked up and she brushed the unruly strands of her flowing ebony tresses from her face, revealing sparkling cinnamon eyes. The shimmering flecks of aureate in her almond shaped orbs were further enhanced by the warm honey of her complexion.
“Hey, you sure you want me to leave you here?” The driver motioned towards the unassuming building. His voice apprehensive the expression on his faces questioning.
The girl smiled at his concerned look. His dark eyes narrowed with uncertainty. Crinkling his nose, the lines in the man’s forehead deepened into noticeable creases. “It just don’t seem right leaving a young girl in a place like this.”
Earlier that evening when he picked her up outside the popular eatery, he’d been certain the girl would want to go to one of the local clubs that the younger crowd frequented. Her request to be driven so far from the bright lights of the big city puzzled him. She flashed him an innocent smile and assured him that she knew exactly where she was going and that her brother lived only a few miles away.
The middle-aged father of two teenage daughters was certain that the girl smiling reassuringly at him wasn’t much older than his girls were, but had reluctantly accepted the fair. Now he questioned his decision. “Look, it’s late and I’m sure your brother’s already worried bout you. Why don’t you let me drop you home?” He question again his paternal instincts urging him to safeguard the young woman who’d temporarily placed herself in his care no less than a half hour ago. He frowned when she shook her head. Long dark strands fell over her shoulders and brushed along her rounded cheeks before settling smoothly against her back. She looked young, far too young to be left alone in a place like this. “Hey girl, my shift don’t end till morning,” He leaned forward picking through loose receipts, parking tickets, and old gum wrappers carelessly tossed in the glove box, his fingers finally landing on what he’d been searching for. “When you’re ready to head over to your brother’s place, give me a call ya hear? It ain’t decent for a doe eyed thing like you to be walking around these back roads all hours of the night.”
She smiled warmly in appreciation of his concern. “I’ll be fine. Thanks for the ride and keep the change.” She deposited a large bill in his hand, stuffing the money into his unopened fist before quickly jaunting off with a dismissive wave of her hand and a whispered goodnight.
Shifting his car into gear, the man decided to head home. He made a U-turn back onto the main road, saying a silent prayer that he wouldn’t see the girl’s pretty face on the late news. He turned on the radio and tried to ignore the twinge of guilt rolling in his gut. He had no real cause for concern. He’d dropped her off at an establishment he’d frequented himself once or twice. Hell, some of the guys in there were poker buddies of his. He sighed. Those ‘buddies’ were what worried him most, not that they were a bad sort. They were hardly criminals. If you looked passed their foul language and rude behavior they were a decent bunch, provided they hadn’t been drinking much.
The cab driver glanced at the clock, groaning as he confirmed the late hour. There was no way Frank and the boys weren’t good and toasted by now. Those fella’s lost all traces of common sense and decency when they got drunk, and at least two of them would be three sheets to the wind by now. Sighing heavily the man cursed his good nature, switched on the right turn signal and headed back. Wearily he smoothed a hand over his face and waited for the light to change. He heard the screeching of tires, but never saw the speeding truck that barreled through the light.
Sighing, the young woman tugged at the sleeves of her faded dark denim jacket. She nibbled her bottom lip, smoothing her hands over her butt and thighs. It was a nervous habit of hers touching the parts of her body she was most self-conscious about. She was a curvy girl. The boys she’d known back home called her ‘thick’. Slightly taller than average she carried the extra thirty-five or so pounds well. She glanced down at her feet. In her kitten heels, she was 5’8. Not supermodel height, but tall for a girl. Smiling to herself, she was thankful for the couple of inches that let her get away with her love of decadent desserts.
She adjusted the dark denim miniskirt. Satisfied that the material was preserving her modesty and ran a hand through her tousled hair before reaching for the door. Just as her fingers wrapped around the cool steel of the cylindrical handle the large wooden door creaked open. She gasped, taking an involuntary step back startled by the sudden appearance of the lanky man with a lit cigarette dangling from his lips. He looked her up and down. His eyes roaming over her provocatively dressed frame. She pulled the open edges of her jacket closer together when his eyes lingered on the swell of her breasts straining against her inky black cotton off the shoulder top.
Smiling shyly, the self-conscious girl slipped passed the leering stranger through the heavy door. Once inside and away from the unsettling gaze of the man in the parking lot she exhaled the breath, she’d been holding during his visual perusal of her body. Settling her nerves, the girl glanced around for a place to sit. It was late and whatever crowd there might have been had long thinned out, leaving plenty of choice seating. She decided on the bar rather than a table and waited for someone to take her drink order. The bartender walked over and stared at her for a moment, eying her suspiciously. His gaze was annoying, but not unnerving. She knew what he wanted and unlike the man in the parking lot, it wasn’t sex. Giggling lightly, she tossed her hair over her left shoulder before digging through her overstuffed bag in search of proof of age. Uttering a soft squeak of victory and wearing a triumphant grin, the baby faced young woman pulled her driver’s license out and handed it over. The barkeep eyed the little plastic card skeptically for a long moment before returning it to her hand with a grunt.
“Scotch on the rocks with a lime wedge please.” She chirped, with a sense of self-satisfaction. Looking like a high school kid had its drawbacks, like trying to get a drink without being scrutinized.
She heard him before she saw him. The sound a low rumble, more of a chuckle than a laugh amused, but not mocking. Placing her purse in the seat adjacent to her, she turned slightly to her right in search of the owner of that laugh. He sat several seats away towards the end of the bar a beer in hand, his face in profile. She watched as he lifted the long neck bottle to his mouth draining the last of it before setting it down on the worn wood bar with a dull thud.
“Where you from darlin'” He questioned without looking at her. She shifted in her seat trying to get a better look at him. His voice was a rich base with husky undertones complimented by a southern accent just heavy enough to serve as proof of his pedigree without being hackneyed. She sighed, more than a little curious to see his face now. Anxious for him to speak she turned around on her stool her back against the bar, resting her elbows on the railing. After the night she’d had the thought of spending the rest of her evening listening to the dulcet tones of the stranger a few seats over was quite appealing. The bartender sat another bottle down in front of the man and the girl frowned wondering why she hadn’t gotten her drink yet.
Grinning she realized that, he still wasn’t facing her, but he was watching her out of the corner of his eye waiting for her answer. “Around.” She shrugged a hint of a giggle in her voice.
The corners of his lips quirked, another low rumble rolled up through his chest. “Yeah, but not around here.” He tossed back, tilting the nearly full bottle into his mouth and taking a long swig.
Her grin stretched into a smile. “No, not exactly, my brother was raised around here though. I guess you could say I’m a northern girl trying to regain her southern roots.”
He took another sip of his beer before setting the bottle down. “Is that right? So, what part of your search brings you in here?”
She snorted, sitting up straight and spinning in her chair so she could face the inquisitive stranger. “The part that got me a date with that self impressed, over indulged frat boy.”
Intrigued by the disdain in the girl’s voice, he turned to face her, really seeing her for the first time. He took in her subtle beauty, the smooth lines of her youthful face. The pout of her full glossy lips, the way her bright warm eyes sparkled in the dim lighting. He shifted trying to ignore the stirring in his loins. She was young, too young. Though, Harry had let her stay even served her a drink. The girl had to at least be legal. “What’s your name hon?” He asked with an easy smile.
Reserved by nature, she gathered her courage and rose from her seat, collecting her purse and drink. With a light toss of her long dark hair, the curious young woman made her way towards the end of the bar stopping one seat over from the alluring stranger. “Savanna.” She said her name as a complete sentence, her voice a sultry whisper, the same warm honey as her complexion. She shook her head lightly a smile on her face. “I know, I know. I may not quite be a prim and proper southern bell, but I am a Georgia peach… by birthright anyhow. I just got picked from the tree a bit too early you see.”
He stared at her, his eyes slowly roaming the curves of her body. A leisurely smile turned the corners of his mouth a glimmer of heat dancing behind his blue eyes. “Mmm… looks to me like you ripened just fine.”
A small smile curved her lips as butterflies fluttered in her stomach. “Mind if I um…” She trailed off motioning to the brown leather seat. A pang of fear tightened her gut at his hesitation causing her to nibble nervously at her lower lip. “You know what… never mind. I’m sorry. It’s just that…” She began to blurt out in a jumbled rush as a desperate need to flee gripped her.
Shaking his head, he cut off her rambled flow of words. “Now, why are you trying to run off?” He inquired amused by her frightened attempt at retreating.
She shrugged, staring at her feet. “I wasn’t… it’s just that…I mean you didn’t…” Embarrassed she gingerly massaged her left temple praying that this moment was an alcohol-induced delusion.
“You gotta slow down baby girl.” He admonished watching her fidget. She stood frozen hoping she wasn’t making as big a fool of herself as she suspected. The light slapping sound of the man patting the stool next to him drew her attention. “Come here and sit that sweet Georgia ass of yours right down next to me.”
Nodding the self conscious girl shuffled towards the empty seat. She was a bit light-headed from the shallow breaths she’d been taking, or maybe it was the scotch? Savanna tried to focus on the man sitting next to her. Her heart fluttered when she realized how close they were. She took a deep breath filling her lungs. Perhaps the unsteady feeling could be attributed to her new found companion. “So, you’re obviously a local boy. Mind telling me your name?”
There it was again, a chuckle a low rumble of laughter. That sound warmed her tummy and made her shiver. She lifted the glass to her lips and took a slow sip. The burn of the drink trickling down her throat combined with the rising heat in her body made her feel flushed. Savanna shrugged out of her jacket, draping it over her bag in the seat next to her revealing more of her sun-baked skin and making the swell of her full breasts more noticeable.
He watched her remove her jacket and couldn’t help but notice how the light weight material fit snugly over her youthful breasts making her hardened nipples clearly visible.
“Hmmm… I’m hardly a boy, but I am a Texan born and bred. You my dear can call me Trent.” He watched her, noticed the light tint of her cheeks. She seemed anxious, flustered. Had he done that to her? “Now, what’s a young thing like you doing in a bar full of old men?
Savanna giggled, shaking her head. “I’m not all that young and you’re hardly an old guy.” She stared at him, scrutinizing his features the strong line of his jaw, the perfectly angled slope of his nose. Her eyes drifted to his mouth and her tongue darted out and traced along her lips as she wondered what it would feel like to kiss him, have his tongue glide along hers, his mouth hot and insistent against her skin. Clinching her thighs together, she took another sip of her drink. Liquid heat pooled at her center as unbidden images of carnal delights played in her head.
Trent mentally groaned as he watched her little pink tongue dart out of her mouth and glide along her glossy lips teasingly, slowly. He wanted to suck on that tongue of hers coax it into his mouth and massage it with his own. The increasing tightness in his jeans caused him to shift in his seat. Ignoring his growing erection, he smiled as the smell of her perfume wafted into his nose. It was a light unassuming floral scent with a hint of spice. Deciding the fragrance suited the beautiful young woman seated next to him, he couldn’t help but wonder how she tasted. Images of Savanna naked on his bed with his face buried between her soft thighs assaulted him and his cock twitched in response.
“How old are you darlin?”
She looked up at him through her thick lashes eyes alight with mischief. Her lips curved into a sultry smile. “I’m legal in all fifty states so don’t worry your not committing any crimes.”
He nodded returning her smile with a grin of his own. “I’m sure some of the thoughts I’m having about you are illegal in one or two states. Besides, I’m old enough to be your father.” He admitted signaling Harry to bring the girl another drink.
Savanna scrunched her face up shaking her head in disagreement. “Doubtful, though I don’t think I’d mind calling you ‘daddy’.” She finished with a giggle when the bartender sat a new glass down in front of her. Feeling nervous and overheated, Savanna reached into the glass fishing out one of the ice cubes. Holding the cool block of frozen water lightly between her thumb and forefinger Savanna raised the melting cube to her lips. Her tongue slithered out of her mouth curling around the hardened water before she sucked it into her warm mouth.
A long moment passed between the two before Trent reached out, his right hand slipping between Savanna’s slightly parted legs. His fingers grazed her soft warm flesh before clenching tightly onto the warn cushion of her bar stool. The corner of Trent’s mouth twitched into a smirk when he felt the muscles in her thighs contract as she tried to close her legs and shield herself from his large hand. Trent grunted a disapproving sound, his thumb stroking the smooth toffee colored skin of Savanna’s inner thigh as he pulled the startled girl’s chair closer, until her legs dangled between his own. He let his knuckles graze her satiny soft flesh Trent leaned forward slipping his free behind the girl’s head and into her dark lush hair. He pulled her closer, pleased when he felt her shudder. Savanna looked up at him, every bit the wide-eyed innocent girl he suspected her to be and he closed the distance between them.
Their lips met and Savanna’s heart stuttered in her chest. His lips glided along hers. She felt his tongue slowly tracing along the crease of her mouth with a startled gasp she opened up for him. His tongue swept into her mouth and she groaned at the sensation. Trent tilted Savanna’s head deepening the kiss and she scooted to the edge of her seat desperate to be closer to him. The trembling girl soon found herself on her feet standing between the talented stranger’s long legs. She placed her hands on his chest, her manicured nails digging into the fabric when her fingers clenched. Using her grip on the soft cotton she pulled herself closer pressing up against him, her chest heaving. Her nipples hardened at the friction and Savanna squirmed in his embrace as her dripping slit dampened her panties.
Trent groaned when the wiggling girl in his arms rubbed against his crotch, her warm body brushing against his straining cock. He broke the kiss, pulling back slightly when Savanna twisted a bit in his arms. She looked at his face, transfixed by his haunting deep cerulean eyes. “Hey Trent, do you believe in… kismet?”
There it was again that rumbling sound of amusement. Savanna sucked in her next breath, her teeth worrying the corner on her full lower lip as the vibrations of Trent’s laughter sent jolts of sensation along her nerve endings where her taunt nipples brushed against his broad chest. Her hands gently pressed against him as she tried to pull back from his embrace.
Trent watched Savanna nibble her lip and wondered if his teasing laughter was making her nervous. She squirmed against his hold on her trying to create some space between them. Trent’s right hand shifted gliding along her back as he pressed Savanna’s soft warm body closer to his. He smiled reassuringly and lightly kissed the corner of her mouth, softly sucking on her abused lower lip. Trent could taste the sweetness of her lip gloss and he groaned, wondering what the rest of her would taste like. Large hand still resting on her lower back, his long fingers stroked along the dip in her spine to the generous swell of her behind. “Now what did I tell you about trying to run off baby girl?”

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