Introduced To The Delightful Lesbo World

Hi readers and friends this is Meera from Pakistan/UK back. I’m of 40 years, married, the rest you know of my previous stories and before proceeding further I would like to clarify few truths regarding my postings. My previous story titled “An Erotic Massage I’ll Never Forget” is true incident and actually the Third Episodec of my Lesbian Saga in short these are my story sequels I’m going to post in this site:
1. Introduced To The Delightful Lesbo World (current one)
2. Using Innocent Sister To Satisfy My Fire
3. An Erotic Massage I’ll Never Forget (story already posted)
This happened when I was in College:
Meera thanked the fates that her parents were rich. If they were not and she might have had to share a room with four or five girls, but thankfully, she would only have to deal with one. Meera unlocked the door to her new dorm room, and surveyed the living conditions with some distaste. The furniture consisted of a long table with two chairs (most likely for studying) two chests of drawers, and a wardrobe.
There were two beds, (full sized, not twins, but still not as large as her queen at home) one on the left, and one on the right. Meera, being left handed, chose the left bed. She hauled her two large suitcases in from the living room and flopped on the bare mattress, exhausted from the journey across campus. Wondering what the view was from her window. Meera stood up, running her fingers through her short straight brown hair.
She pulled up the blinds and beheld the pretty inner courtyard of the building on the second floor and she surveyed the people down below with some interest. Just then, she the door opened. Hello? Anyone home? Came an unfamiliar voice. Meera turned and was astounded at the sight of a girl who she sincerely hoped was her roommate.
Hi! I am Nadira Mandaralle, Im of SriLankan decent, living in Bristol and she exclaimed warmly extending a perfectly manicured hand for Meera to shake. She must have been about 5’8″ and looked an Athenian more than a Sri Lankan and she was slender, but toned, with long blonde hair, and sparkling blue eyes not that Meera was not slim and fit herself, mind you and she was just shorter.
Hey, it’s nice to meet you and I’m Meera and you’re the roommate I expect? She answered Yup! So wow! Hostel life and that’s too in Cambridge and should be interesting. Looked in the bathroom yet? She said gesturing to the door on the right as you entered the room. Nope and too scared and wanna check it out? Meera replied and I hope the toilet flushes. I’ve heard horror stories. Nadira opened the door warily and the two girls peeked inside.
There was one sink with a mirror, a shower, and a toilet behind a sliding door in the corner. They made conversation about their lives back home and plans for the future as they tried out each of the knobs in the bathroom one by one and as they unpacked. Meera and Nadira found that they had a lot in common and became friends very quickly. Neither had a boyfriend back home or had had much luck with boys in general in high school.
Boys were pigs, they agreed and when it came time for bed, they both brushed their teeth and discussed shower habits. Meera liked to take them at night and Nadira in the morning, so it worked out perfectly. The next day, the girls were virtually inseparable not only because they were Asians but since neither knew anyone on campus from high school. They ate all of their meals together and investigated the university grounds finding where all of their classes would be held but the whole day.
Meera could not get over how shockingly beautiful Nadira was. She definitely turned heads. Meera had no idea how Nadira had avoided having a serious boyfriend and she was just so nice. Though, every so often, Meera could not shake the feeling that Nadira was watching her out of the corner of her eye when they were not talking back in the room, Meera had set up her I Pod dock so that they could listen to some music.
She got up to change a song she did not feel like listening to but when she turned to ask Nadira about her taste in music and she was a bit startled to see her eyes already fixed on her almost hungrily. So, um, what kinda music are you into? English? I’m startin Madonna Nadira”s eyes changed instantly and the look was gone oohhhh just about everything except screamo. I don’t get that stuff and she replied.
Yeah, me neither. Hey, I should probably shower though. You need to get in the bathroom for anything? Nah, I can wait alright. Meera selected some pjs and underwear from a drawer and went into the bathroom. Okay. So Nadira had been checking her out? Not that she’s be complaining if she had been uuuhhhh. No way. She must be imagining things. Bad thoughts no too weird Meera had always been able to tell when girls were pretty but and she never been attracted to a girl.
She never was attracted to a girl before Nadira. Meera undressed dazedly and took her swirling thoughts into the shower. She held her head under the showerhead, fruitlessly trying to clear her mind. She had her back to the door, and the water was loud, so she did not hear the door open and but she noticed very much when the shower door opened. She froze and then the perfectly manicured hands slid around her waist and a pair of soft lips kissed her neck as this was her first time and shivers ran involuntarily down her spine.
The lips pressed harder and then suddenly Meera felt Nadira bite her neck, which resulted in involuntary wetness. The hands moved up to her breasts. Nadira cupped them and then squeezed and kneaded them. Then she started to twist her nipples, rolling them between her fingers. The wetness in Meera’s pussy increased dramatically. All the while, Nadira was kissing, licking and biting her neck and just when Meera thought she could not stand it any longer.
Nadira moved one hand down to her anxious pussy, first just rubbing her hand over it, and then running one finger slowly in between the pussy lips, up to her clit when Nadira touched her clit, Meera’s whole body spasmed in delight but then Nadira stopped and turned Meera around. They looked into each other’s eyes for a moment then began to kiss passionately. Nadira turned off the shower and pushed her up against the shower wall, pressing their breasts together.
Meera tentatively ran her hands down Nadira”s perfect back and then with a surge of horniness, grabbed Nadira’s ass, pulling her closer and after a few minutes, Nadira pulled away dry off and she said and I”ll be waiting for you. Meera watched her naked body in amazement until she rounded the corner, then hurriedly grabbed a towel and did as she was told. Feeling instinctively self conscious, she wrapped the towel around herself before venturing into the other room.
Nadira was leaning against a chair, still magnificently naked. “Lose the towel, babe. You look better without it.” She winked. Meera hesitated slightly, and then slowly dropped the towel better. Now come here. I don”t bite.” Still slightly in shock, Meera walked toward her and when she was close enough, Nadira seized her again and started kissing her, this time, grabbing her ass.
Let’s move this to the bed, shall we? She suggested. Meera merely nodded. Nadira pushed her onto her bed and straddled her eagerly, first kissing her mouth then moving down. She kissed her neck and then she focused on her breasts. She ran her tongue around Meera”s nipples until they got hard, and then proceeded to suck and bite them. Meera’s breathing got significantly heavier and but when Nadira ran her tongue in between her breasts and down to her navel.
Her breathing got not only heavier, but faster, fervently awaiting the moment Nadira would touch her pussy again. She opened her thighs hopefully. Nadira paused thoughtfully, then kissed Meera”s pussy, playfully. Meera squirmed in anticipation. Then she ran her tongue in between her pussy lips the way her finger had done in the shower. Wow! You’re all wet and not that and I’m surprised she murmured.
Then her tongue found her clit and swirled around it. She flicked her tongue back and forth on her clit, and periodically sucked on it. Meera let out a soft moan as Nadira began to suck harder on her clit and but when Nadira inserted a finger into her tight pussy, that was when she moaned a little louder. Nadira moved her finger in and out rhythmically for a while, still sucking on her clit, but then stopped to ask are you ready for two, baby?
Oh yes! She replied breathlessly and do you want me to make you cum baby? Ooooh please, please make me cum Nadira! With that Nadira obliged and fucked her pussy with two fingers while licking and sucking her clit. “Oh fuck yes and right there. Oh my god that feels good and don’t stop. I’m almost there and fuck! Meera reached her point of no return and climaxed in a way her own hand could never dream of doing moaning loudly in unspeakable ecstasy.
Not caring who heard, she pressed Nadira”s head into her pussy through her orgasm, then released her, collapsing on the bed. That was fucking amazing and you are fucking amazing panted Meera gratefully. Can you do something for me, baby? I asked Nadira anything you want. Nadira got up and pulled a thick red rubber vibrator dildo out of one of her drawers. 
Fuck me with this and do my clit Nadira didn’t have to tell her twice as soon as she leaned back on her pillow and opened her legs Meera was in between them, exploring her inner thighs, kissing and biting them and when Meera moved her mouth up to her pussy and she slide her tongue in and tasted her juices.  You’re pretty wet yourself. She flicked her clit once with her tongue and then stopped to look up mischievously.
Please fuck me and begged Nadira and Meera slide the dildo in slowly and then pulled it out quickly and then she suddenly rammed it into Nadira”s pussy. Nadira moaned. Meera moved the dildo in and out slowly with hard thrusts when it was all the way in. She flicked her tongue quickly back and forth across her clit fuck baby. That’s what I want and but wait, I”m going to flip over, okay? Nadira flipped over onto her stomach and raised her ass up slightly, inviting her to slide the dildo in again.
Meera found her hole with ease and began to thrust it in and out more quickly at this angle, the dildo was rubbing Nadira’s G-spot directly and she moaned louder, grinding her clit into the bed fuck me harder deeper faster. Oh yeah just like that harder. I can take it Meera grabbed a handful of her ass and slammed the dildo as far in as it would go. Nadira clawed at the bed, moaning ooooh yeah fuck!
Yes! She arched her back and had the most fantastic orgasm of her life. Meera removed the dildo and Nadira rolled over, pulling her in for another long kiss. Thank you baby can we do that every night? Sounds good to me, said Meera with that, Meera curled up in Nadira’s arms and together, they fell into a deep, satisfied sleep.